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Nights and regrets.

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Take and keep your earphones out so I can ask you out already. Let's have a happy and loving relationship.

Friend A said she would call me today when she got home so we could make plans to do something. She didn't.

Tried to talk to friend B online as I haven't seen or talked to her in months. She gave a couple 1-3 word responses and then stopped responding all together.

I can feel that old loneliness creeping back in. Depression soon to follow.

You guys know that trope where when a video game or something that says "X headed off to a far away land and was never seen again"
I kinda feel like I need to do that and I don't know why except I just feel like my life isn't going to head anywhere, im not really learning anything from college despite getting As and Bs and I haven't had much luck finding a job
I don't have many close relationships neither with family or anyone romantically
I would say that this feeling is close to suicidal because I feel hopeless, but I don't feel full of dread


I hate adv, you are all fucking ni**er's and losers incels.

I love you... Please won't you come back?
I miss you.

Will you ever learn your doing this all wrong?
I knew you weren't a strong guy but this is ridiculous.
You kept doing what ypur told and it keeps backfiring. You'd think after a year you'd grow a pair and live your own life honestly.
Your not true to yourself and your allowing them to pull the strings.
It's creating karmic depression and yes, things are going to get much worse for you.
What will it take for you to open your eyes?

youre sweet yet so immature and clingy and basically a pathetic wimp. i wish to cut you off but then i see your smile and lose all the courage. it keeps breaking my heart and i dont know how much longer can i put up with this.

It's you're.

I meant it when I said I love you all those years ago, if only you didn't brush it off like I don't understand what I am feeling.

It really is all my fault.

Don't be stupid I was born to be a dick

I'm sorry I fucked up.

I'm not sure what you did but you are forgiven

Broke a promise, I don't deserve their forgiveness.

What did you do besides cause the double dubs magic to happen?

Tell me but also chekeroo'd

Gave up when I said I never would.

I like my friend's younger sister... yikes


>post in neet/hikki thread that I'm unemployed, have no friends online or off, bad social issues and anxiety, happy to have my bf to lean on when things get tough
>weird bitch responds asking if I am into BDSM because there are fetish relationships that "that sound like mine"
>tell her uhhh no not interested I'm vanilla
>she responds to me with MORE BDSM TALK about how these weird relationships are sooo helpful with weird acronyms recommending it to me and shit trying to tell me what's best for me
>tell her that I was trying to be nice but actually think she's a fetish weirdo and I'm not interested and BDSM is often abusive and to stop peddling her shit on me
>she gets offended AT ME and goes on a pissy rant
fucking fetish freaks
I'll kinkshame all I like
Just because a woman struggles with mental health doesn't mean she wants to get into a weird fucking fetish relationship. Freakish bitch, keep your nasty shit to yourself

I wish i had never married my wife. Now we have 2 kids and i cant leave and my one life is wasted with a woman who i dont enjoy a moment with.

People who chew chewing gum with open mouth annoy me. Did your mother not teach you that you should close your mouth when you chew?

I'm scared of dying alone.
But as a person, i will never be qualified to be with anybody.
I hate myself, no confident, no goals/dreams, no 10/10 face, not rich, and prefer to be left alone.
Nobody will ever be interested in me.
I'm 28 this year, and i don't see myself ever find a loved one, and recently it's troubling me deeply.
I'm very anxious and scared of dying alone, yet i'm not gonna lower my expectation of potential partner.
I'm living in contradictions and i'm hurting myself mentally.

The only place i can vent about how i feel is on this shit drawing taiwanese board.

Then apologize to them.

>I'm very anxious and scared of dying alone, yet i'm not gonna lower my expectation of potential partner.
I feel this attitude is a significant factor in the decrease in mental wellbeing today.

