Why do people want anal sex?

Im not into it and I don’t understand why anybody does

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Porn told them to
If any man asks you for it you should break up with him immediately. Put your clothes back on and never have sex again until you're married.

I have a dick so cant do it the other way :c

my girlfriend comes buckets from anal. should I dump her?

Its so tight, and feels better than pussy

From a woman, it's the ultimate sign of submission, that she cares more about your pleasure than hers, at least for that time.

For guys, it's because your prostate will make you cum buckets.

I'm a gay man and have had sex with a woman. I can say for sure by experience that asshole is way tighter and feels IMMEASURABLY better than loose juicy pussy. It just sucks your cock right in without any effort. You kinda have to work a girl into first. Assholes are different. I really enjoy being gay.

> Why do people want anal sex?

I dunno, why do people want to watch hockey games? Why do people like grapefruit? Why would anybody do anything? Because we're fucking monkeys and if we see a hole chances are we're at some point going to stick our dicks in it.

stop dumbposting

Almost all of my ex’s loved having their asses eaten and fucked. The couple that didn’t were pretty meh in bed otherwise. Like fucking a starfish. There’s nothing wrong with some fun kinky stuff

Eh just dominance. The satisfaction of sticking your cocking inside your partners ass and seeing it gape and drop with cum is rewarding like. “Wow I did that!”


>I have a dick so cant do it the other way :c

I had a girlfriend once who was mad for anal too....begged for it, also came buckets when buttfucked. After I got over the initial gross out and after I actually believed the shit didn't hurt her I used to actually enjoy buttfucked her. I myself would never want a dick in my ass. Too ouchy.

My girlfriend cums extremely hard from anal. Tbh, I don’t like buttstuff. It’s really difficult to put my dick in her butt and it actually hurts me

>Porn told them to
You are an idiot. People have been doing anal since at least the dawn of civilization. Just look at ancient art.

To cause pain and humiliation, at least that’s the reason that I do it to my victims.

Does the concept that a completely subjective question doesn't have one objective answer bother you?

How did it feel to be replicating her father finger fucking her as a child?

this is a pretty stupid question. I mean, the answer is absurdly obvious: either they like it, or the person they are having sex with likes it. plenty of people hate getting dick in the butt, but their lover gets off on it like crazy. so whats some jizz in your pooper, when you can get them eating out of your hand for the next month?

100% based

1000000-0-0-00000-0-0-% FAKE.

I guess, in an indirect way, they were told to try it by porn. but, you are right, trillions of people have hit upon the same idea, across the world, since the dawn of time.

seriously, the butt is a uniquely human thing, and can be pretty sexy, to boot. if a pert, curvy rump gets your dick hard, wouldn't the most obvious response be to stick your dick in that rump? I bet a lot more people would be having anal sex, if women weren't so quick to switch their men's targets.

I know why a guy would like receiving anal, but i don't get why a girl would. I mean, obviously because it feels good, but I don't get what is happening to make it feel good.

like, men have a prostate. getting it bumped feels nice, and makes your dick throb like hell, which feels really good. I don't have a vagina, but I can imagine receiving there feeling great because of the ways a vagina is analogous to a penis.

but, women don't have anything like a prostate. does anal penetration hit their uterus? would that feel good? I heard that there is sensation transmitted through the rectum that pleasures the vagina, but why would less sensation feel as good as just sticking a dick/toy right where it belongs, in the first place?

Some people will like things you dislike and there's not always an explanation for it. For some, anal sex is very pleasurable and that's why they do it. I'm not into it myself, but I don't bemoan the fact that others like it.

Just fuck a clean and tight ass and you tell me

It's psychological for them, user. (I think)


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not the guy you were replying to, but... that's pretty fucking kinky. incest ageplay is a lot of fun. maybe I am more fucked up than I think I am, but I had a girlfriend who did this during a roleplay, once. She called me daddy and told me to punish her for being bad. man... I "punished" her good

lube and more lube. and maybe a condom, too. definitely prep work with a lubed finger, as well. Honestly, if it hurts your dick to get in there, it can't feel that good for her, either.

spoken like a true incel.


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Straight virgin

Fuck outta here catholic

Imaging being so far down the hole of self denial it's the entire world's problem and not yours

Every fetus begins as default "female" because without activation of certain biochemical events, what would become a penis remains a clitoris, the vulva fails to fuse and become the pouch into what would have been ovaries usually descend, and the urethra remains a separate tube from what becomes the ductus deferensis, through which a number of processes allows the production and distribution of semen through ejaculation by way of the Cremaster cycle.

