How do I shut this one idiot down?

There is this one dude who says that using dating sites is "beta"? It obiouvusly is not true, but I'm not sure how to prove him wrong. Advice?

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sorry for typo. english not my first language lol

>I-I know I'm right, but just in case help me prove him wrong?
You're a beta bitch and need to fuck off

Why do you even care? Why do you want to debate such a retarded topic?

Well it is. The alpha would just fuckin ask out the girl he likes in person.

Online dating is for people who arent willing to risk rejection.

There is almost no quality girls where I live. I live in small town

Find a 10/10 on a dating site and fuck her. That will show him.

>40% of American couples have met online

That guy is moron. Don't waste your time with him and go get that tinder pussy

That means that the girls available to you online is steamy shit.

It's 2019 goddammit. It is common sense that you can find gf/bf on dating apps.

Tinder isn't easy. All you fags make it sound like you'll get a match instantly.

Not all girls are on Tinder.

You are correct, but point is you can find gf there and there is nothing "beta" about it.

You find a one night stand on dating apps. Never a gf.

Not true. In example my brother found girlfriend from Tinder and they have dated almost 2 years now


Why bother arguing? Live your life and ignore him


>10+ likes
>no matches?

It's pretty beta desu

Like some have already said, ignore it. Don't waste your time with idiots

You.dont have to prove anyone wrong on anything. Move on with your life.

Why do you care? This sounds like one of those arguments where nobody can win against the other becuase the premise is so vague and the proofs are shaky at best. If he’s harassing you about it then you just need to tell him to fuck off becuase anyone who uses “beta” unironically is probably either one himself or has some kind of complex.

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