After my friend broke up with her bf, I think she was falling for me, but I can't do anything about it since her bf is a very close friend of mine and lets be honest, that would be a mistake. Thing is, he's the reason nothing will happen, and after she started to fall for me, I started to keep my guard down and I started falling for her but I can't do anything, and now she's looking to date other guys and I have to be there to watch the whole thing. Thing is, her and I know we'd be perfect together and the things that didn't work out with my friend aren't an issue with me and she knows it, it just can't happen and she's like a perfect 10/10 in my book, never met a woman like her and I can't even believe a literal 10 would even be interested in me, but it just can't happen and I've to deal with it, watching her every day, as she goes for some other guy. She attracts a lot of attention and she has guys asking her out all the time so its only a matter of days until shit hits the fan and I know I'll be depressed for a long time. Its so hard but it needs to be done, I just don't know how I'm going to take this, its going to be crushing and I'm not able to look at her right now knowing she's slowly moving away from me. My romantic life has always been like this so it doesn't come as a surprise, I just wished that this one fucking time nothing got in the way, it would've been perfect but no, I have to live on like this and keep getting over people. I'm so anxious right now and can't sleep, but i need to be focused right now, i've got so much college related shit to get through but i just can't stop thinking about it.

Well if you're sure.



thank you very much!

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I'm objectively the worst person on this planet so being mean doesn't faze me much,, when people try to be mean to me I just remember that I'm a lot worse than they are and I just forget about it

I wish I could.

I am not a good person. At least I’ve realized that

I had a dream about you last night. We were attending some sort of lecture, and you sat behind me a couple sits next to that guy you always sit next to during class. Then, somehow, we got to talking again. We got along so well, that the guy kinda felt left out and fucked off. We talked more and more and we became best friends quickly.

It started out like a nightmare, but it ended up a really nice dream, nothing romantic. You don't want to talk to me in real life, but it was still nice to talk to you again in my dreams.

I am really fucking tired of this Yuppie Postmodernist shit that your boss is your friend, that bosses are needed in society and that they are convenient. Hint: He is not, neither your coworkers are.
I am really fucking tired of this bullshit that constantly tells us bosses are needed in society and that they are convenient.
Your boss doesn't give a fuck about you, he never will, and you shouldn't give a fuck about him.
You are merely selling him your labour, entrepreneur don't create jobs, if he could make as much money as he currently does without employing anyone, he totally would, ever studied economics? Your boss only needs you to obtain returns on his capital.
He doesn't do shit for society, you are merely selling him your time and energy, stop prettending they are doing you a favour, guess what? You are doing him a favour, the fact that society expects you to thank him for doing him so is so fucking infuriating.
The fact that most of the bosses you are going to have openly feel proud about being so fucking lazy really should tell you something.
Our society romanticizes working and it is fucking sickening, it promotes slave mentality.

I'm at a weird limbo part of life. I don't have a job, and I feel like I'm drifting from one of my oldest friends.
I'm still the same person, I still have a partner and other friends, but I just feel kinda lost at the moment. I'm not really sure what I should be doing. I have a ritual, wake up, go on a walk, apply for jobs, read, play piano, then watch anime and play games. But it feels empty. I know tomorrow I'll be doing the same thing. I shouldn't be complaining. Everything just kinda feels like it's at a standstill.

Have a crush on a 50 yo coworker.
She's so friendly and cheery.
Has the warmest smile and the cutest giggle
She is so nice and is always treating me to stuff (and I reciprocate often)
Sometimes I'll feel the mommy vibe which is lovely but most often I see her as a fun, energetic girl who I love being around with.

That's nice.

cant get a job
might lose my house
know more about the roles than the people interviewing me
getting no feedback on cv or interviews
just tell me what im doing wrong so i can adapt for fucks sake

and dont even get me started on the whole ideal job listed on reed/monster/indeed that is word for word matches my history and cv and when look on agency site the job doesnt even exist
its all bullshit

Just woke up from this dream. She came over and woke me up off the couch, we had sex on the floor, it was okay. I thought she wanted to try to be together again but she told me she wanted "a real man". I wanted her to tell me what she meant but she started crying and ran away. She told me something about how I should think she was ugly if I loved her, I still think shes beautiful. Hee got in her car and tried to drive off but was stuck in the snow, I pushed her out but before she could peel out I hung off the drivers side and tried to talk to her again, she ignored me, a car is coming so I bail off into a ravine and walk back home. At this point I realize I am 3 hours late for work and she has stolen my car.

Why do I keep dreaming about her? Why did I have to dream she said those things to me? Why cant I stop sexualizing her? I dint want to love her anymore.

It’s just that I’m not as naive as you think. I just wish you’d talk to me about it. I’m not going anywhere. I care too much.

