Hello anons,

I have questions regarding sex. I have only been with three women in my life, and only one of these did I have sex with more than once (for years, though).

Thing is, she could never come from penetration alone, so I am not experienced enough to know how frequent or rare this is. And before you talk about my benis being smol, it's not. If anything, it was too thick, and because of that, actual sex never lasted more than 15 minutes because it hurt her too much.

So here is my question: for those of you with much experience (man or woman), does this happen often? If you happened to be with a woman like that, did you find a way to make her orgasm from penetration at some point?

I never failed to make her orgasm by hand, so it's not a matter of not knowing what to do or giving bad vibes that prevent having fun and feeling safe. It's probably connected: she had very high pain threshold and generally felt less than most people.

I may have more questions based on your posts. Please keep the trolling to a minimum.

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I'm especially interested in anons - of either sex - who experienced both women who enjoyed sex a lot and women who did not, and/or struggled with sexual pleasure.

While it's not my main interest, female anons who had male partners who struggled with sex is something I am curious about as well. For other reasons.

It doesn‘t really matter how many % of women can or can not have a vaginal orgasm, since you could get 10 women in a row who can and the 10 who can‘t.
Anyways, if a woman can orgasm vaginally is determined by how her body is built. Just like the penis‘s shaft (who‘s the male equivalent to the clitoris, ending in the glans in both cases), some girls have small and thin clitorises and other have big and thick ones. The bigger ones reach deeper around the vaginal canal and the thicker it is the more friction it will get from penetration, thus making it easier for a woman to cum from penetration alone. That said, there‘s a huge grey zone. A lot of it also comes down to general sensitivity and being present. Some of it is tied to feeling safe and letting go. But even if all „obstacles“ are eliminated, she might not orgasm from penetration alone, simply because her body isn‘t built that way.

The misterious g-spot is basically just a place where you are close to the „legs“ of the clit going around the vaginal canal. Some girls are sensitive there. In that case, the right angle during penetration migh create enough stimulation for an orgasm. Others might not feel anything special, no matter the angle.
If her clit is rather close to her vaginal entrance, you could try angling your body in a way that your pubic area gives off pressure on her clit and maybe get her to that point of no return that way. If those things won‘t do it, you‘ll have to also involve your/her fingers or something else you can think off.
Keep in mind that a vaginal orgasm in NO way is superior to a vaginal one from penetration. They are the same. They are induced by stimulating the clit. Just at different parts of the clit. Some might say that vaginal orgasms are deeper. But my opinion is that that‘s just because they have been built up slower and indirect. You can get the same effect if you stimulate the clit slow and indirect till she orgasms.

She didn’t want to have sex with you, the large penis excuse was just a way to keep you away and boost your ego at the same time.

Haven‘t found a really good pic but the red area in pic related is all clitoris.

Also, don‘t put any pressure on yourself and her to achieve a penetrative orgasm. It will just make you two tense and dissapointed. Instead, focus on having fun and giving and receiving pleasure. In the end, it doesn‘t matter HOW an orgasm was achieved. It matters that you both enjoyed yourself.

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I make my girlfriend squirt using my dick and my fingers/mouth. It's all about the angle and technique. It's a lot of listening to what she likes and reading her body language. My girl loves it when I grab onto her hips and fuck her mercilessly in doggie. Or when I am pounding her down hard in missionary. But, when she is riding me, she likes it to be calmer. And I dig that. There are multiple ways to pleasure a woman. ALL of them involve communication and what she likes and is comfortable with.

>thus making it easier for a woman to cum from penetration alone. That said, there‘s a huge grey zone. A lot of it also comes down to general sensitivity and being present.
Wouldn't getting a woman boner help a lot here? Just like a flaccid man can't really come from penetration, a flaccid woman may not either.

Would 'preciate a woman's input here.

Germanon detected.

We had sex 5 to 6 times a week for 8 years. She loved my big cock. Sorry.

