If I wanted to become as much of an unlikable person as possible, what do I do?

If I wanted to become as much of an unlikable person as possible, what do I do?

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Just be yourself

Shoot a bunch of people
Disclaimer : This post in no way advocates the shooting of people and is merely a hypothetical solution to OP's request.

Do your best to mimic the average Jow Forums poster.

Not give a shit, live selfishly, and say whatever is on your mind.

Watch tv 8 hours a day.

What? I did this and got a gf.

Become a successful youtuber with over a million subscribers.

I have yet to see one of those guys, and some girls, that aren't complete assholes.

Get fat

>only some girls
Why only some girls? They're all entitled assholes who make money sucking at video games and regurgitating other peoples' humour or commentary.

He's a white knight who's sick of women being treated unfairly.

>be gay
>be vegan
>like billie elish
>say we have a ton of genders
>says feminism is right
>like overwatch
>talk loud
>like rap
>play apex legends


Be excellent. Have poor impulse control which leads you to posting poorly on Jow Forums. Be hot. Make noise. All this shit has always worked for me and it’s like am I really to blame, it could be like a 50/50 thing. Mostly no how could I, I’m based.

Cuck face is pretty unlikable. So just act like the guy in your pic.

Don't tell people what you think, tell them what you think they want to hear

Very good

Be a one-upper. When somebody tells a story or recounts an event, tell everyone about your way more awesome story or event. Bonus points if you interrupt or if you're story is only semi related. And extra bonus points if you're already told this story before

Tell everyone how much you like anime and talk about it all the time.

If you're on any social media, make sure to change your avatar to an anime character.

Do your best to be liked by every person you know.

Both of these tie into each other but yeah

There's nothing more despised than a people pleaser.