White girl

>white girl
>not attracted to white guys
>internet is obnoxious about me dating black guys

>what do?

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That's funny, I'm not attracted to white girls.
Wonder what made us this way?

what(who)ever you want

Yeah im white and also am not attracted to white women. Never been able to pinpoint why though

Just date whoever you like.
I get shit for dating brown girls too, but they're so cute and less bitchy

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Become a nun

I think it's pretty dysfunctional to not be attracted to your own race but that's life. If you want to date other guys why do you care about Jow Forums's opinion on it OP?

dont date niggers or white guys

Idk but I am married to a white guy and have this secret fantasy of marrying a black guy and having biracial kids.
What really fucks me up is that I don’t find biracial guys attractive so I have a hard time thinking about making kids that I wouldn’t find attractive.

I'm a white dude who only dates asians.. been with my current asian for 2 and a half years now. going really well.

>I am married to a white guy
>secret fantasy of marrying a black guy and having biracial kids.

please divorce this poor man

>be white girl
>get brainwashed into bestiality from the internet
>turn to the internet for opinions about my brainwashing

When you close your eyes human touch feels the same no matter the color of someone’s skin.
The difference is that the black guy I’ve been with has very kissable lips and is also quite strong

It’s not just the internet, I think I have to learn how to not let other peoples opinions sway me.
I feel like my doctor judges me too. Like the other partner is a patient of his as well and when I said I was seeing him he immediately suggested Chlamydia/Gonorrhea testing.

>the black guy I’ve been with has very kissable lips and is also quite strong
oh come on you can find a white guy that's strong with kissable lips, it's not about that is it?

maybe your doctor knows something?

It doesn’t seem like he knows anything. My testing came back clean. He is also super good at using condoms correctly. Most people make all these excuses about how they feel and he doesn’t do that, he just uses the condoms.


Your doctor was probably asking because your fuck buddy had it.
I don't really understand the point of your thread. You're looking for validation, not advice. If you want to sleep around with black guys with the clap, go ahead. I'm not going to say it's a good idea, though. I wouldn't recommend it to a woman I cared about.
Who knows? Maybe by throwing your diseased body at those dark skinned savages, you're keeping someone I love from being raped. Thank you, mud shark. Your sacrifice is appreciated!

I get hatred for being with a brown guy too, I don't get it though. I get comments like ''he's only with you cause white guys don't want you'', ok so why are you bothered by it then?

cause brown people are monkeys

Glub glub

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No, I find it sad that people act this way and when someone talks shit about white guys they get mad too, why? Because it's unjustified and it hurts, putting people in basket and calling them all the same isn't right. Every individual is different.

Go date some darkies then, the fuck do you care what we think?

Different breeds share similar behaviors...

No one would ever claim a chihuahua would make a fantastic family dog.

Culture effects who we are and how we treat other people.

Cultural difference is a thing, but how does it justify being terrible to people?

It’s just a backlash to growing up in a politically correct society. We all know different cultures are different and it’s infuriating when authorities tell us that we are all equal. The other side is that perhaps the lack of knowledge about why a culture does different things. Personally I find the more I know about another culture the more I can accept them, but I still know we are very different.

My question to you is this; do you feel gulity or uncomfortable with the people that you are attracted to?

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Mmmh I see.

No I don't feel guilty or uncomfortable, why should I anyways? But I do know how some people don't find it acceptable, for whatever reason.

>but how does it justify being terrible to people?
It's a defence mechanism to a perceived threat. Many guys see a girl of their race dating outside and see an existential threat to their tribe, so they want to reject you and insulate others from your influence and the influence of the other tribe. It's base behaviour but I think it's totally understandable and I often find myself feeling the same way.

>white guy
>not attracted to white girls
>only attracted to girls from other races

Just follow you dreams girl, let it flow through you

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While I understand your explanation, it's not an alright mindset, to me it translates insecurity and wanting ownership of that person, while there's plenty more women available. Maybe it's generally hard for a man to get a girl and that's why they feel more tense about it?

Tribal mindset reminds me how in times of war people rape each others women and ultimately cause more chaos, they take revenge on innocent people.
I mean you understand me right?

