I'm a fatty :(

I'm an overweight female, 5'7 and 165 pounds unfortunately. Just turned 18 last month, am going to graduate high school in a few months, and I'm tired of being chubby and unappealing because of it. So have any of you guys successfully lost weight before and if so, how'd you do it? Also, what is a good weight for a 5'7 woman?

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Keto and calorie counting. It works like a fucking charm as long as you accept that there are no half-measures or cheat days.

I'd say you would do well to lose 30 lbs., so aim for 1500 Calories per day. Eat no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, and only from high fiber sources like broccoli/cauliflower/avocado/leafy greens. Nothing starchy or sweet - grains/pasta/rice are off the menu, as are vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Make sure you do eat plenty of the fibrous vegetables, though, to get vitamins and minerals.

You sound perfect for me, i love chubby girls and hugging a soft body.

Drop soda,fast food and eat more fruits.

You are good,aybe 5kg less and more muscles will do good for your back.

Restrictive dieting except through calories is unhealthy because variety is much more important than "cleanliness".
Keto makes your crotch smell weird too.
1500 calories a day is plenty. But the most important part is that you get precise measurments for adequate counting instead of estimating and potentially over counting.

> variety is much more important than "cleanliness"
There is not a single animal species on this planet which requires constant variety in nutrition for its health. It doesn't even make sense ecologically. Your definition of a healthy diet only makes sense for modern humanity because we transport food all over the world.


>165 lbs
You’re literally the average female

You will never get perfect micro's and macro's ever.
- any nutritionist with half a brain
If you treat food like it's catholicism and shun all the bad foods, you're going to live a miserable life with Orthorexia.

Maybe a picture to give us an idea of how “chubby” you are, you sound pretty average.
>165 lbs
Leave soda, and junk food, try eating in balance, don’t starve yourself, and start running

please take your weight loss with caution. 165 sounds pretty good for your height. I dated a girl bout 5'4" that weighed 150 she was fat in all the right places. SHE LOST THE WEIGHT AND BECAME SO UNNATRACTIVE. She was basically a bone with skin patches on her body and became so ugly. she lost her round firm breast and ass fat that made her look good. she was celebrating and being all giddy she lost the weight, little did she know how gross she looked. my classmates congratulated me while dating her for her being so thick. now I'm glad she dumped me cause she looks like a horse and all my friends roll their eyes now when we mention her in conversation

I also had a close friend who's sister was chunky. similar to my ex but pudgy. she was beautiful. she was thick as all fuck can be with hot breast and thick thighs, she was like this for several years. I had a big crush on her and would fap to her dirty panties. some of the best sexual experiences I've ever had. once I didn't see her for a while, I ran into her in the streets and she was as skinny as a twig. she also went down to an a cup and was a complete turn off.
be careful of your weight loss, it turns men off. you have a healthy weight for your height. Men love thick women. be mindful of others hearts

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Ignore dietfags they are all anorexic. Stick to 2000 calories and jog every 3 days for as long as you can.

You're certainly not obese. It's a little bit hard to tell without seeing you, but I would prefer if you were at least 25 lbs down. I'm a skinny guy, and a girl heavier than me would be weird.

Thanx everyone. Here's a pic for reference. Yes I know I'm not fat-fat, but I'm def chubby. Also I could dress better, I probably will go shopping when I go down a size if I ever do.

Inb4 ugly bag gets mentioned, it's an IV pump long story

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Actually, medications and IV fluids are kind of an important thing to discuss if you are thinking about weight changes. It is also important to have a good handle on your past medical history.

IV for two months, I get off it in a few days. No weight changes. I just have to take antibiotics after.

No you're not, you're budding into a thicc woman like I was at your age. Believe me, guy's like tits and ass, and you're on the road to having them.