>see each other again for a couple of months
>apparently i misread your actions
>we were basically back together without saying it
>a-user i felt pressured so i fucked this one guy friend

fuck you, seriously, fuck you for playing with my feelings
full knowing what you do
full knowing that you WANTED to sleep with him, fuck your pressuring shitty bullshit excuse you bitch

i'm an idiot for wanting to stay in contact
not one text from you in the last 3 weeks asking how i was
just me being an IDIOT clinging onto whatever i thought there was to cling on to

pls end me now

That’s not your decision. What did you do?

I'd never say this out loud, friendly and unflapp'd as I try to be, but sometimes I get very very tired of white people.


My depression is keeping a narcissistic monster in check. One time when I was feeling good and had it under control I was just a real fuckin bitch and stepped on everyone to get what I wanted. I can't stand being miserable but I'm afraid of what I will do to others when I regain my confidence.

I keep getting drunk all the time again

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um, a lot of things, which are not all from the same people, obviously
>outright hostility and threats
>being treated like an idiot or a criminal
>racist jokes which I've heard before or aren't even funny
>not understanding things which are facts of life for other people, which demands either self-censorship or explaining and/or debating at the worst possible times
>finding a nice person who has like OCD-level white guilt and fear of being an evil racist, which is very sad
>people seeming to think I endorse all kinds of weird shit, like white people hating themselves or never discussing their ancestry or not saying the word "black"

mostly it's just the tired-out debates thing. I feel fucked up because it's not someone's fault if they don't know something immediately and it's good that they want to, but it's like coming home from the office after your boss was a dick about the coffee machine and having to prove that the coffee machine was really in the office or something, lol. Sometimes I'm just worn out and I want to go talk to someone working off the same basic axioms.

I miss her but I'm about to do better.

I'm gonna get drunk tomorrow, found out husband been using adult chatrooms. I told him he speaks the language if he really wants us to do stuff he should find the baby sitter but he's too lazy and would rather spend our money on video games. Oooh I'm really mad this time! I'm takin some money for myself and gonna go unwind.
He's a good guy though, we'll stay married until I get my perm res permit and if our marriage is still a cluster fuck by then we'll get divorced.

I feel lost in the dark, groping around trying to find a thread that'll lead me out. Have you ever felt so sure about something, and then had other circumstances completely blow it out of the water?

Not even like a major life event happened, but my perspective on a situation has been altered. I'm seeing things in a totally new light, and I don't know if I can-- or should-- see things from my old perspective again.

And maybe I'm afraid of the answer to my problems, because of the upheaval it would cause in a lot of different ways. And even when I become sure that I'm ready to find the answer, I think I have to give up something dear just to do so.

But for now I feel paralyzed, hopeless, and pathetic.

Got the Cancer test thing tomorrow. Kinda worried about it and the pain is back today. Depression kicked my ass yesterday. I was a fucking mess saw no light in anything and was totally thinking about killing myself. Basically just stayed in my bedroom all day couldnt even move. Being fucked up sucks.

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That's the spirit, dude

Just try. Don't blame your spouse for your misery. Unless she hits you or otherwise puts your life in danger then it's on your head to find joy and make the relationship work. Marriage is 100% from both sides, not 50/50. Do your part.

What cancer are you being tested for?

why is it always me who needs to change?
not them. they can continue on being irrational idiots perpetuating their own cycle of suffering but if I try and tell them something as simple as "don't run the heat if the window is open". they lose their fucking minds and becomes an argument. i'm no genius but it's impossible to even have the slightest of intellectual conversations with these people. I can't relate to them. I don't get them.

I was just trying to help. I just want to love. I don't belong in this place. I'm not one of these people. I'm not evil and crooked. I have so much empathy for everyone and everything and yet I can't seem to love myself. I just love the truth... I love fairness and equality and it's like I've been sorted into the wrong box of existence. I'm not a human, not like these people are. I just don't understand. maybe I am truly broken. it seems the only way to survive in this world is to break yourself or break others and I am unwilling to do both.

all I ever wanted from this life was love. not a family, or wealth, or power. just to be with my soulmate and by happy, and make them happy.

I suppose I don't deserve it.

What's stopping you other than the fear they might not accept it.

I found out I can suck my own dick. Whole entire head and then some. It's amazingly erotic and feels nice. Who would have known the perks of being in shape and stretching a lot would be this?! If you told me when I was younger I would've become a health freak over a decade ago.

