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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

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Why would a girl one day be so willing to joke and bullshit. But the next few days is very to the point and dry? Only to repeat the cycle again?

Girls what is your main hobby (or hobbies) and how did you get into it/them?

I went crossboarding once and now I spend thousands of dollars on frilly dresses.

Because she's a human and humans have mood swings. Or maybe she's bipolar

Girl was stalking me but then sends me a message out of nowhere saying " I was thinking about you but now I gotta move on"

Probably means she liked you but realised she's not ready or its not good for her rationally speaking. I've been in her place

What's the best way to make a girl wet?

IDK. It's just interesting. As she usually gets a little like this after we hang out.

This is what happened leading up to us hanging out last "I promised her that I'd go to a meeting in her place, but I fucked up. Ended up drinking with our friend instead and skipped the meeting. Prior to her being told, she messaged me asking if I want to meet (She was under the assumption that I was alone and in or just leaving the meeting.) She presented it kinda just chatting, but not explicitly meeting related. Instead of it just being us, it was me and my friend. (And later a guy who actually was at the meeting came to fill us in) By the time we left the bar, I was mildly drunk. But one thing stood out, she said bye twice. Once to all of us as we left, then again to me as I was closing my tab, and everyone else left."

Then after this, she's been kinda to the point and dry in texts with me. (But has messaged once on her own. And responded decently to stuff I brought up. Just no haha's or lol's or anything more light hearted.)

yeah that's what I was thinking
because she's going to college and I guess she cares about that..
but still worst feeling when she tells u that and u be like damn..

Best way to break up with a female when you can’t meet her in person?

what if we both see each other but we are too shy? or 1 time happend that she saw me but I didn't saw her because she texted me when i was at home...


Do you like her ? If yes I totally understand how it can hurt, but it's probably better than her realising that she has to move on after years of relationship

Take your time to recover and continue with your life. Who knows, maybe one day she'll be ready ? I'm afraid of commitment so I understand her

Just lift and take care of your health. Girls will come when you give no fucks about them. Girls are weird like that.

There's this cute girl I've seen walking around campus a couple of times and I want to ask her for her number. I normally wouldn't have any anxiety about doing this, but I'm a broke nigga who spends most of his time drawing (I made nearly $100 in the past two weeks though). No job, no car (scared of driving). I'm probably around a 7.5-8/10 when it comes to physical appearance.
Can I get a gf or does me being a fucking hermit affect my chances?

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Kiss her on the back of the neck. That's the quickest way to turn me on.

I should also mention that I'm turning 19 this year.

I dont think so I told her how I feel but she cares about college anyway so yeah but if she'll be ready for me again then sorry not anymore because Im moving on as well dont wanna be hurted.. :/

My girlfriend of 2 years left me supposedly on impulse because she's too stressed in school to put up with me when I'm negative, and because she feels bad making me wait for her to finish school for a real relationship.

She's active on Facebook and has not removed my from her relationship status yet, or hidden my photos with her. We agreed not to speak for a while. Since she was the one leaving me I said I wouldn't message her until she was ready and told me she was ready.

This is killing me. I'm trying not to get my hopes up from this and and move on, but we broke up loving each other and I do not want this break up to happen.

Girls can you give me some insight on what might be happening? I'm so lost and broken. I'm trying so hard to focus on myself and move on, but this lingering suggestion is hindering me heavily.

She is off fucking some other guy, I almost guarantee it. I don't even mean that in a bitter incel kind of way, I mean it fairly literally. Whatever pressure she was feeling over your relationship was being applied by the fact that some other dude has caught her eye. She has broken up with you, which is at least the right thing to do, and will be going out with him within the next 2 weeks. After she's had that fling and decided that you really were the better guy she'll come back to you and ask to try again. If you ask whether or not she slept with anyone else during the breakup she will get very offended, telling you it's not your business and that you were broken up so you have no right to ask that question, but will never give you a straight answer on the matter until it falls out of her during your next break up fight.

