How do you cure depression?

How do you cure depression?

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>curing something that doesn't exist

zoloft + getting a job + exercise


you don't, you just keep on going through the motions and try to enjoy your good days. You're only here for a few decades, take solace in that your misery is temporary

unironcially have a cute loli give you a hug and tell you she loves you and sit on your lap

jus b urself bro. jus gotta b confident

Ah bloo bloo.
We have doctors for that.

by cleaning your room

learn that life isn't always supposed to be good and happy. it's mostly boring and overwhelming. either cope or kys.

Cold showers bro

Antidepressants and benzodiazepines

Not sure if you can cure it completely, but here's the important stuff
>Job (This is the hardest step)

you need a daily purpose in your life and you need loving friends and family
anyone who tells you otherwise is just coping

Healthy food, exercise and being yourself

kill someone

It's incurable lmaooooo "depression" is a sign of low status and if you don't have the genes necessary to become high status (good looks, highly sociable, hard working, conscientious, conforming) you will NEVER become high status.

stop being alt-right, hating POC and hating women and stop posting on Jow Forums

Depends on the context. Have you lost someone? Didn't you achieve a goal? Is your physical health compromised? Are you anxious or is it hormonal? There are maybe creative solutions but you have to first diagnose the problem.

Zizek found the cure

After a certain point, you literally can't. They've done CAT and brain scans of severely depressed people and their brain actually changes shape in the same way that a schizophrenic's brain changes shape. Stay depressed long enough and you'll be depressed until you die.

Oh and also depression is the brains way of telling you you're on the low end of the social hierarchy, so if you're a loser not only will you likely be depressed but you'll also die earlier too because alpha males scientifically live longer. Sorry guys, its just science.


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Transcranial magnetic stimulation

science is confirmed to be a normie meme religion

These two are correct

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Millennials and their made up diseases

hello jew

exercise, socialize

I have no one. I feel like I've been rotting away mentally ever since I finished uni 10 years ago.

Have a job that's runing my health

Do the exercise meme but it only works for a few hours then wears off.

Tried the no fap meme, didn't do anything except make me want to kill people

Tried the no sugar meme, saw physiological results but that was it.

Ive tried everything, Only idea left is a bullet to my brain

Jesus. You will cry though.

Just be yourself :)

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this 1000000%. a lot of ppl will troll but this is the only shit i've found that ever helps. tomororw morning clean your room to the best of your ability, then go for a long walk/jog or go to a local gym for some easy peasy treadmill shit. keep your shit clean (house/room/car/etc) and keep active and talk to some friends and in time it will start to be easier.


Live in a homogeneous traditionalist white civilization. Have a loving family (parents, brothers, sisters, cousins etc) then have a loving wife and children. And have a fulfilling job

Then get comfy in a hospital ward
A very painful death follows after many needles and tubes over at least five months, I've seen it.
but it cures depression; goodbye organs, hello very slow death, bye bye depression! Hello oblivion
Is that what you want?
I swear, the more depression posts I see, the more I'm convinced that you're just some slightly sad cunt with nobody else to talk to
And that's ok, but for fuck sake get help instead of being some mental health insta-thot on some imageboard that ultimately doesn't care

Do you feel as though you have a purpose in life? Do you have a social circle, close friends, people you can confide in, people you can laugh with?

And if you don't have a social circle, do you have a wife and kids? I honestly cannot imagine how a person without a social circle or a family could NOT be depressed unless they were rich and powerful. I say this as a friendless virgin loser myself, humans are absolutely not built to spend all of our time alone. Unironically, just being able to "be yourself" around other people without fear of mockery or ostracism is what makes people feel the best.

With love.

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Read Kierkegaard

Shoot stuff. I always smile when I unload a bunch of bullets in to stuff in my backyard.

>And have a fulfilling job
meme. You need a job you don't actually need to support yourself, otherwise you are a wageslave, and only those naturally inclined to be slaves enjoy such a life. Work is obviously bad unless it's a passion project.

