I want to lose my virginity, how do I meet people?

(Pic unrelated)
So I just turned 20 recently and I’m still a virgin with zero dating experience. (Not necessarily because I’m ugly, I’d say I’m average). I’m really socially awkward around new people and I’m also kinda of clumsy dumbass. But I’m 20 now and I want this fuxking thing out of me, i dont want to be a virgin anymore like, I wanna fuck baka. :(

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Fuck I swear to god I didn’t mean to put Baka, I’m a weeb but not that much jfc is there no way to edit my comment fuckin

you are male, so there is no real advice if you haven't already made it.

What have you tried so far, if anything?

>Rude, I’m girl
>And pls I need like real advice

>No, I’m really shy and like I’m in the suburbs of Texas there’s not much
to do

if you are a girl, take a random guy to a secluded place and open your legs.
Literally that easy.

if you are a guy, you are fucked.

Who are you quoting?

I'll date u babe but we both know u wont sell yourself so cheap as to take me up on my offer... n we both know that in this scenario im filling the mold of the overly-forward internet stranger... we both know u got all sorts of red flags popping off about me n this archetype im fulfilling... whatever, fuck you bitch, you'll lose it sooner or later

If you are serious I would go on a date with you...

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find a hobby that gets you out into a social scene. go to music shows. hang out in bookstores. go to nerdy shit, like Ren Faire, anime conventions, viewing parties.

failing that, the Apple App Store is fucking stuffed with dating apps. I hear Bumble is pretty good. OkCupid is a fine site for online dating, too. it is free, and if you answer a trillion questions, you can get some pretty good matches

Honestly like I’m losing because I wanna meet people like I’m relly shy and this is the easiest way for me to meet people

This was ride from start to finish oml
Like r u ok

No one¿

No way I don’t have the self confidence to do that :,(

not that guy but you obviously are not a woman. you really put in two "like"s, as if your only reference to being a woman was stereotypes of teenage girls.

Like I have the self confidence to do that

Do you have any advice for talking to people at cons? I go to San japan every year and this year I wanna do cosplay because I’ve been working out lately :D also I like art a lot I just have trouble keeping a conversation:(

no im not babe i need ur rejuvenating female presence

Maybe I sound like a teenage girl because up until yesterday I was one

What is a female rejuvenation

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well, would you like to talk with me? I think I would be good in a relationship, and I'm 20 too.

Depends r u a pyscho “nice” guy or like an actual chill dude
Also I’m kinda a stoner if ur against that then rip

its when u need a being of a softer disposition to lighten ur existential load, with her half-smiles, her cumbersome, yet fragile, demeanor... her thin hairs, her soft flesh... shit u cant live without

whats wrong with nice guys u whore

Aaaaah oh no I’ve found one
Like there’s nothing wrong with guys who r nice but “nice guys” the ones that feel like they’re inclined to sex just for being a decent human being, those r the bad ones

I don't have anything against being friends with women but I sort of consciously avoided embodying the "nice guy" meme because it was a big joke while I was a teenager. But I am pretty relaxed about most things. I haven't bought weed before but I have smoked socially when offered.

Well this thread went in a creepy direction.

how so?

dont act like u know me you fucking castrated midget you aint found SHIT god I hate people like you

It did? Oh no :,( please don’t be weird everyone

Just walk out on the street crazy women on drugs will find you eventually and there you go.

People do a lot of drugs man. Just find a nice suburban neighborhood and that can be your beat.

I mean, I think these were jokes.


Oh yeah those, it’s fine just weird dudes on the internet bein’ weird.
I wouldn’t go to the internet for advice if I was a pussy.
But thank you for like, warning me !

Lol, I’ve done a lot of drugs
And no I no like crazy scary women :(

I don’t understand what’s ur saying

are you even trying to make people think you are a woman at this point?

Oh my fucking god IM A GIRL fuckhb fine don’t believe me

I was thinking about going to something like that, probably just to make some friends. But they say it is hard to have fun or be social when you go alone.

No thank you

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Right! Like I’m fine with lowkey mingling with people if my friends r with me. But like I said there’s not much to do where I live like, I guess conventions¿ but I only go to one once a year (sorry If I went on a tangent I’m a little drunk hahaha)

yeah alright creepy post I get it... whatever


Online dating, build up your flirting skills and just stay safe.

im behaving this way out of self-abasement, it's somewhere between sincerity and satire idk... theres three levels of inference here 1.) thesis - normal unironic statements 2.) antithesis - a parody of the thesis, satire. And 3.) synthesis - the denarrativization of communication, sincerity with the infusion of satirical elements, still meant to be taken seriously...

Is [spoiler]28[/spoiler] too late to meet people, develop people skills, and lose my virginity?
I know there's a stigma against this sort of shit at my age but I feel like it's much more common since the proliferation of the internet during the latter half of the millennial generation began stymying kids' proper social development, so I feel like there's some wiggle room.

Or should I just accept that I'm unsalvageable and go jump off a bridge? For reference I'm the self-hating kind of loser, and not the woman-hating type; I know it's all my fault, and I can't even really be called an incel because at least they might have asked a woman out once: I've never even tried for the feelings of inadequacy and having nothing to offer.