You got me, kek

You got a good reply from but there's also a mental divide. Women can have a hard time getting out of their head during sex, letting go of insecurities (hence the cliché that women want to fuck with the lights off) and so on. Porn also gives many men and women the impression that sex is normally fast and furious, foreplay is really just that, a way to get to penetration, and that just sticking it in gives a woman bliss. It usually takes both sexes more experience to realize that slow, drawn out sex can be as good if not better, and a woman is much more likely to come from penetration if she either already had an orgasm or is very close to one (which of the two depends on the woman and e.g. how easily she has multiple orgasms in a row, for some the first is the hardest and for others it's harder to have multiple).

Looking at survey rates the amount of women who can have vaginal orgasms is about 30-40%. That is not the same as having them easily or often, but at the same time the number is bound to include women who have been having sex "wrong" (too porny) or who haven't mentally learned to be present and surrender to what they're feeling. In particular type A women who have a hard time of letting go can have difficulty with coming. This doesn't mean that 30-40% is physically incapable of having a vaginal orgasm.

Any man you're going to ask based on experience is likely to not be entirely sure either, faking is VERY common exactly because of the discrepancy between how easy and natural porn makes female orgasms from penetration look vs the reality. Many guys get angsty, pushy or annoyed if the girl takes "too long" and this can make it really hard not to cave and pretend to avoid a conflict, reassure him and so on. Any guy will swear up and down that he wants to know what gets his girl off but that doesn't mean he's going to be happy to learn that she can only come in one position and only while also being fingered and even then not very often.

This pic is misleading. Keep in mind the clit is horizontal, but this pic makes it look like it's upside down.

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Yes, absolutely!
The biggest part of giving a woman an orgasm is getting her aroused in the first place. And just like a penis, the clit gets an erection when aroused. You just can‘t see it that obviously. There are girls with rather big clits (bigger part of the gland that‘s outside of her body). In those girls, it might be easier to see if they already have a „lady boner“. In girls with tiny clits like myself, you can‘t feel or see anything on the clit directly. But you could still tell because the whole genital area gets plumper due to hightened blood flow. And also, her attitude might change and she‘d get more - ehem - insatiable.

All good advice.

I know. It was the best i could find that showcased the actual size inside the body,.. maybe you can find a better one?

Oh, you already posted one. My bad!

>This doesn't mean that 30-40% is physically incapable of having a vaginal orgasm.
Whelp, obviously meant it doesn't mean that 60-70% of women is incapable of it.

To continue, another reason for women to fake is shame because in fact they aren't sure at all that if the guy does x or y they WILL have an orgasm, and they are afraid of being somehow defective, wired wrong etc. But basically whether or not a woman has an orgasm, and from what, is a point of scrutiny for men and if you are entirely truthful about your responses you are going to be disappointing men you are crazy about, love and desperately want to impress and please. Not everyone can do that especially when young and put on the spot to make a decision.
If anyone is lurking this and wants to avoid their partner faking, there's nothing better you can do to encourage truthfulness than to let her know/feel your sexual satisfaction doesn't depend on it and you don't believe she didn't enjoy sex (or penetration) just because she didn't come.

Basically, it is not rare for women to struggle with vaginal orgasms, it is not the norm for women to come from penetration most or all of the time, but it is harder to say whether that boils down to physical inability (which as the other user explained is definitely a real thing) or to something that could be addressed.

my gf cums from pentration a lot. She knows how to rub her pussy on my cock when I'm inside her to make herself cum. But she's the first girl I've been with that can cum from just fucking

These are good replies. Good thread, people. I am not disappointed.

>OP, always one step ahead

Did she ever struggle or was it always natural to her?

I'm wondering if a woman who can't come from penetration can somehow learn to achieve that, or if it's really technical.

It was always natural, at least since she's been with me. It started when she would ride me, and she would make herself cum. But know she can when I'm on top and pounding her too

So you'd say it's more a psychological thing?

No, I think it's just the way some girls know they're bodies more than others. To be honest, I'm pretty sure there's some clit stimulation going on too, but she's knows how to work it using my cock rather than needing to use her fingers.

Is there a good guide on recognise STD symptoms and herpes? I'd like to be able to tell when someone is infected.

