What is your experience with Tinder and other swipe apps?

What is your experience with Tinder and other swipe apps?

Please state your age and gender.

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29 m, using it since 24. Got laid twice from Tinder in those 5 years. They were both fat, one of which was straight up obese. 5 years of swiping every day to only get laid twice by girls I didn't even find attractive. My confidence is crushed from it.

I tried Tinder once. I matched with a girl and she messaged me, then I got scared and uninstalled Tinder. 18 male

26 F
Have to turn off notifications as I get 100+ super likes/messages every day. The ratio difference between guys and girls is so insane I mostly ignore the apps...

18 m, tried it for about 2 weeks, when my gf broke up with me, matched with at least 10 girls, talked to then but never actually went on a date with any of them. Seems like people on these apps only want a hookup.

Post pic

I get a lot of matches and atleast one or two messages a day with the girls I match with but I have gone on very few tinder dates. I feel like If I was a hyper Chad I could get laid daily using it, but I lack confidence. I still dont have a GF and have very little experience with girls. Any advice?

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>literally zero matches for 2 months
>uninstall, feeling even worse

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Installed it and as soon as I got to the bit where it wanted me to add a pfp, I immediately uninstalled it because I can't stand having my face as a pfp for anything.

What did you expect, it's a dating app?

Holy shit. I don't even have pending likes, let alone matches

>in one test month, 30 girls between 7/10 and 9/10 liked me
>I'm an 8/10
>I could not talk to any of them because of the anxiety

Its overwhelming desu, also I drive a shitbox 20 yr old car and I'm a manlet so I'm not sure how most of these girls would react in real life if we went on dates, hence the fact I've gone on very few despite all the matches I get.

>I'm a manlet so I'm not sure how most of these girls would react in real life
Stop lying in your pictures then

>Install it.
>At first I study the pictures and read their profiles.
>Swipe left on people I don't want to date anyway and right on people I want to date.
>Eventually gets bored and start to swipe only based on the first picture, only viewing the next pictures if I am in doubt with the first one.
>Eventually give up on that and now the only criteria is location. Eventually, I have to swipe left on everyone as there are no more girls in my area and I am not driving several hours to meet someone.
>Nobody ever swiped back, so I don't know how they would respond to what I would write.
>Realize that I am too hideous for dating.
>Cry myself to sleep
>Stop using the app

Just find someone who doesn't care.

>Installed after my first break up
>1 month of using it
>a couple of matches, 6-7, rest very bad. But not many matches
>Match with current gf lives 1km from my house
>been together for 2 years

It's for hookups, not really dating. Don't use it for dating.

>1 Date on OKC 3 years ago
> Never matched on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel
>Assume most chicks are bots anyway (no profile description, probably bots)
>Been on since 2013? Never got anywhere with it

>21, male
Got into a two year relationship off there, but we drifted apart due to school. Since then, I've hooked up a handful of times, and got my heart broken twice. It's a give and take.

I'm not lying in any of my pictures and I list my manlet height in my bio (5'8"). Really the problem is most girls don't list their height so I have no idea what to expect. Last date I went on the girl turned out to be 6'2 so I felt like a turbo manlet the whole time. Then on the second date she had the nerve to wear heels and was towering over my manlet ass but she said it "empowered her" . She paid for my food so I was okay with it, low key intimidating though.

18 M 5'7. used it to try to set up a ffm threesome with my gf but she had a rly bad panic attack the night before, so that was suicide fuel. i rly almost made it brehs hold me. i only actually used tinder seriously for a bit longer than 2 weeks and had >50 matches because im kinda quirky doe (granted, i used the boosts and the superlikes the app gives paid users, and i also didnt mention my height so the pics with my 5'1 gf made me look tall) but it made me more jaded about women than i already was. also i paid for the 6month subscription like a fucking retard so now occasionally my gf and i will set the age range to 40-55+ with no gender preference and peoplewatch, she's gotten pretty redpilled about single moms and desperate old men. still a shit tier app and even if you get matches everyone is super flaky, but i also met a friend i still play minecraft with off of the app. literally just have social hobbies and you'll fare much better unless you really are too far gone

>1056 new matches
>over a dozen messages

Holy shit user, pls tell me you're using your Chad powers for good and slaying these bitches.

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How do I do that user? I feel like all girls want is a 6'4 rich swole chad.

If you're not good looking don't even try it, it might fucking destroy the last bits of self love you have, or even worse, your dignity.

