What do I do if my girlfriend is exactly like pic related?

What do I do if my girlfriend is exactly like pic related?

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Are you sure that she's actually your gf?

Leave the house on a Friday night so she and her lover can have some privacy.

Stop texting her.

dump her

But then I'd be alone and suicidal again.

make her into an EX, and show her there are more girls in this world that are willing to share emotions, and that she can be replaced by a plastic vagina at worst

I can't get another girlfriend this is the only girl who ever liked me.

don’t waste your time on somebody that’s clearly uninterested, there’s lots of soft lovable squishy gf’s online that’ll actually care. If you’re clinging onto a relationship for the sake of not being lonely then it isn’t working v well and should definitely end it sooner than later so you don’t get hurt that badly! lots of love for you user

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msg me when you’re single user

Hey user, don't waste your time with someone who doesn't even love you. And you shouldn't fear being alone because sometimes it is okay to be alone. Please don't kill yourself because of being lonely. You mean more to people than you can imagine.

what do if i'm like this with everyone?
i have anhedonia and everyone seems like an idiot, i have no motivation to continue trying to humor them anymore.

Act like an adult and talk to her. Maybe she's dealing with her own shit. Phrase it like you're concerned about her so you don't come off as overbearing, if that's something you're worried about.

>be me (femanon)
>with bf on Saturday
>being the horny high schoolers we are I gave him a hickey
>think nothing of it, not our first rodeo.
>bf tells me him and family are going on vacation in a week cause spring break
>Remember hickey on his shoulder near collarbone
>rememberhis family is conservative and Christian
>ohfuck.jpeg x2
>Remember he has to be shirtless at water park
Any advice, anons? Are we royally fucked?
Any tips or tricks?
Picture of hickey attached

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Sex him.

What is the significance of this? Is it like marking your territory or something?

t. Autist and social retard

>those responses
Yikes. I understand getting them from a girl who's not interested, but from your gf?
You need to have a proper talk with her and see what's up. Because you're one step away from getting cheated on or dumped

I'm the user that posted the hickey thing and I'm embarrassed because fucking mobile made me think I started my own thread I'm so fucking sorry user

Not the femanon, but I have given someone a bunch of hickeys in high school (almost always because we were drunk) and from what I remember you've pretty much hit the nail on the head, at least from my perspective as a male.
I think hickeys are lame though, at least sober me does.

Don't get into a relationship if you're not mentally stable. You'll only hurt yourself and her

I know it feels so good to have someone to be intimate with, but you shouldn't depend on others like that

Are you sure she's your gf? Or some girl that is so horny as to fuck a random guy while fucking a different one the following night, because we live in the time of liberalism?
Also, if you got one girl than you'll get infinite number. That's how things work with girls. You either get none, or billions. There's no "only one" (or two or fourteen).

I'd find someone else and dump her.

I had a girlfriend like this. I made the mistake of breaking up with her because I didn't get the right text messages to boost my ego. Turns out she was telling all of her friends how great she thought I was, but had her own life she didn't want to give up.

Now, this is my ideal girl. Leave me mostly alone, and we'll catch up when it's right for both of us.

The quickest way to get someone's attention is to no longer want it.

She has depression user, she's like that with everyone. Either you leave her or don't