Question to older folks

People who are in your 30s,40s or 50s, is life really short or is it a meme?

I am 22, and I don't feel that way

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Yes it is.
But you won‘t realize it if you‘re that young. It‘s the same as telling a kid to enjoy school while it lasts. They will think you have no idea and are just talking shit until they get out of school.

There's nothing good about school

You‘re probably still in school, right?
Anyways, i do realize that for some people school sucks. But even if it does, you‘ll never be so free of responsibilities ever again even of it doesn't feel like you‘re free at all.

Your vision will begin to fail in 18 yrs.
your wife will lose inrerest in sex in 28 yrs.
Enjoy it while you can

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>32 fag here
It gets faster and faster I'll tell you that.

It feels like just last year I was 22 and just last month I was 25.

Nah I've been out for a decade. If you think school is free of responsibilities you've completely forgotten it

Your reading comprehension isn‘t that good obviously... i said it’s the freest of responsibility you‘ll ever be again. That‘s not the same as saying it‘s free of responsibilities.

33 years old here, can confirm.

The last 10 years just flew by in the fucking snap of a finger. Time is experienced faster and faster the older you get.

I remember when I was a kid, summers felt like years. Now a summer is gone before I really notice that it's here.

When you're 30 a year makes up a smaller percentage of your total life than it does when you're 18, so it seems like a comparatively less significant amount of time. This is why time appears to go faster and faster as you get older. It's actually quite terrifying.

Think of it like money, if you have $80 spending one dollar doesn't seem like a whole lot, but if you only have $10 all of a sudden a dollar is 10% of all the dollars you own. Time is kind of like that.

Bruh I would love to be back in school. I don't even mean that I'd love be 16 again and be back in school, although that would be fine. I would love to be back in school, period.

That's what happens when you are a wage slave looking forward to the weekends.

>34 year old wagecuck

life starts to feel shorter because as we become adults, real life obligations start to take more of our time (jobs, family, errands). we become so preoccupied with daily routines, we sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy life. enjoy your youth while you can, it's the most valuable thing you've got right now.

worse. I've been a NEET for 5 years now. Weekends and weekdays are completely meaningless. I miss having that "oh boy it's Friday night!" feeling. It's at least something to look forward to. I woke up today thinking it was Sunday still.

I'm actually wouldn't mind trying the NEET thing and playing poker for a living. I'm decent at it and pad my income pretty well playing on the weekends.

I've had the same job since I've graduated high school and feel burnt out on life. If only playing online was still an option in the "land of the free".

I've read there's two factors to this working together. Wage slave is kind of bang on almost.

1. As time goes on the years become less significant by comparison. Eg when you're 20 5 years is 25% of your life, when you're 30, it's 16% so it feels like a lot less.

2. As you age you stop forming new memories (because you stop doing so much shit) it's not like when you were a kid you conquered a mountain (dirthill) a day and fought epic Nerf wars.

You don't have enough to look back on the bridge the time gap so it feels like it was really short.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me to be dead than to notice this terrible feeling of time passing by so quickly.

Exactly like that. Also, I spent 4 hours a day in school so, now, being a 39 year old pediatrician living in the countryside of some third world shit hole, I decided to work just 4 hours a day as well. I dont make that much money, but I can watch a lot of anime, read a ton of manga, study moon ( passed JLPT N3)... And still have time to spend with my wife and daughter. Thing is, try to make the best outta your life every day.

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It's not short but thats not what the saying is about.

Just don't waste your time. Do things you enjoy and keep improving yourself too.

Nah it's true. You have less new experiences and you get into a routine. When you're fifteen it's possible to fall in love with someone new every six weeks and go through the whole cycle of hope and despair every single day, analyzing minor interactions with them. As you grow older you grow thicker skin and things get to you less, which has many upsides, but a side effect is that less "happens" throughout the day. A comment that as a teenager would make you feel insulted, that you'd play back twenty times in your head, wondering if maybe you took it the wrong way or if it really was that bad, fantasizing about the snappy comeback you should've given, anticipating how you are going to treat them next time... just turns into "heh, someone has a bad day" and back to minding your own business. When less things make waves one day turns into the other more seamlessly, particularly when you work a full time job and have kids.

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>I'm actually wouldn't mind trying the NEET thing
Don't believe the frogposts coming from 19 year olds. It's hell on earth.

>29 year old
>is life really short
Depends. Like in Winter it seems faster because it's dark earlier. But Summer is fucking torture. Not that I don't enjoy the sun. But fuck me when the sun is blazing through your curtains and you wake up and feel like it at least 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. but it's like 7-8 a.m. it is a fucking bitch.

>1. As time goes on the years become less significant by comparison. Eg when you're 20 5 years is 25% of your life, when you're 30, it's 16% so it feels like a lot less.
now explain it without this meme answer

Don't listen to these retards, school is fucking horrible.

College might be alright depending on what you make of it though.

Depends on what you fill your life with.
If you live an rich active life time will move fast but when you look back it will seem like a long life. If you just waste your time doing nothing time will crawl but when you look back it will seem like you didn't have time to acomplish anything.

>Don't listen to these retards, school is fucking horrible.
Those grades must have fucked you over that bad huh.

The good part is short. You deal with more and more shit as you get older until it kills you.

The only responsibility I had in high school was to go to class from 7 am to 3 pm, and do ~1 hour of homework a night.

I didn't have to think about rent, or saving for retirement, or anything. I spent all my money on weed and my car and video games.
This is now a feels thread

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those kind of threads are really fucking depressing, and I'm still in my 20s

I just hit my 30s and realized it won't be long until I'm 50. All the stars from the 90s I remember look like grandparents now. Time goes faster, time disappears and its depressing to think about. Existential dread really kicks in. That being said I do overall enjoy my life a little bit more now. There's good and bad about getting a little older