How to properly determine if you're depressed? I mean...

How to properly determine if you're depressed? I mean, this disease became so "fancy" and "popular" that every lazy fag will bring it up in order to justify his uselessness and laziness. But what if I'm wrong?

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Laziness is a meme and unnatural state. Don't buy into that disgusting slave narrative that man is inherently bad.

Depression is only caused by being depressed. If you go around proclaiming I am depressed, I am depressed. You always will be depressed and will use that as an excuse to cope by drinking excessively and smoking weed and eating lots of fast food.

I second this, i wouldn't want to presume that i have depression without somebody qualified saying it. But what would be the general signs?

>clinical depression is marked by a depressed mood most of the day, sometimes particularly in the morning, and a loss of interest in normal activities and relationships -- symptoms that are present every day for at least 2 weeks
Other symptoms can include
>Fatigue or loss of energy almost every day
>Feelings of worthlessness or guilt almost every day
>Impaired concentration, indecisiveness
>Insomnia or hypersomnia (excessive sleeping) almost every day
>Markedly diminished interest or pleasure in almost all activities nearly every day (called anhedonia, this symptom can be indicated by reports from significant others)
>Restlessness or feeling slowed down
>Recurring thoughts of death or suicide
>Significant weight loss or gain (a change of more than 5% of body weight in a month
So if you feel depressed and have any of those other symptoms for more than 2 weeks at a time, you may want to go see a doctor

You are wrong, indeed, but at least you consider the idea.
The reason so many people"identify" with depression nowadays is because it *is* a lot more widespread and people have very low understanding of what depression actually is, that is to say an imbalance in hormones.
The only reliable way to know whether or not you have depression is to go see a doctor.

I have a few of those, but only the ones that can be considered character attributes. Maybe should go to a doctor, directly a psychiatrist or judt a general practitioner?

Go see a psychiatrist. It won't take very long and if the psychiatrist is good it'll clear your doubts.
If you know a good doctor ask them if they know a competent psychiatrist first in order to avoid the bad ones.

My mother is a doctor, but not sure if i want her to know about this. She will just be unnecessarily worried.

But thanks user

Don't necessarily ask her, but you could do the good ol' "asking for a friend, do you know a good psychiatrist"

>only the ones that can be considered character attributes
Which ones? None of those symptoms are regular “character attributes.” But the real smoking gun would be if you’ve had a depressed mood for two weeks

Nah, the recommended person might get back to her. Need to find somebody air gapped.

>feeling of worthlessness
I havent finished my undergrwd yet and i am overdue for years. This doesn't have a monetary cost, since uni is essentially free here but it makes me feel worthless and a failure

I sometimes over think small stuff and have somewhat an obsessive personality. I am the person who will not just check if my message is read, but also track my contacts online status to see if they are just avoiding opening the message.

I do get flustered from time to time, but i think thats for anybody. But i do have somewhat of mood swings even within day, in the morning i am cheery and stuff and something small gets me down within the day considerably.

>recurring thoughts of death and suicide
Thats a thing, almost daily for several years. Even when i was in Paris on a vacation i just couldnt shake them fully. But i am more suspect if this is because of my media exposure, Jow Forums specially instead of my actual life.

>weight loss
I mean in the last 5 months i lost 30 pounds or so, but that is more about diet and exercise. I do exercise properly for the first time in my life and eat less. And i am the same amount of hungry, i just do not eat.

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You conveniently ignored the “if you’ve had a depressed mood for two weeks” part, but goddamn all of that is cause for alarm. Please seek therapy.


6 6s reply to me. What an honour..

Can i get a clear definition of what depressed really mean?

Feeling sad, moody?

>Feeling sad, moody?
Yes exactly. Do you feel strong persistent sadness every single day? The suicidal thoughts and loss of appetite are already concerning on their own.

I dont have loss of appetite, i am as hungry as ever. I just dont eat until i am full anymore and reduced portion sizes. I am like the tyranid horde, always hungry all the time.. (the weight loss is literally the result of diet and exercise meme, i hope)

I have some days where i feel really sad user, sometimes even when i am with friends. Maybe not every day but these days it is more often than not i find myself just staring at distance overthinking sth feeling ghastly about it. However in a few hours i can be cheery and happy, is that a thing that might happen with depression?