The clitoris has two sides to it, though, one of which is a deep network of nerves on the upper interior of the vagina, usually around a half-inch to an inch from the cervix, discovered by a Dr. Gräfenberg, whose last name being long and German caused it to be referred to as the "G-Spot."

The prostate gland is what develops when you don't have a clitoris, and it is located deep inside your butt.

Therefore, there are physiological reasons why men would desire anal sex.

Why anyone would want to put it in someone else's butt, though, other than the favor of trying to activate their prostate gland?

I really can't say. I've heard many positive reports, as well as negative, and it seems like just one of those things that will remain as academic to me as underwater basket weaving.

But it is a thing, and there are reasons for it, whatever they are, and the bottom line (no pun intended) is that it's a more complicated world than you can ever really personally understand.

You don't have to try and activate your prostate gland, though, if you have one.

You're very much allowed to let it be for however long you want to.

But you also can if you want. It's really yours to mess around with however you want.

There's no prostate police.

I really don't know. Ever since I stopped watching porn my thoughts about anal sex have pretty much stopped entirely.

Any advice on prepping a girl for anal? My girlfriend told me that her friend tried and it hurt a lot, and she doesn't want something painful, but she's down to try. I assume a lot of lube and foreplay. Anything else?

>There's no prostate police.
Then who did my prostate inspection?

who cares

Oh, that was Bill.

He's on our radar, but there's also no prostate-enforcement to supervise the non-existence prostate-police, so you're sort of on your own there.

He's gentle, at least.

I don't even watch porn. I just want to stick my penis in my girlfriend's ass. I already eat her ass and finger it. Why can't I fuck it?

I mean, have you literally asked her?

based /b/tard


There's a series of nerves around and inside the sphincter which feels pleasurable when stimulated. The prostate too, if you're a man.
There's also the attractiveness of the taboo, but it's extremely risky if you care about not shitting your pants by the time you're in your thirties.

it's stinky.

>i really enjoy being gay
Why does this sentence make me insecure about my sexuality

Fuck all these faggots, I 100% agree with you OP.

I'm a chick (inb4 grills don't exist) and just last weekend I technically did anal for the first time, but I was so drunk I don't remember any of it. I had to be that drunk, because it just felt like I was pooping the whole time and I wasn't into it at all and I was pretty sure I was gonna shit on someone's dick.

I have no idea why a man would want to stick their dick in my ass. It's dry and shit comes out of there and there's a decent chance that I'll accidentally shit on your dick.

What the fuck.

I'll tell you guys about my first time doing anal

>At home with my gf
>Super good, we're talking about life problems, dealing with problems, so on so fort
>Eventually I start to dry hump her while kissing her neck, and after a while she likes the idea of getting it
>''Hey babe, wanna try anal?''
>She says yes, but only after vaginal
>10 minutes later, I'm all ready
>Have been fucking her with a condom, decide to grab a water based lubed and work my way in
>Surprisingly enough I didn't finger her, her ass just gave in after 3 tries. I double checked, no bleeding, no horrid pains, nope. Maybe it's just the benefit of having a thin dick
>Eventually start to go for it, she describes it as being ''very weird, I feel pain but I like it''
>Eventually I cum balls deep

So uh, from my experience with this girl, it does feel good. Why would anyone why to try it? Every hole's a trench, I guess. If you don't enjoy anal I can tell you this: Either your boyfriend is a complete dumbass, you're not doing it right (foreplay before all), or your girlfriend simply can't take it

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I thought it was funny. Good on him.

So explain that your interest in anal sex is something that will inevitably lead you away from her if she desires to maintain your affiliation as a willing sexual partner, and that she needs to make a decision as to whether that's going to get in the way of her devotion to you.

You're probably being some kind of inhuman monster, but at least you're honest.

So she cant' really complain about any of the consequences, as long as you don't backtrack.

If she's fine with you having anal sex with other people without somehow breaking your commitment to her, though, then what's the problem?

She might not be, though, and then you have to decide how important it is to you, and hence whatever sort of existential crisis you're having to post here.

I've never had this problem except vicariously.

Probably because you're conflating your sexual pleasure with the degree of physical influence on your cock instead of the degree of pleasure you're giving to your partner.