You look ok to me, I was the one who asked the photo, now I would recommend sizing your meals, don’t starve but actually cut some stuff and eat more veggies, go for runs, and cardio stuff, that’s the easiest way since you are not FAT, just chill, oh and the shirt looks kinda big for you, try getting something more of your size, but that’s just me (dont have to follow what I said last since that’s just my taste)

Do you have any long-term conditions that might put you at risk for weight-loss. Have you discussed this with a physician, PA, or nurse practitioner?

As far as BMI goes, roughly 153 lbs. would be in the top of the healthy range.


Describe your activity/exercise and diet.

No, I actually asked and they said it's fine. IV was for actinomycosis which is totally unrelated.

I exercise a few times a week but eat lots. Def too much. Cereal and pasta do me in RIP

You look fine! If a doctor hasn't diagnosed you as being at a dangerous weight for your age and height, then you're okay. But hey, it never hurt anyone to eat better and exercise more. I love that shirt, BTW.

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Felt I needed to ask about the medical stuff simply out of caution.

I think you will get a lot of recommendations for cutting Calories and the like.

Personally, I've found that a mix of low carb with fast periods tends to work best for me. Even eating every other day, it allows for hearty, substantial meals which is what I need. If I'm not feeling full by the end of a meal, I'll end up with that "deprived" feeling and that is hard to maintain long term.

Exercise is important for health effects, but it is only marginal for weight loss. Something you should still do anyway.

You look really nice user. Your BMI is within the healthy range.

I would advise focus on exercising specifically to gain muscle rather than lose weight.

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well

I've lost weight multiple times pretty easily. Just count your calories and make sure your eating at a deficit with a healthy and balanced diet.

Don't bother with fad diets like keto, they aren't any better and unnecessarily restrict macros.

I literally just lost 20lb doing this, it's very fucking simple.

In the words of Jow Forums
>fork putdowns

Diet and exercise. But what you need is willpower. So start small and stick to it as you get into a healthy lifestyle. There is no fast track to this that will leave you happy. You will be fat for a long time, but just know that every month will be a little better

It's not a fad diet. It has gone by many other names. Eating so much sugar and carbs is not a natural way of eating at all. We should eat like we would eat if we were living freely in nature.

do a shit ton of cardio. running is probably the best, or sports like soccer, basketball or volleyball. a healthy diet that consists of meats, vegetables, and fruit is good. if you're wondering how many calories you need, just search it up. a good one is calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html

This whole fucking thread is cancer.

>This whole fucking site is cancer.

Fuck off fat enabler. People like you is why we end up with whales thinking being unhealthy is fine and this whole """""""body positive""""""" movement, which is just an excuse for these meatballs to be as lazy as possible and shovel down food that could feed an entire family in one day

This is good advice OP. Listen to this. It's a good thing you're being conscious about your body. Lose 20 lbs at the very most, but 12-15 is fine right now. Maintaining a healthy body is hard, but gets easier the more you stick with the routine, and the long term benefits are great. Remember to not go crazy.

This is bad advice OP. These are just the horny fucks who want to stick their dick in anything that isn't morbidly obese. If you listen to them, you'll end up as a bowling ball in your mid to late twenties. 165 at 5'7" is factually overweight and don't let these horndogs try to tell you otherwise.

My Wife and Daughter both got good success with a phone calorie counter and regular gym.

Trick - you have to be honest with the cal counts

They both lost around 50lbs now - major good.

I started exercise and diet 5 years ago, I was a chub chub and now I got this smoking tight ass and body, and put it to use by hiking and camping. I would definitely advice you to get into a healthy lifestyle, the pay off is just crazy good. Even if it’s hard work, totally worth all the effort.

I'm 5'6 and 107 lbs
I'm male, so I'm clearly a fucking stick but let me tell you all these fat enablers are massive idiots, you are fat, just like I'm skinny.
Lose it.

Yeah I don't understand why these fat fucks here encourage OP, she's fat, they are fat, they'll ruin her life.
Also you're fine, being skinny > being fat

>So have any of you guys successfully lost weight before and if so, how'd you do it?

