Im an autistic incel how do i find a girlfriend?

im an autistic incel how do i find a girlfriend?

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Find fat stinky autist gf

they just want normal men

just don't be yourself

Find a stinky autist meetup thread on reddit or something

Be a normal man

and you want a normal girlfriend

How old are you? Do you have friends?
You can still be 'fixed' if you're under 22.
If you're over 22, well, may I recommend some anime? Some games? VNs are also very good at making you feel the things you never lived (and never will).

Fuck off

I am about to turn 21, please help me.

>How old are you? Do you have friends?
>You can still be 'fixed' if you're under 22.
How fucked am I?

be yourself

Very fucked

Your life is basically over.

Stop identifying as an incel

Incel is the new buzzword for 'forever alone' virgin losers.
If user is a friendless, virgin loser, then he is an incel. At least according to the normies.

You can stop being friendless and a loser though.

Yes, up to 22-23 you can, though it's hard as fuck.
If you haven't learned how to socialise by 23 though, you're basically a wizard in the making.
No normie wants to associate with a mid-20s manchild that never learned how to talk to people.

That's why those types need therapy and speech classes to get back into society.

Therapy does nothing, it's mostly 'you must find your own answers' bullshit.

No, not a passive therapist. One that can walk you through conversation exercises and point out where you might be having mental problems with association.

What if I have friends at 22 but am a kissless dateless virgin? Is it over for me too?

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You can start by not referring to yourself as an incel


my boyfriend is autistic but I have severe PTSD so Idk if I'm a catch. girls with emotional instability might like the same things I do--honesty, predictability, doesn't emotionally overreact to everything. if we make plans or he says he likes or dislikes something he means it until he specifies otherwise. if I'm crying there aren't going to be two people crying for no reason.

he claims he likes that i'm easy to read emotionally, loving, and that I don't seem any crazier than any other nonautistic person.

find a girl with some childhood trauma basically

How do girls with childhood trauma feel about guys who are kissless dateless virgins with no (literally zero) experience of relationships or physical intimacy?

Would you hypothetically mind the fact that you would have to teach a guy pretty much everything? A guy in his 20s?

I once dated a guy who was a virgin at 27. Kissless dateless no, I think? But I very much doubt I would have cared anyway. It does indicate someone might have some issues--autism, depression, anxiety, whatever--but that doesn't make you a bad choice and if someone is a decent person she shouldn't make you be apologetic about it.

Physical intimacy stuff is different person to person anyway, so it's not like you unlock the secret technique and then you know how to treat everyone. People who think like that are not having good sex. Anyone you date, you're still going to have to be "taught" what they like to some extent, and they'll have to be "taught" what you like. That's just getting to know a partner.

Yeah but the problem is I literally have no idea how to kiss. When I was younger I tried to kiss a girl at a party and my friends made fun of me cause they said it looked like I was trying to eat her face off. I was so embarrassed and I attribute that in part to causing me to never try to kiss another girl since then.

Yup, I would not have a problem showing someone how to kiss if I liked them. might have to deal with me laughing for a bit and then saying (sincerely) I'm not laughing AT them--kissing is kind of an inherently goofy activity. one catches on quick once it's figured out though

I was well on my way to becoming an incel when I was around 19. Here's how I pulled out of it.

1) Shower, shave, brush your teeth and put on pit stick every day. No exceptions.

2) Start doing hikes/nature walks. Even if you don't like it, just do it once every week or two. It gradually helps you get in better shape, and it gives you a hobby to put on your dating profile that isn't anime. Now you can say, "I'm into hiking." It's very inoffensive normie hobby to put on your profile. It gives you something to talk about on a first date besides anime or vidya.

3) Talk to a bunch of gross hambeasts on the dating sites, meet one, date her and fuck her for like a year. Do not marry her. Do not get her pregnant. Do not date her for more than a year. There will be times you'll want to say fuck it and settle down because it's easy, but you'll know deep down this isn't what you want. The purpose of this is to get you used to interacting with a woman on "easy mode."

4) Now that you're not a virgin and have had a girlfriend and have been hiking for a year or two you can go on dating sites and come off as a normal person as opposed to a fucking mongoloid. Keep in mind that if you're fat, you're probably only landing fat chicks, but there are plenty of nice chubby girls out there with big tits and ass who are well put together and take care of themselves.

just be yourself except for the be yourself part which leaves you with

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