Hello Anons,

I'm 40 and I have never had sex. I would like to learn from you. I have seen a lot of porn, both good and bad, and I have tried to learn from real couples having sex. I have also watched educational videos and read articles.

I look good and I am very rich. My only problem is I am shy to a crippling degree. My mother raised me violently and taught me that I was worthless. I have never been able to come to the belief that I could be allowed to orgasm inside a woman, as this, to my psyche, would be akin to desecrating God Himself. I understand it's not rational and that a woman who loves me would also love me to orgasm inside her, but parts of my mind cannot believe this for real.

I'm not sure yet about how to be with a woman: dating websites or just escorts, but I am mainly here to learn about how to have sex.

Please teach me all you can, both men and women. I would like to know the variety of what people like out there, so that I might be able to do OK for my first time.

Pic related is my ideal woman. Thin and blonde would be heaven, as far as the physical aspect is concerned.

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>I'm 40 and I have never had sex

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Prostitutea are your best bet.

I wonder the same about having sex. I don't have friends and I only go to work and back. I never meet new women. Women never ask me for sex either.


Honestly in your case I think your best bet is to hire the best therapist your money can buy.

they made a movie about you dude

Your ideal woman looks sickly
is right, go to a brothel and pick one of the ladies that stay at the counter and looks serious/mature, then tell her you're a virgin and ask her to help you / teach you

I will be OP in just a couple of years.

So you're a virgin cause you never talked to women and expected them to have sex with you out of thin air

I have done that. I am in therapy. My therapist costs more than a prostitute. I have a lot of work to do about my relation to women, but my therapist says I am doing great. What I really want is a loving and trusting relationship. I have no desire for revenge on all women because of my mother; I was able to separate the two efficiently.

Now I just struggle with trust. Deep down, I think I fear that a woman would turn out like my mother and betray my trust.

When I was a kid, my mother always made fun of my penis, saying it was weird and tiny. I believed that until I was in my mid twenties, when, after measuring, I realised it wasn't particularly tiny. I don't think it's weird either. It didn't help with feeling OK with my body.

agree with these posters.
go to a mid to high end brothel, talk to the madam, be honest about your virginity so she can help pick the best girl for you.

>then tell her you're a virgin and ask her to help you / teach you
What would she teach me that you guys can't teach me? Sex isn't sorcery, right?

>So you're a virgin cause you never talked to women and expected them to have sex with you out of thin air
I never said I expected women to have sex with me. I don't blame women for my virginity. I am well aware that I am a virgin because I have never tried. It's not their fault. I just can't gather the whatever it takes to try. It's a complete mental block. God knows I have done much harder things, by common agreement, but trying to find a woman seems beyond me.

sex is physical performance, you can't read the instruction and immediately know how to do it.
you can read about riding a bike or skiing all you want but unless you've physically tried to do it for real, you'll never learn anything.


OK, but I also don't assume it's very complicated. What would she tell me that you can't? How many ways can a penis penetrate a vagina?

>my therapist costs more than a prostitute
Sex work is 50% therapy for serious professionals. You'll get a lot more mileage out of them than out of your therapist
"Show, don't tell" basically. Also having a real human support you through a difficult task is always helpful

you all start out at the bottom.
get an escort that does "girlfriend experience". that way you'll learn the rope of having a date/seduction and then having sex.

you'd be surprised.
the kama sutra documented hundreds of sexual positions.
sex isn't just penis in vagina either. it's a whole body stimulation.
people have different erogenous zones: ears, inner thighs, neck, nipples, etc.
foreplay is important, knowing when to escalate is important.
having an experienced woman showing you the steps could accelerate your learning curve.
think of it as a dance. you can learn the steps by yourself but to truly practice you need a partner.

That sounds awfully complicated. I thought sex was a matter of instinct, mostly, and some knowledge, not some technical dancing around.

>40 and rich virgin looking for a thin blonde.

Ok so first of all if you start off by telling everyone you're rich you just come off as a pompous asshole.