Yes, i never was fat but there was a time i got a bit of a beer belly. Losing weight is simple as fuck it's just math, you take in less calories than you burn thats all there is fucking to it just needs a little willpower. I'd just advice to eat less/more healthy food avoid pasta, bread (doesn't mean you can't eat it just less) and soda etc only drink water if you still get cravings in the evening for food just feed that craving with low cal food like pickles.

Women aren't meant to be ironing boards like you, faggot.

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I lost 20kg and have kept it off for 5 or 6 years now. Mind you, I put that 20kg on first and losing the weight was returning to my prior weight.

It still required conscious effort. I cut out the bad food habits that I'd developed while at uni, stopped drinking sugary shit more than occasionally, and made an effort to actually get out and do more exercise.

>Also, what is a good weight for a 5'7 woman?
Doesn't matter.
Guys are desperate enough to fuck anyone at this point.

I’m 5’6 and weigh 119 lbs now. Last summer I weighed 160 lbs, and lost 25 lbs through “exercise” (wiifit, just dance, and YouTube videos), replacing 90% of my drinks with water (I rarely crave some iced tea and I drink alcohol on occasion), and intermittent fasting. I also counted calories and made sure I was in the 1,400-1,600 cal threshold. I then lost the rest of that weight from August to January by continuing the intermittent fasting along with walks to and from my internship (2 hr 30 mins of walking for 3 days of the week). I stopped exercising since then and kept the weight off from counting my calories, eating between (9 - 7 PM) and going on the occasional walk.

We can give recommendations on what works, but it’s really up to you on whether you like it or tolerate it. One thing I recommend is not weighing yourself everday nor looking at the mirror as we may often get too excited but be faced with disappointment with results since it takes time.

A good weight is really how you interpret it between what google thinks. Google says 122-149 lbs, but take it with a grain of salt as it’s pretty large area. When you know what you want to weigh add and subtract 4 lbs so you know what threshold you want to stay at and maintain control of it. I would say 20 lbs is a good start and once you get over it, you can decide how much more weight you want to lose till then.

Your a nice looking girl, personally I think you look fine BUT, that's not your question, so...

Eat plenty of fruit especially instead of snaking on junk, stay away from chocolate and if you can keep off the booze for a while, that's a start! Basically, burn more calories than you eat, it's as simple as that, so get exercising and watch out for that plateau, because you'll have to step it up when that happens

Calorie counting and working out. I was happy with fitnesspal. Commit to it, don't estimate - weigh all your foods, report everything.
Drop sodas and candies, walk/bike everywhere you can.
The weigh itself doesn't matter much, it depends on muscle mass and your general figure. I'm as tall as you and 143 lbs, but look thinner than my friend who is 138 because she carries it all in her tummy and I have an hourglass figure and a lot of muscle for a girl.

Inhale a gallon of cream a day.

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I’m 5’11 make and went from 215 pounds to 135 in ~6 months through the following: drinking water/plain tea exclusively, taking frequent walks, and under eating. Good luck.

Based Brosnan

Healthy BMI is up to 25.7, she's at 27.5. She'd be good at 150lbs. It isn't much but overweight can fuck with your hormones and joints

They're not meant to be lard asses either m'lady.

I used the Mulan diet. Other people prefer the 5 bites diet though.

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Wouldn't you feel really hungry during this? Surely a fast would be better as you stop feeling hungry after 3 days.

user, I doubt you're chubby. You're at a healthy weight. You probably just look like a normal woman, as opposed to being chubby. I know being surrounded by pictures of what you're told is skinny and healthy but there's nothing wrong with your weight. It's a beautiful and healthy weight. I used to be just like you and when I started excercing I realized that not being model thin didn't mean that I was chubby. It just meant I was and looked like a normal, healthy woman. :)

No, she's overweight.

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Don't focus on weight. Focus on health. They say you need three hobbies in life - one hobby for creativity, one for health and one to make money.