Even with all this i actually think i might be just feeling what i am "supposed to feel", as if these werent my emotions i just copied stuff around from my friends and what i watch. Do i actually feel sad? Or am i convincing myself to feel sad? "Oh a person in my status should feel sad, therefore..."

If you not leave the bed and can't really feel neither sadness nor hate even for your own situation but just want to fall asleep again, that's depression. After a couple years of depresion your hypothalamus actually shrinks into oblivion, aka the center of yur hormons and feelings, you become physically unable to feel feelings. This will get better with actually changing your lifes circumstnces, but it never gets to where its been.

Get non-medicamentos help ASAP, it wont hurt if you're just moody.

t. chronically depressed for 15 years thanks due to a fucked up thyroid, unable to even love my own kids as their mother

>Even with all this i actually think i might be just feeling what i am "supposed to feel", as if these werent my emotions i just copied stuff around from my friends and what i watch. Do i actually feel sad? Or am i convincing myself to feel sad? "Oh a person in my status should feel sad, therefore..."
Sounds like assburgers. Especially aspie women tend to copy emotions and everthing else from tv and other people, which makes them even harder to diagnose.

You don't need a psychologist to tell you if you have depression. If you think you are depressed maybe you are. Just so you know all they do is give you a quiz like you would take online and make some judgements based on what you are behaving like, slouched posture, mumbling whatever. Also I think most diagnosis are really arbitrary that doesn't mean the problems aren't real just the diagnosis is made up by a board room.

Well, firstly, what gave you the authority to determine other people are just being lazy or not? Did you do full investigations into their lives? What they do, what they don't do, what they've experienced, how they feel, or do you just reflex eye roll whenever you hear the word?

Do you understand how the brain works at all? Do you understand depression isn't sadness as much as it is the reward systems wonky? Are you aware that despite giving yourself credit and probably believing in will power, everything you've ever accomplished is actually because your brain waved a dopamine carrot in front of your face to get you moving, and if that system isn't working, it truly is hard to get moving?

I am depressed because I can't afford a doctor.
> Go see a doctor

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As someone who is depressed I don't think I believe the reward system stuff. I think it comes from childhood trauma well actually I know it does and it makes so much more sense than the idea that my brain is broken. Anyone who is abused will feel miserable it is a healthy response but I think it takes a lot to get out of maybe even more than society is willing to give so instead we peddle an idea based on some correlational studies that it all comes from the brain chemistry but really it is a broken heart from life. Life can be real cruel sometimes to some people.

This. It's really straight forward.
Can't muster the will to do anything? No pleasure from things you normally enjoy? Hopeless? Feel life is terrible and will never get better? Possibly suicidal?

Depression. Ironically, one of the treatments is activity which requires the motivation you don't have.. in fact when they give you meds the main goal is restore motivation so you can build a sustainable lifestyle..

Yes there are numerous causes, some related to environmental factors, but at the end it is indeed a reward issue. Your feelings strictly are chemical because your brain is an organ. All perception is run this way.

Not to undercut your experience I'm sorry about your childhood, but that's basically like saying you don't believe diabetes is caused by an insulin issue... It completely definitely is because that's just how the system works.

Except it isn't really like diabetes because anti-depressants aren't much better than placebo. They also have bad side effects and for some the withdrawal symptoms csn ladt for years. Also most of the time they have to change medication because they really don't know what it actually does and are just experimenting. Also the serotonin idea is faulty because it immediately increases seretonin yet takes months to kick in.

Seriously dude you could have googled that.. they don't just flick a switch.. it takes time for them to do their work..

And I don't care how abused you were or how shitty your life is. Take MDMA, cocaine, LSD, shrooms, and they can make happy very, very quickly. Because they act on those same systems but in a more immediate way.

I am not trying to be mean but anti-depressants are pretty much just placebo. I think people with depression need some other treatment it is part of why I am finding it hard to get through but I really do believe it. Also people do not need drugs to be happy that is a lie but they can be fine for recreational use potentially.

They are not placebo user... One of the problems with them not working is it won't work for everyone, a lot of people don't stick it through, and mostly, the patient does have to do some work and reorganizing in their life to build a sustainable life style.
The point of anti depressants is to give you a baseline to build a sustainable life *without drugs*.

>Need some other treatment
If the ssris aren't working, yes you do..two people can experience the same treatment very differently.