It would be greater if there was more understanding, but I know it's not always possible.

>to me it translates insecurity and wanting ownership of that person
I disagree. You share a common culture and traits with them and by race mixing you're contributing to the erasure of it. It's not that they own you, it's that you are part of a collective group and by rejecting it you're damaging them too.

>Maybe it's generally hard for a man to get a girl and that's why they feel more tense about it?
That rings partially true for me, but I'm basically an incel so I can't say that the average man feels so strongly about it. Besides, many women feel the same way, just look at how they respond to white male asian female couples that are so common these days. Like you say it probably comes down to how hard it is for you to get a partner. For someone like me it's a strong insecurity, for a normal guy who is able to get women it's probably a minor insecurity, and for most women who have no trouble finding guys it's an even smaller insecurity. I doubt some quintessential chad-type guy even worries about this at all.

>Tribal mindset reminds me how in times of war people rape each others women and ultimately cause more chaos, they take revenge on innocent people.
But there's no such thing as a non-tribal mindset, or if people do have it is very uncommon. We have civilisation which puts limits on this mindset, but in times like war civilised society breaks down hence people raping, murdering, and pillaging. Civilisation prevents us acting on those base impulses but it doesn't change how we feel about it.

I'd say get off Jow Forums but it's not just here or the internet that's a problem.

I don't know, you have to be a bit of a badass to deal with it. My mom got shit my whole life for being married to my dad and the two of them just figured it out.

Don't take your mixed-race family on camping trips to Ass-Nowhere, Idaho, though, that's idiotic

>stop larping and kys

Have you tried to not give damn what people on the Internet think? That might help.

>>internet is obnoxious about me dating black guys
only a small vocal minority of white guys on the internet. Look around you, nearly all white girls are dating black guys now, the media and the arts promote it so its not just accepted but the norm.

Also, white guys are way to effeminate or so same/same with their beards, flannel shirts, skinny pants, man buns and in the extreme, trans. No men at all so if you want a man you have to look elsewhere.

You've been influenced by race-mix culture. Realize that these feelings are not your own

Most of these girls as they grew up saw a mixed race black man in the white house for 8 years. That is one hell of an influence. Keep in mind however, Obama was elected twice primarily because he got the vote of white women. Blacks didn't put him there, white women did and then played all dumb with their husbands and bf's.

Enjoy all the fake ass niggas that enjoy pulling white girls as status enhancers. The genuine black guys that date white girls are not jungle status at all, they get called all sorts of shit from regular niggas and end up getting mostly white friends.

Aren't nigs so so too? What with their sagging pants, crooked teeth, and uneducated English?

>Caring about what others think
Women... never change

those people that give shit often date asian/black women

fucking hypocrites

What a coincidence.

I'm a nice guy and I make racebait threads role-playing as a girl while masturbating sissy cuck porn

>be hispanic
>dating a white girl
Just go for it i guess, but why did you marry a person your aren't attracted to?

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Screw the internet.

And screw whoever you want

How often do you go to the United Center?

If you want to date black guys go ahead. We need to separate the shitskin lovers from the rest

It just felt like that’s who society wanted me to marry. Externally it seems like the perfect relationship. People just don’t realize that we almost never have sex.

I go every so often.

Sucks to have shitty parents.

>Like the other partner is a patient of his as well and when I said I was seeing him he immediately suggested Chlamydia/Gonorrhea testing.

Fucking LOL, this has to be fake. The doctor cannot tell you about another patient's medical info but god damn if he ain't trying to do you a favor.

I think it’s a racist thing, like my doctor thinks black people have a higher rate of STDs (which statistically is true but doesn’t mean this specific person has an STD). I just don’t think he realized before that my partners were not always white.

>internet is obnoxious about me dating black guys Only racists aka conservatives are pissy about the skin color of who you want to date. As long as they aren't abusive or retarded, they could be blue like a smurf and it shouldn't matter.

The only way this is a problem is if your circle of friends or family are conservatives and you're worried about backlash from them, because getting judged by the internet is stupid. Is that the case?

This post gave away your larp
Sorry, Jow Forums faggot

Just find black guys to fuck so you can get pregnant and they will leave. Then you'll be stuck with black babies