Adjust your eating and exercise routine to something that you can manage every day and not burn out on. Try to get a minimum of 10 minutes of exercise every day - taking the stairs instead of the elevator, for example. Do SOMETHING physical every day. Be kind to yourself too. It's ok if you didn't get a full 30 in. The grocery shopping you did earlier technically counts!

Your body will auto adjust to what you give it. Your muscles and body fat will adjust to the routine you set for it. I suggest focusing on what YOU think is a reasonable amount of daily exercise and healthy food and then letting your body catch up. If you notice that you're not liking certain things that your body looks like or does, make another adjustment.

You'll be fine. There is no one-size-fits-all bit of advice for this, as each body is different. Each biological background is different. Don't let somebody convince you that you MUST do XYZ or you MUST be ____ pounds for your height.

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u gay boy

>reads Huffington Post , gives it as sauce without archive
>Complains about Trump for no reason in threads not about politics
Could you be anymore of a Tumblr tourist? Also, orthorexia is a meme, your diet should be as strict as it needs to be per what body/excercise you are working towards. If you have legitimate issues with consumerism sugary or fatty foods then yes, you need to wean yourself off of them for awhile.

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>Don't let somebody convince you that you MUST do XYZ or you MUST be ____ pounds for your height.
>Posts meme image about general weight and not BMI
Obesity is never healthy, and excercise has benefits beyond making yourself look good. There are also lot of psychological benefits to being in such good shape

>Taking the stairs is excercise in this day and age
In reality OP needs to do a few months of light cardio , 45 minutes or 3ish miles of running at a comfortable pace on a treadmill with some minor accessory work afterwards for core strength. After that she will have lost maybe 20 pounds with steady dieting , if she really wants to look good then she will start weight lifting or calisthenics after that.

In the morning, have a breakfast of two waffles, some sausage and a hash brown.
For lunch, a turkey and cheese sandwich. They're better hot. Folding grills are great.
When you get home, have a cheese sandwich, a banana, and some nuts. If you get hungry eat another banana and more nuts.
Dinner should be something like a tilapia fillet, a small bowl of tortellini with meat sauce, or another turkey and cheese.
Run 1 hour treadmill at least three miles three times a week.

Guaranteed weight loss for the picky and lazy.

Run like literally just run , if you feel it's not working run some more

dis nigga is exactly what was warning OP about. some people can't see past numbers and adhere to them as the sacred truth of how everybody in the whole world should be. i bet he adds up every carrot stick before adding it into his lunch bag and then heavily debates about dipping them in ranch dressing. u do u, OP.

>some people can't see past numbers and adhere to them as the sacred truth of how everybody in the whole world should be
No, I'm a paramedic and have a decent understand of human anatomy. If she wants to lose weight, I'm telling her the best way how in a way that does not invade a person's daily life. 3 hours at the gym per week running 3 or 4 miles and doing some minor core work afterwards.
>i bet he adds up every carrot stick before adding it into his lunch bag and then heavily debates about dipping them in ranch dressing
Americans are such memes holy shit.
>U do u
Except she wants to stop being chubby and be healthy, so really you're trying to push her to be unhealthy because you've been convinced that gluttony is fine

see OP?

>Man I bet you diet lol
Some of us don't like gluttony and think it's disgusting

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you don't know who OP is. you don't know if there is anything medical or genetic that she's working with. u applying this logic based on ur own experience and perspective. u supposed to be educated - shouldn't this be considered?

You'd better be trolling with this ratchet Twitter syntax.
>Aren't you supposed to be educated
Yes, first and foremost I'm literate and actually read the OP where OP says she's chubby and wants to lose weight and stay fit so I suggested a simple weekly cardio routine. She classifies as overweight, bordering on obese. She said nothing about having a special medical condition, and most people who claim to have a genetic issue for their obesity are full of shit and usually the victims of hysteria.

