Hello I am interested in an all male Electrician class and the guys in here all talk about women like they are meat...

Hello I am interested in an all male Electrician class and the guys in here all talk about women like they are meat. But so many of them have had sex and girlfriend's. One of them is even married. I don't understand this. I thought women don't like misogynists?

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*Hello I am in an all male Electrician class

Being viewed as an object meant only for sex doesn't feel so hot, does it OP? It's kinda insulting, huh?

I am an 18 year old male? Ohhhhhh you think I am a girl?

Your definition of misogynist needs work.

Are you a girl? I thought women don't like being talked about like objects?

Somebody answer my question. >:(

Your question is badly formed. Are you actually trying to ask why other men get girls but you don't?

think of a better question lol

But, so then do women like being treated like meat? By men they like? I just don't understand American society. It seems every girl is a supporter of feminism yet they still date men who talk about them like sex dolls.

stupid frogposter, they don’t say that kind of shit to their women’s faces. it doesn’t leave the circle of guys

They talk about other women as if they’re meat around other guys, not around other women. Is this really that hard to understand, bud?

Ohhhhhh, so locker room talk is real? I thought that wasn't a thing.

So this is normal?

user, you might be retarded.

Have you lived in a bubble your whole life?

But all the news I watched when Trump said "grab em by the pussy" said that it was just misogynistic.

This is the first time I've been around grown men in a social setting. I graduated highschool last year.

Yeah, that was misogynistic, so is locker room talk. user, I really hope you’re trying to troll or something and actually aren’t this brain dead.

You never hung out with other guys in high school? How did you not know that same-sex groups gossip about sex?

But if it's misogynistic why are women still giving these dudes sex? That doesn't make sense.

I wouldn’t say it’s normal, but you can definitely find guys that do it. There’s a reason why people say there is misogyny in our society.

No I never had a group of male friends in highschool. I had one male best friend from 7th grade. But we didn't talk about sex that much. I didn't attend prom or graduation.

Yeah okay this is bait

user, we already answered that:

So then how the fuck do they talk to girls? I just can't imagine them talking any differently?! This is fucking confusing :(
I want a girlfriend and sex too
How do I need to talk to girls?

Maybe you should wait on having a girlfriend, user. You sound like you’re in middle school or have severe social autism.

I am 18 and about to start making $14-16(Apprentice) in a month or 2. I was really thinking about getting escorts, but now I not sure. If those dudes can trick girls into thinking they respect them(unless women don't care about that?), then so can I.

Nah m8, you sound retarded, you didn’t even know people could act differently around different people. I doubt you can even talk to women.

you only need to act like a human until she is in your trap, then you can degrade her to your heart's content, she won't leave because biology

But girls would approach me in highschool. :( Ask how my classes are and shit. I didn't think they were romantically interested, but looking back, they definitely were. I was just a mentalcel broken spirit person battling insomnia trying to find a reason to keep staying alive. I definitely wasn't ready for them back then. But now I will have car and nice body and cool rugged masculine face(I have nice facial hair genetics!)

this thread is what happens when single mothers try to raise kids.

Post a pic for us user, I’d love to see what your nice 18 year old body and cool rugged masculine face looks like. :)

How did you know!? My mom has worked long hours to provide us with a decent lower middle class life. Even though I read all the shit about single moms. She still nice, I appreciate her. She didn't know what would happen bringing us to America and sending us to shitty ghetto schools( she grew up poor herself with alcoholic dad and mom). She did best she could despite everything. I saw her crying as a child sometimes. :( I just want her to be able to retire within next 10 year and enjoy her last few decades on Earth.

I don't want be doxxed. But I kind of look like a Bollywood star, just 5'6 instead of 5'11 or whatever they are. I am Trinidadian (3/4) and a little Chinese(1/4) from my dad's side. Been working out and punching hard objects(so my hands won't break if I punch someone) for the last 5 years( am 18).

Just remove the exif data from the image and you’ll be fine.

This is my best looking picture. It was taken 2 years ago. I have gotten a leaner face, cut the sides and back of my hair, and have a constant 5 o'clock shadow.

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Huh...that’s pretty strange, user, why’d you decide to blur that photo?

I don't have an iPhone and it was my learner's permit. I had to put my Moto e4 really close to get it.

lmao, based autist

There's an actual autist in this class. No lie. He's 20 but still seems like a 10 year old in terms of social awareness. People are nice to him, they even helped him change the old wiring in his house. They said his mom seemed very neurotic and his dad looked tired of life.

Men can think about woman as if they're people and meat without any real contradiction. Its not any different than selecting what type of car you would like to drive in the future.

Talking about them as if they're meat becomes misogynist if its done out of hatred or contempt for women. You can discuss it by distinguishing between the physical characteristics that attract you and the emotional ones.

If you're asking why misogynists like that get laid, its because they know how to hide those feelings and opinions long enough in order to do so.

Men and women look at sex differently. Women use sex to get things or keep things they want. As bargaining chips. Men see sex as a recreational activity and the acquisition of it as a status marker. When a man actually has feelings for a woman, he provides for her and does things for her. The guys you overheard were talking about a fun activity that men enjoy universally.

Fucking zoomers

Non emasculated men will talk about women sometimes in that way, only between other men. We will be respectful and caring to them otherwise but it's literally genetic coded in banter skills for men to do these things when alone.