How can shorter guys survive in the dating market?

How can shorter guys survive in the dating market?

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By not having short man syndrome about it.

Not giving a shit about being short while developing other traits that are quite important for women. Success, self-determination, calm, humble knowledge of one's own good and bad traits, getting shit done, stable income, some wit, gab and humor. If your looks aren't shit on top of that, no matter your height you'll have far more success than majority of the guys, also no matter their height.

lizard mounts the horse
neigh my master is lizard
thats right big peanut

See chicks like height because it's a symbol of alpha male dominance. It's not the only one though, develop your charisma you'll be even better than those tall dickheads

You have to literally be Joe Rogan. But even a buff MMA fighter looks like a little kid next to Hulk Hogan. So move to Japan and stay from the wrestling shows I guess.

ms daisy will be in a much better place.

Like a landfill.

find short wmn

Yeehaw, I'm Lizard

Journeying across the west

This horse sucks though, fuck.

This is hilariously true in how simple it is yet /cry/guys will stay mad. I have no sympathy for a guy who says they can't get laid because of height when I'm 5'1" and have a good sex life, and know a literal dwarf with fucked up limbs who only dates 7/10's and up. Even less sympathy for 6'0" guys.

No, man, she didn't reject you because of your height. She rejected you because you're insecure about it, depressed, roll in your mental illnesses, suck at sex, have a shit job, and don't offer her much value beyond the ten other guys lining up for her who do have their shit together.

A red hat cowboy
Travels The West on his horse
Hunting bug bandits

A dragon must thrive
Beard gently flows with the breeze
Ride on without doubt

Have everything else in order. I'm 5'6" and I haven't been short (haha) of attention from women since I was 15 years old.


By killing the inner napoleon and enjoying the tall girls that want to bang them.

go to vietnam average male height is 5'4"

>Haiku has a dialogue
>But the dialogue makes no sense nor does it inspire


>The imagery of journeying across the west on a plastic horse which cannot moveis striking and evocative
>Calling out the horse as being bad at its job, however, is too on the nose


>Plays on similar imagery as the above haiku, but does not dwell on the absurdity, instead creating a whimsical image of misadventures such a lizard cowboy could run into, almost reminiscient of a modern haiku Don Quixote.


>Lizards don't grow beards, wooow shit haiku
>But he got quads


it's a load of shit.
just be attractive. I am above 6 feet tall and nobody is interested.

Look you shitdick, this isn't Randy Rates Jow Forums haikus, we don't need your goddamn opinion on

every fucking post. Do you walk into grocery stores and start rating the produce? Well, shit

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fucking grapefruit I've ever seen. No, you don't do that. So why the fuck do you think we need

you to analyze every fucking post someone puts up? If I ever see some retard rating asparagus

I'm going to walk right up to him and kick him in the dick, because I know with confidence it

will be you

My haiku ratings
Have bothered user badly
The salt is tasty

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By having high enough standards to not accept every woman who is interested in them.

they cant

I am the type who would of dated a short guy. Originally I didn't like short guys but then I got a massive crush on a guy for many years, not for his looks other than he's blonde and white, but primarily he was unique in his hobbies. He liked old games like I do, he was heavily into art history, he made surreal films and experimental music, and I really adored his world view of things, he sounded like an adult ever since he was 14. I'm already a very short person, and he was only 1 cm taller than me, but I would of married the guy if he didn't die prematurely from some disease he had. In other words, if your personality is great, if you have hobbies, chicks will cream themselves and wanna marry you. So quit Jow Forums and get hobbies or find books you'd enjoy reading.

Guess what. All women would date and marry a short guy who they fall for.

This. I'm 181 cm tall and my 167 cm friend with a pretty face gets all the girls.

is kind of true,i am a framelet and a manlet but have 9/10 face (manlet for serbia,avg is 183 and im 176) and im overally small,but confidence can help so much.girls just like big guys mate,you can always go to the gym and get ur shit together but u will never be 190 cm not saying you should give up just be aware that girls like big guys,it doesent mean that you dont have a chance with a girl

What is "all women" though? Modern women these days care more about looks, money, etc. Like, it's ok to care about looks a little (if he's the same race as you, if he wasn't born extremely disfigured, if he isn't obese, etc)

I eventually fell in love with a guy who was very overweight and had severe acne but knew I was enough motivation for him to get fit, and it did happen, just took a good 3 years. He had a personality and the hobbies I wanted in a man ideally. But from what I've seen and talked to about with other girls, I see that a minority of them would date a guy with visual flaws. It's harder for men.

Women have differing tastes but generally nonphysical things are more important for them. As for physical attractiveness, unless he's a midget or abnormally tall height won't have a negative effect.

>(if he's the same race as you, if he wasn't born extremely disfigured, if he isn't obese, etc)
Detecting some red flags here. So it's ok to not date disfigured people, people who are not the same skin colour and fatties but not ok to not date generally ugly people?

What did she mean by this?