She left you, whatever the reason she has made it extremely obvious she is not worth chasing or loving, and you need to try to move on

This hurts a lot. I hope you're not projecting your own angers or something because we planned to have kids and marry. She would not get offended if I asked, but she might be shocked.


It's not projecting. If she's not the type to get offended when you ask then that makes her the type to admit what she did but sulk and cry until you forgive her for it.

I wish you luck user but I would lay a good money bet that she's talking to some other guy right now and her crush on him is what drove her to end the relationship with you.

Don't be a cuck. You fucked up and drove her away with your bullshit. Move on. If you ever redeem yourself try not to fuck up in future.

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I had my suspicions about one guy in her friend group that she recently went to a study group party with. I don't know what will come when she talks to me again, but if she decides to stay together (why am I considering this option?) I will drive this home

Move on to what? I have no friends. I've done the exact same thing many times before and nothing's changed I just keep hurting myself. Dating too fast after my last ex was a huge problem.

>move on to what
FFS grow up son. Get involved with life. Go about your business and better yourself. If you're a brainless knothead then just an hero.

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>better yourself
I'm already happy with myself. I plan on just working a better job in an apartment of my own, but that's all I need to improve myself to make myself happier about myself. I've had nothing to move on to for so long now because everything is going according to my plan

My friend told me something once that sums it all up neatly: by the time a girl actually leaves you she has already been broken up with you in her mind for months.

>be a girl
>you're in a steady relationship with a pretty nice guy
>things aren't perfect but that's reality
>you like him and he likes you and you make it work together
>but then you meet a new guy
>he doesn't know you have a boyfriend and takes a shine to you
>suddenly you realise that your bf doesn't pursue you anymore and that things have gotten a little stale as they tend to in long term relationships
>you talk to the new guy more, chasing that high of being pursued and feeling desired
>you develop a crush
>you feel bad about this crush because how could you have a crush if you love your bf? your bf would be so hurt! if he was talking to another girl in this same way you'd be furious, it's not fair to him
>guilt combined with stressors in your relationship (stagnancy, old fights, school pressure, work pressure, etc etc) cause you to fall more and more out of love with your bf
>things with the new guy are exciting and your relationship falls by the wayside as you chase the high
>eventually new guy finds out about the bf and he wants you to put up or shut up
>so you leave your bf, who you're now mostly out of love with, to be with this new guy who makes you feel like your bf used to

>ff 3-6 months
>things with new guy aren't as good as they were with you
>she gets nostalgic, remembers the good times
>the hurt of the breakup which she never experienced because she plugged the hole immediately finally catches up to her
>comes back to you and wants to try again

>happy with myself
Sure sounds like it kiddo.

I just broke up her less than a week ago and I have no friends. Of course I'm miserable.
But I am who I want myself to be outside of those things. Nobody wants me though.

I fear this is what it is, and I've heard this before. She really is busy and stressed from school though, and I was stressed from beginning this transition in my life. Sometimes I wanted support from her and it was too much for her.

Always remember that girls don't want to be your emotional tampon much more than very occasionally. If something big and bad happens then yeah they'll be there for you but you can't make them a punching bag just because you're stressed. You have to be their punching bag but you don't have the same privileges in return. Turn yourself into a whining little bitch and the result is almost always something like what you've gotten yourself into.

>you can't make them a punching bag just because you're stressed. You have to be their punching bag but you don't have the same privileges in return.
Sounds like a relationship is a waste of time then

Yes I turned in to that. I realised it too late I guess, but it's so shitty this is the way it is. I do believe if she wasn't so laser focused on school it would be different though.

Only if you're a dependent person who needs others to function (you're not supposed to)

are you saying women are dependent people?

