How do people give 8 hours of their life a day working a repetitive...

How do people give 8 hours of their life a day working a repetitive, soul sucking or boring job for a wage or salary and not kill themselves?

I honestly cannot understand it. I feel my brain going numb. Literally, physically numb. I close my eyes and I DREAM about offices and sales, even shitty jobs I don't have anymore. I can't fucking take it.

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I dont know how you office workers deal with it, id lose my fucking mind if I was in an office enviroment.

You could try construction work? The culture there is amazing, yeah you gotta do your job but there is so much time spent shooting the shit and having a laugh. Besides, architecture fags are so useless youll spend alot of time working around their fuckups so it is an engaging job where you really have to think about problem solving.

I've felt like this even since before I had a job. And it's not changed. I think this is the reason why my life is fucked.

Got to pay the rent, man.

>shooting the shit with construction worker types
The horror.

The idea is that you work like a chump so you can stop working like a chump. Simple concept.
>Be chump
>Have money
>Not chump
>Work good
>Have hobbies
>Retire with money
>Have fun with money and hobbies

>architecture fags are so useless

>Give you're whole youth to me goyim! This about all the traveling, and the skiing and hiking the Appalachian mountains when you're sixty fiv- oh... You're too old to do that now? Well you can sit home and play videogames till the heart failure takes you!
Help me. I don't want this

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You get used to it

Work is what you make of it. I know too many people who insist on doing menial shit because they "don't want the stress," but then constantly complain that they don't feel valued at work.

I think you have to dance the line between being a sucker who works too hard for the same pay and being a drone who doesn't own his or her own satisfaction from work.

Brother, I spent years walking the straight and narrow, doing my absolute best, fighting through and working towards a better way to live and it never came.
It wasn't until my 30s I learned the real truth:
Drugs. Do drugs. Particularly psychadelics. But drugs.

Idk because I never had to do it. Guess it was a blessing in disguise that nobody would hire me for anything growing up that it pushed me even more to run away to other countries and try to survive in them instead. Although difficult I get to learn other languages which is the dream.

I think the people who make it in life took a lot of rosky chances and just went along with whatever happened because they refused to live normally.

Because it's better than spending 12 hours a day struggling to scavenge enough food to ward off starvation for another day, while praying you don't freeze to death come winter.

they trick is to quit the job every couple of months

they want loyalty; I want more money (and job prospects)
we can't all get what we want

I'm a stock trader

It's an office job but it's not so bad, it's like e-sports

Office work sucks unless you compare it to any other job. I've worked a couple of outdoor jobs and it really makes you appreciate sitting in a chair in an air conditioned building. My worst day in an office was at least as good as my best day working carpentry. Once you've almost had a heat stroke carrying bags of concrete and subsequent panic attacks realizing you have to wake up and risk a heat stroke again it really puts things in perspective.

I never though I'd have a job I'd like, but I do now.

Trick was getting a college degree in something I already did for fun (programming). I take pleasure from being really good at something. It feeds my superiority complex.

Also I save enough money that, if I want, I can just work for five years, buy a cheap property, and live off of the occasional part time jobs (without fancy shit like insurance, of course).

Now, if my past self was reading this I'd be annoyed, because what I'd REALLY be mad about wasn't the work itself, it's the fact that I'm doing it for someone else (all that pinko alienated labor stuff). I guess I just kinda got over that. The plan is to still, eventually, work for myself to some degree, and find a new goal to work towards that's loftier than saving up money.

I guess my most immediate suggestion is the fuckin obvious one - find something you like better even if it takes schoolin.


I love my job. I genuinely can't wait to go to work every day.
Maybe find a job you like.

>tfw extremely pleasant work environment full of stimuli and banter but pay is so shit and commission based so I can't even support the car trip, and public transportation is non existant
It's a bizzarre kind of bad feel, man

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The key is, honestly, finding a job you don't really mind and making the best of it. I went through college, interned in my major, etc only to find out that actually it doesn't matter how cool what you do seems if it stresses you or makes you miserable. Very few careers, I've found, make people REALLY happy because they love "what they do." A good job can be all sorts of things; what really makes the difference are how you do it, who you work with and who you work for (and of course, if it's taking care of you well enough and paying the bills). I realized after years of bullshit that actually all my preconceived notions of a good job were crap. I'm now a second shift custodian, and happier than I could ever be. I make the best of it; I honestly love not having to work mornings (I'm a night owl), the guys I work with are nice, and I love not having to deal with other people much (come in when everyone else is leaving and work mostly alone). The work itself is irrelevant cause I make the best of it; I work fast, bang out my work and then spend the second half of my shift reading, playing video games, watching movies/anime, or whatever (nobody around besides myself and other custodians so if the work gets done, you just do whatever you like). My point is you can find a good job in the most unlikely place and then make the best of it and be truly happy. There are good places and people and positions out there that make it much less of a grind and then you can take that job and make it something good. It's just that a lot of people don't even understand this. That's my two cents on the matter.