This is pointless, many STDs (like chlamydia, or herpes if they're not currently having an outbreak) have no symptoms. Apart from that it's not easy as a non-professional to distinguish with one look between the many different kinds of bumps (skin tags, infected hair follicles, razor rash, a cyst) that are not STD-related and e.g. warts from HPV.

Just make sure to wear condoms unless you both get tested and understand that sex carries an inherent risk with it, condoms or no condoms.

Other user but it's always a package deal: physical, mental/emotional, practical. The physical is a matter of how well her clitoris wraps around the vaginal canal and how aroused she is before sex, that's been mentioned.

Mental/emotional is a lot of things. It's about how good she is with relinquishing control. How good she is with receiving. How much at ease she is with her own body and how well she knows herself (= being able to mentally anticipate the nearing orgasm and thus add to it). How attracted she is to the guy, how comfortable she is with him/how uninhibited she feels she can be with him, how deep the trust is, how attractive he does or doesn't make her feel. How relaxed she is, how much she feels in the moment vs fretting.

Then there's practicality. Does the penis hit her g-spot well? Is it a good fit for her? If a penis is very long the man can't always insert it balls deep, and that can make it a little harder because the friction from his pelvis bumping into her clit helps (related to this; does the man realize this and use it for maximum advantage by ending his thrusts with a little grinding motion?). Position matters, for some women the pussy's much more sensitive when they're on their stomach (blood pooling there naturally on top of their arousal). For many women it's easiest to come in cowgirl because they can control everything, but many young women are also self-conscious about riding the dick, and what works most effectively for many women (a sliding, grinding motion) isn't what feels best for most men (up-down-up-down) so the guy might discourage her from doing her thing.

You get the idea, for every individual another element or another combination of elements can be the missing link in the chain. Having said this, if it's a mental block this is usually given away because the women does come (or gets much closer) when she's had a bit to drink or smoke.

>maximum advantage by ending his thrusts with a little grinding motion?)
I had never thought of that. Taking notes.

Some girls simply have busted vaginas. Meaning they'll just not feel good enough to make you cum.

I think the main issue is you're not getting into it enough. Have sex more, gain confidence in what actually gets you off, and you'll be fine.

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I forgot all about sex. I'm not even sure it's real anymore.


You don't have to do it every thrust, but throwing it in is great and if you can find a fluid natural rhythm where you sort of "lean in" at the end instead of immediately backing up again that's ideal.

Play around with rhythm too, obviously men masturbate to finish as quickly as possible but a lot can be won with anticipation. If a woman is dripping wet and desperate for it, moving like you go to put it in and then just rubbing her lips/clit with the tip is going to drive her insane. Similarly for starting up achingly slowly and taking your sweet, sweet time to work up to a more frantic pace. Or starting with an inch or so and backing up until she's about to attack you, then surprising her by going all in.

This is an individual thing but also worth trying, especially when on top some women LOVE when you press on their lower stomach as your dick goes/is inside. This depends on the lay out of their body, for some it has no added value and for others it's bliss. Worth giving a shot at least.

Question: I once made out with a woman inside a car, and we were both dressed. I did exactly that type of move, and while I am not sure, I think she eventually came from it because at one point, she held me against her (hands on my butt), and sort of exhaled. Nothing loud but after that we stopped making out and she seemed very relaxed. I always assumed she had come. Any opinion?

>obviously men masturbate to finish as quickly as possible but a lot can be won with anticipation.
I masturbate for hours if I have time and if my dick can take it.

>some women LOVE when you press on their lower stomach as your dick goes/is inside.
Taking notes furiously here. You guys know your stuff.

I know it's disappointing but this is impossible to say, only she knows. Responses to orgasm vary wildly, a long sigh can be from coming or just from feeling happy/aroused. Women generally speaking have less issues with physical frustration if they break off sex acts so she could've just made a mental decision that she liked it dangerously much but that would be it for the night (or whatever). Only by being someone's lover for longer can you read their own individual cues accurately, and even then this is mostly possible if they are also open in talking about their experiences.

That's great (as long as you don't exert too much pressure in the process) but not the norm.

