Be 19 yro leaf fag

>be 19 yro leaf fag
>been saving up all my money since last august for planning a 6 day long vacation in the US for a convention in Baltimore in the first 4 days of August this year
>like i said before i've been saving my own money from dead end part time minimum wage job
>will be the first time i've paid for and planned a vacation myself and first time on my own in another country

will my experience being outside my country on my own make me grow as a person or something?

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>will my experience being outside my country on my own make me grow as a person or something?
visiting the US, from Canada? lolno

Going from Canada to the US for only 6 days isn't really what people say when they talk about travelling and going outside your comfort zone and experiencing new things and broadening your horizons and all that.

It would be like someone from Nicaragua going to Guatemala or something. There might be some political differences but it's the same music the same language the same things for the most part. You experience American culture everyday by just going on the internet or turning on the TV or playing video games and listening to music. Toronto is basically AmericaTown, you could just go down there and experience that instead - you're also just as likely to get accidentally shot.

But you're going to a convention of some kind, and that should be fun no matter where it's at.

Go to eastern europe, or South America, or south east asia if you actually want to travel and not just look at Baltimore and probably be shot you idiot

Nobody is even going to know you’re Canadian, you might as well be from Pittsburgh and think it’ll change you to travel to Maryland

i'm not worried about culture shock
i'm taking about being alone very far away from home

>i'm taking about being alone very far away from home
I know that it's America - and Baltimore - but it's not like you're going to Afghanistan or something. You're going to a furry convention or something being surrounded by people and resumably already have your hotel reserved or at least an idea of what hotel to book etc. You're also only gone for 6 days.

not furries

lol well I wasn't too far off. You're gonna be surrounded by a community of like-minded chill people that all share the same passion. You got nothing to worry about.

The culture is very, very similar and you aren’t going far from home at all

Youre always alone

probably not, other than you will be on your own. US and your county isn’t very different

Not OP, and the more I think about it, the more I would probably be worried about some retard shooting up the place.

Bronies aren’t chill, they’re spastic pedophiles

Worlds first spree mercy killer

They're harmless autismos like mostly anyone else from Jow Forums.

There’s being a brony ironically like folks do here and then there’s going to a con


I'm a Baltimore user, if you need any advice about Baltimore I can help.

The biggest problem with a lot of Jow Forums's userbase is that they'll see footage of Bronycon and be like KEK EPIC CRINGE and they'll see pictures of like redditors with a girlfriend playing Nintendo or something and be like KEK LOOK AT THAT EPIC S OY FACE and whatever else. The thing is that those people are out in the real world having fun with friends and enjoying themselves and making memories, while the people trying to make fun of them are just staying in their room by themselves.

whats the cheapest way of getting around and not getting killed?

also does the lord baltimore hotel take debit cards?
only got a credit card recently just as collateral for the room but i don't want to buy anything with it

Bus is very safe, remember to mind your own business no matter what.

Don't have tablets or handheld games out your bag when riding so no one can POTENTIALLY snag them.

Uber/Lyft are fine and cheaper than taxis if you're too insecure for the busses.

Everyone takes debit, not everyone takes Discover though.

All hotels take debit cards

A con is not “out in the real world”, it’s a self selected group of perverts unwelcome in society at large.

It's still better than holding your dick in your mother's basement.

>whats the cheapest way of getting around and not getting killed?
Walking. You’re going from a hotel to a conference center, it’s safe as hell

I’m not sure that’s true and not being a revolting degenerate with a child brain is better than either.

Baltimore fag here. It will certainly open your eyes. You're going to appreciate your home more than ever after you see ol' Charm City.

>not being a revolting degenerate with a child brain

You post on the same website as those people.

forgot to mention i'm actually making a film and am bringing a Canon dslr (pic related), tiny lav mic, tripod, macbook and accessories in my suitcase but will be filming stuff at the con and worried about getting robbed on my way back from late night events

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And yet I’m not going to loliconcon

Well don’t be

Well either you don't belong here or you're living in the closet.

I love the internet and anonymous posting more than any canadian sex criminal or his defenders, this is my house

don't be what specifically?

Afraid. Nobody wants to touch you or your backpack in that 4 blocks you’ll be outside in downtown

>wants to post anonymously alongside all sorts of sexual deviants and degenerates
>I-I just like the internet!