>People never ever mention what the job they like IS or how they got it

Retirement isn't even going to be an option for most of our generation. What the boomers had is completely out of reach for most of us.

- learning new valuable skills is fun
- socializing with coworkers can be fun
- being valued for your contributions feels good
- being a productive member of society feels good
- you can actually buy the things you want without worrying about pinching pennies
- its a lot better than the constant existential dread of NEETdom

Which boomers? That word has become utterly confused now.

People who find satisfaction in wageslavery are inherently broken people.

The boomer boomers, not the meme 30-year-old boomers. That's Gen-X and the older millenials and at least the majority of them recognize something is wrong.

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>read post
>look at 401k
>read post again
Sure thing bud.

We are literally living the great depression.

-I am not learning anything waiting tables.
-My co-workers are retarded potheads
-No one values me
-I have to worry about the possibility of being homeless every month
-I doubt it

I wish I could do that but I think I'm just too low IQ.

My dream job is to teach theater full time in a college. Working on trying to make that happen but I'm scared it's a pipe dream.

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Congrats your rich, not everyone else is, asshole.

work in this day and age is mostly pointless moving stuff about.

the majority of people don't even need to work but our society forces them into to it to pay manufactured debts.

"if you don't work shareholder won't get his increased % every year."

as such thinking people we are trapped, it reminds me of school, you have to play football because everyone else is playing football.
I loathe football but was still forced to take part in the stupidity of it.

Ways out are to work minimally (as I now do) in a part time job and live frugally on your earnings.
Another way is to claim sickness and get benefits, don't bother with ordinary benefit claims as the hassle you get is often harder than actually having to work.

Easily. I found a job where I can lolligag, eat breakfast on the clock, gives me free lunch on Saturday, has an employee gym, two free drinks from the barista a day, annual employee appreciation dinners and birthday lunches, nobody is a cunt or has problems with anyone else, etc etc etc

Literally just find an 'okay' job at a decent place with good coworkers.

I make 11/hr.

You gotta love what you do, I work on commission work 5hr a day, 6 days a week, I have breakfast or dinner with clients and pretty much do what I want to do, sadly enough people chain themselves to a job because it pays de the bills, that can lead you to a boring life, just like you described, just find what you like and if you’re good at it, you won’t do it for free...

How do you do guys to not overstress about your job? I am so much stress by how my managers consider me, always fearing to be fired because they would be disappointed in me. They are sporadically saying things that sounds like "we still are waiting for you to proove your worth as a worker able to thrive for excellence", even after 1 year of hard working.
It makes me so stressed I have insomnias.
It's like I am so much brainmoulded to be a slave that I panic on the very thought of my n+1 being displeased.

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As I said, I really do what I like, I don’t even consider it much of a job for how much liberty I get, now getting to this point wasn’t easy, I had to prove myself for a year getting shit clients, low commission and constantly stressing out before I could relax, commission is great if you know how to work that out, you can make what 5,10,15 times what you would normally do in a 8-6 office job, and since you really work about 5 hours a day you get the rest of that day to do whatever you want

That's simply not something I have to deal with.

I need to eat.

Is it like you are a salesman who speaks with clients for 5h a day, and gets paid for successful sales? How does it works exactly?

Because my work is neither repetitive nor soulsucking, at least so far. Change jobs/careers OP, you shouldn't feel this drained because of a job.

Well, I’m Canadian and moved to Cancun Mexico to work in real state but I started working in a resort that sells fractional ownerships, most of the times I have breakfasts or dinners with clients who have already bought something with us, so I just re sale something else to them, I get a shitty salary but my gains come from commissions of 10% of the total sale, I open numbers at 150USD and can go down up to 50k that’s it, funny eh?

What's the job you have?


See And

Please tell me what your jobs are. You saying you're happy doesn't help me if I'm not getting ideas on what those things that made you happy are.