Having a genetic defect that seriously affects your bodies ability to burn fat is extremely rare, it's not the same as diabetes. She didn't specify any injuries or rare genetic disorders, if she had then she would've listed them.

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Thank God there's been some good advice here. I don't know what it is about this site that lets people get memed into thinking fatties are attractive.

I'm OP and I find the "add cardio" advice infinitely more helpful than "ur beautiful and being overweight is just genetics uwu." My mom was literally a model and my dad ran marathons, I'm not really seeing a genetic pattern. I just like pasta. Also, yeah, no medical conditions. Not that I know of anyway.

Anyway thanx for the advice. Will do. Hopefully by graduation I'll be fitter.

Check Jow Forums, read the sticky. There's always threads for people losing weight. Go to Reddit, specifically loseit.

A good weight for a 5'7" would be 95-100lbs. Ideally double digit weight.

You're welcome m8, and dieting/ planning is just as important as excercise. If you want to stay healthy it's all about habit building , so there is nothing wrong with starting out with light cardio work. If you really want to work in maintaining your weight or want to get toned you can add some minor weight training after a few months.

That's not that heavy. I'd be good with that height and weight, personally.

>I HATE that people like different things than me... Reeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Excuse what?? 100lbs is absolutely not an acceptable weight at 5'7". I'm 5'2" and that would put me at UNDERWEIGHT. The only people who should be 100lbs are 11 year olds.

BMI is only good for a estimate and you're not supposed to go off of it as if it's a gospel. I'm 5'2", 180lbs and extremely healthy. It all has to do with distribution of fat and amount of muscle mass. You can have a lot of fat but as long you're not carrying it in unhealthy places, it's fine. Women are SUPPOSED to have a few extra pounds of fat on them compared to men.

Using BMI for anything should carry prison time. It was developed for CENSUS STATISTICS it is not an effective measure of health.
At all.
In any way.

Body fat percentage
Those are your metrics.

Exactly. According to BMI I'm extremely obese. But because I both carry it in my thighs and hips (a non dangerous place) and have a decent amount of muscle, it's never going to be a good way to give am accurate reading of my health according to my weight. If you carry a large amount of fat in your abdomen that's when it becomes an issue. Not even just a little of flab--some serious fat.

135-145 lbs is a decent weight at 5'7".

As for how to get there? Easy, eat one cup of blueberries in the morning, a couple tomatoes at lunch, and a dinner with no potatoes or rice. Lots of veg, two eggs a day worth of meat and cut out all sugars. Be sure to drink 2 litres of water.

You should lose about a half a pound a day and ... always be sure to check in with your doctor.

Yeah don't worry, I've been at the doctor's a lot recently for the actinomycosis and I asked already if it's safe for me to lose weight, he said absolutely. I don't have any other medical issues other than that and it's about to be cured anyway (hopefully). So yeah definitely. My general meal ideas are a coffee in the morning (maybe with some sweetener if I want), some fruit or a salad without dressing for lunch, and dinner with some meat and vegetables. I think that'll do the trick.

I'd say 120 is a good goal.

Anyways, I had a friend who just lost 45 lbs in like half a year. Mind you he just completed army basic training and you shouldn't expect results that fast, but one tip he learned was that when he was always feeling hungry, he'd just drink lots of water to fill his stomach.

I'm sure other dietary advice here is good too, but that's one tip he told me helped him.

Keto is for losers.

My advice is to go for a casual jog, bring a gun in case some rapist sees you as a easy target. And maybe bring weights (small ones) to lift while you run. It looks dorky as hell but you won't feel like it if ya make a playlist of epic moivational jams. I once jogged/sprinted several miles in under a half an hour, just looping throrgh the fire and the flames. You can do it.

