Femanons, how willing would you be to cook dinner for a boyfriend? I would love a GF who would do that...

Femanons, how willing would you be to cook dinner for a boyfriend? I would love a GF who would do that. Even just on special occasions.

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I cook dinner for my boyfriend most nights. The look he gets on his face when I bring his dinner over to him is the best feeling ever :)

I can cook but I don't have a bf cuz weab and awkward

I love it! I love cooking and taking care of my partner :).
I'm single right now but when I meet a guy I really like I fantasize about making him and our kids breakfast in the morning.

do girls unironically like this? it seems sexist
glad to know my autism isn't male-exclusive

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all women will, you need to know how to talk to women.

Women really REALLY want to please their man. If she's not cooking for you, you're not doing something right.

Its Only classed as sexist when there’s women who don’t want to do it. Then any woman who loves doing it is therefore sexist and that’s how ‘equality’ works.
I love doing the housekeeping for my boyfriend. It’s a choice that I make because I love him and I want him to be able to come home from work and relax in a clean house and have a nice dinner. I care about him and want the best for him. He does the same for me but in different ways. It’s all a choice. It’s onky sexist if it’s forced

>tfw no awkward weeb gf to cook for me
I wouldn't even mind being the one in the kitchen!
please respond.

I cook dinner for my boyfriend every night.
I like cooking and I love taking care of him.
He makes me breakfast usually.

>I love taking care of him.
that's so sweet, I was hoping that it wasn't true that women hated all male neediness.

My gf loves cooking for me. And she's really good at it too. I'm gonna marry her one day

My GF doesn't really know how to cook so I usually do the cooking, but whenever I ask her she'll cook.
She's cooking something for me tonight

I'm a guy and I hate being cooked for or taken care of. How do I meet a fun partner in life who doesn't treat me like she's my new mommy? I can take care of myself.

If you're paying the $30 for a pair of ribeyes.
I cook as a hobby.

I cook professionally. I do fine dining, like real cooking. Learn how to cook yourself otherwise you're a bitch.

good, more for me?

Pretty sure anyone who enjoys cooking will enjoy cooking for their SO regardless of gender.

Chain smoker, alcoholic or coke head?

D-do any girls like a qt bf that cooks for them sometimes?

Yes! So romantic :)

I'm not a grill but the answer is definitely yes

Occasionally. If I'm making something I'll make enough for two. I don't like cooking really. He should also cook occasionally. But he shouldn't expect me to be his personal cook. We can hire someone for that.

I'm not that guy but I have been wondering if there is a way to try dating where I could show how I would be in an actual relationship, as opposed to simply having a lot of practice getting IN to relationships. After all, how you are in the relationship is more important but it is necessarily secondary to how you start one.

Bet, I love service sub men.

i would cook for my bf but only if he tells me what he wants to eat or what he feels like bc i’m terrible at deciding what to make. but if he has a request and i know how to make it? no problem.

my gf and I always cook for each other.. goes both ways

feminism means being able to choose how you want to live. you can absolutely be a submissive stay at home housewife who cooks and still be pro equality. i want to cook for my man and stay at home but i also support and respect women who don’t want to. nobody should be forced to do anything they don’t want to do.


Only if you think primal nurturing instincts are somehow politically incorrect by nature.

0. Cooking is a waste of my time when restaurants or a hired cook do so much better.

just b urself

Idk user. Maybe try to be friends first? Try dates that are more intimate?
For example you could invite her over for a home cooked meal.
I'm not sure why you feel like you need to show how you are in relationships. Do you feel like you're dating, but not finding good matches? Do women lose interest in you after the first few weeks?

>gf wants to get into culionary arts
>never learned how to cook, but she has some experience
>her father insists that career ''doesn't pay up''
>mfw this career leads to some of the highest payed jobs around


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My GF loves to cook for me, but i love to cook for her too, so we often cook together, and it's something surprisingly intimate and relaxing

This. But being able to cook is a powerful tool in a relationship, either you're male or female.

T. American

No. Just not a poorfag that has to do cooking by herself.

Stay in school

>it seems sexist
You have to go back

And what if your boyfriend did the cooking half the time?

I'm not a poorfag myself tho, but i still prefer an home cooked meal over a restaurant meal 9 times over 10. I usually go to restaurants mostly out of the social aspect rather than quality of food wise.

How many empty beer cans are stuffed into the line trash can? Huh Jeff!?

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I don't know if that could really be a real starter, my problem is that I have a hard time giving first impressions. It sounds ridiculous that I could just post something about my personality or what I want in a relationship and women would just say "oh, that's what I'm looking for please respond", but that sort of thing happens all the time in reverse.

That's like the most basic task for any non-roastie. The man brings home the shekels, and the woman works from home (aka housewife). The fact that you would have to ask for that makes me sad. Up your game don't work on your standards.

Mr line cook over here.

You make $50 a day and get spit on by the servers. Go back to kneeling down behind the line ao that you can deink your cheap beer.

I know men who are so autistic they can't cook and believe that's a good thing because "it shows that everything is in order".

Everybody must learn to cook, being an adult who can't cook is terrible.

This is valid. Not to mention that most women who like to cook get both themselves and their partner fat.

My buddy's girlfriend is great, but she's quickly reversing all of the hard work he put in losing weight. And she's quickly gaining now that she's comfortably in a relationship and can cook "for him." It's gross.

I think there's a huge difference between knowing how to cook and being a good cook. Sure, I can slap together some ingredients or follow a recipe, but it's sure not going to be as good as someone who is paid to do it for a living, and spends all day perfecting their craft.

I love cooking and baking for my boyfriend! I hope that when we live together I can cook for him more often, though we're trying to lose weight so I've cut down on the baking lol

I cook lunch and/or dinner for my boyfriend every day. We do order out one or two meals a week, though.

I cook for my husband all the time, sometimes he loves it, sometimes he chokes it down even though he's disgusted lol. i'm a mediocre cook, my mom didn't teach me much, i learned most dishes from my dad but my mother in law will surely teach me the mastering of a perfectly delicious meal.

No but when an adult can’t cook at all it’s pathetic desu. I had to show my ex how to make fucking pasta. Bitch its three ingredients; water, noodles, sauce. It’s not hard.