Oh shit I forgot a k sorry
>I open numbers at 150k (150,000)USD and can go down up to 50k (50,000)USD

>People who find satisfaction in wageslavery are inherently broken people.

And what about people who spend their life jacking off to anime in their mother's basement?

Freer than you.

Not really, I could quit my job and do what you do any time I want, it's just too depressing to bear.

Wow, 10% that's fucking big.
How many years of experience were necessary for you to be able to get this opportunity?
I'm 30 and I fear of spending too much time transitioning from one situation to a sanity-manageable one, with my periodic edgings of burnout (3 on 1 year).

Not that person, but there's a whole large middle ground between thinking work is just the best and the alternative being a basement dweller.

Like, I hate my job. I don't see why I can't find a place to work part time, but these jobs do not exist unless they absolutely can't support you living. If I could have a meager three days a week to myself, my life might not feel so bleak, but instead I'm stuck on a salary and have to do whatever the fuck they say, whenever they say it. I'm constantly glued to a handheld device where someone can yell at me from it on the other end at all times.

And then the time I am free is just anxiety ridden and awful, so I don't even really bother with "hobbies" anymore.

Because as shitty as it is, it's still way better than the alternative.

I was a NEET for ten years after dropping out of high school. I didn't want to get a job because of both anxiety issues and a dislike of the time investment.

The thing is, being a NEET fucking sucks ass. It fucking sucks being broke and not being able to buy shit you want. It sucks not having an answer to "So what do you do?" It sucks being a fucking LOSER. It feels like shit to be a drain on your family.

And worst of all it's fucking BORING. Yeah you have 16+ hours of free time a day but because you're broke you don't have anything to do with it. You can't afford fun hobbies or interests.

A year ago my family all got together and basically told me to get a job or killed myself. By then I was so bored of being a NEET that I went for it. If it really sucked that much I could just kill myself.

Getting a job was scary and it was a massive lifestyle adjustment but I quickly found it to be worth it. Yes you lose 40 (more if you count commuting) hours a week to something you don't really want to do, but I quickly made friends with all of my co-workers which makes work actually fun and having money, even a relatively low wage like mine, is awesome. Since working I have bought so much shit that before I could only dream of owning. And I know I fucked up by not starting earlier, but by socking away 20% of each check I've already got several months living expenses stashed in case I ever want to take a break and fuck off a bit.

All in all, totally worth it.

But I work in a warehouse, I don't sit on my ass in an office pushing a pencil like a faggot.

I agree with you,a middle ground would be the best.

A 40 hour work week devours your life , but being totally unstructured and just spending your days mindlessly pleasuring yourself is even more awful.

I unironically think about killing my boss every single day
I often see him walk under this big ass crate of water that's kinda scooted over the edge? I keep thinking about how powerful it would feel to bring it down on him
I've got little doodles of it happening I drew at my desk

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Because there are no neetbux.

I work Friday Night to Monday Morning doing nightshift over the weekend. Money is good and job is the same thing pretty much every night. I don't mind my work as it's piss easy it's just the hours. If you can get a job you can do that doesn't make you want to die stick with it. Or be brave and try and find something new.

I was thinking about doing technical formations.
Perhaps I could manage weeks of big hours, then weeks of more free time?
Dunno, just having some weeks not being at the work 8h/day 5 days/week.
Technical formation because I'll need to be paid more as I'll work less in order to keep paying the rent and stuffs.

Teaching is pretty rewarding to me, but I know most of you probably can't stand kids. I went to school to get a job that I love. I had to get a bachelor's degree and then a credential/master's degree. If you put in the work you can get a job that isn't as mundane. Those tend to be more rewarding. College or trade school. College is only good if you know what you want to do though. Trade school is almost always a good choice. We really need skilled laborers right now.

I have nothing against drugs, but that is just escapism brother. If you choose to do that then more power to you, but don't try to get someone else to go down that path.

If they want loyalty then they need to give their workers better wages/benefits. Loyalty doesn't work very well if it is one sided. In fact, I would argue that one-sided loyalty is slavery or at least servitude.

What job do you have that gives you a 401k, but only pays you $11/hr?

>How do people give 8 hours of their life a day working a repetitive, soul sucking or boring job for a wage or salary and not kill themselves?

Try being a NEET for 16 hours a day.

Now THAT'S the real suicide lifestyle.

