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>Do girls/guys like ?
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There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

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How do i stop being so fucking crazy clingy? I've only been with this new fella for just over two weeks and I'm starting to think the L word, which is something that would make me run for the hills. We've known each other for a long time is my only excuse but it's really not making me feel better. How do i pull back without going too far and coming off as disinterested?

Is it really so wrong of me to want someone I both want to love and go crazy horny over? Why do I have to sacrifice one or the other?

my male best friend cheated on his gf with me and told me he loves me when he was drunk and now he won’t talk to me. we didn’t have sex but it was bad enough. it’s been over a week now. is there any way for us to go back to being friends? i miss him very much.

>. it’s been over a week now. is there any way for us to go back to being friends?
No, I'm sorry

what should i do? i really need him in my life, we’ve been friends almost 10 years :(

Can femanons show us their tits, with a time stamp ?

Why can’t they still be friends as long as they both forget what happened?

whether he has feelings or just wanted to cheat, guys are cowards and will drop you because they won't leave the gf. it would take her leaving but she won't either.

welcome to being played.
you should find some new friends.

15 months ago, I cut all contact with the only girl I have ever fallen for.
I walked past her today and said hi as we passed each other.
I was too much of a pussy to directly ask her out last time, but I knew the answer would be no.
I have really improved everything about myself since then, but she is fat now.
Is it worth pursuing again?

yeah he’s definitely a coward. we’re both adults but instead of talking to me about it and trying to work things out, he’s avoiding me and pretending nothing happened. he just moved in with his gf too. she has no idea he cheated btw.

It's over, you'll get over it

It changed things between them, they can't forget

I’m sure things did change between them, but if he really does love or have feelings for user there is a way for her to still have him in her life at some point. They can’t be friends, but if he ever breaks up with his girlfriend, she needs to tell him she wants to be with him.

>Being with a cheater
Nice try upside down satan

Because it is mostly two different things.

Love is something you get from someone you want emotionally. Lust is something you get for someone you just want to have raw sex with, without caring much about them emotionally.

You can have both, but it's rare due to how unique a person need to be to accomplish getting this sort of reaction from someone. It's much better to focus on one of them, and cultivate that desire instead, aka
>go full out for lust, and submit completely to that, ignoring every other aspect
>go full out for love, and ignore any deeper primal lust that might be missing, and throw yourself fully at that person with your entire being
Sex is still possible without lust. They aren't even remotely linked. Having sex without feeling a lust for someone is easy if you like them enough.

Also no. Piss off.

Oh, getting together is still a possibility
They just won't be simple friends ever again


If they love each other and have been friends for 10 years, why not? Maybe they’re meant to be together. Maybe he will cheat on user too. They’ll never know unless they try.

you should tell her.
she may not believe you and will use it to control him more, or they'll break up. but that's what cheaters deserve. and most friendships end, you still had 10 years. if he tries to talk to you after the fact ignore him.

I was fucking with the girl i really like. We live quite far apart so we dont get to really know each other, but feelings are there.
So we finised fucking and i ask her, after fucking, if she is seeing someone. She said no and asked the same question to me, i said that i was seeing someone. She got really mad at me and basically made a scene and all that jazz

What did I do wrong??? We're not together and i was honest with her

Bumping this

You cheated on your partner with her and she doesn't want to fuck with someone that's taken. You did everything wrong

You basically told her that you either don't care about her or cheat on someone with her
Obviously she would be mad

She was wondering if you two could get together and you destroyed that hope in the worst way possible

Girl with a bf being very open about having feelings for me. What do?

Bail out
People who cheat or break up to get in another relationship are more likely to do it again

>meet girl, lot in common
>go on "friend" dates together, she doesn't text me at all but is always talkative when we meet
>tell her I like her, she doesn't feel the same way but still wants to be friends
>fine by me, I enjoy being around her
>starts taking 5-7 days to reply to my messages, up for 1-2 days
>invite her to a gig on valentine's day, we have a lot of fun and she gets me some merch
>don't hear from her since

I want to message her to hang out again, but she hasn't reached out in a month and that'll make me seem pathetic, right? Better to just accept I've lost a friend, right?

>but she hasn't reached out in a month
Have you?

>I want to message her to hang out again, but she hasn't reached out in a month and that'll make me seem pathetic, right?
Not at all, message her

If a girl you have met once in real life before asks you out for coffee over facebook, does that mean she likes you and is really asking you on a "pre-date" sort of thing, or just wants to "catch up"?

