Being mixed raced

Advice, how do I cope with being Irish, Hungarian and Scottish? I would like to live but I feel like a freak in my own skin because I am of mixed phenotypes. Serious replies only
>inb4 kys yourself

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Are Irish, Hungarian and Scottish people really that "racially" different?

>Are Irish, Hungarian and Scottish people really that "racially" different?

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You are absolutely the lowest form of man if you think this is an issue for you

And it gets worse, I am part welsh, Scottish German and polish too. I took a dna test (ancestry) please don't disregard because my dad bought the test and told me to do it, I want to feel clear of mind here...

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I really don't think mixed ethnicities inside of europe should worry you. Neither irish, nor scottish, nor hungarian are races.

See my comment above user. I just feel like polish, hubgarian, irish, welsh, german are all a lot to think about. Where am I supposed to settle my bones... What culture do I identify with? I'm having a existential crisis here.

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I assume you're joking. I'm of Irish, English, Scottish, Scandinavian, etc., descent, but no one would ever describe me as "mixed-race."

I wonder what its like to be so insecure that you must squeeze every drop of identity out of something so inconsequential and arbitrary as race.

Im dead serious right now, I want identity but I don't have it because I have browsed pol too long and got ideas that one has to be pure *something*

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Why not identify with whatever culture of which you're a product? Identifying with your 13% Welsh ancestry or whatever – something you wouldn't even know about without DNA testing – doesn't make any sense. Just be glad you come from (what I presume to be) a civilized country and that you haven't ended up an illiterate barbarian languishing in some Third-World shithole.

The absolute state of Jow Forumstards

I suppose I'm mostly Celtic user. I think I will I just look into history and am interested in phenotypes, I figure there are different names for things for a reason and I just want to have a totally enlightened life- I want to know what I am. Thanks for reading my blog post

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Eh, no worries.

I agree it can be interested to know one's ancestry.

You're not kidding, I know I'm not well off. But being poltard or not, if you're a - not - psychopathic, empathic human being- you'll want a life you can flourish in and be with people that share your vigor for life... do I sound crazy?

I want to be a great parent, but first I need to have a strong sense of identity and finding out what culture I belong helps

Ancestry and culture aren't quite the same.

That's good, determing who you are is an important part of life. What race/culture are your parents ? Particularily your mother, since mothers are usually the ones who pass down culture (don't forget that when looking for a woman)

And race matters for that why exactly?

Could you elaborate
My mom is mostly Irish and she's kind of a tall lady if that counts. So is my father. My hair is reddish, I have freckles all over my forearms, her eyes are piercing blue and my Dads are hazel

Honestly I just want to move to Amsterdam, settle down on a homestead, forget all about this post and have a wholesome life. I'm stressed because I want to fit in where I belong biologically like a neopet

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>Could you elaborate
Well, look at it this way – say I'm a child adopted by a British family. I'm inculcated with traditional British values, behave more or less like a typical British person, identify as British, and so forth. I never find out what my ancestry is – however, unbeknownst to me, my parents were, for instance, American. However, I'm still a product of British culture, not American.

To put it another way, there are a lot of people in Australia who identify as Aboriginal and run around being Aboriginal activists and asserting their Aboriginal identity even though they're about 4% Aboriginal and look indistinguishable from other white people. Don't you think that's a bit silly?

I sympathize. I really do. I myself am sort of a rootless cosmopolitan against my own will.

Then you're Irish. You come from Irish parents and were raised Irish, I assume

Don't think too much about phenotypes and DNA tests and all that stuff, it doesn't matter. I'd get it if you discovered you were half chinese or somalian but we're talking about trace amounts of similar european heritage here

Take pride in your Irish heritage, while also celebrating your other sources of culture if you really care about them

I do see it that way but I just want to know what race that I am made of to identify with, I think another user helped me with that one.

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>Take pride in your Irish heritage, while also celebrating your other sources of culture if you really care about them
Well put.

Well I'm an American and I think I'd like to move to Amsterdam on the shoreline. Just an idea. Thanks A

You obviously don't browse Jow Forums, very smart.

to expand on this, listening to Jow Forums will literally drive you insane.

I'm kind of a refugee from /lit/. Never been to Jow Forums.

>something so inconsequential and arbitrary as race.

If you think race is inconsequential and arbitrary you must lead a very sad life.

Why does it matter that you are "mixed race". Just identify yourself by your nationality.

This is a retarded thread.

>Irish, Hungarian and Scottish
I don't think you're any of those. You just sound like a retarded American.

This is the funniest fucking thread. Thanks user

Polish and Hungarian = Central Europeans
Irish, Welsh, and Germans = Western European

You’re white and are racially a Centra and Western European mix

>mixed race
>two celts and caucasian slav

Mental illness.