>say anything critical of Trump, actual issues, not "orange man bad"
>bf just goes OKAY in a pissy tone
>he brings up some bullshit he saw on Twitter and did 0 research into
>immediately bring up why it's bullshit
the cope is hilarious
it would be amazing if he could actually have a discussion with me and not get so pissy
I don't think I've ever heard him admit to being misinformed, he just gets pissed and stops talking

Finally met a girl who is as interested in me as I am in her online. Only thing is she lives 3 hours away from me.

She gave me her number and after I asked her what she thought about the distance situation, she just said "I don't mind talking ".

We've been talking through text messages since and things seem chill. Is this a good sign? She hasn't elaborated on how she feels about our distance, but I assume what little she said means that it doesn't matter to her.

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Because contacting them is impossible.

Sorry, but I miss my music.
Don't worry, I always have my ear out for you. Really, I just have one earphone in for the rest of the day.

Have you tried an enema?

i am virgin and i am scared. because not be able to lose it one day.

If women are so strong, intelligent, capable and independent, how come they constantly whine about guys not letting them do shit?


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This isn't too complicated, it's a patriarchal society where men have the power that is passed on to other men. That power is ingrained into the culture. Women just have to keep talking about this and being heard. Many women have just given up on men in general.

If that is true, then no woman could ever achieve anything beyond basic occupations unless a man gives her permission, which isn't the case. No congresswoman, lawyer, business owner, prime minister, stand-up comedian, tv personality, president etc got to their position through the permission of men. Only through toil.

You can't even say "well celebs get roles through casting couch, suck producer cock and you're famous" and that is true, but that's also open to males as well, sexual bartering is not exclusive to women.

That's what I face every day.
Everyone still thinks he is the bad guy when really, he's trying his best in the face of adversity.

Nobody fucking understands. They just go orange man bad and end the day with it.
I'm just happy we didn't get another goddamned Obama. I don't care about him being black, I just care he is a palette swap of Bush for the kids to enjoy.

when do you think its too late to make friends at uni? Im nearing the end of my second year and basically just go to lectures, gym and straight home. I dont interact with my flatmates or anything either…

I smile at the idea of you being ashamed and sorry for what you did back then. You don't deserve forgiveness. I will always remember who you are. No, I don't believe you can change. You haven't and you will never change. Be miserable for all you like. I won't give you the smallest of my attention. Go to hell, you piece of trash. I hope the memories are painful!

"Please forgive Shamima Begum, she's suffered enough now, she's paid for her mistake!"

Ok, then how much does a person need to suffer and have their life ruined before they are entitled to forgiveness and aid? How much does Weinstein need to suffer? Alex Jones? The Covington kid?

Shamima sided with terrorists who routinely kill innocents through horrific borderline-Unit-731 tier means. She's been made stateless, all 3 of her kids are dead, her friends missing or dead and she's married off to some uncaring husband who sees her as a genuine object. Penis goes in, baby comes out, like some really slow ATM machine.

She's done a lot of wrong and she's also suffered and had her life destroyed, but how much is enough and can we have a fucking standard here?

I'll bet if she's a male she would be locked up in a torture chamber with no further hesitation. Why is society so forgiving towards women? It's ridiculous.

shouldve told her earlier

Do you truly feel better about the situation reveling in the pain of another? Or are you hiding your wounds, and in by doing so, becoming the person that hurt you?

It's ok to hurt, let yourself hurt, that's how you heal from trauma. Don't let these emotions fester and make you as callous as the person who hurt you.

if she were a man her role would have been automatically less questionable you fucking incel

she should be put in a death camp imo, but so should brainlet virgins like you

Being callous is the only way to rebuff her. It's the only thing she understands.

That's just biological and how the human race is, we've been protective of those who bear children since we lived in caves. It generally doesn't bother me until the double standard rears its head, especially egregious when women call out men for "male privilege". The only male privilege we get is not having a vagina and its cycle every month and the possibility of walking alone somewhere at night without the PROBABLE chance of being unwillingly cornholed.

So I ask again, how much does one need to suffer before we forgive them? Cause Shamima sided with heinous terrorists who kill for no logical reason, seems to me it's a few steps above masturbating in front of a woman who didn't ask for it.

I had a dream about you a few weeks ago. We were just spooning in bed. It was nice but made me sad when I woke up.
I wish I could stop thinking about you.