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What about if i don't want a relationship, just a hookup?

I invited her to a bunch of things in January and she was either busy or gave an excuse so didn't bother asking again until the gig as I didn't want to go alone.

Haven't messaged her since apart form her dropping me a message out of the blue 3 weeks ago about something we never talked about, no messages since. Before this year it was always me suggesting things, always.

>If a girl you have met once in real life before asks you out for coffee over facebook, does that mean she likes you and is really asking you on a "pre-date" sort of thing, or just wants to "catch up"?
The former

sounds cucked, ghost her.

>What about if i don't want a relationship, just a hookup?
If she has actual feelings for you, you'd be an asshole using her for sex
If she doesn't, go and have fun
Becoming a cheater is her problem, not yours

nah i’m not going to tell her. i love him and don’t want to cause trouble for him.

It's entirely possible that since you stopped contacting her, she assumes you've lost interest.

Would you cuddle with him

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Of course not.
Either he breaks up with his gf and you start dating, or you're done for good.
Anyway, you'll never go back to being friends.

Looks fine.

Loving someone means calling them out when they act like cunts towards someone else, not enabling their shit behaviours forever.
You complained about him being a coward and not behaving like an adult, but you're a coward and childish too. You're not taking responsibility for your actions here.

does he know this?
because either he knew and played you or he wants you but doesn't think you want him and settled for another girl. how someone is drunk is their true character and true behavior. it's easy to use it as a cover.

if you told her you would likely get to date him. this girl doesn't deserve to be the settled one, to be cheated on, or anything. and if you told her and she doesn't care wouldn't you want your friend to be with someone better?

I'm just trying to assume either way it could go from experience. You'd be foolish and regret letting it go like this, trust me.

>date a guy for 3 months, finally have sex
>really mesh well together, and while he had shown jealous tendencies, it wasn't bothering me that much at this point
>after sex, he clearly got worse. Showed up at my work to "meet my coworkers and make sure they knew whom I belonged to", which was weird by itself, but I accepted it as just him being possessive, and I wouldn't date a coworker anyway, so a deterrent was fine for me
>then he meets my family. More specifically, my brother.
>I come from a fractured family, so I have an aunt, and my brother, and nobody else. I'm not even overly close with my brother, but I do see him a couple of times during the year, usually for our birthdays, our aunts birthday, and holidays. The usual stuff
>My brother is 6'10, built like a car, and pretty successful. Unsurprisingly, he has a lot of success with girls.
>my boyfriend clearly noticed this, and freaks out on meeting him. His jealousy turned up to 12/10, and while I was planning Easter dinner with my very small family, he forbids me from going
>when I press him, he says it makes him uncomfortable to know i am sleeping in the same house as my brother
>my brother. Related 100% by blood.
I seriously regret giving him this much leeway until now...

Is this just a lost cause? Can I improve the situation somehow and talk him down? He is my first, and if at all possible, I really dont want this relationship to be ruined due to irrational and stupid fear of me cheating *with my own brother*. I am fine with him making his presence known to coworkers, but this is ridiculous.

Some of you guys here seem to scream and yell slut and wjore whenever a chance presents itself, so explain to me, how do I diffuse this situation? I am not cutting out my very small family for this guy, not over something as stupid as this.

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These kinds of things don't get better.
Let him go and be more careful about meeting people.

He's a psycho, cut him off before he locks you up somewhere

Uh... I'm a girl, so pardon me for not having good advice, but how do you act around your brother?

Mostly asking because I've had a boyfriend who was... close to his sister. Like, she was this energetic cute little sister, who practically jumped him whenever they met, with a big and deep hug, sending weird smiles at me, and giving off a weirdly... incesterous vibe.

I get you dont see it that way at all, and neither did he. His sister was just very fond of her brother, nothing else, only she liked to dial it up when he had a girlfriend. It made it really uncomfortable to be his girlfriend, and I remember having a panick attack one night when I had a late night meeting at work, where he went to the cinema with his sister, and she sent me this weird text saying "she would make sure he was satisfied and tired and sleeping like a baby when I got home.", and it was just so fucked up I couldn't deal with it anymore.

RIP, that sucks.

It just feels like it is this type of obsessive kind of guy, or the dirty men who has slept with 10+ women I can find. I dont really like my options it seems... he was just all that I wanted until he threw this tantrum.

This is so depressing.