Woman hits me up on tinder for sex, but she's on her period so we have to wait. I tried planning a night but she also has a busy week following (she enjoyed oir brief sexting though) Should I be pursistant and ask again or just be silent and hope? I'm practically autistic

I don't see why not if that's what she's looking for. As long as you don't come off desperate and keep it casual, there's nothing wrong with a "hey, what's your week looking like?" Text

They are just differently dependent to men. They require different things, on average.

>dependent person who needs others to function
Everyone needs other people to function. Being stuck working in your room every day and alone every time you go out is not bound to be a happy person.

my friend moved in with his girlfriend a couple weeks ago and nobody has heard from him since. we used to talk every day. is this normal?

Cheers that's what I was thinking however I have been left on "opened" a few times. I guess that's too vague to interpret though. I'm just not sure where the line between desperate and making sure I'm not missing any opportunity

girls stop trying to make niggers acceptted by the rest of society

Hmmm that changes things slightly. Keep in mind that people looking for casual sex aren't talking to one person only. It's very possible that she might be banging other guys while you're in her queue.

Play it cool and keep trying if you want, but I'd also suggest you start talking to other women so you're not waiting on just one.

if she’s not letting him talk to or ha g out with friends without her that’s not good. sounds like maybe it’s becoming codependent now that they’re living together. had he given up any of his hobbies?

he used to play vidya every day, hasn’t played a single game since he moved in with her. maybe they’re just too busy having nonstop sex but it just seems weird to me that he wouldn’t even check in with us. he didn’t even tell anyone they were moving in together until the day it happened. they fight all the time and he was talking about breaking up with her just last month, now they’re living together and he’s not taking to any of his friends? it just doesn’t make sense to me.

>Play it cool and keep trying if you want, but I'd also suggest you start talking to other women so you're not waiting on just one.
yeah I'm talking to others, she just seemed the most keen. She said she'd definitely fuck if she weren't on her period but that was now a fortnight ago

Guys, why would a guy who only wants to fuck and leave women specifically approach confident and self-reflective women? Is there a logic to this?

Cause he can only fuck girls he’s interested in? I would imagine it’s easier to chase a girl if you actually like them.

It just seems a little out-of-character for a slutty guy who shuns commitment to want women who would seem to be after much better. Do promiscuous men lack confidence, which is why they seek strong women? Wouldn't a slutty man desire a brainless slutty woman instead?


What do you mean? I'm guessing you're implying the man feels a sense of empowerment by sexually dominating a woman who would otherwise be difficult to dominate?

>It just seems a little out-of-character for a slutty guy who shuns commitment to want women who would seem to be after much better


You're assuming he's looking hard at you or your personality, or that he gives a shit what you want out of a guy, when he's really not. He wants you and so he's going for it.

No, slutty guys do not lack confidence.

The fact that you're here asking this question says to me that you're on the hook already.

no it mean he gets sex like he would from any other girl plus the feeling of accomplishment from obtain something that is hypothetically difficult to attain

Yes I'm going after this guy. He considers himself a "sex god" and sleeps with multiple women per week. But all the women he goes after are VERY strong women who don't seem like the types who would want to be with a fuck-her-and-leave-her type, including myself.

He's going to fuck you and leave.

That's what I'm expecting.

Should I just message him and strike up a conversation? I know it's going to end with a quick fuck with him blocking me eventually. He has beautiful eyes and a beautiful body and seemed receptive to me when I left comments on his recent pics.

Oh I'm following now, this is bait.

What makes you assume I'm baiting you?

because you cant be this clueless about social dynamics without being legitimately autistic

Why every time I start seeing a guy and meet his friends those friends will start hitting on me when he’s not around?

iktf user. It barrels down to find better guys, no reason to socialize with garbage.

Because coming to Jow Forums claiming to be a smart high value woman who is only looking for serious relationships but is intentionally walking into a smash and dash because he has beautiful eyes and muscles is the kind of thing you'd say to trigger the incels here.

how can a guy go from kissing me and telling me he loves me one week to ghosting me and not replying to my messages the next? what happened? is it possible he just suddenly lost interest that quickly for no reason?