Sorry, but this isn’t true. Being attractive to someone matter and height is one of them.

You haven't gone out and talked to women then. We live in a whore culture society where women literally put looks over personality now. They always say they have a crush on a guy yet don't know anything about him besides "he looks cute/hot". This isn't the 1950s anymore where women once cared about personality. Culture of today is over sexualised, and women hit puberty earlier and earlier due to all the hormones and crap in our meats and other food. I grew tits when I was goddamn 10 myself.

Women don’t put looks before personality. Women get both now in a partner.

t. Basement-dwelling incel who has never kissed a girl being an expert on women

I’m a woman lol

Not for me, I prefer short guys I can throw around.

I doubt it, but if you are stop using your experiences as the be all end all of women's experiences because you're a fucking retard

T. Woman who isn't retarded

You mean like the great insight you gave to the matter. Think we’re good.

I wasn't that person, just responding to the very dubious claim that gets thrown out by a lot of incel thinking types.

I’m not saying all women everywhere has a checkbox for height and there is no wiggle room for anything else. But attraction matter, and for the majority of girls height comes into play.
Is that well-detailed response enough for the autistic crowd?

No, cus you're talking about your own damn opinions and placing them on all (sorry, most) women. Moron.

And what did you do?
The irony is so tasty

>for the majority of girls height comes into play
You are so obviously an incel who has zero clue about women. Stop pretending to be a woman, you fail.

I love these statements, because you will deny anything unless it fits your view of the matter.
A very typical response for young insecure/angry men. Please keep giving us your opinions, it makes everyone else feel really good about themselves.

You're definitely an incel.

Women are angels who don't care about something like height, attractiveness, social standing or money. Only personality matters.

Perfect, haha



You're clearly that guy who enters every height thread and says the same thing.
>height is the most important thing in a man
>I'm a girl by the way

I’m typing from the office, it’s a slow day and this is my guilty pleasure. I’m here about twice a week or so.
You pretend what you want to protect your ego, lol.

Some girls will still like you.
5'3 guy here.
I'm surprised all the time that I can get good looking girls to actually want to be with me, but it happens.

I think people forget that even if majority of girls like tall guys... it stilll leaves a good amount that dosent care.

Tall guys would have a visible enormous advantage in the dating world if that were the case. But no such thing can be observed.

This is why I have come to fucking hate being a girl sometimes. No wonder men have become incels and shit on women, I'd become the biggest sexist myself if I had to date and fuck one of you overly emotional freaks. As a woman, I can at least admit and accept critique on modern women, modern men aren't perfect either, and I am fully aware. Modern PEOPLE are a mess these days. Post modern women have become so stubborn and stuck up though, it's no wonder I see a growing number of men dating Asian chicks. At least Asian women are not this easily butthurt over basic facts. Instead of bitching and denying the truth, why don't you become a better example of a female role model, to give women a better reputation? But nah, you'd all rather remain in your lonely cat lady lives because it's less effort. Grow up, all of you.

Because I didn't become this bitchy angry crab of a female, and accepted the flaws women of today have, I grew past those flaws and actually made myself appealing to guys, and now have a proper bf. I no longer own 6 pet rats to keep myself company because I stopped being a retarded feminazi. Fuck off with this whole "muh individualism" modern women have patterns, they aren't all 100% unique from each other. Men also have patterns. Deal with it.

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You mean like all those profiles who ask directly for height? Yeah, guess you cracked the case.

You kinda sound like a bitchy angry crab right now. Maybe get some pet rats again?

Like studies all showing the most attractive males are below 6'? And when is the last time you've seen a good looking tall actor? Every tall guy gets a role of the big ugly guy.

You mean actors like Jason Mamoa, Dwayne Johnson, Ben Affleck, Chris hemsworth, Henry Cavil, and so on?
Sure did your research there.
Also have you noticed that when the hot actor is low they have to prop him up to make him appear taller. It’s quite funny.

I mean, if you see your own gender failing all the time in the most comically predictable way, wouldn't you sort of get irked too?

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Your gay is showing.

Im still a girl who likes dumb superhero movies. If that makes me gay, I’m all for it.

I see a staggering success among women, way more than previous generations. That there is still dumb cunts out there dosent really bother me much. That’s just humanity, focus on the positive.

Read Sex and Character by Otto Weininger

Explain the rising divorce rates, which are higher than ever before? Explain why women of today are deeply more depressed than women ever were back in the 1970s? I like to focus on positivity too, but you can't just sweep issues under the rug forever either, user.

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>rising divorce rates
They're falling and have been for a long time.

Marriage is debated to not fit the modern life standard and there weren’t great track keeping on depression of women in the 70s. But please feel free to throw more nonsense into the mix

>Explain the rising divorce rates, which are higher than ever before?
people tend to stay in unhappy marriages, for all kinds of reasons, a lot more in the past. that's the gist of it
>Explain why women of today are deeply more depressed than women ever were back in the 1970s?
that's modern life for you. I don't think men are doing any better, either