>Do you feel as though you have a purpose in life? Do you have a social circle, close friends, people you can confide in, people you can laugh with?

No social circle, not a single friend, no gf, no wife. Not even a dog. I have nothing

>getting a job
hello jew

people on this website put up walls in their mind, walls that block them from making friends, getting a girlfriend, and a wall blocking them from happiness. They are in depression because they have put up a wall between them and happiness.

Those walls are made by you. I have tried to tell people in past threads about these walls, and they snap at me and say they can get friends, they cant get a gf, and they never will. Those are their walls, right there, in that person.

They are only walls in your mind. They are not physical walls. Just take them down. You dont need a hammer, you dont need a bulldozer. just take them down. But when you say "I cant get friends, i cant cant a gf, i will never be happy", YOU are keeping that wall up, and it will stay up as long as you have that attitude.

Weed,hentai and Jow Forums keep me going on

you should get a dog

drugs - get some heroin and just do it until you die

I was depressed until I ended up reading The Rational Male book 1. It also help that at the time I was finishing up dental school and moving on to a fulfilling purpose. I am certain that you need to be operating on the edge of what you are good at and feel your self getting better to cure depression.

Spoken like a true NEET


there's not one blanket solution, you can be feeling depression for different reasons. As someone that was depressed I got out of it by having a sleeping routine (sleep at 10pm wake up at 6am, having a consistent sleep schedule is good for testosterone). Im out of bed by 6:10 and i workout for 45 minutes. Eat more vegetables specifically raw broccoli (any cruciferous vegetables will lower your levels of estrogen). Cut out all alcohol/gluten/wheat/flour, cutdown on sugar too. In hindsight i probably had low levels of T when i was depressed, if you feel thats your problem and you go a clinic they'll get you to do the things i listed above before they even prescribe you TRT.

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The aristocracy is neet yes

You'll die eventually sure, but you'll be homeless and constantly dopesick and miserable until you do.

not if you plan to OD the day you run out of cash

me on the left except i am high test

Exercise, reading, cut down hours on computer

have sex

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There's very little chance you won't feel depressed under those circumstances. I say this as someone under the same circumstances as you, it's virtually impossible to NOT be depressed if you don't have friends or a spouse or children.

There will be people who tell you the grass is always greener, that their wife drives them nuts etc., but there's no perfect life out there. All I'm saying is a human being's brain will never be healthy if it's not getting some form of socializing.

Is there anything you can do? All the meme advice, get a hobby, find others who enjoy that hobby. Become more attractive, make more money, people will want to be in your life but only if they (initially) believe you have something to offer them. But so long as you remain friendless and without a woman in your life, I can't imagine you won't feel depressed.

i just had 6 steak soft burritos and a 82 ounce baha blast and i am happy as fuck

Buy a gun and blast some cans or old toys.

>As someone that was depressed I got out of it by having a sleeping routine
This is one of the most important things for me

blackpill cope

hello jew

Oh yeah totally, give the depressed people guns. What could possibly go wrong?

reminder if your "depression" is hormonal and not existential in nature you are an NPC and just need to go get an oil change.

how are you supposed to get a gf or friends as an adult? what's the point of telling people to do something when you provide zero advice on how to do it?

Unironic based and unconventional Chad-tier advice. Hurr go ride a bike, durr go read a book. Fuck that, buy a gun and shoot squirrels or some shit.

>what could go wrong
Nothing, we either lose depressed people or lose normies.

Life sucks if you're a fucking loveless peasant. Personally now that the government is making me be sober I just wanna die cuz ganja and alcohol was my coping mechanism. I get a lot of excersize, eat healthy, but I'm socially fucked and I hate my job. I'm trying to change these last two things but I don't think I will as I've always been hopeless. Im too fucking ugly to even match o tinder lol. I'm probably just gonna break sobriety and feel good again. I've been thinking about trying to get a loan to go to college for wildlife biology which on paper is a bad idea but maybe I won't hate my life if that works out. Gotta change your life for the positive or blow your brains out.

