9 years ago

>9 years ago
>be 14 going on 15
>go on week-long class trip shortly after coming to a new school
>one boy in the class is gay and out (pic related)
>because another kid fell ill, share room just with him
>be straight, but let him talk me into jerking each other off on the first night
>the next night he sits down onto my bed and produces a jar of lotion
>"turn over, user"
>when I realize what he wants to do, tell him he can forget about it
>he says we're going to do it, or he'll tell everyone what we did the night before
>tell him they won't believe it
>"yes they will. now lie on your belly and pull down your pajamas"
>I know he's right, and do what he says
>he fucks me
>I bite into my pillow to stop me from crying out
>plead with him not to cum in my ass, but he just puts his hand over my mouth and does it anyway
>when it's over I'm softly sobbing, and he just goes to the bathroom
>the next night he says if I don't want everyone to know he's fucked me in the ass, I'll let him do it again
>have to bottom for him every night during the trip
>he tells me I'm getting "better", "more experienced"
>on the 2nd-to-last night I ejaculate during it, and he's very smug about having "made me cum"
>after the trip the blackmail stops, and we don't mention it again
>change schools again a year later

>fast forward to now
>my gf has become good friends with a gay guy at her new job
>last week she tells me excitedly - I won't believe it, but talking about old schools she's found out him and me used to be classmates for a while, isn't that cool?
>yup, it's him
>she wants us to all hang out together

How do I explain that I don't want to meet with him (and ideally that I don't like her being friends with him) without revealing the story above?

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kill him, that is the only way

rape someone important for him

>telling her not to associate with a gay guy.
>not explaining why.
Not a wide idea.
Your only real options are to either tell her the truth or get rid of the evidence.
Telling her some bullshit excuse will most likely backfire and the truth will come out anyways.

Or simply become an SJW, tell the world he raped you and ruin his life.

Keep us updated.

wow OP that's tough. Let's think through it here. We want your gf and the guy to just stay coworkers rather than friends. It will take some crafting to come up with a good excuse. Maybe you could say to your gf something along the lines of "hey, didnt really like that guy in school (or you could say he was a bully if you are fine with that). i don't really want US (important to say us, as a couple) to be friends with him for that reason I hope you are okay with this." Maybe bring this up over dinner or after you surprise her with something just so you know she's in a good mood.

The worst case is to just straight up tell her the truth. user this was rape, and it was out of your control because you were blackmailed. Your gf wouldn't look down on you for this since it was rape, but obviously, it's not something you want to bring up. I doubt he would ever tell your gf this himself considering it was, again, RAPE. who would say "hey ya i raped him btw" nobody.

good luck OP i wish you the best

Given how long ago it was and how young he was, he may be a completely different person now and feel guilty about it.

On that note, maybe you should hang out just too find some alone time with him to confront the fag on it. Then again, you shouldn't if you feel uncomfortable alone with him.

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I mean, you have apoint, but if that was really the case, he'd probably want to avoid hanging out with me just as much as I. The fact that he apparently doesn't have a problem with it makes me wonder if, on the contrary, he's not getting some sick kick out of the idea.

50% of homosexual men are child molesters, dont expect a faggot to have a conscious. Tell your gf all faggots should be stoned.

You can say he was an asshole back in school (you don't have to tell all the details) and that you really don't want to see him again.

If she keeps pestering TELL HER. You were a rape victim. If you keep it hidden he will keep blackmailing you.

Are you insane? "The little sociopathic teen blakmailing rapist might feel guilty about it"? Fuck you.

>be straight
>but let him talk me into jerking each other off on the first night


You can say he was an asshole back in school (you don't have to tell all the details)

Yeah, that's basically the idea; the problem is just that if I don't go into details, she'll probably think it's trivial and that I'm childish for still being hung up on it.

Yeah and if you give her vague details she may go to him and ask why you don’t like him. It would be better for you to tell her the whole truth rather than have him tell her a distorted version. I mean perhaps he’s changed but I wouldn’t want my gf to be around a manipulative guy like that.

Tell her the truth, if you truly love her

If I was the gf in this situation I would want my bf to be honest with me. Even if I was told “He was awful to me back then.” And if my bf seemed genuinely disgusted by this guy I wouldn’t even ask for more detail. I would take his side. I understand you probably never wanted to relive those memories but you shouldn’t have to put up with this guy anymore OP. Even if it was back then.


fucking idiot.

just say you're a homophobic

Just let it out OP. Tell your gf what happened and say you are not comfortable or just wanted to slit his throat if you see this fag again, you were a lil kid back then shit happens. I think she'll understand

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