>Women generally speaking have less issues with physical frustration
Not this one. I know how she is when frustrated, so there's a good chance she really did come.

>That's great (as long as you don't exert too much pressure in the process)
Death grip is a total myth to me. I don't see what more pressure would do. The pressure is just right!

Desensitization from jerking off roughly is absolutely not a myth. (And the same can happen to women, especially with vibrators or riding pillows hard.) If you steadily increase the pressure to a point where you enjoy a kind of force that no vagina in the world is going to give you, a pussy isn't going to feel like much at all in comparison. This applies all the more if the man jerks off hard, fast and without lube. A moist, relaxed pussy, even a tight one, isn't going to provide anywhere near that kind of friction. Similarly if you always use a Hitachi magic wand you are more likely than not going to have issues getting yourself off with just your hands.

This can be unlearned, but it's definitely a real thing.

>Desensitization from jerking off roughly is absolutely not a myth.
Then explain this: I jerk off daily, sometimes twice. Sometimes for 3 hours. I do it hard enough that I bleed, and I never ever had any desensitisation happen.

That said, many vaginas I've known were loose and hateful. But that's probably just vaginas being loose. Tight ones are heaven. I doubt it'd be a good idea to blame men for loose vaginas. I can't come from boning a glass of water either.

I have no explanation but exceptions happen. Even just lurking this board you'll get plenty of guys saying they literally don't feel anything of a blowjob, it is a common complaint from women online and in real life that they sometimes run into men who need vigorous hour long fucking to have an orgasm and so on.
I don't know why your penis can take abuse and still keep sensitivity but the opposite can definitely happen.


My guess is the issue is libido rather than cock. The whole no fap thing helps men lose their libido. If you stop orgasming, your body adapts and you'll need less sex after a while. That makes it harder to come in the long term. In my case, if I go two weeks without an orgasm, then I can live without sex and it takes rebooting to get my libido back. This only happened once in my life but I clearly remember to have to fap with will when I virtually didn't feel like it at all.

Yeah libido gets lower when you never interact (even with yourself) sexually, but this doesn't in any way explain to me how you could not feel physical sensations. I've read way too many threads literally saying "I don't even feel if I'm inside [her mouth/pussy] or not". And who turn out to masturbate actively.

Again, same phenomenon is known in women. I really do think you just got lucky.

Question regarding casual sex. What is the general attitude of women about it? I'm talking about women who want casual sex. Are they all looking for emotionless porny sex or are hugs and tenderness welcome?

whoever you are, SexGod, I am happy you are teaching 'em how to do it! plz men this kind, multiply!!

My girlfriend also does something like this. She likes to fuck missionary and always starts lifting her hips into me to help get the right parts rubbed.

>read way too many threads literally saying "I don't even feel if I'm inside [her mouth/pussy] or not". And who turn out to masturbate actively.
I've been with women who have such soft vaginas that you indeed feel nothing, but that's because the vadge is loose. It's awful. It's the equivalent of a man not getting hard. But I don't think this is due to men jerking too much. If there's no pressure, why on earth would you feel much from it? If you add a condom to it, it becomes impossible to feel anything whatsoever.

Masturbating actively is what most people do, yet not most people report desensitising, so I think that's probably not the cause.

Why don't you teach men as well?

I don't know man, I think there's still a stretch between the vagina feeling too loose to enjoy optimally and not feeling anything at all! Especially when you can use positions to adjust it a little, like doing one where she keeps her legs more together. I don't think it's normal personally to run into vaginas often that you get zero pleasure from - which is something else than them not being satisfactory.

>if there's no pressure
You can feel warmth, just because a pussy doesn't grip you doesn't mean it doesn't touch you. A mouth also doesn't close around your dick like a tight glove in most cases but that doesn't mean it feels like nothing at all. A tongue doesn't exert big pressure.

You can masturbate as much as you want as long as you do it softly enough (in terms of touch, using lube etc) that it's not worlds away from what an average vagina or mouth can offer.

