What can I do to make my chin / jaw better looking? More chiseled, stronger...

What can I do to make my chin / jaw better looking? More chiseled, stronger... or am I just stuck with the shitty genetics?
I'm not fat rather I'm super skinny.

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You need a Dermatologist

Also don't mind the acne, it's terrible, I don't know what to do and I've tried everything, it's actually a lot better on the cheeks than it used to be. Maybe it's still teenage acne because I'm still 18? Who knows?

That was fast, read I tried going to a dermatologist and I do go monthly for the doc to check the progress.
She gave me some antibiotic to put on my face before sleep, a cream to put in the morning, a mask scrub thingy to put and exfoliate 2 times a week and a soap to wash my face with 2 times a day.

It's bone structure my dude. That's straight genetic and developmental. Best you can do is lose weight, reconstruction, or testosterone therapy. And that last one I'm pulling out of my ass i don't even know if that would do anything at this point.

stop with the neck hunch for one, and two work out. stop blaming genetics for your lack of caring for your body.

>Bone structure
>"Don't blame genetics"

You really, really missed the mark man... We're talking about a developmental core structure... Not muscle and fat.

>it's genetics
>It isn't genetics

By bmi is 17, if I lose any more the wind may blow me away.
I've noticed I do that a lot, don't know how to fix it, I'm definitely self aware about it in the last couple of weeks so I'm trying to fix it but it looks unnatural, any exercises that can straighten it naturally?

>Not genetics

First of it is genetic.. secondly you can find out which one of us is right with a Google search...

And when I said lose weight is the best you can do I wasn't implying you were fat, just, less fat = more defined bones. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a goal you should pursue either.

Oh and
>The wind may blow me away

I like you.

Yeah I know it's mostly genetics, still it can be improved a bit, right?
You often see fat people with no chin or 2 but I'm all skin and bones and I still don't have a defined one.

I like you too, no homo though

There's body types. Look up ectomorph Endomorph and mesomorph. I'm gonna guess by your bmi and jaw you're ectomorphic. It'll affect your whole body. The defined chiselled chin look you're probably thinking about comes with a mesomorphic body. You shouldnt have a hard time seeing which you are.

Other than that yeah, if you out on a lot of muscle mass it'll help a bit. Just don't get any fantasies or grand expectations.

The way I fixed a bent neck was pretty much forcing myself to keep it straight, it feels unnatural because to your body it is not what it is used to. Consciously keeping it straight until it felt normal is how I fixed it.

Yeah, your right.

I've looked it up and yeah I'm probably ectomorph, except I'm short and most of these are tall.
I'm not expecting anything grand just a bit better, also don't know what to do about the neck this

I'm going to be self conscious about that from now on, I'm trying it right now and it sure does feel weird.

The bones are genetic (obviously) but you can chew dubble bubble gum to develop better masseter muscles. Just stick like 4 of them in your mouth and just keep on chewing

I've just done that.

Fake it till you make it user. Though make sure your not overdoing it. Looking i the mirror and seeing how far back your neck is is probably for the best since you cant trust what you feel for the moment.

I accomplished this by making my chin my leading point whenever I adjust my head instead of my eyes if that makes sense. I'm sure I over-exaggerated it at first but now my neck posture is a lot better.

Stop eating burguers and soft food, eat more food like meat and hard stuff.
there's some gum to improve your face too.

Look at this video:

And have a better posture

That pose you strike there is typical of the face forward mouth open breather that many suffer from. If you search there are some pretty switched on medical types that suggest training involving tongue presses and chewing gum to change the shape of your jaw. Oh yes, don't let anyone say that it's genetic and can't change. Take a look at people who have muscular problems, their bone structure changes dramaticaly. Steven Hawking for example. His head was pretty normal as a youngster..

So search for mouth breathing and changing jaw shape.

Just tried that and now I'm holding it straight.
Yeah I get what you're saying.
Well burgers have meat.
I watched the video and am now doing everything said.

Honestly the acne is not that bad, it's not overwhelming at least based on what I can see. For the jaw line, you'll either need construction on it if you really care that much, or go a much easier route and try facial hair of any kind, see what works for you.

I'm doing the tongue thing, saw it in this video now

sorry mate u got the shit genetics chew gum 24/7