How do i stop being depressed about climate change ruining my life?

How do i stop being depressed about climate change ruining my life?

All on the news all the time I keep reading these stories about how climate change is going to lead to our apocalypse, that the world will become uninhabitable, that there is literally nothing we can do about it. I've become addicted to reading these stories and they make me unfathomably depressed and miserable.

I want to grow old. I want to die in my 80s or 90s of natural causes if I'm lucky. I want to have children and grandchildren. I don't want to fucking die in my 30s or 40s from apocalypse.

I also have a similar depression at the prospect of World War 3 or nuclear war breaking out. Whenever I hear of potential conflicts between the US and Russia, or of North Korea planning to nuke us all, I am gripped by an endless pit of anxiety and depression. I don't want to die young. Please.

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You are exhibiting symptoms of early onset schizophrenia. Please seek assistance before your symptoms worsen.

>being scared of a 1°C increase every 10 million years

Get into environmental activism. It isn’t too late if the masses take radical action soon. But just being part of a community that understands the severity of the problem, rather than walking around with blinders on like most of society, will do a lot to ease your anxiety.

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>trying to take action against something humans have no effect on

But all I hear from environmental activists is "it's too late". They all seem to have accepted it's inevitable we are all going to die and there's nothing we can do.

I just find it so mind numbingly depressing. It feels like everyone has given up. I've stopped planning for the future now and am beginning to give up on life cause I accept the world will probably end by 2035 at the latest.

You're a victim of Fake News, as gay as that sounds.

What will that do? China and India dont even respond to military threats. We're never going to get them to reduce their emissions and it's going to get way, way worse as South America and Africa industrialize.

>2035 at the latest
Youd have to nuke the fucking ice caps to accomplish that, what drugs are you on?

Dude 40 years ago “scientists” said global warming will end the world due to us all being underwater in 2000. The Earth will be fine for thousands of years to come.

Have a read about mass hysteria:
Climate change isn’t likely to affect your life, and if it does, it’ll be miniscule especially if you live in the 1st world.

How am I supposed to believe you guys though?

Maybe I'm reading up from too many "left wing sources" perhaps but I'm willing to bet most of you responding to me are right wing. What if you're just biased in the other direction?

So many scientists, really intelligent people, far more intelligent than me or you, seem to have accepted climate apocalypse is inevitable. If they have determined that, then what hope do I have? What is the point in life if early death and the end of civilization is inevitable?

>They all seem to have accepted it's inevitable we are all going to die and there's nothing we can do.
Are you really that stupid? If they thought there was nothing to do to stop it, there would be no point in them warning people about it. They're trying to scare you to get you to do what they want.

I’m not very political. I just don’t see any evidence of a doomsday.

I get that sense of dread but the way I see it is that although climate change is real, I don’t think it is going to bad as bad as alarmists would like you to believe. The planet has gone through several extention events already (The Great Dying being probably one of if not the worst one) and the fact that I see all these alarmists claiming going vegan will save us because cow farts are somehow sooo dangerous (even though many vegan alternatives that they preach are unsustainable and cause more pollution to get in 3rd world countries if I recall correctly).
Am I saying I don’t believe climate change is happening? No.
But what I am saying is that a temperature increase of like 1-3 (something like that right?) degrees globally maybe kinda probably isn’t going to kill the entire planet in 2 years time.
That being said make an effort to recycle and shit. Just because I said I’m not terrified of the climate changing doesn’t mean I’m not concerned with other issues like pollution and deforestation

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You haven't posted a single source backing up a single claim you've made. Until you prove otherwise I'm sticking with the actual consensus which is "climate change is not going to have significant effects with a hundred years and everything else is clickbait."

I literally read a whole essay on facebook today from a scientist who said outright "apocalypse is inevitable, young people will not live to old age". It's made me so depressed.

I mean I'm not arguing for either side. I want to believe you that it won't be a significant negative effect in my lifetime. But so many people argue the otherwise. Among my generation of young adults pretty much everyone I speak to accepts that they won't live beyond 40 or 50 at the most due to apocalypse. A lot of people my age I speak to are refusing to have children because they don't want them to die young in the ensuing apocalypse.

Most scientists say the opposite from the paid one you've read an essay of.

Apocalypse is literally impossible. Fuck off. There will be no happening. Shit will never hit the fan. TEOTWAWKI is not coming. NOBODYS LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE AT ALL

Which scientists, where?