Then why are they talking to you?
Clearly you must have something we don't

I don't have any of those things, I'm a 5'8 140lb virgin manlet and I'm currently unemployed.

Damn that's hot as hell

Before my bf met me, he used it when he was 19 or 20. The few girls who did like him back, would talk to him for 10 minutes, then start ghosting suddenly. He had 0 luck. My brother also used it for a full 2 years but got nothing. His current gf is someone he met outside of tinder.

From what I've seen, you'll primarily meet thots on there, 1% to 8% chance you'd meet someone who isn't boring/shallow. If I were you, and had to use something online, I'd rather stick to okcupit. Tinder seems shit.

23m I had around ~100 or so matches and a few super likes the month I used it, didn't go out with anyone due to anxiety but I've seen several of the guys I matched with randomly on the street.

I'm not even good looking, just gay and young in a small city.

She told me she gets off on guys having to look up at her and thinks it's cute I have to get on my tippy toes to kiss her. I'm starting to think she has some kind of amazon fetish and is just using me cause I'm a manlet, she pays for all our dates so it's hard to tell if she really likes me or just gets off on the fact she's half a foot taller than me. I swear I haven't met a normal chick on here.

How do you include a muscle pic without looking like a douche?

I actually dont have any muscle pics, but a shirtless picture at the beach with friends (where everyone is shirtless) is an easy subtle way.

Be swole af and wear a well fitted shirt.

>without looking like a douche
But that's a desirable thing? If you can pull it off and are looking for hookups then go ahead and do it

On the beach

>he thinks this guy has 1000+ matches cause of a muscle pic

>are you a beaver? cuz dam

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32, male.
A couple of years ago I used Tinder and Plenty of Fish; both with similar results.
I found that online dating and attraction is generally even harder than IRL. Even if the chance of being noticed for your personality traits is slim IRL, online it's even harder because the women on them won't bother to see if you have any unless you're good looking.
A lot of the women (not all, but a lot) think they're special snowflakes whose shit doesn't stink. Quite often they expect some kind of unique and super-memorable introduction and approach, even though they themselves are quite average and typical. I once had a woman get mad and start ranting at me because I said hello to her instead of who the fuck knows.
The upshot of online though, is you can read their profiles before you bother swiping or messaging. Sometimes they'll slip through the cracks, but more often than not the particularly crazy women will have loads of telltale signs in their profiles that they're lugging around copious amounts of emotional baggage and that you shouldn't bother with them.
Additionally, many of the women who are interested in meeting guys on there are also stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle. They're mainly only interested in accepting matches and messages from particularly good looking men who can keep their options open and will only go for a quick pump and dump. Since they gravitate towards them and don't want to bother with less handsome, but more genuine men, this leads them to thinking that all men on these services are the same and leads to much of the afforementioned craziness and baggage.
Oh and there are a lot of fake profiles on there. Badly written English from Asian scammers trying to steal your money and/or identity.

I wouldn't recommend these services and I think most people, both male and female, stand a better chance IRL.

Would bang misa

Trips checked. Also user i fucking have to see your bio and pictures. I mean how the fuck?

Fukin hell, how good looking are you and what kinda pics and bio you using?

Probably something like this.

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I'm not a swole Chad or anything out of the ordinary. Above average looking but no shirtless pics or anything douchey. Just pictures outdoors hiking in the mountains and shit. Also I'm Colombian so girls seem to like that. I feel weird posting pics of myself on here but here's more pics from these thirsty girls.

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Tinder has gotten me dates, laid a few times and a few blowjobs, but women on there (in my opinion) use it more to shop for matches and attention.
PoF has gotten me laid a lot and a lot of blowjobs.

I'm a prison officer and I play rugby, no prizes for guessing what two of my pictures are on my profile.

Not even close, I literally dont have a single shirtless pic.

>not out of ordinary
>1000+ matches

Come on mate, either you are an idiot or you are flat out lying. Even this thread has people who confess using the app for montha without any matches, i used it for a month or so with only 2 matches.

You really think every mans experience is like you? They try everything, every type of bio every pic they can take in every combination but nada.

Please dont take the piss with us, even though most of them are just thirsty fucks i bet some are just nice girls. So just post sth from we can understand or gtfo..

21, m, for every one month I use tinder I find 5 willing partners, 2 I’m actually interested in and while I have the chance to sleep with all of them I usually just make one a fwb for a few months till I get tired of them.

