Want to dominate the fuck out of my boyfriend. He's such a cutie, 21 years old and still has braces...

Want to dominate the fuck out of my boyfriend. He's such a cutie, 21 years old and still has braces, 5'9 which is the same height as me... everything about him just makes me want to tie him up and take what's mine. But he's super vanilla, to my knowledge... he's never expressed an interest in anything other than normal sex, and he's had plenty of opportunities. Doggy style is the kinkiest thing he'll admit to being into and that's about as kinky as a slice of white bread.

I'll definitely stay with him even if he doesn't want to do any BDSM shit because I really love him and our sex life is already quite good. But how do I bring this up? Would there be any way to convince him or should I just give up if he says "no"?

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I think you should just gently initiate it. He might love it. I let my girlfriend dominate me and it led into a lot of other things like choking and light bdsm

I'd love to choke him. Aahhh there are so many things I'd love to do if I could!

So do I just bring up casually that I'd like to "experiment" or something? Obviously we wouldn't start with anything extreme.

It might be a meme, but people say you'll lose all respect for your boyfriend after this.

I'd be wholeheartedly against it. I could never look her in the eye again after squealing like a bitch around a dildo. And I've tried, and have liked anal play.

I don't think that's true. I'd say probably a meme. I mean, I have dreams about this all the time, I watch porn and imagine it's him, and I haven't lost any respect at all. I don't think that seeing it play out in real life would be anything other than exciting.

If he's wholeheartedly against it that's up to him. But my respect for him wouldn't change at all.

I don't think you should say anything just playfully hold him down and softly bite him

Also thats a total meme. Or at least it doesn't apply to my relationship. We usually end up play fighting if we both want to be dominate, and it's hot as fuck

Force him to pleasure you with his mouth for hours to establish dynamics. And don't forget the aftercare if he was a good boy

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stop watching porn.

That is absolutely not a meme. If this guy is natural bottom in your relationship then of course there won't be a change because you already don't respect him as a man. Otherwise it will never be the same.

He's always a good boy

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Alright, best of luck to both of you, but keep in mind that what gets you off isn't always the healthiest thing for your relationship. I'm not necessarily saying it's right to feel this way, but to a lot of guys, your girlfriend wanting to fuck you in a girly way is probably going to make you think she's getting the manly side somewhere else.

Just like I know that telling my girl I used to masturbate to Barbie dolls isn't going to help my relationship succeed.

Fair, and I'd understand if he thought that way, but none of it's true for me. I'm loyal to him, I respect him completely, I just find shit like that hot.

Lmao'ing @ the weak men ITT
Just realize the final black pill which is to give all your sexual control into the hands of a woman you want to worship.
It clears your mind and you can focus on your goals. Now get down and kiss my beautiful feet.

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It's a meme. I am naturally dominant and always went full out with my wife. Then one day we decided to try her being in charge and slowly, but surly it evolved into her dominating me. We still are together, I still choke the shit out of her and slap her face until her lips are swole, but sometimes she fucks me with a strap on, while I squeal like a bitch. I honestly love both extremes and so does she

Absolute relationship goals.
Fuck I need this in my life

>sometimes she fucks me with a strap on, while I squeal like a bitch

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What? It feels great and the fact that she s ruthless adds so much domination to it. I ejaculate buckets.

Oh yeah that sounds super hot. I'd love to do that to my bf. I've dreamed about it so much, seeing it in real life would be amazing

The trick is not to make it one sided. After my wife plows me, I always make sure that I'm extra brutal with my wife during sex. I also make sure that it doesn't happen more than once a month.

Yeah sure. That's fine. I'll give him whatever he wants, I already do honestly. If he's like "Oh I'll let you dom me in return for this," I'll def do it.

Good luck. But don't start with straight up fucking him up the ass. You need to slowly ease him into it. First you do some BDSM, next time a small toy and so on

Yeah of course lol

youre projecting your desire to be dominated by a big handsome chad onto your weak pathetic boyfriend.

What I did:
Take charge in bed in subtle ways - be on top, play with his hair while telling him how good he is while he's eating you out, guide him while he's fucking you (hand on his ass, push him in, telling he's doing good, etc).
If he reacts positively, step up your game. Pin his hands down when you're on top. Then try teasing him a bit and then denying yourself to him. Do it playfully, with a big smile on your face, make it clear it's a game and you're leading it.
Then ask him if he wants to experiment some more. irst things I'd suggest trying are handcuffing, blindfolding and facesitting. Not all together. Also tease and denial while jerking him off.
This is really soft stuff and most guys won't be disgusted, even if not super into it.
Then if you see he's really into it, step up your game to whatever you want.
Ass is a dangerous thing.

I have a 6'4" handsome bf and I love domming him.

Absolute meme. I treat my bf like a god and I love domming him.

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Ugh that'd be perfect. I hope he'd be open to some wild shit but who knows. Even if he's not, just having him under me would be hot enough.

Also Not true at all. I'm fit and socially adept, so if I wanted a chad bf I'd go and get a chad bf. I just don't.

Start with light fandom, it's pretty hot.

>when fucking him sideways, you throw your ass back on him
>when fucking him cowgirl, you control the tempo
>when fucking doggystyle, you throw your ass back on him

Etc etc. You taking control in those "boring positions" really makes a difference and then see how he responds to it.

>Doggy style is the kinkiest thing
literally what?

Plant the seed.
When he starts to get bored of vanilla, he may ask further.

>Absolute meme. I treat my bf like a god and I love domming him.

Why do you respect him?

So many things that I find it honestly hard to write it down.
He is a profoundly good person and hasn't let the world discourage him from being one.
He has a strong moral fiber, a really good character. I've never seen him willingly wrong anyone or not take responsibility for his fuck ups.
He's himself unapologetically, he doesn't sugarcoat himself at all.
He's outspoken, never excuses himself for holding an opinion, he's never afraid of saying something, but he's willing to change his mind.
He's a good partner to me. I see all the efforts he does for us and I appreciate them, and respect him for going such lengths for something we both believe in.
He's also extremely smart so he's very interesting to talk to.
We have a fairly traditional relationship outside of the bedroom, bedroom is just roleplay fun.

Totally feel you on this. I love my bf in the same way. Doing weird shit in the bedroom wouldn't change a thing for me. I respect him as a man, a bf, and a friend. All will still apply no matter if he wants to get dommed or not.

Yeah but you're on Jow Forums where people get their beliefs on sexuality by doing a cocktail of psychotropic drugs and watching old Freud lectures while reading 20 year old PUA pamphlets.

My girlfriend brought it up in conversation. Me, though, a little less vanilla. I'm like buttered toast as opposed to just white bread, but it might have been enough to start the "tie me up and fuck me like we're cats in heat" conversation with me.

>posts an anime girl
So roooonerryyyyyyy

Nice. What ended up happening?