Women with less than two sexual experiences before marriage are more likely to get divorced for two reasons: they will...

>Women with less than two sexual experiences before marriage are more likely to get divorced for two reasons: they will either seek satisfaction outside marriage, which will eventually put an end to the marriage; or they will lose interest in sex at all, which definitively kills a marriage.
Suck it virgin chasers.

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Replying to pic instead of topic,

I have never been angry with a woman who rejected me. Hell they are always the ones who stop talking to me. I understand they don't owe me anything just because we talked for a while.

After they reject me, i say "oh, that's ok" and continue to try to have some friendship with them. I do this without malintent, no ulterior motive, not with the hopes that they will change their mind but at this point i assume it is seen as some kind of ploy at this point.

I am really not the pushy type, i have my standarts that i dont relent so i dont get pushed around that much either but at this point maybe i should "just go in for the kiss" or "be aggressive". Genuinely dont know how to handle the situation..

Oh also on actual topic, read the fucking article again.

Study is bs. There isn’t enough data yet to prove this. Especially with Gen Y

It’s fine if a girl has had a few boyfriends so she can understand herself. But it’s definitely bad if she’s been hooking up with fandoms

Holy shit did you read your own article?

>continue to try to have some friendship with them
i just ghost them. im pretty great at everything i do so its not like they could be of any practical use to me, and its kind of embarrassing. some people take being asked out as an ego kick which I can't stand.

Why are you trying to glorify slutting about? Not every girl wants to be a whore like you

They want to normalize this

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I wouldnt ask them out if i didnt like their company or found them interesting. I can not understand the people who complain about "my LTR partner and i have nothing inncommon". I mean how do you even find yourself in that situation.

Do both of you just hide your personality until you are in too deep? How the fuck does it happen.

the friendzone is the most extreme part of beta there is. even more than saying single mothers. cause at least the person dating single mothers gets dates or sex

>Sexual promiscuity since an early age leads to more sexual partners and the more sexual partners a woman has the more likely she will cheat while married, be less happy in a marriage, have a less stable marriage, are more likely to have had a divorce, more likely to get STDs, more likely to have kids out of wedlock, be less happy in general, be more depressed, be a single mother.
Stops sucking so much, whores :^)
Stats: pic related

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What's wrong with getting the novelty from one person that cares about you?
You indulge in physical intimacy with a hundred useless people and then...Try to pair bond with someone after you're no longer amorous? Sounds like a great deal for the poor soul that wasn't good enough for your genuine affection.

Somewhat irrelevant but thats your opinion i guess.

I just dont think i can be in a relationship with a person i cant be friends with, the issue is this is most likely not an accurate desire for the world we live in. Cause i am here without a relationship..

Unlike you OP and the stats posters like , I don't give a fuck about what some >psychology authority says. Psychology is a meme science, I can't even call it a science. You can't fake math, and you can't fake physics to an extent, but psychology is one of the subjects in which you can begin from the conclusion. You are a biased company? Just wait until you get the right population sample to confirm your bias.

Think about it. All you need to figure out the conclusion of some research is the claim to be tested and who the sponsor is, or some details about an organization.

Taking any find in psychology as an absolute fact is absolutely retarded because there is no absolute truth in psychology. It's more of a mirror of the current trends in society. Being gay was considered a mental illness. It isn't anymore. Pedophilia is. Now imagine we'd suddenly all be under sharia law. Probably homosexuality would be put back into the mental illness category and pedophilia would not be considered a mental illness anymore.

I swear, "science" is now the new religion of the sheep.

About the virgin chasing part, I prefer a girl who didn't have dicks in her over one who did. I trust my own judgement, and don't need to have my thoughts handed to me from someone else.

>Believes studies and that they're not just paid-off cherry picking
Basing your life off of statistics is the sign of someone who needs to leave the fucking house and stop letting reality drive them around like a retard in a clown car.

its almost as if women are simply simple, disloyal and, virgin or not, completely worthless

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The only time I turned ugly after rejection was when the girl didn't have the guts to reject me directly and then stringed me along. Maybe she was hoping I would die from old age in that time so that she wouldn't need to talk to me straight. She did it unintentionally because she was too shy to say no and I was too socially awkward and inexperienced to read between the lines. I didn't do or say anything bad, but I was mad about it and felt like second class citizen for giving my everything to the situation and she gave her everything to avoid it. We ended up apologizing each other and proceeded to move on with our lives, but I'm never going to talk to girls again unless they talk to me first. That is for sure.

Did you even read the first sentence of the article? You are an absolutely brain-dead moron.

It isn't measured with psychology faggot

those are measured with real stats that happened over time

psychology can be the thrown in for gimmicks and brow raisers but it's all stats fag

You can find a population sample to confirm completely opposite things, I don't trust it

No girl in my life ever approached me first user. As a 5'3" manlet who used to be fat ass it just doesnt happen. evsn though i am now less fat ass, i still dont get approached or talked to. So i have to pursue i guess and even then i know most of it is futile?

My ex and i were married for 6 weeks before she tried to cuck me. I took her virginity but it seems likey she cheated .

Might check out

I hope you find a man that treats you well so you won't feel like tripfagging on Jow Forums to justify your long list of relationships that were a mistake.

>lose interest in sex at all, which definitively kills a marriage
>no interest in sex kills marriage
[Citation needed]

Oh wait, instead of putting the burden of proof on you (which would be enjoyable by the way) I can just give evidence to the contrary.
Ready? Here goes:
[Fact]: There exist happy asexual marriages.

Oopsie! Did someone forget to fact-check again?
Bad luck. Wanna try again?

Ah, looks like I forgot to filter this tripfag. Good riddance.


I fucking hate those dating coaches who say "ignore women and they will rain on you" bullshit

I had a streak of ignoring women without even noticing it in freshman and sophomore years of college concentrating on my grades. hot girls everywhere. not only till I started approaching girls did I start dating them

don't fall for their agenda

all of these dating coaches are either in it to sell their product to you or subscribe to their shitty channels for ad revenue
It's about approach not ignorance
fuck those faggots

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