What do i do if i have the worst life in the world and all it ever does it get worse or stay bad

What do i do if i have the worst life in the world and all it ever does it get worse or stay bad

>born in the middle of nowhere
>literally hell on earth
>the people here are like prisoners everyones mean crazy as fuck like actual legit psych center crazy and everyone hates each other theyre all fucking angry and retarded
>cold as fuck literally too cold to go outside half the year always freezing fucking cold cant even go outside for months on end
>parents are poor as fucK
>live in a 300 year old broken down house leaks when it rains broken down old shitty house covered in rags bathroom is a tiny cubicle with a white trash looking shower
>everyone near me is poor as like like everyone no matter their age is crawling around on their knees begging and using people for scraps and everyone here is like 3rd world country poor
>parents are so poor i never get to go on vacation
>live in the state with the biggest city in the country too poor to visit
>even the see the most white trash fuckers every here go to the big city and they manage to go to Florida
>ive even seen complete drug addicted rednecks out here that still take their kids to Florida as single parents and shit
>some of the people here are such retarded bumpkins they dont even talk they just yell and freak the fuck out and people here are mean as fuck like just do or say whatever they can to piss you off just because theyre all poor brain dead retards living out in the middle of nowhere in misery

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>parents are too poor to even help me get a car
>live 20 miles from anything literally just 20 miles of trees and snow banks to get to some shit town with one main road and 5 businesses
>no jobs
>literally only have one person who’s 5 miles away and they’re literally fucking bat shit crazy, dick heads, and a literal short bus retard
>only other friend is 20 miles away and the people here are all fucking lunatics, ass holes, or complete retards so its not even worth going and hanging out with people
>get addicted to drugs because god awful boring life
>mostly only get addicted to weed
>still end up fucked and with a destroyed life over weed just because god is out to get me and I’m cursed
>lose my license my entire adult life because i kept getting arrested for driving while black basically
>gain a shit load of weight being stocked in my room in the middle of the nowhere plus chronic fatigue has completely raped me
>always been poor because of weed weed is so god damn fucking expensive even for a plant that just wanted to smoke lightly on a daily basis that i just lose everything. Never have any money never have any possssions can never get a car never get to do hobbies or do anything
>theres literally nothing to do because theres only ever been 3 people around in my town and even THAT was a lot i dont even have that now i literally just have the one person who’s 5 miles away and he doesnt even talk
>start scamming people online
>make fucking megabucks turn everything around have thousands of dollars making thousands every month

>god saw me being happy so i got arrested for a crime that wasnt even my fault
>lose my license AGAIN! And then be stuck living with my shit parents spend thousands of dollars and then get put on probation for fucking ever because I’m black and we get punished more than anyone
>literally never have or see anything in my life just trapped out in the freezing cold woods 7 hours from civilization complete black out snow ice everywhere nothing but trees the only people if there is any at all are just unbearable and worked than any other people you could ever be around
>theres not one single girl in my town
>the only time i see girls is in the small towns that i barely ever go to and if i do I’m just in a car so i literally never see or talk to anyone its hard just to find motivation to shower every day and dress nice i spend most my time in sweatpants and shit now

I fucking hate my parents

stop dreaming, you're on parole for being black.

So my only option is to just sit staring at the sky wanting to die? Fuck small towns

Ah yea i remember you complaining because your little town has a hex on you so you cant leave unless you bleach your skin. Doesnt matter how many excuses you type out faggot until you quit this woe me attitude your gonna stagnate there spending all your "thousands" of dollars on what? Weed?

>mostly only get addicted to weed
Sounds like you just sit around and get high and don't do anything.

So move.

If you can't afford to move, get a job and save your pennies, and then move.

But be aware, when you get where you're going to, you'll still be you

Weed should be free. It shouldnt cost thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands to smoke a few hits a day

It’s my medicine so no. I cant just “not smoke”

No its because no one ever helped me get a car and the closest source of shit is a half hour drive

I cant as soon as i got money i got trapped and arrested and put on probation for being black

God is out to get me and trap me here so I’m miserable

Stop being retarded and take responsibility for your situation

Oh, it's YOU, the guy who has been complaining every single day for more than a year about being "on probation for being black". Why didn't you say so at the start so we wouldn't waste our time trying to help you?

My life has already been ruined theres nothing i can do

I’m making a little bit of money and researching and talking to people who make money doing business shit and trying to figure out more ways to make money but it doesnt really do much to help me now and I’m battling constant depression

I accept help man

Rural New York isn’t that bad.

Dude never admit weakness to anyone but yourself, go to school and get a trade. Happiness doesn't exist and the only way to get something is to earn it

I'm surprised no one is disgusted at the fact you stole money from people online to try to cope with a failure of a life that you have

How old are you? What country you live in? Do you go to school yet?

An Hero before it gets any worse.

I’m black and I’m out in a small town in Missouri. People look at me, jaws on the floor, and just wonder what I’m out there for. It’s not like the white trash you’re describing though. More people that just think jalepenos are exotic, and that Red Robin is the greatest restaurant.

If I was you, just find a greyhound bus station, and go to St. Petersburg. It’s in Florida, sunniest city around, low taxes, and lots of younger people. Pretty cheap place too. That was my dream destination, before I wound up with a factory job in my hometown. Now I’m too lazy to leave and would rather just get some OT, smoke weed, and sleep.

Wtf do you want me to do? Walk 20 miles to a job?

a bloo bloo bloo

Maybe if you'd stop blaming all your problems on everyone else and not just accepting you're as dumb as the people around you is your problem.

I honestly wish you'd just kill yourself.

No it’s not my fault that god strikes me down I was born in the middle of nowhere and get legally raped for being black

we have this thread every day, why do you poeple still respond to it. This just probation user at it again.