Out off my head

a fat and ugly af girl in my uni showed interest in me and text me everyday, tried to be nice and not hurt her so i started texting her back and we talked a lot
The problem that i feel like i have feeling for her now and always thinking about her
Fuck, I don't want that i would rather die alone and virgin than to be with her
Iwant to ghost her even if i see her every day and ,not talk to her and ignore her totally
Any advice anons

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Get busy, stay busy. Work overtime, join a boxing club, whatever.

This is what girls do. They think. They think until they convince they own damn selves that they like this person that isn't for them. Are you a girl, user?

Right... Don't listen to this incel sort of idea user.

Is she genuinely repulsive to you? If you honestly can't get over her looks then at least have the dignity to explain as much. If things go sour then the faster you'll be able to get her out of your head actually. Honestly though, if you're thinking about her then there's really only that you either like her as a person, or that you're cripplingly lonely and like the attention she's giving you. Do determine which it is before moving on.

You're stupid for mistaking self-improvement as incel ideas.

OP, don't listen to this idiot cuck/cunt. You yourself said you'd rather die than be with her. I'm telling you to stay busy with improving yourself physically or financially.

No user i am not a girl

I like her as a person , she funny and very kind
Also i not lonely ,i have sum male friends maybe you are right because she's the first girl to give me that kind of attention

That's what I am doing user

Try to calmly see where this is going. What's the worst that can happen? Maybe you'll connect enough to become intimate. What's wrong with that? You won't fuck only 10s! We all have our guilty fuck you know?

You sound like a child afraid of cooties.

Tell her she's too fat and unattractive to be with you.

How well do you think you know her? Most people fall apart in relationships. Over time, they slowly stop giving a fuck, let themselves go, take you for granted, etc.. But there are a lot of people out there who genuinely want to be the best they can be for their partner, and will work on themselves, as long as they’re supported and loved. I’ve seen it in a handful of people in my life. I understand where you’re coming from, but if your only problem with her is physical, the novelty of physical attractiveness stops being super important in a long term relationship pretty fast. You just see them as a person and your partner. Familiarity kind of takes that away, like how you never stop to consider things like that about your family. I’m not saying that being physically attracted to your girlfriend isn’t important, just that if it’s a cornerstone of your relationship, it’s going to fail. Ugly girl who gives a shit and will put in work over time > pretty girl whose interest in the relationship will wane. Obviously a pretty girl who gives a shit is ideal, though.

Faggy, but true.

It May be that i am attracted to her just because she gived me attention while i am lonely af ,and that's why i found her personality good
How to fuck can i tell that she's special while I barely talk to other girls and know them

why fight your true feelings? just guilt trip her into losing the fat once you start dating her


still waiting for advice
How to ghost someone u see everyday in uni

This to be frank.

Dude you're getting it. You have feelings for a nice girl. You're just afraid of dealing with assholes who think you should be ashamed to be in a romantic relationship with someone with a less than desirable physical trait.

The people in this thread who are saying "ah nah don't do anything with her, wait for that 10/10" are dumbasses who have 0 ideas as to what makes a good relationship.

In 10 minutes they'll be making a post complaining about how shallow women are, and the annoyance they have with their personalities. In 10 years they'll be making posts about how they ended up alone because of some BS about women being naturally disloyal.

This is because of the very advice that their posting and following in this thread. If you choose your women on shallow shit you'll end up with shallow women.

I'm wondering how OP thinks he's such a hottie when he's spewing broken English all over the thread like projectile vomited and is waging a mental war against himself. Do these idiot guys never stop and think, "Hey, maybe I'm NOT a 10/10 chiseled demigod."

Like if you guys keep being physically obsessed you'll get a girl who's physically obsessed and they represent literally everything every Jow Forums misogynist hates in women.

Just stop being autistic user

Give her a chance user. Good women are hard to find.

The question was clear anons
How the fuck we ghost someone we see everyday
I mean how to avoid them and when that person ask the kind of questions like why you didn't respond on my text last night what we respond
There's no escape from being mean Anons ?

Dude your an asshole and youve let people to this site get to you. Shes dodging a bullet I guess.

You could tell her: "I'm a shallow fuck that doesn't have the emotional maturity to develop a relationship with you. I'm afraid we will have to remain friends."