Your safest bet is probably in between, I wouldn't go for stuff like forehead kisses and whispering she's beautiful when cuddling after sex, but chatting a little first, easing into sex without rushing, being attentive (like holding her hair out of her face when she goes down on you), complimenting her looks, sharing a smile/kiss during sex etc is all good.

If you see someone more than once it's especially important not to act too much like a boyfriend. But in general sex is simply better with emotional warmth thrown in. Yeah it makes it a little more likely that someone does end up wanting more but I think fucking like a robot just so someone doesn't like you enough to want more isn't worth it just to avoid that. In general sex can always come with unexpected feelings. All you can do is try to strike a balance between acting cold and acting infatuated. And to take her cues, of course, most women also try to set the scene for the kind of encounter they want.

>You can masturbate as much as you want as long as you do it softly enough (in terms of touch, using lube etc) that it's not worlds away from what an average vagina or mouth can offer.
This stuff is a mystery to me. I don't understand how people could apply so much pressure that it kills their dicks. Is this even a thing? I don't think my dick lost any sensitivity. I don't think I pressure it to death either.

I had a question for you but I forgot it. Fuck.

Well, killing is a bit harsh, you can definitely regain sensitivity. But you can lose some, yes.

Let me ask you this: do you enjoy blowjobs? A woman just twirling your tongue around your penis, does that feel good?

Thanks. Good thread today, good thread.

I've never tried casual sex.

>Let me ask you this: do you enjoy blowjobs? A woman just twirling your tongue around your penis, does that feel good?
Yes. The only woman who sucked me was very bad at it, though, but I felt things for sure. I even came once.

If you're a good looking man who works out and has higher education, how hard is it, realistically, to find women to have sex with? Asking for a friend.

There you go, imo that's the biggest indicator. When people really lose sensitivity they don't enjoy blowjobs because the sensations are too soft.

I'd experiment with different brands of condoms when jerking off so you are absolutely sure which leaves you most sensation. Sometimes men also get a size that's too small because they feel they aren't "big", because they think internet stats are real, or because they don't realize their length is average but their girth is not. Just because the condom can accommodate easily doesn't mean it won't restrict your blood flow.
Also make sure to apply a drop of lube in the condom to enhance sensations.

>I'd experiment with different brands of condoms when jerking off so you are absolutely sure which leaves you most sensation.
I bought condoms that had a greater girth, because I always felt that condoms were pressing down on my cock so fucking hard it was an ordeal to stay erect. The greater girth fits better and actually maintains erection as the base holds tighter than the rest of the condom, like a cockring I suppose.

They don't do the nice condoms in my size, however, the "skyn" stuff.

This is pretty much impossible to answer but I do want to say that you left out the two biggest components (arguably, maybe looks are as big but I still doubt that personally): how many women in your age range you are able to meet, especially in day to day life, and how good your social skills are.

There are many many more men interested in casual sex than women offering it. (With reasons, ranging from slut shaming to women simply not being nearly as likely to have an orgasm on their first time with a new guy.) The single biggest factor is whether you have a big range of women available to you, in theory. If so, it still matters whether these are only accessible through tinder (for example you have male-dominated hobbies, follow a STEM-education and have only have single male friends who have male friends in turn) or that you can meet them in a day to day situation like at work, in college, through friends, or (ideal) through a shared interest. Sex is potentially vulnerable for everyone but for women more so, men being physically stronger and more likely to act aggressive (or just ignore a boundary, pull off the condom, snap a picture when she's not looking). On top of that as mentioned often your average woman doesn't get much out of rushed, short-lived penetration. So in picking a suitable partner it matters a lot whether you seem a reliable, emotionally in touch, pleasant individual. This is extremely hard to convey through texts but in real life it's a different story. And on top of that you can show off your humor/wit, intelligence, interests and so on much better face to face as well. Flirting is by and large showing off your character, making the woman feel that while many men could give her the dick, you can give her an honestly good time. So there you have the social skills aspect.

>how many women in your age range you are able to meet, especially in day to day life, and how good your social skills are.
I never meet anyone new but my social skills are top. 99% people adore me.

Based post, that said. Damn you guys are good tonight.

ITT: good advice.