What would your response have been?

Quick background. Wife and I are older. She went through menopuase around 40. Little interest in sex on her part. I'd like to have sex 3-4 times a week. Her? 3-4 times a year.. We maybe have sex once a month, if that. When we do, it's either Saturday or Sunday morning. I'm constantly trying to initiate but always turned down.

A few Sundays ago I'm having coffee at the table and suggest we take our showers and have sex. She says "It's not going to happen." I'm not surprised. I go in, take my shower and jerk off, come out and grab another cup of coffee.

My wife goes in for her shower, comes out wrapped in a towel and says "let's go to bed". I did one of the following:

1 - tell her I just masturbated and I'm all set.
2 - take her to the bedroom, get her off and then explain she doesn't have to do anything for me since I just masturbated and I'm all set.

Which would you have done (or add a third option)?

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my peepee still work after 1 wank tho....

Just get a divorce already.

#3 post pictures of your wife in a towel

Mine don't.


Just divorce her on the grounds of withholding sex. Yes, that's a thing

Depending on which state you live in she might end up finally fucking you, only in the courtroom and not the bedroom. Word to the wise

If you want to be petty option 1. If you don't option 2.

Mind you, I'm all for being petty. I'm doing that shit now. I got laid on Sunday. I've made it very clear to my gf I wanted to fuck today, she shot me down and told me to wait til tomorrow and we will have all sex I want. Fuck that, tomorrow I'm making an excuse not to and then I'm not having sex with her for another week at least. Yes, I know this hurts me way more than it does her, but I don't care, I'm annoyed.

3rd. You pleasure her, then ask if you can make her something to drink because you’re thirsty.
Fake like you stubbed your toe and apologize for losing your mood.

whats her reason to not fuck today but can bang friday all you want?


Assume she's tired and respectfully say "after you m'lady" and let her go to bed, since she wasn't implying by simply being naked that she wanted to have sex with your stupid, neglectful ass.
Do you even try to hang out with her, date her, spontaneously surprise her by taking her for an afternoon drive without saying a word, holding her hand, relishing her existence? That's the stuff that women are made of and need for desire to build towards you.

i dont think hes having toe sex and idk how u can pull off stubbing ur dick

He doesn’t need to throw in the towel if he loves her. It’s just part of a long term relationship, one partner is going to want more sex than the other. It’s compromise that people use to solve that.

You don’t understand, pain can make you stop fucking. You stop being hard if your in pain. Unless that’s your kink.

She wanted to do house stuff at her place rather than come over. She doesn't even have to work tomorrow which really pisses me off. She's not pressed for time, she doesn't want to see me. So fuck it, no sex for her

if she doesnt want to see you, why are you still with her?

You call that petty? Go fuck a hooker or fat chick like a healthy human being.

Why not just cheat on the whore if she’s denying you sex?

Because it's literally one night and she's entitled to personal space. I need me time too. It's not as if she never wants to see me, we spend a ton of time together and have a fair amount sex. I just happen to be annoyed tonight because I'm stupid horny. And I honestly doubt I'm going to make it the whole week without fucking her, I'll probably cave. She's too attractive. For now though that's the plan

>Her place

You're married living separately? And want to punish her for not wanting you, and think not giving her your dick is said punishment?
She's fucking her side boi tonight.
I would be, having to live with a self-centered flop like OP.

Have you asked what's going on? Why she doesn't want to fuck? Have you brought up that her continuing to deny your desire for intimacy has made you feel like she doesn't want/like you anymore? That last one has potential to turn into an argument with her saying all you want is sex and the romance is dead, but keep cool and ask what you can do to rekindle the flame. Women tend to give sex in response to emotional needs being fulfilled whereas men try to get sex to fulfill their emotional needs. Maybe schedule a no sex date night once a week with another date night/mate night every other week as a start. Also menopause changes far more in women than age changes men, so it's possible you'll start needing to use lube and maybe a vibrator to get her going down there again.

Oh, so you're an idiot then

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Nah I never said we're married

I'm an idiot because I might cave? You think I should hold out?

You’re not op right? These idiots think you are

No I'm definitely not OP


Option 3.

Pop a viagra before shower.
Fap in shower
It usually takes ~40min to an hour to take effect. Also, 2nd cum for me takes a bit of work/not as sensitive.

So...you get biological benifits of 2nd cum that gives you staying power + effect of viagra to gain errection and reduce refractory period.

With this combo, i sometimes have errections that stay up even after cumming.

Viagra isnt an instant boner pill though.
Once took 100mg of viagra, wife didnt want sent so went to the gym.
It still requires mental stimulation to get errect.
Sometimes the "pressure"/stress of trying to get an erection itself prevents me from having them. Viagra wont help i this case (mental block).

Being 30 sucks.