Be shut-in for years

>be shut-in for years
>rejoin society
>make few friends, too scared/unprepared/unworthy for a girl yet
>the gf of one of my new friends is crushing on me and told me
>but none of the free girls in the group even aknowledge my existence
>recently meet up with old friend from before I became a shut-in
>meet his gf
>she adds me on social media and starts flirting with me

What the fuck is even going on?
I'm not going to betray any of my friends so I can get of my 'khv' tag. But fuck, why would girls from completely different social groups in long happy term relationshops be interested in a fucking fat loser like me?
If I had something going for me, wouldn't at least one of the free girls show some interest?

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Sometimes flaky girls in relationships like the extra attention, either they’re bored or their bf isn’t paying enough attention, or both. Either way, avoid. This will not end well.

you're probably just interpreting it wrong post dms

The first time it happened, I thought maybe they had some problems in their relationship and she was trying to use the 'new guy in the group' to make him jealous or something.
But now it's happened again and I'm legit wondering how can it be possible.
These guys and girls don't know one another so it can't be some elaborate joke either.

Anyway, I wasn't planning on doing anything either way.

Ask her on date.
Burger and park.
All of them. You arent picky, are you?

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I don't have any frogs or smug anime girls on this pc to reply to you with.

Feel free to deny human nature all you want. But if OP is getting flirting from girls, there are only two correct options: ask them on date to confirm the suspicion or ignore them.

>That bait

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I AM the OP you dunce.
I'm not going to jeopardise my social life so I can get of my 'khv incel' card.
I just need to know how can I gain confidence from this, how can I see what kind of girls these are and go after similar girls that aren't the gfs of friends.

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You find different girls and ask them on date. Simple as that. If you feel lucky, ask these girls which are taken but dont ignore you to set you up with some female version of incel. Literally tell them you are looking for gf and need their professional help.

there is no path a panzer cannot traverse

So, I'm gonna go to my friend's gf who told me she likes me and tell her to hook me up with one of her friends.
Great idea.
For the other girl I'm not sure but I have some strong implications. Maybe the other user is right and I'm interpreting it wrong.
I don't know about that user...

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Play dumb and ignore their advances. There is not winning hand here - if you spurn them too harshly or try to confront them on their infidelity, there is a real risk that they'll whine to their boyfriends (or to other friends in the group) and turn you into the bad guy because:

1. They feel salty that their wiles didn't work on a shut-in "loser" who should be happy that he's being gifted their attention

2. they are suddenly anxious about you potentially alerting other people about their thot-like nature and want to get out ahead of it.

What if I record the first girl saying it or coming on to me?
Though it's rare to be alone with her.
Also, so far all her advances have been in person. There's not a single text or message as 'proof'. Smart girl, so she might think of that.
The other girl is not as smart but I'm not 100% sure about her either.
I'm trying to come up with their common traits.

how did your rejoin the society? and how long have you been shut-in?

asking for myself

First and foremost, forget about this "traits" thing - it's a waste of your time. You'll get caught in the trap of over-analyzing and over-categorizing everything like an autist.

Treat them platonically and play dumb/totally ignore any advances. Use it as a confidence booster and keep working on your social skills. Work around to becoming a part of more group events so you can meet more eligible people. Don't be extremely obvious about "being on the prowl" either, people can kind of sense that as well and it brings their guard up.

Can you kindly slice your own neck and drown please

He did the opposite of pic related.
I suggest you to get a job first.

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I don't know how to describe it user, I just kinda woke up one day and said fuck, I'm already this old, gotta do something it's my last chance.
Got my license, signed up for uni, got a car and started hitting up old friends in the span of a few months.
Next on my list is to stop being fat.
You're right. Although there's a strong hunch that they are the 'want to take care of someone' type, from the little I know them and from how their bfs are.
TK is based though.

>the filename says bait
If anyone falls for this just shut down Jow Forums for good.

Rejoining society is next to impossible after being out a few years. Amazing how billions are spent on "helping people" , yet nobody who ever really needs it gets any help. It seems like it's all just milked by exploiters.

Ive been trying for years to find some middle ground with society and still keep hitting walls. My problem is this system is objectively a scam and money is retarded. If things were balanced like a MMO I'd have zero issues. I could have died many times if luck didn't go my way, so this is getting old. I don't care if it takes magic, in fact I believe a massive ritual would be more effective than policy, but it's time for all these supposed "helpers" to drop their egos and put the people they say they are trying to help before themselves for once.

It's at the point where my brother , somebody who I would always feed when he was poor, now has a medical degree but won't give me any help unless hes on the clock. Are you fucking serious? I'm not talking about surgery I'm talking about simple 30 second answers that could help me.

Enough of this disgusting barbaric universe. People still reeeing about muh women muh gays muh blacks, dude , there are people who are slaves. Billions. Nobody cares which type of slave is most prevalent, slavery is fucking real. Time for something new. I have so many talents just going to waste because I am paranoid being around vultures. This is not what life is supposed to be.

There are no willpower methods left so fuck it, time to beg. Please release me from these shackles so I can live my fucking life. Stop rigging the entire economy. Stop exploiting people. Stop preventing people from growing. Stop calling giving poor people a chance evil. That's really all it boils down to , helping struggling people is evil, but helping rich people is good. No. No. No. Make it stop. Please just make this fucking stop you won't even give me a gun to finish this so here I'll beg like a pathetic fuck, make it stop.

Yeah nah fuck you
t. The entire GuP fanbase

Are you ok user?
You seem pretty vulnerable at the moment, but things get better.
I was a mess a mere year ago.
Inspired by a fucking anime I got my license, one thing led to another and now I've gone from a shut-in weeb neet with no future to someone who, while still behind the curve, has a future in front of him.

Qui peut me vendre des armes prépondérance des armes de guerre type AK-47 AR-15

Have a frog user, on the house

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