I know a guy who has been cringily approaching every single girl he meets for a year or two now...

I know a guy who has been cringily approaching every single girl he meets for a year or two now. He does the thing of meeting girls and then befriending them, complimenting them a lot, asking them on repeated dates, then confessing feelings. He got rejected every time usually.

Until now. In the past couple weeks he got a GF. I feel like shit now. I'm a virgin who can't get a date and this guy does everything you could possibly do wrong and still gets a GF. How is this fair?

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>wahwah why can't I get a girl by doing nothing while someone putting effort into it gets one

it's not wrong, he just played the numbers game and found the girl who liked him more than just a friend

This guy got a really bad reputation for approaching all these girls. I always thought it was bad to repeatedly approach women cause so many girls complain about cringey guys like him that don't take a hint that a girl isn't interested

Should i just become a retard who approaches every single girl like a lecherous creep then? is that how you get girls?

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Nah just find a girl you are comfortable with while being comfortable to be around with as well

You're a girl yes? I mean just make it clear to me. Which of these guys is more attractive

>The guy who is mostly normal and takes care of his appearance, good reputation, is calm and doesn't overstep boundaries with girls

>The guy who doesn't give a shit and gets a bad reputation by making a move on every single girl and giving them really cringey compliments like "youre beautiful :)" after 5 days of talking to them, and girls speak about him behind his back saying he's weird

Do you go out at all and put yourself in situations to meet women? It's really not hard. girls want sex and relationships too.

Yeah i dont do this shit of complimenting them or anything though fuck that. I adopt a cool and calm steely personality around girls. I just speak to girls like normal

>my friend actually tries to get girls
>he gets girls
>wait what the fuck

Sure if your definition of "trying to get girls" is stuck at the age of 16. This guy is 20 and still trying to play at messaging girls "hey :)" on facebook like its fucking myspace days

this is a thinly veiled "why cant i get a girl" thread, we both know it. the reason he has a girl at all is because he's doing this cringy shit instead of nothing. you don't have a girl because you made this thread instead.

>He is getting laid
>You are not

You are wrong, man, just stop making excuses and go find a girl for you

Well why are girls so conflicting with their messaging then?

So many girls will say "don't repeatedly approach the same girl, don't be cringe, don't do heavy handed compliments" and this guy does literally all of that and gets a GF

I'm so lonely guys i just want a girl to give me a chance, ffs...

welcome to celibacy

The only real incels are those of us who are too scared to make a move..

you're not an incel when you volunteer.

Here's another proverb:
The squeaky wheel is typically the one that gets the oil.

Women are often pack animals in public occurances. When you hear that women talk amongst themselves, we mull the good and the bad portions of characteristics.
And guess what kind of woman takes that second kind of bait?
>those with overbearing mothering qualities which are also strong women so they want a messy man they can sculpt into being their perfect boyfriend

You should also not expect any bites if you are not baiting your hooks, where as at least this dude is baiting them after 5 days.

>People have control over their fears!!!

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Yeah, that's something you learn in CBT.

So what kind of women do i need to look for if I'm a rough kind of emotionless guy around women? I don't like showing emotions around girls or smiling at them cause I'm scared they'll think I'm pathetic

Right now, your best odds are only attracting potential bitches with resting bitch face. (some just have autism and resting bitch face)
Otherwise, lighten the fuck up and work through being able to express emotion even just a smidge more healthily. No need to go over the top with it, but a glimmer.
Because that will put you in the cool-but-standoffish loner hot zone, and increase your bait value by double.

I dont wanna risk smiling at a girl and then she thinks im a pussy. or worse, she thinks i'm a creep who's trying to seduce her

Do you lack confidence in your smiling ability? There are acting practices and lots of tips and tricks to follow online where you copy other smiles, and take pictures of those.

