Childhood abuser

I was molested for years by my middle school teacher. He chose me bc I grew up in a broken home and slowly groomed me. He told me I was unique and talented and was like the father figure I never had. After a time he began to touch me and do sexual things to me. I was 12. I didn't know where to turn and was embarrassed. I also was too young to understand that he wasn't my friend and didn't care about me. After a period of time, I told him we must stop. He threatened me with a gun, threatened to kill himself, me and my Mom. He kept a revolver in a holster on either side of his 4 post bed. So I didn't say anything to anyone. This ate me up inside growing up, this terrible, shameful secret. He stole a part of my soul that I will never get back. I began having issues with drugs as a teenager and eventually ended up in prison bc of the spiritual and mental sickness he gave me. Around the age of 18 I finally told the authorities. I have tried 3 times to talk to detectives and the school district where it happened and have always been told there is nothing they can do after a precursory "investigation". I know when I graduated middle school, he left to a different school. There he made advances online to another student and was caught red-handed. Rather than being charged with a crime he was allowed to retire from teaching with no repurcussions. He has never taught again to my knowledge.
My issue is its been 20 years since he first began doing what he did to me. I have tried all legal avenues to get justice but those have failed. He is a popular guy, has published a historical novel, belongs to many clubs and societies...and noone has any idea who he really is except for me and my family. I know where he lives now and want to do something to warn the parents in the area not to let him near their children. But I dont want to break any laws in the process. He lives in another state in Harlem, GA. His name is Bill Speer. Thoughts anyone?

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He has a website, often is alone with kids out on the lake. This is where he first tried to abuse me.

He is also an active Freemason and I've experienced harassment from their local members after reporting the abuse in the past.

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Wanna suit up and kill pedo's and rapists with me? I have a list.

Wish I could...never want to see the inside of a prison again. I've certainly fantasized about it, believe me. But I don't want to do anything illegal. To say otherwise would be stupid.

Then you're at an impasse.
Done therapy?

If anyone has the time to talk personally about this with me, please let me know how to contact you. I reiterate that I don't want to break any laws.

Yes loads of therapy. I was thinking putting flyers up around his home, warn his neighbors about the monster that lives next door. There has to be other ways to get revenge without murdering him ya know?

Have you tried talking to a lawyer about this? Maybe they have some tips and can actually confront this further. My sister was sent to an office for abused victims once to get justice.

Yes I looked into advocacy groups. I can't find anyone to represent me and don't have the money for a prllonged legal battle. Since he left teaching, he has done very well for himself and works as a consultant for a defense contracting firm in a miltary historian capacity. I could not win a civil suit against the defense he could muster. I tried to get the records from the school district where he was caught making an advance toward another child and forced to retire, but a lawyer for the school district refused to help. They want to protect themselves bc they know they are culpable. Legally speaking they were obligated to report it to the police and instead handled it in house as long as he promised to retire.

Yeah, not really, because if nothing was legally persued against him, that's slander.

Houston Police Department actually told me after bringing me in, taping my deposition and I gave them all the evidence I had. (Names, dates, witnesses who were willing to testify) I finally heard something a month later which i received in a one paragraph email from the detective that said "I spoke with the DA and unfortunately the statute of limitations has passed" I responded that a quick Google search will tell you there is no statute of limitations on sex crimes against children in Texas. She never responded. She just flat out lied.

I want to kill him believe me. I've spent years fantasizing a out the best ways to do it, how to get away with it...but bc of the formal complaints I've made trying to do shit the right way, I'd immediately be suspect #1. I'm stuck...I have a job, a life, friends...but it eats at me everyday that he got away with what he did. And I know there must be others...these kinds of people don't just do that type of thing once and never again. He's just calculated and hasn't gotten caught yet. He also knows some powerful people. Impasse indeed...

He was investigated but not charged...putting up the flyers is a crime then? That's fuckin wild

It isn't wild at all. Legally he has not been shown to have done anything wrong. It is illegal to harass and post libel against someone. Even if what happened is true, there is nothing showing it in the court system. People can't simply go around making empty claims that can cause financial or reputation damage based on non-provable statements.

Thanks for the advice. That is logical. The police could have subpoenaed the school district records which proved his pattern of inappropriate contact and chose not to. To protect them from lawsuits I imagine. And I have evidence. I have witnesses that saw his behavior towards me, dates and locations where he took me to hotels and abused me. I can describe his gentalia in extreme detail. The sealed documents from the school district are there that prove who he is but corruption prevents them from seeing the light of day. What about my freedom of speech? Am I not allowed to tell the world how he held a gun to my head and raped me when I was a boy? To tell the parents that hire him to take their kids fishing what he did? Are my rights thrown out the window just bc he was let off? What about my moral responsibilty to do everything in my power to save a future child from suffering what I did? Are those not relevant arguments?

Write a book and change names if you want to put it down for the world to see. Publish under an alias unless you want rapist fan letters.