>I have no one
This is the essence of the problem, I think. I wish I could meet and befriend you but this is not the right place and I prefer to stay user. But know, that there are potential friends, mabye even brothers, out there. Know that you're likeable, don't be so hard to yourself, treat yourself with respect.

pushups, unironically

just honestly believe that you're happy. it's not hard. treat it like method acting.

Correct answer that nobody wants to give a serious attempt.

Get a dog (I personally hate the hair and upkeep) but literally every single bummed out person has a pet to "love" them unconditionally and it helps. Cry on that thing and cuddle with it. Honestly have a good cry. Keeping it bottled up helps nothing. You don't have anyone to put on a tough guy act so let it all out, friend.

Then get a gun and blast some targets and old fruit and stuff WITH your dog.

There is no such thing as depression.

Only works if you are a neurotic post wall woman. Christianity is a dead religion that people can't take seriously. The ones that aren't actually crazy are just larping.

Eat 90% fat

Ok Jew

Stop browsing Jow Forums and enjoying being sad you stupid fuck

Exercise and give yourself a reason to wake up every morning. Take up a hobby, get a pet. Anything helps. I'm having a bad day today too and idk what to do.

Get fit. Do things that cause you pain, because they cause you to grow. Find meaning in improving yourself

Just quit being sad. Easy!

you dont, its forever, just try to have as much fun as you can each day then die

see? larping. You think christianity will somehow "save the west" or some shit and don't have any genuine faith. Christianity is just a tool to use.

Short term quick fix answer: smoke weed

No friends to get weed? Go to a gas station like midnight and ask the dude at the counter if he knows where to get some.

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Ban the moeposter you trifling janny bitch

>le save the west
Nice projection, Jew. Faith is a personal thing. You'd know if you weren't so simple and close minded. Look how angry you are lol

Jannies are just here to cherrypick shit they don't like

I don't claim to know how to cure clinical cases, but whenever I have problems this helps, so it might help you too.

It's like watering a tree, the more you pay attention to it the more you water that tree. Water it enough and it'll grow a lot. So ignore it the best you can.
Y'know how you forget things when you play music loud enough? Do that, but with everything else also.
Feeling a bit down? Fuck that shit, Imma do groceries. Down again? Fuck that shit, imma shower. The best part is that you can do most things with ear-shattering music along with it.

tl;dr: Do things so loudly your depression doesn't get room to show off it's ugly ass.

Just... have happy thoughts, man...

Depends a lot on you, your medical profile, your history, the source of the depression, and if medical treatment is required, how your body depends on treatment...

Depression has an extremely varying amount of causes, internal or external and treating the cause is key...

May I suggest magic mushrooms? Seems to be a pretty effective in a lot of cases.

work out
Dismissed as a meme by many, but it cured mine. Try it out for a good month.

Talk therapy really helped me. I didn't think I would ever feel happy again, but now it's like the clouds have moved past the sun. You can do it, user.

Discipline. Everything in life comes back to discipline.


This man has really been helpful to me. Take the gold pill friends and go with God.

>changes shape in the same way that a schizophrenic's brain changes shape
Except that happens because schizophrenics are literally chemically lobotomized by dumbass psyhciatrists that have no heart. There are schizophrenics who completeley recovered by being given proper therapy with ZERO medication. In fact it is the ONLY way to recover from schizophrenia. The treatment is like any mental illness treatment it is love no matter how cliche you believe it to be.

None of that causes depression though

It’s a temporary fix not a cure

That's my impression too user. With sufficient time and a VERY loving relationship you can heal most psychological issues.
The problem is that nobody has time and patience for this therefore many choose to numb themselves or accept the situation in order to barely function and make money. It's no coincidence the prevalent psychotherapeutic help is that dumb behaviorists meme that promises fast results.
Also it's incredibly rare to find someone that doesn't expect you to reciprocate and tirelessly gives you the acceptance attention and love you need to heal. There's where therapists come to the picture. Incredibly, even a few hours a month can be enough for a substantial recovery for some