Lauren Southern

What does Jow Forums think about her?

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they a man now right?

Coalburning whore with the writing talent of a 5th grader.

trad thot

Would bang

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Sisters MUCH hotter

Looks like a Goblin Gook

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Why does she look like she's in her late 30s?
She's supposed to be younger than me.

The best bait to catch angry trannies and incels.

would hate-fuck her, then chain her up and jack off onto her every so often till she dies of starvation.
Although, she could eat the cum to prevent that.

Let's get her banned from twitter because it will make boomers mad



No political movment in history was succesfull with women involvment.
No political leader that bettered state of things was not a man.

Influx of women into the right is a kike tactics. Don't let thots take over the movment by invading male spaces.

Women don't belong in politics!

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In gaming, you have Twitch thot "gamer" girls. She is the political equivalent of that.

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fake scandinavian jew, fuck her

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your battlefield vid was boring and gay kraut

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>1 post by this ID
Surely COINCIDENCE goyim

This ethot! Where did she go?

She has a strong jaw and big frame. I bet she could produce some strong sons.

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Solid 7

She likes hedgehogs - I am not shaved.

>In gaming, you have Twitch thot "gamer" girls. She is the political equivalent of that.
Yes. But a lot of the beta simps here don't game, so they're easily fooled by her. She is a cam whore who has been able to commercialize herself to thirsty men in the Alt Light and Alt Right. I bet that she's made made a lot of money.

I want to fuck her.

6.5 in a Canadian city (but she has that working class mule look)

only mooslems dont like her

>implying anyone thinks about Lauren southern kek


Well Alex jones is a shill so maybe she is too

>fuck her
oh i definitely would

I think her documentary about the state sponsored genocide in South Africa was interesting. Glad she moved on from lazy leftist baiting to to some actual work.

I don't know guys, I find her very attractive, especially the slight bulge from her belly.

a thot is a thot you fuckin fag

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her next work looks promising, might hit like a fking meteorite, lets see how it goes

I want to fuck her right in her pussy

I believe she was removed from YouTube and doxxed. Her videos are on cheekyvids or wherever the Murdoch Murdoch videos are


traitor scum, cooperates with Antifa institutions

>And no, I totally don't work for JIDF!

Same as any other stupid whore. Women should keep their mouths shut and find husbands to be obedient to.

she was not, 4 days ago she published a video proving isis is in greek refugee camps and making assassinations.

attention whore
just a chameleon

I would fuck her and I want to fuck her.

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Jess >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lauren

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Wait she's finally back? She ran out of patreonbux probably

Hey Moarpheus

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This guy knows what’s up

Just save some money and rent her for an afternoon dude.
How do you think she pays for all that traveling?

I'd like to watch her getting fucked by black men.

Pic related

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Smash. Beyond that I don't listen to women.

Shes doing a good work for the right. Nothing else.

She's hot, and JEWISH. Her real name is not Southern. She's a textbook example of pic-related, which is available on

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Lauren Southern is the perfect woman. Stunning looks, based political views and insightful commentary

You can't digest cum, is like eating hair for your body

Thots are not your friends

uneducated thot.
thinks she's educated.
thinks she's hot.
thinks nobody knows she's in this for incel gibs.

the surgery she did made her look better. now she looks like a hot 30 year old instead of a ugly 35 year old.

and her sister looks like a dude with ass implants.

I miss the more goofy, meme loving Lauren. Things have become so burdensomely serious.

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What about both at once?

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This. Indstead of making her retarded vids she should be looking for a husband.

Only noticed because she's a woman
Honestly she's a joke of a "commentator"

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A woman seeking attention. Alt-lite women are the new gamer girls, no different from anime cosplay women. They don't hold genuine beliefs or a passion for their respective politics/hobby, it is just a means to garner attention

don't trust her

but she looks good yo

awful american

Isnt she a mudshark? If so, completely disregard.

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fucking flat boards

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yes, she dated a" half black"(her words, he literally looks muslim) guy when she was younger and wasn't an e-celeb.

Agreed, although Lauren is a babe too, tho

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Bumping for lewd pics of this thot and her sister. Need a good wank.

Helps only civcucks in their goal to brown the world.

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She was the true queen of Jow Forums


She's absolutely retarded. I wouldn't stick my dick anywhere near that just for that fact.

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>although Lauren is a babe too

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Pump babies into them and those mammary glands will grow a few sizes.

She really needs to learn professional writing. She should've hired a man to reinterpret her words into a more digestible composition. She acts like a 25 year old trying to sound as if she's still 15.

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nice implants

She's the millennial Ann Coulter; a coal-burning, fag-hag who only seems based because the men in her country are so lame.

That said, she does good work.

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She's hot with plastic surgery.

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>op's face.

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Based Squatting Slav Calling Out Jewry at its best

It's Adams Apple