Be 31

>Be 31
>Be creep who dreams every day of fucking teenagers due to formative experiences with social rejection and the need to "prove myself" or feelings of having "missed out" on teen sex.

How do I stop. Therapy only made me understand why.

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You get into a real relationship with an adult

What if it's so deep seated and toxic that it undermines my real relationships, smarty pants?

Then you're probably just a pedophile and should do us all a favor and Keep Yourseld Safe.

>Jow Forums adv/

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Doesn’t matter the reasons why, it is what it is.

You will never be sane and mature enough for a real relationship. You grow with it. If people would wait to get into relationship till they have it all figured out we‘d all be single and humanity would go extinct in one generation.
It‘s like becoming a parent. You can try as hard as you want, you will never be prepared to be a parent before actually being one and then your parenting skills will have to grow together with your child.
Same in relationships. It will mean to be honest and open and constantly check in on each other and how you‘re doing.
Relationships aren‘t just for shit and giggles. In my opinion they are the single best method to really work on your character flaws. Given that you are willing to not just do this your way or drop them. Same with kids. There are things that will male you a better person that you can only really learn trough being a parent.

Look around at the threads on this board. There's two big clusters: teenagers (extending into underageb& territory) and late-20s/early-30s.

I don't wanna die though.

I mean, kinda, but not really.

I'm not an incel. I've actually had the experience of my insecurities damaging a relationship.

>I don't wanna die

Too bad. Shoulda hit that prime teen pussy while you had the chance. Maybe if you got some you wouldn't have turned out pedo.

Oh well. I recommend an exit bag, pills, or CO poisoning. Less mess. Of course you may still shit yourself when you die.

Find a petite 20 yr old escort and bang her until you're content. If you develop enough of a rapport with her she might even let you fuck her raw.

This isn't joke advice. Seriously, fucking do this.

Just fuck 18 year olds.

They don't want to fuck 31 yr old grandpas. They literally find you physically repulsive. You need to have mad game to pull that off and even then you'll be getting cockblocked at every single turn even by people who have no business giving a shit like motel clerks.

Sure if theyre high school girls.
Go to community college and fuck 19 year olds then or something baka

It's the same difference. They actually expect more from you:
>"Oh? You're 30 and not driving a Lexus/BMW/Mercedes? I'm going to fuck 20 yr old johnny who lives in a basement and drives a 10 yr old pickup instead! Fuck you loser old guy!"

Yeah, see, I'm a grad student. I ain't driving no beemer.

Fuck Asian girls they for the most part all look really young. If not single out a social awkward teen girl promise her love say your a 26 and do what you gotta do. Do it rough go all out begin to feel guilty then leave never talk to her. The guilt will surpass the need to fuck teens and you will not want to do it again. You will associate teens with guilty feeling and avoid them and you are now cure ta da. Exposure therapy is better than therapy when you sit on a couch.

There's plenty of adult girls with roleplay kinks, and hopefully you can find one who's understanding enough to try to fulfill some of those needs. I'm lucky enough to have a girl who is willing to dress young at my request, maybe one day you can too.

ngl that does sound nice. It's not even like it's a real hardcore ageplay kink just high school/college fantasy.

Are you a virgin yet?
Other than that, teen sex implies sex with 18-19 girls also, who are totally legal. And i suppose you could go even lower if you don't live in states: usually the standard age of consent if 14, but it still is kind of creepy even if legally possible. If you go for the petite type, even in the next years (20-25) they're kinda the same.

Only normies who start a family ever leave this site. The rest of us are lifers.

I was with a few different women in my 20s, which makes this all extra-retarded

Also it's not like 18 year olds are jumping at the chance to sleep with me....

This is slowly driving me insane

I'm 28 and dream about railing cute teen girls all day. What's crazy is I used to do it when I was younger but now I think I just look too old or something idk. I'm lifting for that pussy bro.

