Depressed about being 32

So I turn 32 tomorrow.

They say nothing really changes at midnight on your 30th birthday. But for me the bottom fell out. I went from doing OK with women in my late 20s to unable to get a date and having absolutely zero flirty actions with women almost overnight.

I haven't kissed a girl since a few weeks before my 30th birthday. I haven't been able to get a single date. When I turned 30 I also immediately stopped getting matches on Tinder. It seems like once I hit the magic number 30 my profile became mostly invisible because even a lot of late 20s women around here set 29 as their max age.

What's worse is I don't even really want to hang out with people in my age group. I wish I had a pretty young girlfriend and a bunch of dynamic young friends to hang out with. I didn't get out a lot in my 20s because I was in a long term relationship for most of them besides the very tail end, but now that I finally have the opportunity all my old friends just want to go to a quiet pub and get a beer or something. Nobody wants to throw a party or go clubbing or anything. It's depressing as hell. I'm having a hard time feeling positive about the future, despite finally getting my career in order and stuff.

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>Nobody wants to throw a party or go clubbing or anything

dude you're 32. you have other shit to worry about. these things are for high schoolers and retarded college kids

Man I feel you on this.

I turn 30 this year and I havent been on a date since high school. I feel as if when I hit 30 it's all down hill and I'll never recover from it

I also managed to get a pretty stable job last year but it hasn't been able to fill a void and it's just eating at is just flashing before my eyes. I relate to your situation on a whole other scale man. Thank you for sharing this.

Stop relying so much on tinder, and get new friends

It’s all in your head. When I was 29 I was single and living with parents. By my 30th birthday i met my beautiful now wife and we moved into our first house together. We are planning our future now (careers and kids ect) and still have time to go catch a gig every now and then or go to a pub for a few drinks with friends on the weekend

Sometimes I'm more afraid of aging than death itself

yeah. I hate how we just slowly deteriorate away. It's such bullshit.

>What's worse is I don't even really want to hang out with people in my age group
This, holy shit. iktf man, I still want to drink and party and get laid. I had so little fun at all throughout my 20s and now I'm at the age where everyone wants to retire from that and relax at home or something. Shitsux bro. Worst part is that I'll probably never in my life have sex with someone attractive, unless I pay money for it directly.

>t. 30

Exactly. I never had my chance to do them... and now I never will. I'm supposed to be excited about my career taking off and things but really I'm miserable. I despise how people expect me to act a certain way cause of my age, I hate that people treat me differently than their younger peers. I'm making all this "progress" and I dom't really give q fuck about it, I just want to do all the fun stuff I never did in my 20s cause I let my exes control me. It's like I have to be old without ever really having been young. I hate it so much.

Thos too. I've slept with some pretty attractive women here and there but at this point I'll probably never get to be with a hottie in hrr prime and it leaves me feeling so jralous and creepy.


How do I find friends who are still lively? Or make younger friends who want to do that stuff and will accept me?

In 3 months I turn 30 and graduate college. This thread is making me dread it I also was in long term relationships throughout my 20s and also worked a lot thfouhj college and did a STEM degree. I just want my turn to drink and party and get laid too. Apparently that makes me a pathetic manchild.

Maybe the bar scene. Bars are filled with younger people on the weekends and as long as you can add to the liveliness of the night I bet you could be fine there.

Alternatively, bikers are well known for partying hard for as long as their bodies can manage it. Biker bars are filled with people of all ages going hard.

I'm just tossing out ideas, man. I don't really know the answer.

It's over, man. If you can begin the process of accepting that instead of raging about the experiences you'll never have, you'll feel better. There's other things in life.

Joe Rogan is in his 50's and still does this shit. Wtf man?

This guy is retarded I'm 31 and most of my friends are early 20s.

You must be a very charismatic person.

Yeah maybe it's just I'm hanging around the wrong crowd. But most of my old friends have just quieted down so much.

>at this point I'll probably never get to be with a hottie in hrr prime
If you're at least quasi-successful or stable you can always try dating teen moms. They're usually either crazy or stupid but they're hot and need you.

Sad part is that there aren't other things in life. You'll see sooner than you think.

That's like, a whole different dynamic. I woildn't really wanna be a sugar daddy.

So is it "over" then or is that guy talking out of his ass.

>sugar daddy
You don't need to be. You just need to find someone pliable and with their priorities in order. Not saying this is easy but the shortcut is being a sugar daddy for different ones for short periods. Pump them, party and dump.

I'm pretty average. Mind you, just cause I have young friends doesn't mean I'm banging college girls left and right. I've definitely found "dating gets easier in your 30s for men" to be a lie. My love life peaked in my mid-late 20s.

Quit your whining faggot. I'm 35, have 0 friends, haven't been with a girl in 8 years and have terminal case of autism where I can't hold down a job or interact with other people without it being awkward for everyone.

You could easily get around your problem I bet by just altering your age on whatever shitty social media site you're one. Try and be crippled in every field of social interaction like me and then you have a right to bitch.

>My love life peaked in my mid-late 20s.
Considering mine was nonexistent and im a practical physical virgin and literal relationship virgin, i honestly hope this isn't true for me.

My love life peaked in my mid-late 20s
Shit, those are the years I gave to my abusive, controlling ex and spent totally isolated.

Welp. guess I ruined my life.

No, I still have a right to bitch. Get fucked you whiney little sperg.

Fuck you, you entitled little shit and your 'poor me' attitude, at least you have social interactions, lie about your age instead of claiming it's a barrier you stupid fuck.

>BWAH haven't kissed a girl in 2 years.
Oh poor you... Get a hooker if you're that pent up.

>Get a hooker if you're that pent up
Not him but I would if i could.

it will get far worst if you have that mentality. 32 is just a number. ask any girl with daddy issues. lol.