No its just the principle

In the past I've had moments where I'm passing by in the hallway or street some girl I know and I smile at her to say hi, and she totally ignores me. It made me feel so pathetic I now don't even want to risk smiling at girls because they might think "whos this freak grinning at me"

And I just have this weird complex about it now. Like if I'm at a party talking to a group of people and there's a girl. If I smile in that scenario, I feel like she'll think I'm some kiddy cutesy guy who isn't a viable option. If I glare a bit and frown and pull off a steely expression, i feel like she'll think I'm a real man.

stop being so painfully insecure (fake it if you have to). people are allowed to express emotion. even in modern orwellian shitholes. just stop fearing literally every single thing that exists. people aren't going to kill you for smiling.

If you know you have a weird complex about it then you need to degrade the complex and get over yourself.
Fake it till you make it is good too.
Like really, dude, girls aren't going to shoot you for smiling. Enforce some self therapy and work on telling your brain to stop overthinking itself to social anxiety.

Because he tries to get a girl, you dumb, suck a dick

I'm scared of expressing interest in girls cause I think they'll be disgusted by me doing so. I don't know how guys I know like in OP and some of my friends too can go around just approaching girls like they're entitled to do so. I could never do that. I can't even send a message to a girl I like out of fear that she'll see right through me and think I'm pathetic for thinking I have a chance.

Oh, and also, the world doesn't suddenly become your center stage when you happen to be smiling. This is a normal human reaction and if someone doesn't notice, it means they aren't paying attention to you, not that they are explicitly ignoring you.
Actually let's get this out of the way by also acknowledging that most people aren't giving you two seconds of attention in any public space. They are there to do what they want and that's usually it.

I think you're still trying to overthink this process through. They are entitled to persue something they want in any fashion. So are you. If you want a girlfriend, you are not some fucking weirdo outcast for having that desire, because it's normal.

Yeah but what if a girl is disgusted by the thought of me being attracted to her? As a kissless dateless virgin I find it really hard not to view myself as a total freak who women secretly find repulsive and they just won't say it to my face out of politeness.

I mean if a guy approaches you and you aren't attracted to him, what is your thought process. Cause i dont understand how that could happen and a girl could have any other thoughts than either "ew, why him" or "oh, poor guy, he actually thought he had a chance, aw"

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This, however, does not entitle you to a 100% chance of success just because you ask someone that you happen to fancy. Not all people are attracted to your specific style, body shape, or even the hideous social anxiety you are currently experiencing that is a one way to vaginal dryness in most normies.
It's a game that you have to keep trying and asking and accepting rejections on.

the point of talking to more than one girl is that you will be rejected by some. the whole idea of putting yourself out there is to find the person that won't reject you.

But its not just rejection, is it? It's humiliation too, it's girls thinking behind my back "what a weirdo". It's girls talking to their friends and saying "user asked me out the other day, it was really awkward..."

clearly the best COA is to do nothing but be scared and complain god hasnt delivered you a female hole.

You're not that important. At all.
They will forget in a matter of minutes.
You are not the center of anyone's world and you coming along is about as consequential as a speed bump. At worst, they will say "no, thank you" and then COMPLETELY FORGET IT EVEN HAPPENED.

Get over yourself.

You have no reason on earth to continue to care if they think all those thoughts after asking someone out and they turn you down. They either would rather be friends, or they don't care to know you past that interraction.
And no, women don't talk about "weirdo's" asking them out, because it's also equally embarassing to us.

Ok, forget Jow Forums, you need therapy, my man

Your thought process is fucked up, you need to re-learn how you see the world and yoursely, we can't help you

>I used to feel superior to people who put in effort towards uncertain/delayed rewards. Now that their efforts have paid off, I feel resentful because they have things that I don't and I can't feel superior to them anymore.

Jow Forums in a nutshell

Funny, I do the same as that guy and still haven't got a gf, but I was starting to assume I was on the wrong track.
I guess it's a numbers game. Ask out every girl and a few will say yes?