>What if it's so deep seated and toxic that it undermines my real relationships, smarty pants
Sounds like you need a better therapist

>Only normies who start a family ever leave this site. The rest of us are lifers.
Lots of dads still post here..I come to Jow Forums to avoid the nightmares on the big boards and try to pass wisdom down. I was a 19 year old incel on /b/ all day in 2006. Hopefully I'm not making it worse

We get teen lust at some point in our lives. Also there is nothing wrong with 18-19 year olds.

Yeah but again not like 18-19 year olds are lining up to fuck me.

Just fuck 18 y/o's or 16 y/o's depending on your state. Or take a trip to mexico and bang a 14 y/o from the mall.

I have about a decade on you in years, OP, and I have some news:

It's never over.

You're never going to hit a point where you say "well, that libido has been filled; time to just tie it off and stop being attracted to those who aren't in my socially acceptable range of sexual partners."

We live in a society where people who say they are just naturally attracted to alpacas in tuxedos is championed as a marginalized group to be respected, but older men being attracted to younger girls are considered deeply broken and unfit for this world.

This sounds like old-codger-incel bullshit... but the problem isn't with you you're attracted to, it's who you see them as in terms of someone in charge of their own body.

Honestly, if you find a willing alpaca (and a decent tailor, probably), then your rights *should* be championed - but you'd have to really know that the alpaca was willing.

And that's you're problem. You know that once someone is 18 (or even younger in some states), they can determine what they want...

And what they want depends on each individual person, and it's just easier to treat young women like plastic-cut outs, which is actually more misogynistic than you're being by desiring them sexually.

I have a lot to say on this. I'll try not to ramble.

I can't speak for what you find attractive about "teen girls." I don't get the sense that you're a predator who wants to control them or abuse them, but you never know.

If you want to rape preadolescent children, then it's not a sexual attraction you have - it's a power fantasy.

And power fantasies are fucked up, and most people have them in some way that they vicariously live out through controlling whatever few, sparse factors they might be able to.

But wanting to have sex with someone doesn't mean wanting to have power over them.

Yes, there are massive networks of wildly abusive trafficking rings and other such forms of coercive sex slavery that profit from those who want power over an unwilling agent of their desire...

But that's like saying that just because Honda Civics are the most commonly involved in chop-shop and theft rings, that wanting to buy one makes you car thief.

It's bad logic, but it's easier to just cut off the section of society who identifies with a strong affiliation for youthful women.

You're probably also attracted to a wide variety of older women, and you can't really exactly pin down a specific "type" that you have, if you're anything like me.

But you have an Achilles' heel. The energy of women who are exploring their sexuality, and who have figured out that sex can be enjoyable, and know how desirable they are to some.

They're not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere.

I've been thinking about this a lot, what with all the talk of decriminalizing prostitution, and the social cataract we seem to have is being able to accept the idea that a teenage girl might actually possess the self-awareness to be able successfully emotionally navigate the sexual politics in which she is involved without somehow being somebody's victim.

You know what, though? That's just the fucking definition of misogynistic patriarchy - we infantilize basically grown-ass people (certainly in terms of their ability to own and choose for their own body) simply because they are women.

Sure, call me an impossible hypocrite for daring to suggest that my attraction to teenage girls is somehow a manifestation of my belief that they can choose to do what they want with their bodies, and if they feel like seducing old men to fuck them and can just go on about their merry lives without it "making" them anything any more than a jock who fucks cougars is seen as anybody's "victim," then they should be able to without either party having to suffer any more social judgment than any of the other various predilections and fetishes of this absurdly diverse spectrum of human sexuality that we can't ever seem to shut the fuck up about.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a jock. But now... I wish I was a cougar.

At this point, maybe even a literal, actual cougar.

Humanity is sort of done with me, after all, I get the feeling.

I took an 18 yr old v card last year. I'm 30 now.
Learn to dance , be in good shape , dress well.

Part of it is the fact that men are generally provided negative feedback for expressing any kind of vulnerability or emotional weakness, whether through the shame of teasing or the more forceful forms of ostracization that might be levied, up to and including physical abuse.

Add to that the cultural conflation of sex as something "very special to be only had between two people who care about each other very much" or whatever construct it's presented to children so they don't get each other pregnant before they have the financial stability to provide for the needs of what society sees as nothing more than a hungry mouth to feed, and you have a recipe for toxicity that can quickly become nitro and glycerin.