>I remember having a panick attack one night when I had a late night meeting at work, where he went to the cinema with his sister, and she sent me this weird text saying "she would make sure he was satisfied and tired and sleeping like a baby when I got home.", and it was just so fucked up I couldn't deal with it anymore.
Troll/10 sister, holy shit.

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Hi I can't make a thread because
>Phoneposter and somebody got us range banned
Anyways, I think I have a deviated septum/nasal obstruction of some sort. Worst case scenario is that I need an eight thousand dollar surgery. Is there anyway to cheese health insurance so I can pay a minimal amount of money? I don't really know how it works but I assume they lock you in for at least a year or something. Thank.

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>she sent me this weird text saying "she would make sure he was satisfied and tired and sleeping like a baby when I got home."

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Is there a type of girl who would be okay with a guy getting depressed occasionally but regularly? Would being wealthy change that tolerance level any? I'm not fat or ugly


Why do so many girls at the gym do things like this?

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Nah youre not a slut or whore, just ditch the creep

Because they need to hold the weight of the BBC wielder up

I just don’t get why girls go to the gym to do fake work outs

Because they want a Jow Forums bf

That workout increases flexibility, and is good for your form.

I admit I do some of those very compromising workouts at home, because I'm way too conscious to do stuff like that at a gym, but there is value in that exercise.

But Jow Forumsizens don’t like gym bunnies

>tfw thicc
>haven't worked out almost at all in 5 years beside biking everywhere
>have fit 6'3" bf
Life is neat.

No it’s not. It is retarded. She’s doing leg press with a fucking smith machine, and she has a guy filming her so she can post it on insta

Biking is a lot more workout than what most people do

Oh yeah, filming it is retarded and dumb, I agree on that.

But the exercise IS legit. I do it daily so I can put my feet behind my head in that position. It's less about building muscle, and more about being flexible.

I'm still fat tho. I'm lucky that it goes to all the nice places and I'm pretty muscular on the legs so it looks kind of tight.
Still, I'm glad he went for me.

Jow Forums Guy here
Because they wouldnt know better

They think touching a bar once will give them ripped roidclitphysique and manly voices.
Thus they copy shit from retarded insta influencers, that have also mostly no clue how to lift but have been born with good bodies to begin with, or are fraudmaxxing with camera angles, poses light and clothing giving girls false hopes.
If you are built like a fridge, theres not much you can do about it, just like a guy thats born with narrow shoulders and wide hips.
Doesnt help that personal trainers at commercial gyms dont know shit 99% of times and give people retarded squat on bosu ball exercises to "tone their core and butt"

With that being said working out does improve your body, health and mind.

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What the fuck. Why? Should I start throwing heavy weights at the guys standing around topless drinking water?

Autistic roids, I swear to God.

he will drop you like hotpocket once your ass is going to sag and look like cottage cheese

It’s because those are gym thots that we’re trying to show off the the whole gym their butts. They had spent that whole gym session taking pictures and videoing their butts

That plate is fake
45lbs doesnt fly like that

T. Knower nonroiding powerlifter

MeantThat’s still stupid. Use a leg press. Not a smith machine....

We're engaged so I guess I just have to endure it for a few months before I can let it all sag and he has to suck it up or get divorce raped :^)
People love each other for things that are a little bit deeper than how tight their asses are, user.


Being restrained by marriage =/= love and sexual attraction

He loves me because of the person I am, not how tight my ass looks. He has girls much prettier than me throwing themselves at him all day, but I'm the one with the engagement ring.
I doubt he'll stop loving me if my ass doesn't look as good in 5 years.

There are few things I hate more about going to the gym, than those girls who seemingly only go there to look pretty for the guys.

Fuck you cunts. Having them slowly walk on a treadmill while checking their phone, or making retarded poses on workout stations to snap pictures of it, and then stand in that concentrated group of stupidity, laughing at the girls who have sweat spots BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY WORKED OUT.

Oh and yeah, lol, those personal trainers are 9/10 times some random semi-fit person they hired, who has no actual qualifications. I'm convinced they only do it thinking they will get close and talkative to hot specimens of the opposite sex.

Great way to look on things
Instead of bringing people up pulling them down like a roast beef you are.
Its not like you ever had to work anything for your life either right

But ill just take a roll and bet you arent as good looking as you think, since girls that actually are pulling off "thicc" look are rare as fuck

But maybe im wrong, i already posted my body, now your turn

You forgot that they also put on make up and do their hair before working out


Yeah, because guys never go to the gym to lounge around and show off their packs...

