What would be a good way to kill myself but make it seem like an accident...

What would be a good way to kill myself but make it seem like an accident? I don't ruin my friends and family permanently but I really dont need to be on this planet anymore

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Don't do it user, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
You may feel like there's nothing worth it right now, but just sit and think of ways to get you out of this situation you're in and better yourself as a person.

I appreciate it, but I've suffered from depression my whole life and I'm tired of it. Meds dont work, therapy hasn't worked. I feel like a burden for everyone around me. I just want to not exist

Waking up is easier than going to sleep.

It may not always seem like it, but I promise you user. I'm 26 and have been fighting these thoughts every day since I was 11 years old. It will always be hard, but it will always be worth it. I fucking promise you user. Please do not do it. Please.

> permanent solution
You make suicide sound very enticing user.

What makes it worth it?

Also user I will literally give you my phone number through email if you need someone to talk to. Although 1-800-Suicide will probably be more helpful. Believe me I understand where you are, I'm there too, right now. There are tears in my eyes and snot flowing out of my nose as I write this. Depression is a disease, a cure may not even exist for us, but to just let it win is the ultimate cowardice. I don't know about you but even at my lowest moments I eventually realize that I am better than these thoughts.


Change. Sometimes you have to make it happen for yourself. Sometimes it slaps you in the face. A stagnant life will bring you down. In all honesty all anybody in the world ia doing is distracting themselves. Buy some new shoes, download a new album, read a new book. If you cant make a decision go to any board and ask for a recommendation and just force yourself to start with the first option you are given.

Life is oppurtunity, death is final. You could meet your soul mate tomorrow, or you could get hit by a bus. You never know, but wouldn't it be nice to find out?

Not op, but I love and respect you user.

Hey man I’m an US Army Recruiter and I meet people all the time going through terrible things. I don’t know your story but if you want to get your life together I can shoot you an email or a message through KIK and help you get your life back in place. Or if you’re really serious about suicide, I’m not going to stop you but with the Army, you can die an honorable death and be recognized as a hero for all eternity. Just something I tell people going through shit from time to time.

My life never changes, no girl has ever been attracted to me and I can barely go outside without getting nauseous. Life is absolute fucking shit and always has been.

I'm not judging in any way but do you smoke weed user?

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lol jk. Look, user... I guarantee you'll die one day. So I suggest you exploit this life for what it's worth. You arguably won't be any less a burden on people once you're dead, you're probably just lazy. If you're handicapped, you wouldn't be a burden - we have social devices for that. As for the laziness, which is likely the case, you just need to sacrifice and risk a lot so you can get to that level which you'll be able to enjoy life (explotatively). It will take years, true success (life fulfillment) doesn't happen over night. You must constantly work at your dream by setting goals and chip away at it the same way depression is chipping away at you right now. Once the scale tips it becomes much easier, as you won't have that helplessness holding you back.

t. Loser who "made it"


Fuck this guy, everything is wrong with his post.

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Don’t worry about girls bro, there’s more to life than woman. As someone who’s been there, I’ll tell you it’s not worth it
>be me
>13 years old, June 2007
>always been really ugly, unathletic, skinny fat, no social skills, etc.
>suddenly god blesses me with a pretty girl that for some reasons likes me
>after dating for a while, we have sex
>it’s both our first time
>it was nice ig but it was nowhere near as good as I thought it would be
>I thought sex would change me, and that I would get respect and start actually being a testosterone filled man
>except nothing changed, I was still bullied in school and was still beat by my dad
>then my girlfriend cheats on me with who I thought was one of my only friends
>still haven’t recovered through all these years

OP here,

I really appreciate the kind words from some of you. I've had these same talks with friends as well as faggots on here. I understand that it may seem like a shitty way to deal with things, but I am tired of suffering. My mind is my worst enemy and If i dont want to live anymore than why should I? I failed out of college, got kicked out of the military, abused the shit out of cocaine, hurt people both mentally and physically. The simple truth is I fail to see a reason to live. I just dont want to hurt my parents and my friends. I was thinking about just driving really fast on the interstate and hitting a tree or some shit but I also dont want to hurt anyone else.

inb4 you end up paralyzed from the neck down and you’re back on Jow Forums

> hit a tree
Ya, that won't burden anyone if you live which is arguably likely.

user. You just told us your reason to live. Your parents and your friends. Please talk to them. I know you said that you have, but your depression is constant, and must be constantly abated.

Nothing changes until you change it. You've lost your will? Go find it. It still exists.

user, 3 days ago I was sitting in my room with a gun ready to die. I sat there and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t know why. I had suffered for so long, I wanted to die. But why couldn’t I do it? Was it because my parents? I wasn’t close with them, but was it them? Was it my friends that I didn’t talk to much? Was it my boss that I hated? Why couldn’t I do it? For the whole night I sat there and felt weaker than ever before. I felt hopeless. After sitting there for hours and realizing I didn’t have what it took to end my suffering I fell asleep. I don’t remember falling asleep but I remember waking up. I looked back on the events. Inwas glad to be alive. I was glad that I could go to my parents house and show them that their boy was alive. user don’t do it man. Think about the future. Think about what it will be like when your problems go away. please. don’t. do. it.

OP here. Glad you didnt do it. I'm currently at a bar. Alone. Trying to clear my mind. I'll keep you fuckers posted

Great, now he's drinking and driving.

Have you ever heard the song “Invisible Kid” by Metallica?
Because that’s basically what you’re doinng right now

Not a big Metallica fan. Also not a fan of drinking and driving lol.

any bigots on this site hate him, but his message has stopped me from self harming in the past, i cant say i know what you're going through, and anyone who says they know EXACTLY what you're going through is bullshit, but i can give you this. please user, consider living, everyone would be happy to know you're ok

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user, I don't want to sound fucking sappy, but everyone has been a burden at some point. Guess what? Everyone got through it. You can too, user. I promise.

user send a photo on you on the bar, or the car, lol

What about the people that ended their lives?


Overdose on a staircase. Simple as that

> I thought I was a burden to everyone who loved me
> I said "nobody cares," the reality was everyone cares
> What I'm about to say is the exact same thing that 19 Golden Gate Bridge jump survivors said - the milisecond my hands left the rail, it was an instant regret... I remember thinking "nobody is going to know I didn't want to die"

I'd suggest staging a drunk driving accident. Find an overpass without any barriers and smash into it with no seat belt and going 100 mph. Drink beforehand but don't actually drive drunk or else you might end up killing someone innocent

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This was very sweet thank you for sharing

That just might do. I just hope I die on impact