Do girls find this hot?

So I'm writing a bunch of erotic novels for the upcoming Anime-Con in my city, and I'm trying to make it more female oriented because, surprise-surprise, they tend to be the big buyers.

Now I keep asking for requests and suggestions, but I only ever really get requests from this one girl, but I need to know if it's just her weird, singular fetish, or if it's mainstream enough to sell a bunch of books. I'm actually not too familiar with anime shit because I'm pretty normie, but also I'd like to know if the described scenarios are some sort of hentai/anime trope. Basically she wants:

>Cute girl enters male dominated environment (either a sports club, job, shared dorm, military, etc.)
>All the dudes start off really sweet and kind
>Eventually, as time goes on, they start bantering with her, but the banter is super one-sided because they all gang up on her
>The dudes all have a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship, and eventually it gets to the point where she's the outcast and they all use her as their little bitch
>They tease her mercilessly, make fun of her, grope her, call her degrading things, etc. etc.
>She's constantly in a state of stress, and always on the verge of crying in frustration, but she just continues to suck it up day after day

Here are a few example scenarios the girl sent in:
>Girl just came back from shopping
>Her clothes keep disappearing and when she asks they pretend they don't know what happened to them
>They dress her up in bright, lacy/frilly clothing and play dress-up doll with her

>Cute girl roommates with a bunch of dudes
>They all ask her to do a bunch of things, jokingly, and to appear like she's a good sport, she plays along with their requests, but then the joke goes on too long and her face gets all red when they ask for more and more degrading things like bringing them their drinks and dancing for them
(This one was pretty specific)

>Cute girl is the watergirl for the football team
>They fuck with her for the season

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some girls will find it hot, others will find it creepy.

I personally wouldn't read this but I stopped reading erotic literature when I was like 15

You think it'll sell big time? I'm a pretty small-time author, and I want to please my fan(s), but at the same time, if I write a bunch of books just for her, I'll alienate the more general fanbase.

I love her for her support, but I'm also trying to make money, you know? I would GLADLY write her this book if I knew more people would buy and read it. I can't just dump several weeks into a book that I know would flop. Writing takes a lot of time and effort, so each one needs to have selling potential.

Would 15 year old you buy it?

>sell big time

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by that, but self-published anime erotic novels with a focus on humiliation and degradation are not exactly a hot ticket outside of that niche

Not all girls are into degradation. A lot of women are more turned on by empowerment and respect. And I’m not taking about being dominant. The female character can still be submissive but be empowered by these men. For example. Say the female character comes into a workplace full of men. She would be very stressed and uptight
Picture these men joking with her nicely, not making fun of her or trying to embarrass her, gaining her trust and bringing her more out of her shell to the point where she will willingly do these things for them, like dress ups, dancing and being the office whore ect
I feel like that would be more enticing to a wider variety of women

stop trying to bankrupt OP

No, but I guess it's because this sort of scenario is not my thing. Just don't like the idea of multiple guys on one girl, even if its not explicitly

you need to read some romance novels that are very popular with women to get a different understanding

So how it works is I pay 600 bucks for a three day booth at the con. I usually make around double that (around 1200-1300) for those 3 days.

All that money comes from my "best sellers", which is just another word for "my most popular books". The themes for those books are usually things like light non-consensual, love triangles, werewolves (I know), and rough sex between prissy UwU style girls and gruff hunks (I think it's a self insert thing). My biggest demographic is either 14-30 year old girls, and 14-25 year old dudes, with the occasional middle-aged buyer. Each book takes me several weeks to make, and if I'm being honest, it's kind of exhausting and it takes a lot of energy just to write one.

So if I write her this book, I want to make sure that it won't just flop. I don't want to expend all this energy into making a book that only she will buy but otherwise just sit on my display stand. There are other, hidden costs too, with publishing being a big one.

I've noticed that the big-time sellers of mine DO have some sort of humiliation/degradation angle to them, and it might be because of some hentai trope that I'm unaware of.

By the way, about the age thing, I ask the panel runners EVERY year if my booth should get an 18+ sign, but they always say no because I don't sell comics or anime. I think it's just a "we don't care about literature, no matter how raunchy" thing.

>I've noticed that the big-time sellers of mine DO have some sort of humiliation/degradation angle to them, and it might be because of some hentai trope that I'm unaware of.

It 100% is.

If you really want to make it as an author, and it sounds like you do considering how you talk about how much time and thought you put into your books, I'd suggest that you focus less on that and more on mainstream-friendly prose.

