On a scale of one to ten, how badly did I just fuck up?

On a scale of one to ten, how badly did I just fuck up?

My boyfriend of ~8 months has this online friend he’s known for years, and introduced to me. The friend’s all great and friendly, and seemed really happy that his friend had found someone to love.

They originally bonded over havings similar tastes in hentai (yeah really) but stopped jacking off together and stuff like that when my bf started dating me.

And today my bf asked me, if his friend ever travels here, would it be ok for them to do FWB-stuff together, and without thinking much, I said that’s alright. After all, he loves me and they’d been friends for years without it getting romantic.

TL;DR: I am going to get cucked by a spanish graphic designer. How badly did I fuck up?

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Are you a dude?

Is his friend a dude?

Or are you both girls?

Yeah your boyfriend clearly loves you, explains why he wants to fuck someone else.

Only like 3/10. Just tell him how you feel, 90% chance he will be happy to call it off, 10% chance you have different issues

We’re all dudes. This is a homosexual affair.

Doesn't matter if the friend is a girl or dude. Your bf is your bf. You should have questioned him why and (assuming you had sex with him) he has you to pleasure him. You should have said no OP as it opens up the door to other possibilities for your bf to consider. If he throws a fit over you rejecting the fwb then I would reconsider the relationship as he does not respect your feelings.
Be accepting of the friend, but not the fwb.

We can’t really have sex because of anatomical issues, which is kind of an issue.

Male homos are a little different because you're actually engaging in penetrative acts, but either way homosexual relationships are not natural therefore not legitimate. You're going to hell anyway, why not have threesomes and shit?

Consider taking your god and shoving it up your butt.

This post was gayer than the homosexual cuckoldry going on in the OP

Don’t agree to letting your bf fuck other dudes if it’s a problem for you. You’ve basically given him the green light to invite this guy over and dick him down.

You can still take it back. Just say you have been thinking and you are not as comfortable as you thought. Never be a cuck. Like you are now.

Does it bother you? Then say so. If you would rather he didn't, and he chooses to anyway, you will know how very low you stand with him

I’m not that confrontational, how do I say that nicely?

>We’re all dudes. This is a homosexual affair

Lmao. Well, as long as he doesn't get pregnant I think it will be okay

You guy cheat so much, I don't really understand a healthy ltr gay relationship dynamic.. Have you considered buying a house with him an decorating it? He can't leave you then

i guess you can maybe start with "hey remember the question you asked me about the fwb thing..? i've been thinking about that and i'm not as comfortable as i were before.." and explain why

You know all gay people aren’t carbon copies of each other who all act the same way, right?

I guess that is best.

>without thinking much, I said that’s alright
Why did you do that?
Even faggots have standards right?

>You know all gay people aren’t carbon copies of each other who all act the same way, right?
Are you saying some homosexuals are not hypersexual, promiscuous and disloyal?
Because I haven't seen anecdotal examples of that yet.
Fictional characters are fine too, but that is probably harder to find as every fictional character is an exaggeration of a stereotype.

He's clearly already made plans to fuck this online guy behind your back. If you didn't consent, he'd probably go ahead with his plans anyways. I can't understand why people stay with someone who would bring up cucking. Fuck that shit.

If my gf tried that, I'd leave her in a heart beat. Cardinal rule, bro.

>I am going to get cucked by a spanish graphic designer
Certainly looks that way, your bf might be a fag but he's still a dude, I guarantee they were doing more than just bonding over hentai over the years. You should have nipped this in the bud immediately and told him if he wants to be fwb with someone he can do it as a single man but now you're probably going to feel unimaginable emotional pain and your relationship is going to die a slow painful death

He didn’t initially specify straight-up planning to fuck.

Plenty of gay guys are thoroughly frustrated with the hook up culture and just want someone to settle down with. You don’t see them around for the same reason you don’t see shy girls who aren’t popular: they don’t go out.

Before I found him I was trying to settle for a guy who was 14 years older than me with three kids and an ex wife, honestly contemplating whether I could handle being a stepfather to a teenager at 24.

Gay dating culture is exactly what straight guys would be doing if they could just screw each other. Pointless hookups are everywhere, but it takes years and years of looking to find someone to settle down with.

I didn’t think I’d find anyone that good before him and I don’t think I’d ever find anyone again.

He did say that they’d done sexual things online before he started dating, and was asking about being allowed to start doing stuff again.

>we're all dudes
You were probably being cucked in the first place. I hate to be That Guy but your boy is probably already being unfaithful, especially if he has a route that'll cover for him.

Them what can I say? Just demand he blocks someone he’s known for longer than me?

You basically just have to trust him to be a decent person or be okay with being a cuck.
It might be a good time to renege on your offer and say the jealousy is eating you alive.

If I were in your position I would be genuinely concerned.

I'm in a very similar position but on the internet friend side of it. Honestly I want to steal my friend from his boyfriend, and constantly belittle his bitch cuck bf to both of them. I definitely would steal him if we didn't live in a different timezone

We already have an agreement to hook up if we ever visit each other and his boyfriend gave the greenlight for it.

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If it weren’t for his distinct grammar I’d worry you were him.