Can you help me not be an incel?

Can you help me not be an incel?

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Sure! What seems to be the issue, user? Are you an "I hate females" kind of incel, or just having some difficulty approaching women?

Mostly the second kind, although I'd be lying if I said I didn't hate women a litlle bit for the constant rejections and friend zoning

Just talk a woman bro

Choose to stop being an incel.

Fuck off retard

How many women have you actually asked out on a date, and been rejected?

Literally get off the internet for a few days and push yourself to talk to humans more. That should help.

What? Being an incel is a choice and nothing more.

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3 or 4. Main issue is when I'm talking to girls I can tell its not gonna work out. Im not trying to be flirty, just talking but I a kind of an autist who lives on Jow Forums and Jow Forums. I just generally find most women unappealing personality wise.

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>The second kind
If your issue is being nervous to strike up conversation, do some little things to make yourself feel more confident. Realize that you are a valuable person to have around, and accept yourself. It doesn't sound like you're having issues with rejection, but if you do, just remember that a woman who won't talk to/sleep with anyone but a 7'0" Chad isn't worth your companionship anyway. If you're trying to pick up women at bars, maybe go to a bar kind of far away from where you work and live to let yourself feel a bit looser. That way, you know you'll never see any of these people again if you don't want to, so you can easily be as confident as you like and not worry about making a fool out of yourself.

>Hate women a little bit for the constant rejections and friend zoning
This is going to end up being an unhealthy approach. Even if you've encountered a lot of girls who have been superficial/generally not great in the past, when you're looking for a meaningful relationship (or a passionate one-night mash in the berry patch) it's best to approach each new person as a clean slate. This girl is not the girl who said "no thank you" last week, and all people are different.

Unless you're only hitting on blond white bar girls. Then they're all the same, and if it isn't working, maybe you should try looking somewhere else.

try giving them the benefit of the doubt and keep meeting new people

Lefty/pol/ go to bed, those Yang shill threads won't make themselves.

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That is really simple but good advice. Thanks user

Why don't you go back to Jow Forums with your fellow incels since you clearly want to continue being one.

np bro

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>hates communism
Is over for you mutt

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Not that user but gonna double down. Look to make new friends first. Worry about dating after you get to know people a little more thoroughly.

Once an incel, always an incel.
There's no 'not being an incel anymore', you will always be different.

majority of incels are not disabled and are perfectly capable of getting a women if they just fixed their shitty personality

>Realize that you are a valuable person to have around
But I'm not.
I'm ugly, poor, dumb as a brick, dull and totally uninteresting, and have the social skills of one of those roadside advertising arm-waving tube men things (by which I mean, the best I can do is smile and nod because I'm so fucking bad at reading social cues and making small talk- even my family can't bear to speak with me).

No one should have to suffer the company of a useless chud like me that's pushing 30 and still can't hold a basic conversation.

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