Boyfriend doesn't trust me

My boyfriend is being dismissive towards me, and I feel like he thinks I'm stupid. I'm not sure if I'm actually just being retarded and overreacting, or if I'm justified in feeling upset. Our conversations go something like this:
>see a squirrel
>did you know x fact about squirrels
>(him) i don't know if i believe that, that has to be bullshit
>no i'm pretty sure about it
>i pull up scientific website about squirrels, confirming the fact i said before
>(him) okay, but i still don't believe it

This is a fake example, but this interaction happens so frequently that's it's really getting to me. It's frustrating because I feel like he thinks I'm stupid and untrustworthy. I'm worried about sharing more serious things with him.

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I'd also be annoyed by someone who seems to think that rampant skepticism is a virtue or sign of intelligence or something.

I also wouldn't take it personally in your shoes, though. He's not saying you're wrong, he's saying THAT (a statement of information) is bullshit. It's his attitude toward ideas that's the problem here. Still a cause for concern but not personal.

Don't date a trump supporter, girlie.
Dump him now.

What should I do? I've brought it up before but he doesn't seem to understand my concern. I don't know if this is something common for guys to do, he's otherwise kind and respectful

I would suggest looking into how to deal with people who are big on conspiracy theories. It's effectively the same mindset.

But no, it's not generally a common thing.

Probably bait, but he doesn't give a shit about politics. I'm more right-wing than him

thats just his trip man. let it go or tell me again.
maybe your fucking dumb tho, idku

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You sure know how to pick em OP lol

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I'm sure he's just teasing you dummy

Break up with him, he's not good for your self-esteem. The outside world is cold enough so people from your private world should be good for you.

How do you compare on ages, education, job status, etc? I mean sometimes true intellectual disparities do exist, but often these things are more based on life stage and things like that.

Tell me more about the general dynamics of your relationship. How do you two interact normally? With other people? In different settings?

He sees you as a subservient moron. But you like his type so you deserve this until you take the time to see yourself differently.

Break up with him. A man like that will never change if he always gets what he wants and if you never put your foot down. Maybe you could seriously discuss with him that he hurts your feelings being overly critical. If he refuses to listen and to change and just tells you you’re being too sensitive. Run. Dump him so fast and RUN

If you're citing "experts" and he's questioning their expertise, doesn't he have the right? For example, the medical community changes it's findings all the time. Can you be more specific? Maybe his opinion isn't an attack on you but you're perceiving it that way because of some other deeper issue in the relationship.

We're both 20 and in university together. I realize grades aren't the best measure of brains, but have a 3.9 and he's somwhere in the high 2 or solid 3 range, we're in very similar academic programs. He's normally very kind and respectful, but he isn't the most emotionally conscious person. He's the type who always thinks he's right when we have a disagreement, even if I know for a fact that I was right. He's generally the timid nerd type, but he makes friends easily. He's really sweet and dependable. This is both of our first relationship, and he doesn't really seem to know what he's doing, but I can see that he does listen to me and he's really a good hearted person.

He's completely serious, I am 100% sure. I may be on this site but I'm not autistic enough to not be able to tell.

Hey, I can't afford to be picky

Is there something I could say to get through to him? I feel like explaining it from the persepective of a girl might not truly get him to understand

You're probably stupid and untrustworthy. Shut the fuck up and focus on being a laid-back person to be around.

>Do you know x about squirrels

Girls do this shit all the time and it's so fucking annoying. Nobody cares about any of your quirky ADHD shit, and not everyone is going to be a cucking for your "wits". Congratulations you're dating someone who's not an agreeable manbaby.

If you leave him for an agreeable manbaby, you're going to come back here shitposting about how you don't respect your bf and your sex life and xyz.

Tl;Dr you're probably fucking up yourself and you want to blame your bf for it because woman

>but I can see that he does listen to me and he's really a good hearted person.


It's usually about just casual, simple information. Like I'll tell him an interesting fact about an animal, or some nutrition information about food. I understand being skeptical to an extent, but he just never lets up. It's always about stupid information that isn't really worth looking up, so it makes me feel like he's trying to prove some kind of point. I've never really seem him do this with other people, but I'm not sure.

Posting ITT just to reply to this:

You're an absolute, narrow-minded, bottom-of-the-barrel moron. That is all.

Best part: you'll never find out why because you can't see beyond the end of your own nose.
Good luck trying – maybe you'll learn something in the process.

Is he on the spectrum?

I got a feeling you're twisting it just enough to fit your narrative. Your bf sounds in the right to me and I hope he'll dump your ass at some point.

Did you know that squirrels are *extremely* promiscuous?
They make rabbits look like chaste saints in comparison.

They'll mate with every single member of the opposite sex in a 15 mile radius, multiple times, daily, over the course of the entire mating season (twice a year).
Seriously. They're off the fucking charts (fucking charts, lmao).

A hit dog will always holler.

Tell that to this idiot

You're correct, said post hit me by collateral.
Not only does it call every person who's not stuck-up in their echo-chamber to the point of being unable to tell fact from fiction when presented with evidence an "agreeable manbaby",
but it also spews obvious blatant lies that "nobody cares about any of [...] quirky ADHD shit".

Need I remind you that a relationship is built on mutual respect?
The provided picture of a "proper man" is deeply flawed in that it is severely lacking in that department.

Entire post was overflowing with half-witted remarks to this narrow-minded philosophy of a "badass no-fucks-given man",
and because of that I, probably rightly so, called its author equally moronic to what he's representing with his post.

It takes a special case of willful ignorance to believe (and defend, no less!) the lies that poster presented.
Noteworthily, first and last paragraphs of said post are correct.

Lesson to learn here: you can make your point without insulting 90% of the population or referencing your brainwashed vision of what makes a man worthy.
It's called tact.