>People don't need drugs to be happy.

Wasn't suggesting they did. What I meant was you seem to think rewards and seratonin have nothing to do with it. I'm saying take a drug that actually directly and immediately stimulates these parts and you'll see that yes, indeed they do.

Cocaine doesnt make you high... It disables the dopamine recycling system which causes a dopamine build up and that's what makes you high. Your own chemicals. Not the outside one.

I don't really believe it. I don't care if there is some slightly greater statistical impact of antidepressants than I thought the point is the experience on them is mostly negative from people and for some it is really positive but that could just be placebo and more power to you if you can get that effect it is great news. And most people aren't high all the time I don't want to be high I just want to be happy.

Is English your second language? Serious question not meaning to be offensive. You see to really not be understanding me..
One final time... You aren't supposed to be high. I've never suggested you're supposed to be high.. I'm saying these systems are hands down responsible for your mood. It's not made up at all, and the appeal of drugs to people should be proof enough for you.

>People's general experience is negative.

When thinks work, no one says anything. When things don't, people tell the world. People love to complain. Of course you'll only hear horror stories. The people it worked for just get on with their lives.

No I am just feeling bad today. And how can I trust psychiatrists when anti-psychotics are nothing more than chemical lobotomies? These drugs aren't safe at all they are a scam.

One of the most common things is that people conflate sadness with depression.

If there's an external factor that would make you sad or bummed out, like your grandma died or your gf broke up with you or you got rejected from a university or you realized that you still live at home or whatever else, that's not depression.

Another thing that people confuse for dperssion is when they live a shitty lifestyle of being online for anywhere from 8 to 16 hours a day and reading up on world news and politics that feeds into their fears and anxieties and getting mad at opinions that they don't agree with. or maybe they just play video games for 8-16 hours a day. Point is that they don't get nearly enough exercise and fresh air and get to change their mind and be in a positive place. Again, that's not depression.

So go through a checklist of things like that
>Do I exercise enough
>Do I spend too much time online
>Am I sad about something
and deal with it accordingly.

After all that is dealt with - do you still feel like shit? Then it's very likely depression.

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Bruv. I studied this shit in school, I am not going to make money off of you, and I care about you as a human.

It is not a scam. They are trying to help. And anti psychotics?? That doesn't sound like depression unless they're giving them to you alongside SSRIs.

If so the reason they're doing that, is because the anti psychotics work immediately, so it's to hold you over the 4-6 weeks while the ssris do their thing.

And I'm not sure if you're aware but you also need therapy. Psychiatrisrs are medical doctors. They diagnose and they prescribe, that's all. They dont do therapy you need to find another professional for that.
You would need CBT to learn how to cope and manage with your symptoms with the hope that you can live sustainably without medication.

I don't trust them. I also know how they will detain you if you are suicidal and drug you if you resist. I don't believe they really care about me they just want to give me drugs because it is easier and cheaper than some other system of therapy. It doesn't require helping me to find friends or purpose so it is easier to accomplish.

>Detain me for being suicidal
They will if you attempt suicide.. suicidal thoughts are a symptom that rarely translates into action. You won't be detained or forced into anything for that.

>They dont want to help.

Are you reading my whole posts? Your comprehension appears off today. I understand if you're feeling bad...
A psychiatrists' is to diagnose and prescribe medication. That's all. They are not licensed or qualified to provide any further assistance and they won't.

You need a therapist or social worker for the other shit like CBT, which *is* aimed at helping you make friends and having a better outlook on life. But no, a psychiatrist treats symptoms. That's their job, that's their training, that's their intention, and that's not a big conspiracy they're hiding nor are they lazy. They literally aren't allowed to do much more. That's just how it works.

Thats the culture we live in, you slave away all day for wages that will never get you anywhere and the constant threat of being replaced. Meanwhile society crumbles and quality of life goes down, everyone is only out to protect themselves and if you're lucky the best you can get from someone is a pat on the back. Honestly everything is so sickening and tiresome from the bottom to the top.

If you're an America, try and find a free health clinic in your area.
And then never vote for Republicans again because they want to fuck up the health care system more so you can't afford or have the means to get mental health care.

And what happens when the drugs don't work? They just give you more and more drugs with greater and greater side effects and if none of that works they just give up and say it is a lifelong illness. It seems like they don't really care. I am in therapy too and my therapist is nice but it is expensive and very brief so it doesn't feel all that effective.