Lmao rapist fan letters. That's a solid idea actually, thanks. Best one I've got rn.

Or I could just give him a vietnamese necktie and call it a day...well life more than likely lol

Yeah they're not legally backed arguments to allow you to violate his first amendment to identity. If you don't have a case, you don't have evidence, you have hearsay and libel. You don't have rights to slander rich people that can sue you into debt and silence you forever. The moral responsibility ended when no case was capable of being held against him.

you definitely should talk to a lawyer about this
if that doesn't work just pay some niggers to rape *him*

I'm sorry about your past, OP.
I hope the dirty bastard gets what's coming to him soon and that your soul is healed.

So essentially what you're saying is I could drive to 663 Fairview Harlem GA and post flyers all around his neighborhood and knock on doors and warn people. I could create a fake alias on FB, (which i may or may not have already done) befriend him, and as many of his friends and colleagues as possible and then mass humiliate him with damaging posts. (Photos of us togther when i was a kid, details of his crimes, etc.) Most will believe their friend is not that person but a few will wonder. And he will be humiliated and tainted. And i need to weigh whether the likely consequences of those actions are worth the potential good of making it more difficult to hurt anyone and living with an indeterminate amount of shame? That is my choice essentialy, correct?


No, cops will backtrace your ip from the profile and come get you for harassment.
Most of his friends might either defend him by now, since they're probably rich closet pedos themselves.
You can't allways win, OP.

Yea he's definitely a fag

Yeah i know theyd get me...I either have to let it go or handle it myself is what it comes down to me thinks

You're right...I can't win. He got me. When I believed his threats instead of telling someone I doomed myself and gave him the W.

OP can say whatever the fuck he wants about this guy, but then the guy can turn around and sue OP. Of course, if it goes to trial and the jury thinks that OP's statements are factually correct, then they might award OP fees + damages.

Following this reasoning, I think OP should get his shit together and go public in as big a way as possible. At minimum push it on social media, and try to get it on conventional media as well. Maybe try to find a sympathetic journalist or news personality.

Thanks for everybody taking the time to respond. Appreciate y'all


Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code ยง 16.0045

Fifteen-year statute of limitations for violation of Section 22.011, Penal Code sexual assault; or Section 22.021, Penal Code aggravated sexual assault. Majority tolling provision states that if the victim was a minor, the SOL does not begin to run until his/her eighteenth birthday.

If the detective wasn't lying about the statute of limitations, then OP probably has a civil case. Find an ambitious lawyer and get on it.

Thanks user...I will start contacting journalists. He can sue me all he wants, he won't get much. As long as I don't get jail time im good. I dont think he'd ever want it to go before a jury bc of the risk he'd lose, however slim. My felonybrecord also works against me. I lose credibilty in the eyes of the jury. It would be difficult to win, but maybe the exposure would be enough to scare him into never trying it again.

You have a felony record?

So 15 years from my eighteenth birthday...that means I have 4 months to file a civil suit? Or is that criminal? I need to find out about the civil angle.

Try to get in touch with with the other student or students he molested and then you all come together to get the dude. One guy (you) is just gonna make you look like a nutcase who's simply jealous of him, but if you get let's say four other people to tell their stories, that's going to make them think, even if you all fail to immediately get him in trouble. It'll catch up to him someday and karma will give him a kick in the balls.

Yes...caught a case when I was 18. Havent been in trouble since. 14 years now

The problem with that is finding the victims. How would I eben go about knowing who they are? Maybe thru social media posts and if I can get a journalist to write a piece...all I know 100% is he tried to proposotion a minor student online at Fort Bend ISD at Satartia Middle School around 2006. But the records are sealed.

You do understand that if there are legal proceedings for the libel etc. that you can be legally restrained from talking or publishing anything about it? Not only that, but if the case is held in a closed or sealed format it isn't going to be a public forum finding out. You are likely setting yourself up for a good five years of court hearings and tens of thousands for a trial. Just be aware. Even if you personally don't have money, anything owed can be taken out via wage garnishment or out of tax returns.

I don't know the kid's name. Bill called me from a psychiatric hospital he had been admitted to after someone found a drawing of him hanging himself on a tree when he thought he was going to finally get caught for good. That was the moment I couldve killed the beast when it was wounded but I was heavy into drugs and all Inwanted to do was forget about him and what he did to me. And I was still of an age where I cared about what my peers might think. Somehow he managed to manipulate me into caring about him on some level back then. Sad ik the libel idea is definitely off the table. If its sealed to the public then there is no benefit whatsoever and I'd be fucked. (No pun intended)

I sincerely appreciate yalls input..i learned a shit ton about all this that i did not know

Actually previous user was incorrect...there is NO statute of limitations in Texas for agg sex assault of a child

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That was an old penal code...the laws changed in the late 90s after Megan's law and the sex offender registry system began. The cops DID lie