OP here, that guy's not me.

I'm not sure how I'm coming across entitled, this isn't an aggrieved entitlement thing where I think life cheated me. I'm just sad about where life has brought me, and desperately want things it's very hard for me to attain. When I walk by a college house party or something I feel so sad and jealous and empty.

Ironic post

As much as I crave attention from women way younger than me, I think what I really want is just to have lively people around who still hold spontaneous get togethers and throw parties, srill get *that* excited when their favorite band has a concert..

I'm still in touch with old friends my age and they all just want to go out to a quiet pub or nice restaurant or even just stay home and smoke weed and watch TV.

Why do you think that's impossible?

Focus on achieving that and you might even pick up a younger girlfriend along the way.

You're entitled because you feel you should be at those parties instead of finding a way to get your foot in the door. At this point the only thing stopping you is some retarded social app and your lack of self confidence. You just need a punch to face to snap you out of it.

You got to have some younger friends who can build up your network.

I don't think it's reasonable to despair over being in your early 30's with no relationship status especially given everyone in their 30's saw their 20's be affected by the 2008 crash. Remember, for the most part, everyone under 40 has been working during an economic recession and we are just getting to the "make it or break it" portion of the recovery. We don't make it a lot of uglyness comes out of the woodwork and hard.

Mid 40's is when you're staring down the barrel of being in your 60's and 70's putting kids through college. That is when you really need to have a hard discussion about life being over with and about 10 years before that you should have your shazbot solidly together.

Women do not date down the social or economic heirarchy, period. They don't naturally believe in "building up" a man or family as they did when we were in an agrarian society with fewer options, if you put a women in the middle of a city, their instinct is to whore around. Tinder, as is most social media, is a fantasy to them where they get Mr Right 100% of the time and he's a rich prince who makes them a princess.

Point being, lots of playa's on Tinder drounding out the real men and a lot of women who get older and realize that isn't going to work for them.

Go to places where women are improving themselves like the Gym, local college, or there are services you can pay to help you search around. All are real options. Don't get full of angst because Tinder girls are rejecting you; most of them are braindead if they're using the site anyway.

Also, forgot to mention. Go look around forums where women congregate and look at what strategies they are trying. That's another option.

I'd love to have younger friends like that, but it's kind of a chicken-and-egg problem, isn't it?

I have like one 27 year old friend who's down to go to shows and concerts whenever. We don't see a ton of each other because he works night shift and I work day shift but we meet up on the weekends and stuff sometimes. I'd like more people like them around.

Happy birthday, user.
I'm barely 27 and just got out of a 4 year relationship. It was a great relationship with someone I've spent years knowing before as a friend. But at the end she dumped me instead of working things out as we did always.
I don't want to start dating again at 27. My local pool of prospects are either single moms or military wives. All the single guys I know in their late 20's/early 30's are desperate for companionship and are fighting off infantilization. It's like all they wanna do is go to work an easy job, go home and play video games/watch TV until they fall asleep, and drink on the weekends with no efforts of furthering their careers, finding new hobbies, or meeting new people.
All that shit they tell you about "taking it slow" and "You're young take your time (with finding someone/dating)" is a load of bullshit. The rest of my friends from high school who married in their early 20's are happily married, have a house, awesome kids, awesome hobbies, look way better/more fit than my single friends, and are in great careers.

Well that's an opening, use it. Jesus Christ, as least you have a chance and know people. You're making excuses. You aren't up shit creek like me, so stop being a pussy and be proactive.

I guess I'm not great at networking like that? My social skills are *ok*/average but branching off and building a circle of younger friends seems like a difficult task that I don't know how to go about.

Start by going out with your one friend who's down to go out. Meet people when you're out, develop social circle.

You have at least one friend and some abilities to be social. You're lightyears ahead of my situation where it's 0 friends, 0 social skill.
Hell, ask your friends for help in networking if you think you can trust them.
I don't know if friends are good for that sort of thing, I've never had any, but if it does work like that, try it out.

I feel like at 27 you could still date early 20-somethings easy. Half your age plus seven etc.

So I'm 32 now. Bump.

I guess I should count my blessings. I'm feeling less depressed today than when I made this thread.

I'm just really discouraged with life though. Like I'm supposed to be happy with all these adult things? But they barely mean anything to me. I also sacrificed a lot of my career plans for my ex and I've been getting them back on track but the success barely registers and I was honestly happier being 23 and broke.

Dude around 32 if your friends are in your age group they are probably thinking about settling down not clubbing you need to use the internet and hook up culture to make those connections you are talking about the data on online dating isn't showing how it works long term because it hasn't been around long enough for us to get the data. Do things that make you happy you shouldn't need to go hang out with others to have a good time.

>if your friends are in your age group they are probably thinking about settling down not clubbing

Exactly, that's the problen.

>You need to use the internet and hook up culture to make those connections.

That's why I made this thread, I've no idea how to go about it. Hookup culture seems particularly impenetrable at my age.

Just switch your birthday to 29 on tinder lol

you shouldn't need to go hang out with others to have a good time

I mean, I have my hobbies and interests, but that's not really what this is about. Besides, I don't want to be alone all the time either.

You're not the fist person in this thread to suggest lying about my age whether online or IRL, and I could probably "pass" for 27/28, but the idea kind of skeeves me out. At the least, it feels like it would come back to bite me eventually. e.g. if I catch feelings for someone I meet that way.

Tinder should just be for hookups. Females on tinder are not relationship material.

>you shouldn't need to go hang out with others to have a good time.
Yes you should, human beings have a social instinct that makes them happier when they feel like they're part of, and contributing towards, a group.

I'm in my 30s and have yet to have anything of a real job and going through hell trying to find one that fits me and have stuggled with anxiety and shit forever.