If all it took was physics to get a cock off, then the teledildonics industry would have cracked the code years ago, not to mention the fact that people with dicks are really good at knowing what makes a dick happy.

It's the fact that it's not that simple that challenges you.

There's more.

>Either your boyfriend is a complete dumbass

Lol, calm down, chief. You're not king boyfriend.

Like, assume there's some gender that's basically into everything that isn't itself, and since it has a butthole, isn't interested in a butthole.

Do you really imagine that it's going to care whether or not you sing the praises of butthole?

It is not.

You are welcome to share its space with whomever you can convince to share their butthole with complete and utter consent, but you can't really pretend you're better than anyone else.

Good on you for digging that butthole, though.

I'm sure it's the shit.

This isn't true at all. I love it up the butt. My ex loves the vag, but was willing to indulge my curiosity. We tried anal because I wanted to and continued to do it occasionally in our relationship because of my enjoyment of it.

I tried to do it with my bf but it literally feels like when you're shitting a huge log and it gets sucked back in. I really tried to like it but I honestly didn't find the shitting sensation enjoyable.

This does make me wonder: why, if the butt is your source of enjoyment, do you require the presence of a vag?

You don't have to, you know. If you desire anuses, then your affiliation to femininity is as arbitrary as it is to anyone with an asshole, so just feel free to be bisexual.

There are a lot of Kinsey surveys who'd appreciate your feedback, I'm sure.

You're replying to a female who like it up the ass, the sexual partner she's referring to preferred vaginal sex but indulged her because she liked anal. You've really shit up the thread will these pseud ramblings btw, my lord

Well, it's a good thing I sexually identify as an attack helicopter.

Check and mate, mah doood.

You can control your asshole sphincter much better.
Also the posterior fornix of the vagina is very very sensitive area, and can only be stimulated from anal sex.

>Also the posterior fornix of the vagina is very very sensitive area, and can only be stimulated from anal sex

Interesting information. I had not heard this before, but it would explain why those without a prostate would want to have it.


Is the G-Spot not much closer to the vaginal opening? I've always found it only an inch or two into the vagina.

the anus is tighter than the vagina.
for gays it's a way to cum because it acts as a cum button some what.

>1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

>1 Corinthians 6:18 Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.

That being said, I believe it was brought into the mainstream by porn, and slowly but steady it made its way into the brains of the cattle that roam this earth and only think with their degenerate desires.

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I mean, it's been a while, lol.

It differs for each person, but it's literally wherever the other side of the clit winds up when it connects with the vagina, so as long as you can find that (it's not hard if you're paying attention; look for the cute little knub), then you'll probably be able to identify it as well.

You don't really need to be a doctor, after all, but you do need to pay attention to the person you're having sex with.

Unless you're alone. You can also do this alone.

>slowly but steady it made its way into the brains of the cattle that roam this earth and only think with their degenerate desires

Okay, so you're Hindu.

Because I'm pretty sure that conferring divine authority upon cows is something that Hindus are known for, and that's cool, and all, but I'm not sure you're really saying what you want to right now, so you go ahead and take a breather.

Sex isn't sinful, dude. Even if it doesn't make babies. That's why that whole rainbow thing happened that promised not to flood the earth again, in the Judeo-Christian narrative. It's fine, you don't have to change anything about yourself to accommodate it. You just do you, and you keep avoiding and gravitating toward whatever god tells you to.

But don't try to tell other people what god tells you about them, because that's spreading rumors, and that's against a number of bible verses (biblestudytools.com/topical-verses/bible-verses-about-gossip/).

Because you're insecure about yourself on some other level and unwillingly to admit it.

just tell prudish ranjeet to suck a cow dick and go shit in a toilet for once

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What? If anything, it's the Catholics who think anal sex on a woman doesn't really count as losing virginity (unlike vaginal sex on a woman, or anal sex on a man).

It's taboo + increases submissiveness of partner. Not that complicated.

OP, "heterosexual" males speak about loving anal sex because they are secretly bisexuals/homosexuals who want to speak about their gay experiences, while still remaining in the closet.

The posterior fornix of the vagina is not only capable of being stimulated through anal sex. It can be done through vaginal sex (although this requires a very long penis). Pic related

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I do it on myself, feels great.

Men, once you've cum without even touching your cock you would understand.

