Tl;dr GF cheated on me when her dad died, what do I do?

tl;dr GF cheated on me when her dad died, what do I do?

>been with GF for 5 years, live together and really close with her family
>has 2 other sisters, both married
>dad is diagnosed with cancer, its terminal
>help out with the family,d rive them tot he hospital and essentially take over his duties
>can see she is falling apart so do what I can to help
>he passes away a month ago, she goes AWOL and don't hear from her for a week
>finally see her at the funeral, have to organise pretty much everything as the sister's husbands are useless
>ask her if she's ok, where's she been and tell her how sorry I am
>she's crying non-stop, just saying she's sorry
>don't think about it, just want to be there for her
>her mother can't live alone in the house so is moving in with one of the sisters, pack the house to sell
>GF is quieter than usual, a lot more distant and I'll wake up to her crying in the middle of the night
>any time I try to comfort her or hug her she pushes me gently away, carries on crying
>decide to give her her space
>clearing the house this weekend, GF and sister helping out
>her phone is rining so go to hand it to her
>notice its her ex calling, let it ring out and then check the phone
>lots and lot of messages between them, he keeps talking about how he loves her
>she keeps telling him how she's not ready, how she needs someone to be there
>check back to the week where she wasn't round, her message was "Thank you for letting me stay, I just needed to get away from him. He's trying to replace daddy"

I haven't confronted her, I haven't said anything to anyone. I left the phone where I found it and carried on clearing the house. How do I just walk away form this? Her mum and sisters rely on me too much but I can't be around them. I don't care if they fucked or if they're just friends, it's the fact that she went to him and not me. I just want to take my things, block all their numbers and leave

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Just dump her and on. If her mum or sister ask any questions tell them about her cheating.

Sorry OP, but leaving is the only good advice.

>tl;dr GF cheated on me when her dad died, what do I do?
Dump her. Didn't have to read all that other shit to tell you that. Also quit dating people for 5 years at a time without marrying them. It always turns out to be a waste of time, as proven in his scenario.

How is that good advice? He would just be married to some cheating slut and have to give away half of his stuff.

so its better for him to have married her? people should date as long as possible so they have a chance to show their true colours before you get trapped.

Stop looking for reasons to stay with the cunt. You know how she feels about you even after you went above and beyond for her family.

Exit the stage

>"Thank you for letting me stay, I just needed to get away from him. He's trying to replace daddy"
Wow, you comfort her and help her and that's how she thinks? We have a big red flag here, drop it immediately.

She sounds like an absolute fucking cunt. Drop her in the same hole as her dad.

>dad dies
>spend the whole week at ex' place

let go, user

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You might as well bring it up to her.

>"Thank you for letting me stay, I just needed to get away from him. He's trying to replace daddy"
Fucking irredeemable. If this is bait then good job, if it isn't then leave her.

You absolute moron this is why you DON'T marry someone right away

Expose her for cheating in a long voicemail and say "This is why your Dad died, because you were cheating you stupid whore. Karma's a bitch, eh?"

That’s a bit... shovel to face eh? Kind of salty too. OP, just take your belongings and ghost her. Firstly, nothing you say will change the fact that she’s a dishonest cunt. The abandonment issues she have will send her over the deep end if you do this.

You are not wrong for doing so. You are also no wrong for seeing them through for another day or two to make sure they have what they need. I'm sorry she did this to you man. I understand she is going through a hard time with it, but that doesn't mean you have to accept her actions. We may not control what happens to us, such as a parent dying, but we control how we react, and she chose to hurt the relationship. You are not wrong for moving on.



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yes, I question why I even come here. it's just idiots baiting idiots or idiots giving advice to idiots

Oh man, now I feel foolish. Why does op bait like this, I wonder? For attention? No friends?

Ditch her OP. The death of a loved one always sucks but it is no excuse to do something stupid.

I know most of you are neither intelligent nor introspective enough to figure out why you hate women, but it's this kind of distrust and lack of commitment that leads women to look for her needs to be met elsewhere. As long as you establish your dominance early on in the relationship, the woman will follow you to Hell and back and not be interested in anyone else but you. Of course this might be unachievable for you people who worship any woman who grants them the privilege to fuck her.

This. I would do absolutely anything for my boyfriend, and the thought of being with another man disgusts me.

Run user. Run far, run fast, and whatever you do don't look back. End communication with her and do not give her a chance to talk her way out of this. After 5 years she could certainly pull your strings and convince you to stay, don't giver her the chance.

Leave the ungrateful bitch and let her pick up the pieces of her own life. Maybe then she will appreciate the shit that you have done for her. What a fucking brat, getting upset thinking you’re trying to replace her dad. You’re just trying to look after the fucking family. You’re a good person and she’s a Stupid bitch