I wrote stuff similar to that, and one of them did alright, and the other one flopped. The one that did alright didn't do alright enough to justify the writing time and effort I put into it.

I DID try mainstream shit, it just doesn't sell in this anime-con environment (oh well). I have to constantly tailor my subject matter to appeal to the weeb sensibility, but it's kind of hard because since there are literally THOUSANDS of people, and since there's a HUGE variety between fujoshis, weebs, comic book nerds, regular horny highschool dudes, middle aged women, etc. etc., it's hard to find an "all around" book that appeals to all of them.

I like what I do, and I like the fans, but damn they don't make it easy.

>I DID try mainstream shit, it just doesn't sell in this anime-con environment (oh well).

I mean, I meant that you should aim to be selling books outside of that environment altogether.

Yeah, but I make more money in those three days than I do in an entire month (not counting my part-time job). I know, it's sad. Also, I kind of like my little fanbase I've got going on. They're sweet.

If you wanted to read an erotic novel, what would you want it to be about?

Well you could try collaborating with manga artists as well.

>If you wanted to read an erotic novel, what would you want it to be about?

Not my cup of tea. I quit pornography in all of its forms 5 years ago.

High school level business studies here. What you have is a niche market. Trying to go for mass appeal like 50 shades of grey had is a bad idea because you dont have the brand awareness. What you should do is focus on what made your core audience aroused last time, then expand into other niches with your less labor intensive works to try and break into those new markets. Try to figure out why people are buying your books for the first time too. Is it word of mouth? Posters? Price? The more new buyers the larger your market share becomes. Oh and try to lever that fanbase. Return customers are pure gold so find out what keeps them coming back and go hard on it.

I have, it was pretty good money-wise actually, but to be completely honest, they're not very fun to work with. I mean, c'mon. Manga artists aren't exactly well known for their social acumen. There was one decent dude who wasn't a prick, but he left for some other city.

Okay, well, what would you have wanted to read 5 years ago? Also, how would you describe yourself if you had to describe yourself as a clique?

wait, what? when did you start? I kind of thought women liked that sort of thing. would be kind of disappointing to get a girlfriend and hear about the things she used to like but then stopped for some reason

Femanon here. This sounds fucking horrible to me. Like if I read this I'd probably get triggered about being bullied in the past. It doesn't sound like something any of my close friends would enjoy either.
I think it's more of a niche thing.
Which is fine. I know a guy that is into being a sissy and humiliation. I'm sure he'd love fantasizing about being used like this. You need to find out if there's a big enough group of women that enjoy degradation and humiliation.
^^This sounds way more appealing.

Can I warn you about something? I'm not sure if you've considered this but they may be a backlash against you for writing something like this. Some people will take it as your work, your fetish, how you think women should be treated etc. It's not a mainstream fantasy and I think it would be considered controversial. Anime cons especially have a lot of underage girls and while you may label everything carefully people will be concerned about them accessing it anyway.
Honestly I would only suggest writing this if it's something you feel strongly about, and even in that case I would suggest you have your tamer work for sale at the con and sell this book online only for example.

I mean in the context of manga/hentai/anime, I always hate how in regular anime there's always the main high school aged male protagonist who is constantly surrounded by like anywhere from one to a half dozen girls who all want to jump his bones but this being Japan he's all like "eeek! oh no! I accidentally touched a booby! I can't kiss a girl until I graduate high school and then graduate university and then climb up the corporate ladder of a respectable salaryman job!".

So it would be cool to have a story where that "unwanted harem" trope is flipped on its head and the main character is faced with sexually aggressive girls that like basically force themselves on him, at first just like spying on him or casually grabbing his ass and junk something or something but then it becomes more sexual like somehow they suck his dick against his will or like somehow get into his bed at night and ride his dick while he's still asleep. Basically take his virginity from him then he's like "oh boy! I guess sex isn't so bad after all! But I am still going to focus on my studies and work above all!" but then he keeps getting molested and coerced into having sex with the girl/girls.

Just something that parodies the unwanted harem trope that's so painfully prevalent in manga/anime. You could parody an actual series as well.

everybody on this god forsaken board are a bunch of fucking normies... these bitches dont even like sex to begin with cause theyre frigid from too many years of abuse

Maybe when I was like 11 or 12 lol. It's just I got a bit bored of it and then when I was 19 I had my first sexual experience and since then I can't get back into it at all. It's boring to read about it now that I actually now how it feels to have sex

I do watch a bit of porn on /gif/ but that's it

Spot on, user. Listen to this advice OP.

>tfw there was no bullied girl in my HS to white knight