My girlfriend got raped by a guy who is refusing to leave her alone...

My girlfriend got raped by a guy who is refusing to leave her alone. I’ve been telling her to get a restraining order against the guy, but she’s afraid to do even that. I’d beat the lowlife up, but I’m quite weak and not fit; this guy is the top wrestler at her school. Besides, she hasn’t told me his name, and rape accusations are hard to prove as I’m aware.

What advice can I give her that will somewhat put an end to her nightmares?

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>she hasn’t told me his name
Sorry to tell you, but that wasn't "rape", she just did something stupid at a party and regrets it.

Get the cops involved yourself. "My gf was raped and is refusing to point the finger, make her do something."

That may be, but the harassment afterward is the real prompter here. Just today he busted her lip

This too would work if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s in a 60 person class in bumfuck nowhere. If I file, they’ll all know what happened and she’ll get beat worse if nothing comes of it

Learn how to fight then beat the fuck outta him.

He’s the best wrestler at her school,
plus she isn’t giving up his name

Those 2 statements are contradictory, just learn who is the best wrestler from somebody else in school.

Bitch, find out for yourself and pull a gun on him if you’re so weak.

If he‘s the best wrestler it shouldn‘t be hard to find out who it was.

Lmao, she likes it rough, huh?

user, come on... she‘s playing you realy bad right now.
She wasn‘t raped. She just wants her cale and eat it too.

Get a gun and shoot him or get a sling and throw rocks at him from a distance dont be a faggot

Don't even need to know how to fight, give him a knock with a rock, skateboard, or padlock when he isn't expecting it

Either get the authorities involved, or quit being a bitch and watching your girl get beat. Either way, DO SOMETHING

70% of Jow Forums can't talk to girls. The other 30% that can get girlfriends exclusively date rape victims. What are the odds?


that means she fucked a nigger too, even worse. leave her asap.

Fuck the whole wrestling team up nigga. Start off with the weaker bodies so the stronger bodies get shook until someome start spilling the tea. If someone raped a girl I knew, I'd kill the fucker. Shit, it'd be worth the jail time. That shit don't fly ever.

>My girlfriend got raped
No she didn't otherwise the rest of this wouldn't be valid. She cheated on you and doesn't want to admit it. You should dump her or embrace being a cuck.

Uhm, brass knuckles??? You aren't in a ring. No rules apply in a street fight. Get dirty if ya have to. You really going to buckle because he's strong? Quit acting like Vegeta and as if he's Goku. You need to think you're Broly fucking up Freiza's shit.

Leave the slut
And also learn how to give proper oral sex

Sounds like she wanted the greco roman penis wiggle.

You’re a cuckold.

Poison him with every toxic substance there is

fnd a way to knock the guy out even without hitting him
then rape hin instead