I should clarify, my statement about the"heterosexual" males who obsess over anal sex is true for the majority of such men; there are definitely at least a few men who are both strictly heterosexual and enjoy anal.

How long we talking?

I mean, it's not that ranjeet is prudish; it's just that they mistook the idea that acceptance with the beauty of the nature of the Earth is all that is needed for consciousness.

I mean, yeah. In some sense, if you are alive, then you have nothing else to answer for, but...

Like, where does that leave you once you realize that you're gonna be strapped to a conveyor belt and cut in half?

So, maybe cows aren't more than humans in terms of their ability to determine their agency in a body.

But then again, as best as you've been able to determine, humans aren't that much better at it.

We like to think we're some kind of ace-pilot who lands our humanity in shining examples, but the fact remains that more often than not, we're still looking at the same conveyor belt, and the same blade.

We're not all that different, when it comes right down to it.

So Ranjeet is right, and so am I, and both of us are just sort of hoping that we might be whatever is required to avoid being whatever kind of biomass is consumed by others.

It's not a great lottery game to play, though. There's really no level of intelligence you can claim that would prevent you from being put on the conveyor belt by whatever is greater than you, and that's what you're terrified of figuring out.

This knowledge isn't confined to the bodies into which any human might be born, though.

You would probably step off the conveyor belt, and if you would, then you don't have to answer to any kind of knowledge that would require your slaughter for not being able to recognize.

Whatever they do with you after that point isn't really your concern, but it's a moment of self-awareness that you should probably acknowledge, considering that you're really no more than a fucking cow to them.

more like buy her some diapers, she'll need it if you keep reaming her anus

Oh, no, that's cool. I had a relatively large penis compared to my prior lover.

I'm pretty sure I was really capable of activating her posterior formix through vaginal sex, and I'd really like to do that for as many people as I can.

Whoever wants me to, really.

How deep is the average vagina? Well, how long is the average penis? It varies from person to person.

Entering the posterior fornix requires a knowledge that it's even possible to go deeper than the cervix distance. So if you're with a specific woman, ask her what her vaginal depth is (which she likely measured to the cervix), and add maybe 1-1.5 inches, and that's what you need to adequately stimulate the posterior fornix.

That's only true if your dick is small.

You have no idea what you're talking about, do you, the flood happened because if you read in Enoch's book you can clearly see what was happening during that time with the fallen angels Azazel and Samjeza and so on, Sex is sinful when it's purposely distorted for fulfilling the man's lustfulness.

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Yeah, no. In terms of Enoch's book I'm probably as much of a problem as that which brought the rains.

So, swoosh. Time for a new perspective, bitches.

Well, Is your dick small user?

Dumbest post today, good job.

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As a girl, I mostly do it because vaginal isn't all that great for me. Anal just tickles somewhat, but otherwise I take it just fine, and my fiance loves it.

So you do it because your man loves it. Is your sex life all about pleasing him or what?

Enjoy your well deserved aids.

>look at ancient art.
You mean ancient porn

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I haven't done it, but i want to only for the following reason.

It's a hole that i can cum inside without the risk of pregnancy

If it hurts, you should use a condom. Theres a fuckload of bacteria in the colon, if it hurts your dick you might get tears and eventually a infection

u gay nigga

i'm becoming gay i guess so i got a dildo and fuked myself
cleaned my asshole before and started goin to town
felt meh for like half an hour then i got a strange feeling, kinda hot at first but also kinda like when you have diarrhea and all your pipes burn and also the owerwhelming urge to push a massive log of shit out
i then stopped and got shit juice everywhere

wtf happend faggots and how do i prevent it?
how does cumming from being fuked feel like?

someone link this user to the anal shower tutorial (if the page still exists on Jow Forums)

My gf wanted to try it.
Didn't work out because I had a hard time getting it in, then once inside it didn't feel as tight as her pussy and the room started smelling like shit. Also it was painful to her but she insisted I fuck her instead of taking it slow.

They're virgins or people who dont have much sexual experience with the opposite sex. Like the guy below

>IMMEASURABLY better than loose juicy pussy
If the pussy is loose you fucking suck at sex and arent arousing the girl which explains why you didnt enjoy it. But even that said to complain that the process of warming it up isnt worth it is just a lie.

An ass when properly utilized is nothing but a hole with some friction

A vagina when properly utilized clings to the dick softly and envelops it warmly like a hug. It's way better and fully makes you realize that your natural instincts are right