It's easier to try and control the people who would bear those hungry mouths, though, so historically, it's women's "virtue" that they are being explicitly taught to "protect" like it's a million-dollar-bill between their legs that somebody is going to steal.

Meanwhile, dicks are cheap. They're a dime-a-dozen. You could add your dick for free to your plate at Souplantation, because it literally carries no weight.

That's just where we are. Even after the birth-control advancements that were fought against so hard by the people who were threatened by the idea of women actually being able to control their own sexuality.

Because we have a lot of past abuses to account for, and society isn't willing to just let go of the fact that men have been abusing power over women since the monoliths of Akhenaten replaced the statues of Nefirtiti.

Your brain is wired in a way that is socially unacceptable and you either need to control yourself or kill yourself

Thanks, Hitler.

Fuck that shit
I'm 28 and I never really got rejected socially but I was too scared to really go out there fully
I had teenage relationship but I never fucked because I wanted it to be special
Now I hate myself I didnt fuck every teenage girl around
Fuck I even miss out on tons of shit I never would want to do just because I can't do them anymore
I guess it's part of getting older
I had a chance with a mad hot 20 pussy but blew it
Felt like I was killing myself in self-hate
But then again I had that 21 thicc pussy opportunity and I just let it die down
Guess I just really wanted girl one
Those feels are fucking awful and inconsistent
If that's what life is I want fucking out

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No, really, though - "your brain is wired" suggests that you have no control over it, and you're claiming that some brains are "miswired."

It's a pretty common belief. You're not even in the minority here, probably.

But tell me how that's any different from claiming that some people are "genetically inferior" to others, and how well that tends to go when you put it in a historical light.

I'm not championing the pedos - people who abuse others need to be dealt with.

But you're assuming that being attracted to teenage girls makes you a pedo.

That's fucking crazy, mah dood.

>It's easier to try and control the people who would bear those hungry mouths, though, so historically, it's women's "virtue" that they are being explicitly taught to "protect" like it's a million-dollar-bill between their legs that somebody is going to steal.

Yeah it's a women virtue because she is the one who's gonna end up with a baby in her belly while the dad will already be long gone

This is intrinsically ingrained into both women and men and it's modern society that pushes women to get less viruous not the other way around

>Because we have a lot of past abuses to account for, and society isn't willing to just let go of the fact that men have been abusing power over women since the monoliths of Akhenaten replaced the statues of Nefirtiti.
Yeah and women loved those abusive men and were abusive too
My strong suspicion is we got the world we deserve, and then there are the innocent, regardless of gender, that are stuck with us

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>I wanted it to be special

Whenever I hear those stories of dads who get their sons hookers when they're 18, there's always a part of me that's jealous.

I mean, sex can be everything from scratching an itch to a spiritually transcendent experience, and the idea that it has to be some kind of soul-bonding, however true that might be in some contexts, is actually really damaging in its limitations.

There's nothing wrong with casual sex, and it's not a cause for shame, or a "weakness," or any of the other toxic things we pile up out of fear that we might actually be able to work out a way for everyone to just get what they want and be happy.

Of course, it's super awkward to imagine banging a hooker that your dad bought for you, in most cases, so I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, but just... well, you know.

Dads who are overprotective about their daughters creep me out, too - like, bro, the dude wants to fuck your daughter. Put the shotgun away and get over it, because it only makes me think that you do, too.

>Yeah it's a women virtue because she is the one who's gonna end up with a baby in her belly while the dad will already be long gone

Oh; I'm sorry. I have trouble relating with this idea because of where I live. It's this place called the 21st century, and we have this stuff called birth control and, if needs be, early-term abortion.

By the way, it's been a postmodern society since like the 1950s, but I have a feeling you'd have to be from here to know that.

Dude there’s so many people in this world or even in your geographical vicinity. It’s totally possible for you to find a relationship with some weird girl who fits with you. Just open your mind and open yourself to the possibility, start acting towards positive goals. Let go of strict expectations.