Why can't you leave? Lots of people get divorced and share custody.
Like you said you only get one life.

>if she were a man her role would have been automatically less questionable you fucking incel

She's far from the first case, you poltard. Teenage mudslimes around europe have been detected trying to join ISIS, and most of them are apprehended before they could enter the plane. Most of those cases are never mentioned on the news.

Maintaining no contact is healthy for healing and it will help you get through this if you stick with it.

Enjoying their suffering, whether their suffering is genuine or not, will only prolong the healing process and possibly even lead to the erosion of your psychic state.

I maintained no contact for years. I forgiven her before. None of that bullshit does not make up for the pain she caused me.

Okay...will you be able to do it next time we see eachother?

As much as I love music, I'd rather be able to finally share with you what I've been listening to. So...let's do this. I'm ready.

>there's something off about this girl.
>stay away from her. she's bad news.

I hope you're right. If I'm being honest, however, I know you're right.

Listen to them. I fucking didn't.

I am able to feel your pain which is why I picked your post to respond to out of the myriad of posts on here. I know you're hurting and you're hurting badly. When trust is violated so thoroughly, resulting years of pain can and do happen. If you continue to cling to the death of the trust that used to be between the two of you, you will be taken down along with it. Enjoying the suffering of another taps into unconscious sadism, a persona that lives within all of us andone of the most destructive ones at that.

What I'm trying to do is warn you that these feelings will lead to further destruction in your life. You have to let go user. You may believe you have let go already but you have yet to do so. Letting go doesn't happen consciously, it's something that happens on its own and usually without you realizing when it has happened. You have to allow this process to take place, however, through your clinging to the death of the mutual trust bond between you and her you are not allowing this process to take place.


I smile at the idea that you actually think that, and that you don't think it's a way for me to weasel into your life and extract attention and resources. You said people can't change, so their remorse isn't real, so there's no reason for you to be smiling you daft twat.

Easier said than done. These flashbacks are compulsive. It's not just her too, there are other who broke my trust too. I guess it's because she's the one who hurt me most.

Yeah don't you know, if you're a 10/10 (1% of the population) you have more power than all of men with your highly desirable Vaginaaaaa, monkey logic dictates this extends to all women (hint : ugly women who have to work hard don't exist to me cuz they do nothing for my boner)

And I smile as you fall more and more into perdition

It's not remorse I want from her. I want her to feel shame. Shame for herself and feel at least a genuine sense of empathy and own up for her twisted shit. Don't project your issues onto me, bitch.

God damn. I feel that. Im sorry bro.

How did she hurt you?

I still think about you, though less and less. It feels bad somehow to forget you slowly - I want to feel your presence even if you're not around anymore.

Not the person you responded to, but being bitter will only cause hurt towards yourself.

Someone I cherished badly wronged me repeatedly and ruined everything I worked towards in my life, I never felt hatred towards them because doing so would just pervert the memories I enjoyed. Directing the obsession to something positive is the only way to recover from being badly hurt by someone you trusted.

Broke promises, lied, verbally abusive, unfaithful, reckless drinking and partying. Diagnosed with BPD, she's manipulative, narcissistic, and abusive.

Just to let you know. I'm out. That's it. I'am out. No more I'am done. Once Friday is over with I'm out. Haven't decided about church but until May I'm out.

I think I only fell for her because it was easy. She was pretty cute and easy to talk to, and it was so good to not sleep alone, but I'm not sure I even liked her that much. Maybe it's just my brain coping with the breakup, but maybe I wasn't as happy as I thought I was.

I know that I friendzoned you, but you took it as if I spat in your face. I don't want to date ANYONE right now and I want to keep you not as an option, but as a friend. The fact that you blocked me on social media and that you now refuse to talk to me floors me. I get that women aren't used to being turned down, but you're six years my senior. This is something a teenager would do.

I'd be lying if I said that I don't miss you. If you gave me the time to explain, I'd hope that you'd understand. If you're this petty, you probably won't. Still, I miss talking to you.

I miss her a lot. She said not to contact her anymore, and I thought I was okay with that, I understood, but now it hurts not having her in my life. Part of me wants to go over there and cry and beg for another chance, but I know she did a lot wrong too, and it's not fair to me to keep chasing someone who disrespects me that much.

I love you and care about you a lot, I really do. You are so fucking precious, your laugh is adorable
lmao im an idiot