No one likes black guys

One thing that hurts me is the feeling that no girl would consider going out with me due to the fact that I'm black, and if I do get a girl it'd unironically be the trashy white girl meme.

Is this true? Maybe it's confirmation bias or being around the wrong people, or whatever, but I only ever see girls more into white guys than black men, and it makes me feel like I have no chance and that I shouldn't even bother.

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Is ur pp big

im not trying to be racist but i feel like usually black girls are into black men? if you’re looking to not date black girls or “trashy white girl memes”, then are you intelligent, hardworking, loyal, and dedicated? because it goes without saying that anyone who’s a lazy bum is going to attract other lazy bums.

I guess I'm driven as I am going to take classes and get Microsoft certifications and going to learn carpentry when the weather breaks as a hobby. Just working as a collections agent for the meantime.

>not trying to be racist
>implies op is a lazy bum for being black


I think chicks are more interested in looks, behavior, confidence, intelligence,etc. than skin color

And dude, there is nothing especially grand about white girls quit being racist

Where did I imply they were grand though, [email protected]?

It's statistically true, meaning it might not be true for you. There are plenty of black dudes who slay hot white girls left and right, and not just trashy girls into ghetto black guys, want to feel like a 'bad girl' for a night, or just want to 'try it once and see what it's like'.

kek he made himself sound like a lazy bum by saying if he gets a girl it’s only the trashy white girl memes, which makes me imply “you only get what you put in”
i was saying i don’t mean to be racist by the fact that i feel like in my experience, most of the black women i’ve seen prefer black men and aren’t attracted to white men but i feel that’s a stereotype

>the trashy white girl meme
This only happens if you live in flyover shitholes
Move to a tech city or a college town and you'll find smart women who will want you for you and not for some idea they've made up of who you are

I wont lie there is a lot of stigma around it which discourages people but white people can be attracted to blacks, I once liked a black girl before not that much I just liked her body.

She talked normally and did her hair very nicely it was straitened and dyed pink. If you are very attractive then its okay you have a chance.

>most of the black women i’ve seen prefer black men and aren’t attracted to white men but i feel that’s a stereotype
There's some data from a dating site that proved this. If I remember correctly Latina women and Pacific Islanders were the most open to dating black men

You’re whole attitude gave it away
Bro, we are living in this renaissance of black culture. It’s cool to be black, have you been to any public high schools lately?

All bitches suck! That is why I lived in Middle East for seven years...bitch wife acts up...I put the bitch back in the barn! FO

this is true one of the hottest girls at our school went BBC, it was too late for me

Yea I dated a black girl too, but she was as an opie&anthony bit put it “a beginners black girl”. Meaning she wasn’t really ratchet and had mostly white friends

Dating isn't an interview process and people should have preferences on who they date. I'm white and fit so I shouldn't be obliged to date a fatty because fat is beautiful or some shit.
If you're not worth dating then go fix that but to expect people to give you a chance for no reason other than your skin tone is pathetic. Blaming a "system" for being undesirable is very pathetic, go look at yourself first.

im going to have to look that up i think ive heard about that i want to see all the statistics that sounds interesting. im white and mostly attracted to other white people. once in a blue moon i see someone of a different race who i find attractive but that’s uncommon. i usually have a set physical preference but i guess i’m open if the other person has a nice personality. i usually prefer brown hair, brown or green eyes, and light skin. no clue why.

The fact you posted a picture of black face just goes to show how deeply insecure you are about being black. This anime forum site isn’t doing you any favors.
Make yourself desirable to women, make them Want You.

Wasn't intentional. But rereading I see how that's implied.

Oh, that's good to know.

Among some of my friends this is no secret and I am taking steps to disregard it as it doesn't matter. I'm getting there, but sometimes I feel it in the back of my thoughts for one reason or another. Guess it was loud today if I made this thread.

Here's the OKCupid data:

I remember seeing data from an old (c. 2003) Yahoo dating site that mentioned Pacific Islanders, but I can't find it anymore

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I can tell just by your dialogue that you are intelligent and well spoken.
Those are good qualities that a lot of white guys just flat out Lack.
There will always be ignorant racist people who will dismiss you just because of the melatonin in your skin, it’s fucked up and it sucks you’ll have to put up with it, but chances are you have dealt with that kind of bullshit before. I wish you the best user. Peace

You can also date trashy Latinas

To be honest, i have seen more asian girls dating black guys, but dont go for the asian american, check for the real asian girls, even though the statistics says that asian girls prefer white guys, many of them are attracted to black guys, and more if you look tidy and elegant

What's your surname? Anglo blacks (most American and Caribbean blacks) who want to date whites are usually stuck dating anglo trash no matter what. Black people from other backgrounds can be quite attractive to women of any race, so long as they are confident, positive, and mature around women (keep in mind that stereotypical "nigger behaviour" is mostly advocated by Anglo blacks, and non-Anglo blacks are disproportionately thrown under the bus).

How about you go for black girls, you nigger

If you do date white ones be sure to knock them around and collect the toll, though.


Conclusion of the storry:
1. each race is most likelly to date their own
2. It's good to be white

Rip. That's disheartening.

Where do you live? In more liberal places mixed race couples are common. Think Bay Area, LA, etc.
Race isn't a huge determining factor in my social group. In fact I am mixed myself.
Maybe it's where you live?

I'm black and don't have much experience with girls having went to an all-boys college-prep high school but I don't think your skin color is what keeps you from finding someone. Like others have said, if you're well-groomed and take care of yourself, you're likely to attract someone who also isn't trashy or "ratchet". Everyone has insecurities about themselves (i.e. blemishes, acne scars, hair, etc.) but you shouldn't feel insecure about the color of your skin. If someone judges you because of that, then you know they aren't worth your time regardless of how physically attractive you may have found them. Also, maybe you shouldn't browse Jow Forums, where people like to rag on others that aren't white if you're already insecure about skin color.

>2. It's good to be white
Except if you want to date black women

Like most people
I like black guys and I hate black culture

Therefore if you live in a majority white area, black guys and girls are great people. If you live in an area where blacks dominate, they are horrible to be around.

Not in China/Japan, they don't touch black guys with a barge pole. Chinese wife tell me they think dark skin is disgusting and black men are a bunch of wife beaters and leave you holding the baby.

Seriously, if you're white and you show interest in a black girl ans seem like it's for real. She'd fucking jump your bones in a second.

It's hard for me to score with white and asian, but as an experiment i tried to pick up decent looking back women for one day. Got 4 numbers in a single day. They're desperate for anything that's not Tyrone

>unironically xD
No wonder nobody worth while wants to date you

What the fuck are you taling about retard? Do you live in a cave? The western world promotes inter racial breeding you fuck. How do you explain all the cucks putting in work for your black people. Be grateful bitch.

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do you a BBC?

OP, obviously you have some deep-rooted racism that's affecting your social interactions. Try being colorblind for a while and see how it goes.

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thats pretty g a e of you

What’s pic related?

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Yes no one likes niggers. Not even other niggers like niggers.

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its all on you.
do your best on self improvement.
easy to pick up girls white/black/young
u need game son.