How do I mentally comprehend someone that manages to always be right and always wins arguments?

How do I mentally comprehend someone that manages to always be right and always wins arguments?

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People who are always right in their own heads are usually called, "Narcissists". There's a lot of them in the world and they don't realize it. They are usually pretty toxic too, so stay away.

I do not mentally comprehend what you're asking.

I don't understand what is even difficult to comprehend about that.

I met someone on the internet like that and my mind's been stuck on him for 3 years. Dunno what to do.

What do you mean by win? As in he convinces you and is right? Or as in he will not give up until he wins?

He usually doesn't stop posting until the other person stops, but his points are always valid.

Do you sort of feel like he is just exceptionally smart? Some people are like that but it can be fun to listen to them. Just make sure you don't put them on too high of a pedestal though.

Yeah, he comes across as way smarter than anybody else. I've kinda already put him on a majorly high pedestal.

everything is relative, he just points out the views of the party you're against, and he can word it clearly so you understand it and see how his points are valid.

There isn't anything wrong with looking at someone else as being very wise or smart. They can give you advice and help. Or do you just wish you knew as much as him?

I guess I am jealous, but also threatened.

Then maybe he isn't always right?

What do you mean?

i think all this shows is that the person is well-spoken, some people pick and choose what they say and will excluvisely say more intelligent things, also the way they phrase their point will be clear so you understand that it is correct

i agree with whoever said it can be a toxic trait because these pepople tend not to handle critisim well. just make sure you dont treat them with envy because you feel they are always right instead ask them more questions and learn more

If you feel threatened then you might sense something wrong in what he is saying?

You make this thread every couple months. Fuck off you little weirdo

Not OP, but what's the big deal? Nothing wrong if he's only doing it every couple months as opposed to every day like some of the REAL weirdos here.
Maybe OP is just hoping for new answers from new people and different perspectives.

I guess there's a part of me that knows he can't always be right, but it's hard for me to really believe that when I look at his posts. He just always seems on top of everything and everyone.

There's not a lot of concise people in the world. When one comes along it's like a breath of fresh air, but it can be used to string along many illiterate people. Not saying you are, but someone that verbally eloquent can twist your viewpoints against you without having to be right.

Think of the most notorious cult leaders of all time. They are authors of the mind. I wouldn't trust anyone who is on such a level.

I mean if you aren't convinced you can't really say they won the argument.

arguments/debates are to enlighten not to make a person look smart.