Going on that alone, it's possible he was working you and someone else at the same time, but got pussy from the other girl first

Anyone who does that is scum/playing with you/mentally undeveloped

Thisssss. Don’t take him back even if/when he does. Focus on men who doesn’t leave. Him doing that shows his trash. Delete his number.

Better luck next time.

I'm sorry I made you feel that way. I'm being 100% serious though. I just find it odd that someone like him would be receptive to me if all he's looking for is sex. I'm just trying to understand his reasoning.

I was at the club the other day, and one of the girls in my friends friend group blew me a kiss following along with the song lyrics. Was she just mimicking the song or was she actually interested?

hes taking his chances you mong.

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depends how long she hasn’t heard from him, he could be dealing with shit right now. i’d say if he doesn’t get in touch in the next 1-2 weeks, forget him.

>he could be dealing with shit right now
I don't get this, if I'm busy I type a message that takes 5 seconds at most.

Bait or excessive hamstering.

You're going to end up like literally every other girl that's convinced themselves they're so unique the local player *has* to want a long-term relationship with them. You're not the first slut that's thought you'll be the one that will make him change his ways with your stronk personality, and you won't be the last.

I don't want a long-term relationship with him.

Girls, would it be weird for a guy to wave at you while he was drving and you were walking?

She was being playful/a little flirty, which means at least she thinks you're a nice/non-creepy person (or that you look like it if you didn't really interact), but it's hardly an invitation to ask her out already. Just take it as encouragement to talk to her more when you get the chance.

Writing (short stories mostly), I've just always done that. Though I was not one of the cool girls in primary school and getting respect/acknowledgment for it definitely played into becoming more serious. Reading, same story. Also love translating (poetry, mostly) which I got into because I was trying to write a little poetry after growing rusty and I figured it might help give me inspiration. It did not, but it's incredibly addictive.

I also played the cello for years, so does my mother and watching/hearing her play as a child made me want to do the same.

No, not at all.

Without other context I'd say, he might just be dealing with everything involved, but based on your second message definitely reach out to him. If he doesn't respond to texts call him. If he doesn't pick up go visit, without a warning.

It might sound dramatic but what you say makes all my alarm bells for an abusive relationship go off. Even in the best case scenario going from arguing 24/7 to moving in without notice shows an unstable and passionate relationship. Him not playing games and not reaching out to anyone for weeks only makes it look worse.

Then why ask this place for advice about it in the most roundabout way (unless you're baiting)?

Because, again, I want to understand the psychology of these guys better so I know how to approach him.

Not the user you responded to, just lurking the comment chain, but from what you say this guy is looking for sex and nothing else, you are fine getting sex and nothing else, and you're his usual type. What's the issue? Just hit him up and flirt with him. No point in trying to analyze what makes him act the way he does.


Not to annoy this thread any more, but knowing the kinds of girls he likes, would posting pics of me in sexy outfits do me any good? Or should I stick to being myself?


You seem to know other women he went for, look them up and see what they present themselves like. This is your safest bet, people are full of contradictions and just because he gives off a certain impression doesn't mean everything else neatly falls in line with that. It's all subjective too, you could see a woman posting a sexy picture as a sign of confidence but also as insecure or tacky. There's really no saying what it looks like to him.

Also you didn't ask this but in general I very much recommend not fretting over it so much. It would be different if you had feelings or saw real relationship potential but the world is full of appealing young men and if he's not buying someone else is. Working too hard to impress people over time can make you feel like you HAVE to work hard to make an impression on people, and the best people won't like someone stumbling over their feet to be liked by them anyway.

if a man posted this about a woman everyone would be saying hes just unlikeable n deserved it

Girl I met about a month ago asked me if I wanted to get lunch with her this week. What do I make of this?

What do white girls think about asians as dating partners?

