Stretch marks

Do you guys know if any women are find with stretch marks and bacne? Having one of them is bad enough but I feel like having both makes me immediately very unattractive. So what do you all think of surgery to remove the marks?

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I meant to say if women are FINE with it in the first sentence there, not FIND

I've never met anyone that had a problem with stretch marks.

stretchmarks? depends if they know how they are formed. if they point it out simply explain how you got them and they might come out impressed.

Spoilers: MOST women have stretch marks and have had backne. Go to the dollar store and buy you a bottle of lotion and one of those back scrubbers for the shower. Lotion up every night before going to bed and scrub your greasy back in the shower. Also, change your diet helps.

Me and most other women I know have stretch marks :)
Also I love my boyfriends stretch marks, they’re adorable

>Me and most other women I know have stretch marks :)
How come?

I’m not too sure. My stretch marks are around my boobs and my hips, I think it’s just the rapid growth through puberty

Honestly, I've no idea how they got their. Seemed to come out of nowhere during university, possibly weight loss but I thought you had to lose a large amount of pounds in a very short time to get stretch marks, so I kinda ruled that out. Can't think of any other reason though.

I'll try that out sometime, tried exfoliating but didnt think of lotions and such.

These are a huge confidence booster, thanks so much for the responses.

>thought you had to lose a large amount of pounds in a very short time to get stretch marks
That makes no sense. If anything it should be the opposite. You have to gain weight (or bulk, rather) to get stretch marks. Otherwise why would they be called stretch marks.

I think you may have just made strechmarks a little bit sexier.

Okay fair point. I dont know much about them, I mainly just thought about getting surgery or whatever to get 'em removed. I hated having them but now I'm thinking they're not such a big deal anyway.

My bf has bacne and tons of stretch marks. I have an addiction to popping his bacne actuslly, including acne on his face. I literally don't care so long as he's working on losing weight, and his acne. He began showring daily and using more soap on his back, it really helped reduce bacne. So do that if you haven't yet. Maybe shower 2 times a day. I know baltics generally are the least hairy and least greasy of ethnicities but other ethnicities, especially non white ones, tend to sweat more and thus maybe need to shower more. My gypsy friend would shower 3 times a day because his hair got greasy and dirty within 3 hours everyday.

Find someone who loves you on the inside and all that other stuff won’t matter to them.

My wife's stretch marks are around her boobs and hips because her tits came in full DD really early during puberty.

I like em. Reminds me of tiger stripes. She has them on her lower back, too.

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Most girls have stretch marks too. My ex had stretch marks on her butt and breasts, but they were big so I would be surprised if there was no stretch marks år all. I'm no Don Juan, but as a nurse I've seen a lot of naked bodies and most have some form of stretch marks on their body. Both young and old. Nothing to worry about.

>Not even a bath per day
Fucking noeth hemisphere, thia is why is so easy to bang euro girls as a german Brazilian

>"He began showring daily"
>he didn't before
Why are pseudo-russians so disgusting

Strech marks are gained from the skin streching. It doesnt have to be over a long or short period of time.
Outside of pregnancy (which of course men dont get pregnant) the only 2 ways is either getting fat and losing weight or getting swole as duck and losing weight. Either way it comes from weight loss and never goes away. Its the bane of mothers and fit people who turn their life around.

I'm a fat fucking faggot and when I finally lose weight I'm going to get my disgusting purple stretch marks lasered and do lots of microneedling.

Then you're the guy who got surgery just to remove the marks-- people who care are still gonna care, and people who don't care still won't care

You guys need to focus less on being some sort of molded 'acceptable' person and more on finding someone accepting of your flaws