Fuck you faggot the Democrats are going to make all our fucking money worthless and then tax away what's left and then NOBDOY gets healthcare

>What if it doesn't work??
Then you try another treatment

>More and more pills!!!
Usually only if the original one is doing it's job properly and you just don't like the side effects. Side effect aren't guaranteed. You could take a medication and feel no side effects. If you are not feeling the positive target effects of a medication you're taken off of it. Not piled on.

Your view of how it all works seems terrible tainted. So far you've gotten nothing right about the medical process. I feel you haven't tried anything and just collect the worst stories you can and define the experience that way.

So instead of trying, you're thinking of the "what if it doesn't work" and piling on reasons not to.. remember when I said one of the reasons ssris don't work is because you're supposed to do the leg work?

Your attitude is definitely not going to help you. You have got to take some risks and you have got to do some work. The therapist isn't going to magically fix you either. You do have to take responsibility and accountability for yourself and stop blaming the world and start helping yourself, too.

t. zero information voter
Nationalizing the health care industry would be one of the best possible things for the mental health crisis in America due to stronger regulations in medication which will bring down the costs of prescription drugs.
>But mum making new cures and medicine!
Almost everything the drug companies produce are from colleges where they use students as slave labor to produce new drugs. You're just cutting out another middle man and driving down prices significantly.

If you suffer from major health care problems.

>You do have to take responsibility and accountability for yourself and stop blaming the world and start helping yourself, too.
I've been trying but it isn't easy. Also I'm not sure I believe you my doctor made it sound like we would try other medication if it didn't work.

Not the person you were replying to, but your country's privatized health care/medical insurance system is so pants-on-head retarded and backwards it went from being funny to just sad.

People push medical treatment as far back as possible because they can't afford it. People go bankrupt from cancer treatment. One third of all GoFundMe projects are for medical bills. People clog up this board all the time with "guys does this look infected" or "what is this growth on my skin" and all sorts of other medical issues because they can't afford to go see a proper doctor.

You're supposed to be the greatest country in the universe. You should be able to make universal health care happen when any other first world country is able to.

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I know it's not easy. That's ok. But you've got to.

And yes, that's the point, if it doesn't work they try other medication. They don't add it, they switch it. I did say that. Because as I've said over and over, not everything will work for you. You seem to think the doctor will just keep adding more and more pills.
I expect that your doctor said that to you. You're still misunderstanding me.

And if it doesn't work what then? I think it won't work and I would rather do what would be done if medication didn't work since for almost 70% of people it doesn't work.

>I mean, this disease became so "fancy" and "popular" that every lazy fag will bring it up in order to justify his uselessness and laziness.

Just so you know, user, people have been saying this for ages.

Every angsty teen going back generations has faked 'depression' to seem different.

>doing a thing that has worked ZERO TIMES in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF MANKIND would be one of the best possible things for the mental health crisis in America

Fuck off. Socialism makes everyone poor at the expense of those who were doing fine.

It costs the price of one steak dinner to see a doctor, and you can see him the very same day. You are misinformed.

Not him but I was charged $100 to sit with my doctor for 15 minutes and refuse SSRIs and that's with insurance.

You cant think of life in terms of "what if it doesn't work". Even if we weren't talking about doctors and treatment, you cant think that way. You cant not apply to.a job because "what if I don't get it". You can't not talk to someone because "what if they don't like me" you can't avoid an event because "what if I dont have fun".
These are very destructive attitudes, doctor aside you have got to work on that.

>Doesn't work for almost 70% of people
That isn't true. I don't know where you get your numbers. Even if they weren't 30% is a pretty good chance... Especially when if it doesn't work you can just try something else.. doing nothing has a much higher fail rate than 70%.
>One in three campaigns through GoFundMe are for medical costs and the GoFundMe site states they are the leader in online medical fundraising. There are over 250,000 medical campaigns per year raising $650 million each year.
>The average cost for an emergency room visit will vary on whether or not you have insurance. A typical co-pay for emergency room services is $50-$100 which may or may not be waived if you are admitted to the hospital. If you do not have health insurance, an ER visit can cost anywhere from $150-$3,000 depending on the severities of your injuries or illness. In extreme cases where critical care is needed, the charges could be as high as $20,000. If you require an ambulance, the fees can be over $1,000 depending on the service.