>Polish and Hungarian = East Europeans
Fixed that for you. Central Europe is places like Germany, Switzerland, Austria. You are part of the eastern block.

try being half shitskin, suicide-tier desu

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>>this entire thread

Like you're just at most four of five different flavors of White who absolutely gives a shit about this stupid notion.


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>Wow I totally care about something I have zero control over, it's not arbitrary at all

I always thought the idea of a White Race was that it was.... white? Like it shouldn't matter if you're Scottish or Irish or whatever cause ultimate it's one race?

Now suddenly racefags are breaking it down into the smallest of nationality as if those were their own races? Pick a lane and stick to it.

I fail to see how one's heritage affects your current personality. So what if you're a bottle of Heinz 57? Are you a good person? Are you smart? Are you kind? Aren't these more important than where your father's sperm is from?

Op is obviously not smart.

Weirdest bait ever.

Get a life man.

>3 kinds of caucasian
>Mixed race
Ok bro

Half shitskin

Can confirm

"I don't know the difference between ethnicity and race"

What is wrong with being Irish, Hungarian and Scottish? Shit you'll find technically everyone is mixed race, no one is pure 100% Irish or whatever. Sounds like you don't know your identity, where did you grow up? What type of culture was you brought up in?

Im an American, I'm just worried about moving to central Europe and being shunned by the traditional people, I want to settle down with someone TRADITIONAL. How could anybody want me if I'm Irish, Welsh, Polish, Scottish, German, British and French?

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Bait. Each of my grandfathers were from very different countries and I look equally mixed. It's not that bad, occasionally I'm asked where I'm from, or addressed in English, but it's not nearly this bad. There's probably something else in your life that's causing you trouble, Hungarian genes ain't it.

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What the hell kind of bait is this? No one will know because all of them look the exact same. The racial genetics of the entire area is called R1 because it's a single race with much interbreeding. In other words, you aren't mixed race, retard. You are, phenotypically, only one race.

Its not bait
That's my father you sicko
I see now, but I just want to know what a typical traditional central European would think of me because I want to live in a community in the country

Pic rela, actually me I'm not a boy

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Man if this is something you're actually going to whine about I don't know how you're going to cope with anything in life.

What do you mean 2 different countries? Like Ireland and Poland?

Wtf did you want to be? Which test did you.take? Does it tell you haplogroups? If this is upsetting news to you for the love of God don't check your haplogroup.

For example. I'm 50% Irish, 30% scandinavian and the rest is a wide assortment of West Europe. But by my haplogroup on my mom's side, my earliest ancestor was in Spain 30,000 years ago, the blood line travelled east across Europe all the way to Russia and west into Sweden over 10s of thousands of years.

Everyone's a fucking super mutt. The ethnicity provided is based entirely on survey claims. They get people to take the test and say "what are you?" And record it and compare across the entire surveyed group.

After tens of millions of samples they come to a somewhat accurate depiction of people's most recent ethnicities.

I took ancestry. Com test, I'm 40 percent Irish/ Scottish/ Welsh, 30 percent west Europe, 10 percent French and the rest great Britain and Germanic Europe. I'm tired of being called a mutt

bro that's not that different so i think ur fine

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K but you are and so is everyone who called you a mutt.. I'm 0.1% Asian. Guess why? Ghenghis Kahn was really, really rapey.

Ok, I guess I'll cope

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im half arab and half brit but really as long as you dont look like le 56% then i dont see why you should care

I care because... I can't name it but I really do

The real problem is that you're American

My father always told us that his mother was Puerto Rican, so it was my understanding that I was one-quarter Puerto Rican. reported that I'm about 99% Western European, much to my surprise. Now my sister is stuck with an irrelevant Puerto Rican name for life lol

honestly if no part of your family really looks down on you for being mixed then it's internal and you'll just have to come to terms with it on your own. Just pick a race to identify with more and stick with it

I feel you dude. In mixed Irish Scottish and French. I hate myself for never being able to have a true racial identity

I wouldn't have such a problem with being Irish, Scottish, Welch etc if I didn't hear back stories from Irish, Scottish and Welsh saying how much they don't like eachother

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You're American. You don't give a shit whether people want or like you. You go anyway.
USA! USA! Fuck yeah!!!!

I'm White/Asian. I seem to manage. I think you'll be okay.

On the contrary desu, that's why I made this thread. If you have no advice please leave my thread

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Kinda. I don't want to get into details, but I meant different ethnicities, different skin color etc.
>caucasian means white
You can start by keeping your great grandfathers' countries to yourself. No one is going to ask you for a list of seven nationalities you think you are genetically derived from. Americans are more obsessed over things like this; in Europe what matters is what languages you speak at best. Do you speak Polish, Hungarian, French, German, and everything else? No? Then no one cares. You can completely fit in whatever village you want to move to by saying something like "my mother is Hungarian and my dad is American, I wanted to live traditionally in my mother's homeland and escape the (stereotype about america), I love it so far nice to meet you". Hungarians don't walk around with 23andme tests.