I seem to be getting nothing and I'm starting to wonder if this is personal.

do you girls ever let your boyfriends fuck you without kissing or foreplay?

like for example you are tired and your boyfriend just wants a quick nut, do you ever just get naked and let them immediately penetrate?

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>like girl, liked back
>miss tonne of signals/chances
>stop being dumb and ask her out, instant yes reply
>accident happens, doesn't show
>talk to her, ok shit happens, we'll reschedule
>reschedule and no reply after few days

Has she moved on, was the first no show an elaborate excuse and the silence now hoping I take a hint? Should I ask one more time to see if she's still interested and then call it quits?

I don't want to dwell on her for too long if it's a lost cause but she gave me so many chances plus I'm an idiot. The good thing is we no longer see each other too much so moving on shouldn't be too hard.

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This isn't really something I can answer (though I'm sure some women do/have a kink for this - look up free use) as I've never been in a relationship with someone long enough that this situation would occur.

Having said that, foreplay isn't really something just to make it feel better for the woman, it really is to physically prepare for sex. The clitoris swells inwardly, like a penis, when aroused and this is what makes penetration feel good to begin with (and why sticking a tampon up there doesn't give any pleasure, but a finger once aroused does).
Now of course you can have sex without foreplay but you'd need lube, otherwise the best case scenario is vaginal irritation and the worst is internal cuts (that can take a really long time to heal).
This is also why the vagina gets wet during rape, once someone starts fucking you lube is produced to preserve the body. Still though if you want to do this add extra so that while it might not feel great to her it won't hurt either.

Went out for dinner with this girl. Went for coffee after. Talked for about 5 hours about whatever we had in mind.
However, when we talked about friends, she kept saying she was really close with this other guy. Is this a bad sign?

I think Asian men can be very attractive and I've met plenty that I really liked. I'm absolutely confident that I'd have no problems at all falling in love with one.

Having said this, overall I notice white men more than any other race. To me it is not a matter of a preference in terms of skin color or something like that, it is just that a white guy is most instantly familiar, and not to be one of those "hurr you all look alike" dicks, but as I've seen many many more white men in my life than any other race I do notice individual little details about someone's face/build fastest in my own race, and in my experience it is often those little things that really catch your eye. (Just a random example but noticing a guy has quite feminine eyes with long lashes.)

Basically once I'm talking to a man and seeing his expressions, hearing him speak of himself, it doesn't matter anymore and my judgment is based on individual things. But just being out and about and lost in thought I am much more likely to notice a white man than one of color.

It's a good sign that she wants to spend more time with you, that's about the only conclusion you can safely draw at this point.

Just ask her if she's still up for doing something and if not, no biggie. It doesn't seem likely to me that she's done a 180 after saying yes at first but who knows. I think she gave you enough to work with to give it one more shot but if you still get a non-committal response don't linger waiting for her to change her mind.

Is there any way to tell weather or not a girl has an ugly looking clam without actually asking her or seeing her naked?
Are there any personality traits that a roasty might have that would give that fact away the same way a guy with a huge dong would act more confident?

There's a good chance that she was being so overt about it because she's had bad experiences with it being a dealbreaker or guys getting jealous.

In my opinion opposite sex friendships definitely exist but yeah the risk that there's additional baggage is higher than with a female friend. Could be some level of interest or history but also something like him having unrequited interest in her.

You don't have to be okay with it, I'd try asking her about it. If you don't have serious female friends that could be a good opening that's not too accusatory, tell her it's not something you're familiar with and ask what their friendship looks like, were feelings never an issue etc. You'll probably be able to get a feeling from her responses. If he's never/barely had relationships in the time they've been friends that's a bad sign. Personally I'm also wary of opposite sex friends that do things usually associated with relationships (good morning/good night texts, visits when the other one is sick, exclusive nicknames/inside jokes they really keep up with, physical contact that's not a brief hug to say hi...).