20 M, nil.
im no degenerate.

19m, I’ve been using it for about four months, I’ve gotten laid 5 times with it, with the girls ranging from 5/10 to 8/10. I am on a college campus. I’d reckon Tinder is best for college students looking for hookups. Past that, I don’t think it’d be great for much. Also staying clever to keep their attention can be exhausting.


>getting hung up on the wrong details
You're lucky you've got looks, because you seem kind of dumb.

Met my best friend on tinder but it's otherwise a waste of time

You're trolling. Stop humble bragging.


Had it for three years, didn't get a single match that was a real person, felt pretty bad. Don't think I'm that ugly because I've had pretty girls tell me I'm attractive in that time.

How to fix? I get like one match a week at best and with someone I'm not attracted to.

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Do you know how to smile for a camera non-awkwardly?

Ladies love a cute smile

I don't have a cute smile.

Then you're SOL.

Oh alright. Well thanks for the input since I know what's wrong now.

Not bad at all, 90+ matches, haven’t used it in a while actually I’ve been dating one girl I met there (not a relationship type, just seeing each other every now and then) Male, 24

27 m
got some matches but I completely can't pick up girls, I can talk to them about various things, but when it comes to letting them know that I would like to push this relationship further, i have to fucking clue how to do it other way than being straightforward and honest (which I am irl)

so 0 dates so far

How long ago did you create this profile?

26 M

I reluctantly signed up because I thought it was losers.

In less than 2 months I fucked 4 girls. I fell in love with the 4th and I deleted the app

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> Create profile
> Keep it simple
> Run macro software to message girls/like tens of thousands of profiles
> Get 20 responses
> 13 fat/ugly/trans women
> 7 passable/hot women
> 3 hot women of which agree to go on date
> 0/3 hot women end up fucking

I did fuck a couple fat girls and a trannie in my last run. All the decent looking women are just having fights with their boyfriends or have serious psychological issues. Good luck user

24 M

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20 M
It's ok a decent start to get your foot into texting n shit but I personally wouldn't go looking for my soul mate on them
1st date would have been a good one if the girl came out looking like how she did in the pictures not catfished just disappointed
2nd and last meet up off of tinder went really well solid 9/10 girl then she turned out to be a hoe and slept with guys cause she was literally a sex addict but really dope otherwise

I've had it for 2 years but wasmt very active initially.

26 Male.

Been on it for a year, put next to no effort into profile, has 3 pictures of me only one full body. Currently have 26 matches not counting likes I cant see.

Honestly so far only 2 of those matches actually interested me. The first one last august I spent almost every night at her apt for a week, we fucked every night. She ghosted me for a few days then said she met a girl and had serious feelings for her. A few weeks later she sent me a "hey." We fucked a few more times and I lost interest, she was 20 and I just wasn't mentally connecting and I realized sex alone wasnt fulfilling me.

The 2nd match I spoke to was just last week. She's 22 and has come over to my place 3 times so far, I feel a much stronger mental connection with her... But she actually has a boyfriend and they are "ethically non-monogamous"

I texted her this morning and she responded positvely, hit her up after work and haven't heard from her. I'm sitting here being sad now. I haven't had feelings like this for anyone in about 4 years and they are almost surely being wasted.

I rate tinder 3 out of 5 stars. It works, but I still think the only reason I haven't an-heroed is because I've seen my mom lose several loved ones already and I could not bear to imagine what losing a child would be like for her. Fuck.

got like 300 matches, 8 dates, 5 make outs and 3 times getting laid. Deleted my profile once I got into a relationship, but that totally went to shit.

used it around 4 months

that first pic too angry looking

Use #4, that's what bitches do on those apps. They often use group photos as a main to lure you in. Also, it will show you're not a friendless-loser.

In my personal opinion your photos honestly look too professional. Take some selfies while you're in your pajamas or some shit, show them a more casual side along with the professional one.

How many matches total? Just out of interest.

Lol yeah, the grimace is due to the sun hitting me right in the face but I see your point. Still, I've read online that women *don't* like smiling guys and I have a gap in my teeth that I hate. Is it really such a big deal?

My fear is they match me thinking I'm the tall guy. I want to avoid the dreaded "how tall are you?", followed by subsequent ghosting. Even if it means I get rejected a lot up front which might even be the case here: I'm showing them I'm not that tall, on purpose.

Too professional? Is that even a thing? And why would it be offputting? I do photography as a hobby and these are almost all taken with my own cameras, by myself or someone else.

Wait is this a tinder critique thread?