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Bull fucking shit. former Jow Forumsizen here (board is filled with frogposters now. shit's fucked brehs). BMI is a good system. The only issue that arises is when roid monkeys arrive with a BMI of 600 made up of pure muscle to the doctors office. When it's at that point, it's up to the doc's discretion. However, and most importantly, an exception to the rules is not a reason to throw the rules out entirely.
At 5'2 180lb you are obese. No two ways around it. Fat distribution matters not. If you're fat, you're fat. Especially when you're carrying around 80 POUNDS of fat around what are supposted to be your petit hips. You probably look like a damn stack of pancakes. You squidward looking ass motherfucker.
Women are supposed to be a little fatter than men, true. Maybe 5lb of extra blubber to support the babies during the winter months. But certainly not 80lb of that shit you absolute fat fuck.
Now fuck off back to the ocean.
>Body fat percentage
That only matters when you're in a normal BMI range. When you're fatfuck mcgee over here, carrying an 8 year old on her legs, fat percentage doesn't matter.

OP, losing weight is calories in, calories out. All calories are the same. Just eat less and do a lot of cardio. good on you for bettering yourself.

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lose anymore weight then that and you're a fuckin loser

I was kind of in your boat. When I graduated high school I weighed 170 lbs at 5'5. 2 years later I weigh 115.
When I started off my eating habits got worse, I didn't want to give up my eating habits so I would do things like eat a pint of ice cream a day but nothing else so I lost weight. But to make a more stable change I would say
>avoid carbs if you can but don't deny yourself too much
>restrict calories, use one of those calorie calculators and eat enough to lose 1 lb/week, lose more weight per week once you get comfortable with losing weight
>log everything you eat
>if the hunger gets to be too much, work out until you have burned enough calories to eat what you desire
>weigh yourself every day in the morning. You will feel motivated when you see the numbers going down little by little each day
The people who say you are fine, that is true in that you aren't going to have any health problems because of your weight probably, but you won't be considered "hot" by most because of your weight. Since I lost weight people are nicer to me, I get hit on more often, I am more successful finding jobs and receiving opportunities. You can get away with a lot more, people will instantly find you more likeable.
I think 130 lbs would be a good weight for a 5'7 woman.

not everyone loses weight and naturally gains curves genius

some people lose weight and end up looking like frogs

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case closed

you're a fucking idiot

>thinks she's healthy when she weights as much as a healthy 6ft male.
You probably can't run for shit nor jump for shit.
The link lets you compare your weight to female athletes.

cope, fatty

Yeah no hate but if you're 15 pounds heavier than me and a whole five inches shorter, and I'm chubby already, you're probably fat.

hey dumfuck, 5'7" 165 lbs could actually be morbidly obsese.

You don't look fat. 90% of the time I say the BMI scale is legit, but it unfortunately does not account for fat distrabution. You look extremely normal. I'm not saying become 200 pounds, but I think this one is all in your head.

Looks perfectly fine to me.

I'm a 5'7 woman (granted i have a thinner build genetically) and im 125.

I know I need to eat less, but how do I deal with the hunger pangs when I don't feel full? Do I just chug a ton of water? Also, I'm trying to lose weight by July, is it possible to lose a significant amount by then?

If you want to lose weight just eat a little less than usual and maintain exercise and always eat healthy regardless of if you want to lose or not. I am a skinny guy and I need to gain weight and just eating more food and more protein works I know it is the opposite direction but it is the same principle. Your body will lose weight if you alter your diet even slightly but it may not be visible to you. Don't worry too much though you look normal weight.

You just have to tough it out.
I try to drink water instead of stress eating.

The best thing to do is distract yourself eventually you will forget you even had hunger pains. It is not easy humans are creatures of habit and changing habits is always hard.

That's my point you dumb fuck

Did you never get through hunger pains in your entire life? Do you know what happen when you go through it. The hunger goes away

Sorry, I meant the post to be agreeing with you!

Hunger is only a bitch to deal with when you are trying to sleep. I just tire myself out enough to sleep usually, after like 2 weeks you won't care about it that much.

you look fine. just do squats and run, make that ass fat lol