I wanna be an actor!! Is it too late for me? I'm 21 about to graduate college. Nearly no acting experience or relation

I wanna be an actor!! Is it too late for me? I'm 21 about to graduate college. Nearly no acting experience or relation.

I want to be cool

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Are you a bottom?

you look like you've never seen a shower in your life

Go for it, but don't expect to make decent money doing it. Get a "survival job" waiting tables and pursue your passion on the off time.

I don't know how to even start pursuing my passion

What do you mean you don't know? Pretty easy, honestly. Start looking into community theater, take some classes, etc.

Find a good acting school or coach and take classes. Acting is a craft as much as an art, and you have to learn the basic how-tos.

Google "actors who started late"

Ohmygod! Do you realize your head is on sideways?

I don't really have money classes.
I'd just like to make money on the side with acting

>I don't really have money classes.
No problem, community theater is free.

>I'd just like to make money on the side with acting
You may eventually, or you may not. Most "working" actors make less than a thousand a year, so someone new with zero training is years away from any financial gain. This is something you will need to accept if you go this route.

I wish I didn't have a worthless stem degree

Do you have any tips in terms of basics? I'm just kinda familiar with the idea of projecting and blocking

No idea, I'm not an actor. All of this stuff you can probably learn online, though.

Wha- D:

>worthless stem degree

>black with unibrow
how is that possible

Try it


>I want to be cool
Don't bother then. That's the worst excuse under the sun.

Harrison Ford did the exact same thing at about the same age. Was living basically a NEET life eating pizzas and skipping classes at college and randomly decided to take an acting class, ended up becoming his career.

That wasn't a real sentiment .
Yeah but I'm not Harrison Ford and I'm already going to be out of college and kicked into the streets soon.

I'm gonna say the n-word and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

pluck ur eyebrows and dont individualize your hair so much, go to improv theaters, movie sets. Just apply everywhere

There's nowhere I can go! I can't do anything without any experience now not in this day of competition. Not even a background extra in like a commercial

Have you really tried enough?
How good is your acting too? Theres a bunch of literally retarded college kids doing small shows in my hometown like every two weeks about babyabortions or some dumb ass political agenda. You can start anywhere. Also, in this business its all about contact and connections. Its not about the job itself (thats for picking up skills) but chase that clout with no shame too while at it

You could, but only if you're funny. You don't have a face for dramas.

I have no connection to acting. Never had the chance

Dude, be clear of your goal. VISUALIZE you can do it for fucks sake. Dont be one of a billion of unclear parttime dreamers. Commit to what you want and START NOW. Visit the shows and hang around and talk to them, send out a shitton of emails, be present. You know you can get what you want and that youre stronger than this universe's challenges

Sometimes things feel hopeless man. I haven't had the best life so far. Struggle with depression.

It's too late for me. There no way I of all people could do anything. I know friends who killed themselves for years in this stuff during high school and college and have way more than I ever will but still had to give up the dream. I have no experience , am an introvert, the wrong degree, am old.

You're telling me waltzing into the local community theatre and telling people I want to be involved as an actor when I have zero credentials will do anything but get me laughed at?

21 is not old you idiot. Thats your brainworms telling you this. Ignore it.
The thing is that: After you figure out what you want in life, you have to think about what the smallest step is for you to achieve it, and then take it. Insert Nike slogan here.
So what if they laugh, convince them with your natural talent. And pain and depression is great, great art comes from great suffering (and doing things to avoid more suffering)

>natural talent