I get the occasional match but none of these absolute thots know how to hold a conversation so I get bored/stop trying with them. 19M

> "how tall are you"
Why would you even respond to a chick that could simply read your bio? Are you retarded? Because you're pre-emptively giving shits about retarded women.

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Height isn't in my bio. Should I put it there?

Have several matchs but not with girls I wanna talk to. Been on two dates, both lost interest after the second date. Idk desu in my state theres many white girls on tinder. (here come the racist reply's cuz ima edgy 15 year old) But im Hispanic. Dont worry crackers i dont want your basic white girls anyway. Not many Spanish bitchs use tinder in my city. And white beckys dont want a spanish nigga. Dont get me wrong i aint a 9/10. On average Ive been called an 6/10..im happy with that lol

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Not if you like wasting your time.

What's that even mean lol

Got app a week ago. Matched with ten girls. Half were from a college visit overnight 3 hours away. Hadn't talked to none cuz anxiety. 18 male
Also have like 9 likes but the app isn't showing me who they are.

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If you want girls to ask "how tall are you" and then get ghosted by large fraction of women who have
a height preference, then don't put your height in your bio. If you want to skip all that small-talk jazz because 99% of Dating App convos derail/ghost, then make your bio comprehensive. You don't look retarded from your photos, user. Is this what everyone has been talking about with regard to the blacks?

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Don't be a pussy. Send them a cute GIF. Works 9 times out of 10. And if they don't respond, who gives a fuck? just move onto the next one

> Works

>been on since 2013
>never matched

I don't think it's the bots, mate

1 is a creepy frown, 2 is a disgusting closeup, 4 is okay but can't tell which ones you.
3 and 5 are covering your face so those are weird.
I really like 6, but it's too far away. If you can get a closer pic of that I'd use it as you main.

25 f
i dunno, i have 400+ matches since nov. i haven't met with anyone irl on tinder yet though. i'm kind of wary to meet others. if/when i do i don't want to have it be a hookup or anything like that. not really for fwb really, i'm kinda shy for that. looking for friends first and hopefully something more meaningful uwu

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23 f and bad. Got two dates and they were both just plain awkward

Delete 4 where you get height mogged

Can I take you on a date?

Help pls I tried douchy look but I dont think I'm pulling it off. I'm so lonely

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Yeah, I'm similar overall. M/28 also. To shy and introverted, and not confident fir a hookup. Be nice to meet some locals and hope something more may happen

Thanks for the feedback. The close up shot isnt supposed to be that close up. Tinder insists on cropping it in and making it pleb 1:1 for their normie app. I'll see if I can't find a better image that's closer.

Yeah but the reality is many women not only prefer a guy be taller but that he is much taller/above a certain height. I fleshed out my bio more so I hope it helps. Its discouraging though because 90% of bios I see have nothing written and a large fraction of written bios are just links to Instagram.

28, F, lesbian.

In a word, disappointing. Lots of women swiped right on me but don't respond to my messages. If it succeeds to us texting each other, I then get ghosted within days of the supposed date. Almost met one lesbian but she was insecure about me having been with men in the past, that I'm taller than her, and that I'm not an alcoholic like her. Lots of straight couples, men, straight girls who want lesbian pals for some weird reason, married bi chicks who want to pound me on the side, and trans people trying to hit me up but I'm not interested.

Tried other dating apps and sites, to no avail. I don't know where else to go at this point. I have a feeling that Tinder is much easier for heterosexuals, though, so go for it, OP.

> I catfish women into thinking I'm taller
Yep, you really value your time user.

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20m and used tinder and bumble. id get a few matches a few months after downloading but never really any meaningful
conversations, especially on bumb where the woman is supposed to msg first. theyd swipe and on the off chance we matched they would never message.
i gave it up a few months back, theres no purpose in trying imo.

>be a female on tinder
>only match guys who are in the top 10% of attractiveness who already get matched up with hundreds of other girls
>probably used to showing up to girl's houses and instantly dropping pants
>it's awkward because you're trying to have an honest date with a guy who views you as a living fleshlight
Are women actually retarded?

>I catfish
Yeah that's totally why i had multiple shots of me next to people taller than me. I was really hoping women thought I was taller than I am.

The point is not deception, the point is we all need to be open to the idea that women don't match short guys because they don't want to be with short guys. And listing my height on my bio, as I stand at a mere 5' 6" tall, is a certain way eliminating myself as a potential prospect for quite a large number of women. I had debated putting my height there before but I was told it would show some kind of insecurity and I should leave it out.

If I see a height preference in someone's bio I just swipe left.