Those are some expensive steaks!

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I am not trying to be stubborn but I disagree with you. That attitude doesn't work for everything some things are too dangerous to even try. You never know if jumping off a bridge will be fun until you try. I agree I need to go out and try to make friends but I don't want to risk the side effects and withdrawal symptoms of anti depressants when it seems obvious to me that even just having a friend would help me feel happier.

If the side effects are intolerable you.can come off them. If the withdrawal is such an issue tell your doctor, they have other options and would.rather accommodate you than have you just take nothing.
Welbutrin for example is a very mild anti depressant that has no withdrawal or serious side effects.

Fuck at this point I'd even say fuck it and urge you to try microdosing a psychadelic. That's some non addictive no side effect stuff that can have some profound effects.
Just carries legal risks which you can get around using research chems like 4 ACO dmt.

Only retards go to the emergency room. Any minute clinic is 25-50.

>Only retards go to the emergency room.
Like I said, an absolutely pathetically broken and sad health care system. That's the kind of shit you would hear when you're like backpacking through Liberia or something. "Oh no! don't go to the emergency room! They'll scam you out of your money!"

That's fucking stupid. The emergency room is for EMERGENCIES. That's why it's expensive. Whatever the fuck your dumb ass needs can be taken care of at the minute clinic. Contrast the British system; "oh, you broke ya leg, didja? Sorry m8, but our next opening is in Septembah. Hold toight till then, luv."

Okay well what about
It sounds like if you were abused at a young age anti-depressants really don't work. I'm really not trying to be difficult user I just am trying to be my own parent and look out for myself because nobody else will. I know I had a bad childhood it wasn't normal and it's effected me my whole life. It doesn't make sense for a drug that has vaguely described effects by people sometimes even some of them just sound like normal ups and downs of depression.

It's because it depends largely on a lot of factors.
Depending on the kind of abuse I'd predict you'd have a complication with ptsd or borderline personality disorder which, again, would also need to be addressed as well. But it would also (quite clearly in your case) affect your aptitude to *cooperate!* Because you are the most important factor in your treatment. You must trust and work with the doctor's.

Ok I'm going to give you some passing advice because I have to go.

Pay close attention to the FDAs research ok MDMA guided psychotherapy. It's close to legalization. Either try to get into a clinical trial with John Hopkins, or wait for it to be green lighted and seek that therapy.

I'm really confident that will help you as it is geared towards trauma. But the success of that even hinges a lot on your willingness to cooperate and trust the therapist.

save yourself some time, theres no point in arguing with these people he's either a 50+ year old who was raised on bullshit or hes a 20 year old whos republican because its counter culture

I think you are right that I have trust issues. But thanks for letting me discuss this user it has been bothering me a lot.

Wouldnt it come up considering i am late 20s. Granted in my country psychiatric care is not on the forefront.

>not a woman

No worries. Good luck!

Well, I have only been diagnosed at 28, as a woman tho. It's rare to find even an expert which knows the specifics for female autism.

But most likely you're just overthinking and fighting rising depression. Do what everbody says: Go out, go lift heavy and eat proper meals ( start cooking from fresh stuff). Not only will you get more nutrients (supplement 5000IU Vitamin D, you're sure as fuck deficient, read into overdosing for a ouple months) but also will your mood lighten up doing something usefull for yourself. Don't go on meds and don't wait longer till you start working against it.

>Mum socialism meme
Way to prove you're ignorant on the subject.

>The emergency room is for EMERGENCIES. That's why it's expensive.

The emergency room here costs 0$

Correction; it costs 65% of every paycheck.

It doesn't.

Meawhile America spent 6 trillion dollars on supporting Israel and bombing Pakistani dirt farmers since 2001

I do leave house at least 4 times per week, and as stated on the thread before i am working out. I mean not in the most effective way maybe but i did loose a bunch of weight and more fit then ever. I have a stationary bike in my room and stuff..

I think i am good at vitamins, i take 2 multivitamin randomly from a pile given to me by a doctor friend. My vitamin values are all within margins, had them tested a few months ago. I eat fast food maybe 2 3 meals per week and even than it is not mcd crappy but better proper burgers. I will start looking for a psychiatrist around here.

Although maybe getting rejected girls might be getting me down..