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assumed that you think my post is creepy and thats why you said no thank you

You can’t love someone if you hate yourself, fix what you hate and let life deal you some winning hands.

you should sell everything u own and start over bro, get those years back

Date an art nerd, they’re not hard to find.

you can certainly love someone if you hate yourself wtf do u mean dumb hoe self-hating people love the most as they're the most emotionally receptive explain ur reasoning to the contrary

I have tinder, but after one bad meet up experience my friend told me not to meet with many one online irl anymore

Dude I’m to drunk to pay attention or care about what ur saying rn im so sorry b

Someone who can honestly say they hate who they are will never stick around. Yeah they’ll fuck you, but that’s not enough unless you’re a sociopath and can’t feel certain emotions.

Oh no I just never know how to respond to people I’m sorry

I know /cgl/ arranges this sort of thing, but usually they only do that with other women. Usually the idea is to avoid guys who are looking for a girlfriend, I guess I would be a hypocrite or something if I acted like I didn't want one too...

Tinder is fucked, “plenty of fish” gave me some practice for when the right one came along. It all depends, if you live in a small area it’s really hard to find someone compatible naturally.

Uwu that’s so hard but so right

That's what I intend to do.
Gonna hit the gym and start looking into hobby groups. The problem is that I'm socially retarded and can't maintain a conversation, so forging friendships is going to be hard. The virginity thing is a much longer-term concern, like maybe when I'm 30 because realistically it's not happening as I am.

I don't really have any assets because I've been struggling to find work the past few years, and my university degree ended up being worthless thanks to government funding cuts. Instead I'm probably going to retrain as an electrician or something. Does that count as starting over?
I'm never going to get those years back though; eg. I'm already starting to bald.

in order to love urself sometimes you need another person to love you first

I have so much anime stuff I like tho, I ain’t lookin for a huge life change. Just a bf or gf. Or some good dick honestly

That’s like thinking depression will go away once you get a relationship. It’s more complicated than putting a patch on a open wound.
Love is a privlage not a cure.
You can feel loved and still be cold towards them because deep down it’s all about trust. And you have to at least be able to trust your own heart to fall in love.

I feel that, I mean I dropped out of unit because I retard, but I’m going back in a year,’z it’s all about self betterment man

well I wasn't exactly expecting a love confession but with those trips it has to warrant a response, right?

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Love is blooming on Jow Forums lol

well, it's happened before... iv'e heard.

Idk man

Lurk moar newfag

hey sorry for destroying ur thread tonight, I just like the attention i guess

I guess they could have been lying but some people said they have met their girlfriends/boyfriends or even the person they married in a thread they made.
I know I can't exactly give the best impression, but just text can show enough for me to be interested.

saw a thread that looked like a girl post and I was feeling in the mood for a lil existential performance of sorts so I fuckin jumped in here to do it... I do this shit all the time cause I get so damn lonesome...

You realize that all "girls" posting here are either unfuckable hambeasts or trannies like OP, right

you mean just Jow Forums? because there has definitely been proof of otherwise on Jow Forums in general.
are you suggesting that you hijacked the thread or something? starting where?


I mean same, that’s why I post, I’m just a lil lonely so like why not go to four Chan

Well, I guess I didn't have a chance even if she was real.

I rather enjoyed this post.

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Fuxkin am I gunna have to post a pic, I’m a girl dude

Firkin am I gunna have to post a pic, I’m a girl dude

Then post a fucking pic with time stamp

Yes, and show tits just to be sure.

I mean if this thread wasn't some RP, would you consider following up with ?
or provide some constructive criticism? I kind of have a hard time meeting people, having the opportunity just fall on my lap seems a bit hard to believe, you know?

That’s pretty sweet, I just feel like someone would have to be patience with me if I meet them online, which I understand can be annoying

believe or don’t that up to y’all desu

well, I am a pretty patient person, I think. It seems easier to meet online for me, and would be happy to even just find friends that way.


>wahwah I'm real, I have no proof, why would I lie on the internet

Dude I would and I would love to but like I said I’m rlly drunk and tired rn I’ll probs come back to this tomorrow and update with everything when I wake up idk

I was about to go to bed too. Maybe this thread will still be here, and we could talk.

Maybe you trannies should fuck off to /soc/ or discord instead of shitting up this board

Dude I would and I would love to but like I said I’m rlly drunk and tired rn I’ll probs come back to this tomorrow and update with everything when I wake up idk

I'm the exact same. I'll fuck you. I'm suicidally depressed and my cock is above average in size. I don't really care what you look like as long as you aren't obese. We can get drunk before if you would prefer. I also wouldn't mind holding you afterwards and feeling the warmth of another human for a while. Please don't feel bad if I start crying, it's me not you.

Idk how do I show a time stamp this a snap of me tho on my bday getting ready

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I do have proof bitch just posted

That's not proof. Could easily be a dude

>no time stamp
So no proof

Y’all right I’m actually a twelve year old boi

Y’all idk what more y’all want from me

For sure, I’d like to come back. If it isn’t dead yeah