- Because you can't talk to a woman for shit and if you can't do that they won't sleep with you as you know by now so paying one is the next logical step
- Because they're professionals who don't mind a boomer who's a shy virgin and can still make it a nice experience for you if they're good
- even if you're an actual full retard in bed they won't tell around so you'll feel less fear of her judging you
-you can fuck her again and again given it's in your budget. Sleeping with the same girl repeatedly will let you loose yourself into it thus make you better at sex.
- you can fully enjoy the body of 21 year old 9/10 girls that wouldn't even look in your general direction in real life so that's quite nice

That was to counter incoming claims of being an idiot and a loser. I'm not bragging, it's just a fact. I'm sorry if I offended you.

How rich are you? Where are you from? What is your opinion on the world oldest profession?

You said you were curvy

>Because you can't talk to a woman for shit
I believe I can. I am not socially awkward.

>Because they're professionals who don't mind a boomer who's a shy virgin and can still make it a nice experience for you if they're good
Do you think any non-prostitute woman would actually mind that I am a virgin? Why?

>even if you're an actual full retard in bed they won't tell around so you'll feel less fear of her judging you
Do you think women would make fun of me for it?

Quite rich. I live in one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. I see prostitution as a complicated thing, combining both good and bad situations. I don't judge prostitutes as I don't know their context or why they do what they do.

I've done some personal studying on mental health and I am very sex positive as well.
Now this may say "For teens" but this is a nice resource to start with as far as all the base topics:

I've lost 10 pounds and possibly more from illness recently.

Thank you.

What kind of rules do you break?

Look man, let me start the following with this. I was in the same boat as you, probably not as rich since i am from some middle eastern country. But i couldn't get shit done until i was 28. And after getting one too many rejections and somehow being obsessed over a few things i just bit the bullet.

I started working out lost quite a few pounds but being a virgin at 28 still effected my mental state daily. So i had to get it over with, i googled and i asked through Jow Forums and wherever and eventually found an agency that has specialized woman for virgins. So i just went for it.

I know it was a substitute for the main thing, but mind over body takes you so far and it helped me out a lot. People tell me i am more relaxed, i am more talkative with girls, i mean i am still a sperg who cant get an actual date but it has been only 5 months and i am improving.

The reason i explained all above is this, so you know i was in a similar situation like you. If it effects your life, i suggest you go with the escort agency. It is not a wham bham thank you mam thing either. Thats the point..

If you are interested i can drop contact info.

Mostly just taboos, and the skulls of incels by seeming to troll them yet at the same time being super serious to answer their obtuse questions.

Thank you for that post.

Not gonna lie, you piqued my interest, but perhaps that is mostly because I said I was rich.

Are you cute?
Are you single?
Are you into relationships?
Are you pretending to be a girl?

No problem user, hope it works out for you. Keep us posted of what action you plan to take. I am interested..

I mean you said that in your OP. Idk why though.

Yes, yes, especially yes in the plural form since I am polyamorous, and no I'm not.

Why bother kicking the people who are already down? I don't think you can rank people in a way where incels aren't at the bottom of that hierarchy.

just get a prostitute, user
there are plenty that specialize in first timers
just dont make the classic mistake of thinking she actually likes you and trying to turn a ho into a housewife

Why are you single if you are into relationships? Are you only interested in rich anons? Would you give beta a chance?

Oh believe me, the bait posts that they cycle through are way worse topics of ignorance. And the responses allways point out their inability to learn, quite begrudgingly.

I'm single on purpose, too many out there walking around with grave mental injuries that they don't want to work on. I'd much rather prefer someone that can provide monetary value towards my cause of wanting to raise a bigger family. Even a meager middle class man could qualify so long as they are agreeable to my terms and goals.

Tripfag hijacking poor anons thread
Fuck off tripfag

>single on purpose
>searching around dating pool of mentaly broken
What are your terms?
Also good luck romancing OP

Oh also, the reason i asked for location is the agency is based in Netherlands, but they can come to your country or you can just stay in Amsterdam for the event.