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Prozac is fucking garbage. I don't know how any doctor with any sense of ethical professionalism could even prescribe it. I know this is conspiracy tier logic, but I think the lowered libido side effect is intentional. They don't want the depressed/mentally ill breeding.

Cause and effect. The people able to get by without weed or alcohol or junk food have lives that are easy and good without those things. The rest of us and the people I know know we're going to be working shit jobs with poor pay and coworkers we hate and no significant other for the rest of our lives until we die, and that there's also no way we can significantly change the world into being more favorable to us. I don't blame people that just try to numb out with food or weed.

>Being at the complete mercy of the government
>lol freezer than you
Oh the irony

they just need to

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>bUt aT lEaSt iTs NoT tHe gOvErNmEnT

yeah I say get the job work your ass off and then when they start having shortage of staff just cut them off and see them cry

Same fag returning and honestly dude

>Don't get others down this path

I agree with you on 99% of them, but knowing what I know now, through experience, research (uni educated I know a good source), and the shit the FDA is on about now? Nah...
I wouldn't quite say psychadelics should be mandatory, but I almost would...

Totally not the point of my post or even of the picture I was posting.

Proof? I think you meant to say, "I want to eat."

Office work is just soul crushing. I was basically a neet for a year or so out of school until I got a landscaping job. Because I spent most of my free time on a computer I thought I would be right at home in an air conditioned office setting in front of a computer all day. Couldn't be more wrong.
When I started landscaping I kind of enjoyed going to work. There was some days where we would have to go into an office for a day to do paperwork and it fucking sucked. No one liked it. Despite working in 30 degree heat and sweating profusely most days the most grueling part was sitting in an office doing bullshit. I really don't think humans can cope sitting in an office without going insane.

They had better childhood and developed a more efficient brain chemistry system that provides feel good chemicals with small stimulation. You experience the same stimuli but they are more efficient.

Alternative is to boost dopamine like this . Or therapy.

Im not wageslaving, but i "work" 16-20 hours a day for school quite regularly, and 8 hours a day wageslaving isnt starting to sound so bad
>tfw its not even for my major 90% of the time

more coffee
when you're sick of coffee, coffee anyway or black tea

no milk

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It is a trade off, with more "fun" jobs having shitty pay. I worked it wildlife management and while the job was fucking awesome I capped out making $14/hr after working there 6 years. If I wanted to make more I would need a masters degree. Now I'm in civil service which is either amazing or soul crushing, mostly depending on if I'm dealing with a customer.

I work for the government in hospital recruitment for doctors. Its boring and tedious but easy. And i'll get government pension when I retire. Better than some other options I guess.

I teach conversational skills to autistic children. I like kids, I like autistic kids especially, I love the environment I work in, I make a lot of money and work very little.
I went to school for it and then applied to school for special need children and clinics.

I don't have a career job, I just care about doing my work well. I also picked a place where it is... nice.

The fear of getting evicted from your life space is a good motivator

How much do you make and how many h/week do you Work?

I work 35 h/week and make roughly 55k/year after taxes, with good benefits.

When it is an office job it's kind of okay because you can just fuck around on a computer all day when you have nothing to do. You could just listen to music or whatever. It's not great but it's not torture.

>They are sporadically saying things that sounds like "we still are waiting for you to proove your worth as a worker able to thrive for excellence", even after 1 year of hard working.
I am not experienced enough since I have only had a "real" job for 1 year but to me this is a sign you should exit this place when you can or at least start thinking about it and do it in a way that makes you feel proud of yourself. Think about what you accomplished at your job that they don't really recognize. I think you will feel good too if you can feel confident you can get another job. At least that's what I would think about I hope it would help with stress about losing work.

>more efficient brain chemistry system
OR more simple, and they don't require any mental stimulation to keep from going insane like a squirrel in a cage.

What the fuck is an "office job" where you can go an entire day without anything to do?

Serious question. I've only ever had one real job, as a programmer. I sit on a chair in an office all day and there's never nothing to do.

I'm a programmer and I have some days where there is nothing to do. I know why though nobody takes me seriously because I'm the new guy and the product I work on is maintenance. I admit if I move up in my career I probably won't have any downtime anymore.

>I'm a programmer and I have some days where there is nothing to do.
Are you sure you're taking enough initiative in your work?

Probably not but honestly I don't really like the town I live in or the job and I'm planning to look for work elsewhere in another city. I moved here purely for work and I realize that is not the best way to decide where to live. I'm still trying to figure out where I should move to though.