Is she dumb? What do I say to get her to let me fuck? She’s rather ugly so I though it would be easy

Is she dumb? What do I say to get her to let me fuck? She’s rather ugly so I though it would be easy.

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Fucking cringe, are you a pajeet?

why not message her on instagram

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Wtf... that‘s really bottom tier behaviour on your part. Stop reading pick up shit.

Not even an ugly chick wants to hook up with you op, just get over it

thanks for her number i'm gonna send her this thread




op...your the retard here. she aint gonna hook up with your ugly ass nigga damn. Nigga you really hit her up randomly like a creep? wtf its niggas like you gassing up these bitchs

OP, I'm sure she knows exactly what you mean, but she's playing dumb to give your dumb ass a chance to correct your behavior.

He deserves it

Do it, and tell us if she responds, also perhaps she can give OP’s identity, that way he can be shamed

Post her reply

There you go Anons, when she responds I will post it lol

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100 times this.

topkek. keep us posted

You're the best

Most savage thing I’ve seen on adv

I’m not sure she’s going to respond, but it will freak her out, nine one user, maybe she’s texting OP right now and he’s trying to make some lame ass excuse

I wonder if you just ruined her day.

I wonder if the OP fuck boy had managed to fuck and dump her and ruined her year maybe.
was brave.

I'll be damned, that is kind of sexy. Where do I find an Asian savage like this?

kek reminds me of the good ol' /b/ days

This OP. Thanks dude you ruined my life. She called the police on me for exposing her information on the internet.

Fuck You

Than you for following this, here’s her reply, and let’s see if she responds again, I doubt it, but what the hell. I made my good deed for the day

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Bro she just told me that she reported me to the police. The fuck is wrong with you.