The ones who write for better sites than FACEBOOK.

How can I believe you? It's hard when pretty much everyone around me believes in the apocalypse as an inevitability. I had to tell one of my friends to stop talking to me about climate change because he kept sending me articles and shit about how fucked up the planet is and how we're all going to die and it was making me really really sad and anxious.

You sound like you’ve already made up your mind and are just trying to get people to either argue against your beliefs in vain, or just wallow in misery with people who agree that the world will magically die by 2020.
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Maybe you should stop being around paranoid schizos so much

Liberals will tell you it’s too late. That’s why I specifically said radical activists.

No I really want someone to convince me that this isn't gonna happen.

Most people in my generation are like this. My facebook feed is full of people every few days sharing articles about climate change induced apocalypse and how we are all going to die and there's nothing we can do about it. Also people like to make jokes about it. Unfortunately I'm an anxious person so I can't see a funny side, I want to live to old age and the idea of dying young due to things outside of my control gives me uncontrollable anxiety.

Climate change denial is, literally, by definition, a conspiracy theory. You’re saying that the majority of climate scientists (i.e. the only people qualified to make judgements on the subject) are lying. It’s actually schizo shit.

I'm not denying climate change, retard. Learn the difference between climate change and global warming.

The term conspiracy theory was developed by the CIA to discredit whistleblowers who were endangering black budget initiatives like the cocaine pipeline out of South America and the far east opium trade in the 60s and 70s.

To quote someone else I heard this from:

"Climate change" is a much garbage as "intelligent design." This is due to the fact it cannot be falsified. The climate is always changing. Unlike legitimate scientific theories and hypothesis that one can state, like "global warming" or "global cooling" which can be falsified with a counter-theory and counter-evidence, climate change cannot.

Evolution is a valid scientific theory because there are ways to argue against it. For example, if one fossil was unearthed that broke the existing established strata chain (e.g.: a human fossil existing next to a dinosaur), then the entire theory of evolution would be blown apart.

Gravity is a valid scientific theory with the same standard. If one example was given where, with enough evidence, gravity functions differently in one part of the Universe than another, then the theory of gravity would be demolished.

Intelligent design is not a scientific theory due to the fact that no one can argue against it. For instance, ID people have stated that species A has X to fend off against species B, therefore, animals are intelligently designed. However, the same people will say that species B has Y to catch species A, therefore intelligent design. There is no way to argue against the claim other than asking which the intelligent designer favours, the prey or the predator?

Climate change is like Intelligent Design. It is very arbitrary and never gets into specifics, at least when quoted and "debated" by the common person. The things that is not mentioned on the "Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that humans are impacting the climate." are the fine details to how much or which direction. Never, when polled, is it specified that the change is "Greater than a degree centigrade worldwide."

Honestly I had the same fear but about automation. I think it is a real problem but my own anxiety makes it seem like everything will be fucked.

Automation is a total fucking meme. Your McJob is safe.
t. Guy who makes robots

Okay I actually am a programmer but I do have fears I will have to work a mcjob again.

Don't worry about that, robots will be working those jobs

Hey wait a minute...

Automation under socialism will be fine. Automation under continued market capitalism will result in the systematic cucking and fucking of the vast majority of the population.

Not OP, and it's not that "in 20 years we'll be primitive cannibals living in a sun-scorched hellhole", it's more that we have about 20 years to make serious changes.

from another news website that links to said study
>Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a chilling report that has sent most people (with the notable exception of the current president of the United States) into a deep funk. In it, some 90 climate scientists from 40 countries conclude that if humans don’t take immediate, collective action to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040, the consequences will effectively be baked into the natural systems of the planet. With so much heat-trapping carbon in the atmosphere, there will be, in effect, no turning back. The extreme droughts, devastating wildfires, massive floods, deadly hurricanes, and widespread famines that we’re seeing more and more of these days will cease to be statistical anomalies and instead be more like seasonal markers, as regular as the changing of the leaves.

I personally don't think that humans are as dumb and greedy and short-sighted as it seems. If we're able to build rockets that go to the moon and self-driving cars and VR and sex robots and everyone is walking around with a futuristic pocket device aka a cell phone that shits all over 1970s sci-fi's future of what future technology would be like, I do believe that we'll be able to adapt to climate change.