You guys may not notice them, but girls do. It is just as pathetic.

>That plate is fake
Doesn't really matter how heavy it is, getting thrown stuff right in your face is going to hurt 9/10 times.

Pulling people down by doing what? No one obligates him to date him, he does it by his own will. He's happy with me and is a better person since we got together, which is why he wants to stay with me.
I worked pretty hard for most things I have in my life.

And I'm not posting photos of my body on Jow Forums like a camwhore, I'm sorry. I'm glad you feel comfy doing it, I'm not that kind of person. I don't care what you think about the way I look, it's just ridiculous that you think a relationship can't go deeper than literal skin level.

>That’s still stupid. Use a leg press. Not a smith machine....
Sure, but let's be fair, if you are new, and have no one but the unqualified personal trainers to help you, chances are you wont know how to properly use the machines, nor what purpose they serve.

>Yeah, because guys never go to the gym to lounge around and show off their packs..
Those guys are douche bags but at least they do real workouts

I just forgot to mention it, because it's almost a given that girls like that has half an inch of make up on.

It's disgusting.

Told my GF of a couple of months that I love her hair (after she sent me a selfie), and she replied "Haha, just my hair?". How the fuck should I have responded here? I just said something non-committal like "of course not". I don't wanna say I love her until I'm damn sure.

>he is better person by being with me
>thats why im glad to have him locked from other girls teehee, and if he doesnt he gets raped by law
Kino shit keep it up
It matters because it was most likely faked as a scene altogheter
You realize actors in movies arent actually getting shot dont you? Not necessarily
Know plenty of dudes who just inject bigger doses of steroids and gain more muscle by doing ~nothing~ than natural lifters with hard work.
"also eyes" dont write anything else

There are directions literally right on the smith machines on how to use them. Not an excuse

What about the rest of her body?
>No, I also love your eyes, your lips, your neck, your breasts, your hips.

>make a super obvious joke
>add a :^) at the end so it's clear that it is a joke
>some asshole still thinks it is serious

Are you new or just retarded?

>doing 50 squats a day
>3 months now
>still not quite got the look I want
It's getting easier too. Is there any way I can make it harder and increase the yield I get from these exercises? Other than just increase the daily amount of squats I do?

Contrary to what the recent discussions might indicate, this is not Jow Forums.

>have GF staying over at my place for the first time
>she always goes to bed really early
>I go to bed at like 4am
>she's probably going to fall asleep cuddling me at like 10pm
How do I handle this? Just lie there for like 5 hours until I'm actually tired enough to fall asleep (assuming nerves don't get me bad)? I'm going to try and convince her to have some coffee but I still don't like my chances.

Increases number or weight

A girl at work likes me but I'm not really into her because she's kinda fat. She hasn't personally told me but several coworkers have come up to me and asked me if I would be interested in her. In the event that she approaches me, what's the best way to tell her I'm not interested?

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You could go for tons of sex and see if that tires you out enough.

Have her fall asleep in a position where you can slip out or bring some entertainment with you.
My boyfriend and I are both insomniac and when we sleep together we have our laptops/phones/books within arms reach so if one of us wakes up we can entertain ourselves while not getting up and moving the person off us.

Shit my bad. I have both open.

>>I go to bed at like 4am
That's unhealthy, try working on your sleep cycle

We plan to, but I'm fit so I doubt sex could tired me out that much.
I work nights sometimes, and it's not unhealthy.
Won't the light wake her up?

Tell her you're seeing someone

Just well aware bitches like you exist
Its a newshit meme to begin with

Add weight (stimulus to grow)
Eat more (necessary to recover from stimulus)

Also squats only wont cut it especially bodyweight only, for females i would recommend deadlift variation of choice (rdl, trap bar dl, sumo dl, conventional dl)
And at least 1 isolation exercise for glutes.
Bodyweight Core exercises for spine health and aesthetics
Also rowing exercise to keep your posture nice.
Shoulder, chest, arms exercises optional and honestly for most females not required

>Won't the light wake her up?
turn the brightness down, wear headphones, don't point the screen right at her face.
My boyfriend never woke me up and, as I said, I sleep like shit.

>Just well aware bitches like you exist
Bitches who make jokes? You don't seem that aware user.

Again, if he didn't want to marry me in the first place we wouldn't be engaged and we wouldn't have dated for 4 years.
I don't know why you seem to think I'm forcing him at gun point to be with me, marry me or anything. He's happy.