>Need I remind you that a relationship is built on mutual respect?

If she respected her bf she wouldn't bug him with stupid shit

I guess you wouldn’t believe the sheer amount of men who ramble to me about useless shit and then act like I know nothing. You sound like a triggered man baby

>always thinks he’s right
>first relationship
So explore other options and realize that he ain’t shit

>If she respected her bf she wouldn't bug him with stupid shit
This is a fair assumption.

I'd like to add on my previous post:
I really couldn't care less whether people insult OP, like I mentioned in my initial writing – I wouldn't even write here if not for that one post.
You can bash her face in with a hammer for all I care.

But said post flung its insults at me – a free thinker, but more importantly *a man* – and I just couldn't let it slide.
One doesn't sully men's name for no good reason and walks away with it.

If you are the author of that post then I owe you an apology – I should have specified what was the issue right away, instead of making it just an angry, pointless insult.
Genuinely sorry for that, I got carried away.

Apologies for derailing your thread a bit. I feel like the least I can do to remedy it is to address your problem directly:
I think that some Anons ITT are onto something. Are you absolutely sure it's not just you trying to "forcefully" find flaws in your bf?
It's not an uncommon thing, usually happens after the initial "mad in love" phase is over.
It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it can be very helpful to recognize it.

Or maybe you're making a big deal out of something trivial?
Perhaps it's just that you're saying it at the wrong time – bad day, other things on mind, etc. – there's time and place for everything.

And yeah, I'm hinting that your thinking may be the problem here. Give it some thought.

I guess you wouldn't believe the sheer amount of women who ramble to me about useless shit and then act like I know nothing. You sound like a triggered woman baby.

I really appreciate the honest and detailed evaluation. I feel as though it's almost the opposite of what you said, I don't want this to bother me, yet I can't seem to shake it from my mind. I want to believe it's trivial, and I want to get over it, but it bothers me, and I feel like he doesn't truly understand my feelings about it. I'm frustrated, but I truly want to work through it. That being said, I'm defnitely going to think about this more and try to understand his perspective

A partnership is supposed to be 50/50. If this douche bag is belittling you and making you feel less then he's not on your team. He's on team-him. Fuck this guy. His mother obviously failed to raise him properly and you allowing him to talk down to you like you're a stupid kid means he's only after one thing from you sis. How YOU can serve him within the parenthesis that he wants you to fit in. Not you - the idea of you and how it makes him look good. Find you a man (or woman) that makes you feel loved. Cherished. Valuable and worthy of his attention and time.

Don't make excuses for him. Don't excuse his behavior. If you've honestly spoken to him about this, just as you've told us, and he's still backhanding you and your feelings away like they don't mean anything to him, then fuck this guy. And not in the way he wants you to.

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he just sounds like a bit of a prick

sounds like a made up fact to me, user

I understand where you're coming from. I tend to mention "useless" facts like that on a whim, too.
Especially to my romantic interest to whom (as I'd like to imagine) I can speak my mind freely.
Notably, one date didn't appreciate it (quote: "why are you telling me this?") and it genuinely felt diminishing to me as a person.

I think the right approach is to work on it. People can change, especially for their SO.
And no, you shouldn't feel bad about this. This isn't a malevolent manipulation, but a genuine problem if it bothers you.

First and foremost you should talk about it with him in an all-attention's-on-you setting. This doesn't mean a "serious talk", but one where there's no distractions i.e. during a walk.
Ideally you don't want to forward any hypotheses as to why he might be doing it, but instead put the burden of explanation on him, see where it gets you.

If this proves fruitless (he won't consider stopping for whatever reason), then give him some time to think.
Sometimes all it takes is time and some introspection, and he might come to you one day conceding you were right.

If it's all the same after a considerable amount of time (weeks? months? you know him better – is he quick-witted or needs more time?), you have to put forward the notion that his behaviour puts your relationship in jeopardy.
It might sound like blackmail and/or a shitty thing to do, but is it really unjust if you're looking out for your (and, coincidentally, his too) best interest?
Make him understand that he has to change, if not for anything else, then for *you* (or *to keep you*, these two are difficult to distinguish).

If he agrees, then work with him step by step. Help make him a better person.
If not – it's time to seriously reconsider, but hopefully it won't get this far.

Sorry for such a long post, I really wanted to be thorough, considering that on Jow Forums it's extremely unlikely we'll ever talk again when this thread dies.

The base premise is true, I did however colorize the numbers a bit (3rd line) – it's not *that* bad in reality. They are still the most naturally promiscuous species on the entire planet.
Factually, rabbits are really tame when it comes to mating. They are just expert nurturers and thus reproduce extremely rapidly. Advanced social structures etc. Not much to do with sex itself – that's a common misconception.

Sources are freely available on the Internet.

Thank you so much for all you've written, it really means a lot to me, know it is very appreciated

I appreciate the wake-up call message user. I have a lot to think about.

honestly? Can you see another decade of this? No? Okay ... is he going to change? No ... so break up.

The spongeposter just gave you a bunch of BS that you want to agree with.

Stop bugging your bf with stupid shit. Don't put all the blame on him

Never said I agreed, I just appreciated the different perspective. I never said I was a saint, I just feel like my concern is fairly valid

My boyfriend does this to me, he challenges literally everything I say. Sometimes not even the fact, but the definition of a word I use in said fact.
I’ve started pulling him up on it, because it makes me not want to bother having a conversation with him and he wasn’t understanding why. He’s trying to be more concious about it, but I notice he does this with everyone not just me.

>mimics my words
Don’t worry son. Soon you too will be able to formulate your own thoughts and opinions

Thanks for sharing your experience user, I've never known anyone who's acted like that before. I'm glad that you two have been able to work something out