I'm a straight female, not tomboyish at all...

I'm a straight female, not tomboyish at all, and yet every time I have sex dreams it's always me as a man fucking another man. Like I have a penis and everything. I don't watch porn nor masturbate and I'm a virgin. Why does this happen?

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Look up Freud penis envy

want to peg me?

Wowwwww, OP. You're so kinky, i like it a lot!!

You might be trans yo. Just, think about talking to this with a psychiatrist, or a gender therapist. Typically they tend to break down those sorts of feelings.

It's funny cuz I don't really have these fantasies outside of the dreams. But honestly it sounds like it could be appealing. I'd be willing to do it, but I'm not the type to sleep around... I'd want to be in a relationship first.

That's the funny thing, I don't think of myself as kinky. I don't even masturbate, I can count the number of orgasms I've had on one hand.

I mean, I don't know. I've never felt dysphoric really. My vagina doesn't bother me.

Find a guy you like

Dysphoria is a funny thing. It's hard to tell you have it when youve had it your whole life you know?

Here's a question, would you prefer to be a guy over being a girl? Like not for any social reason, but just physically, is that what you would want your body to be shaped as?

Stop trying to plant these ideas in someone's head you sick fuck

Never thought about it. Honestly, I doubt I'm trans. I think I'd know if I was.

That's kind of hot, really.

Look into Amazon position.

If you are willing to be active and lead in sex, you'll probably be a really good sex partner.

Fuck off with your mental illness

Thanks. I'd definitely want to be in charge during sex, whenever the time comes for me to have it. I'm not a wait-until-marriage type, but I don't want to have sex with anyone unless we're in a relationship. So it may be a while until that day comes. But yeah, whenever it happens, that kind of position would be ideal for me.

How old are you anyway?

I knew a guy who said he dreamed he had a pussy, and he slept with more chicks than I can remember. So it’s just your brain playing the “what if” game.

It means you need to get laid.

I'm 21

auto-androphilia(AAP) Cis-female. It happens

I mean, I'm not trans, and even if I was its not considered a mental illness by most regulatory bodies.

That said has clarified her position. I was just letting her know that this is something a lot of transpeople report feeling.

Gender dysphoria is considered a mental illness, why else would you go to the doctor for it

Dude Google it. It's not classified as a mental illness by any respectable regulatory body.

You go to the doctor to get HRT so you can actually get the body you want instead of walking around like cross-dressing clown.

>Dude Google it
Have you heard of DSM 5?

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